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Collected by SlaveLibrarian

machine torture (4 stories listed)

torture games (10 stories listed)

lesbian torture (9 stories listed)

erotic death (6 stories listed)

exhibition torture (5 stories listed)

torture experiments (5 stories listed)

ultimate torture (1 stories listed)
needles compltetely in tits before slapping them

creature torture (2 stories listed)

sacrifices (7 stories listed)

  • Love and Death: by Charlotte Proudlock
    (Synopsis: The sacrifice to the Prince of Darkness lies, tethered, on the altar, open. Around her the devotees murmur, pray, and sing. A beautiful, tall woman prepares her. The Prince appears, naked under his black cape. Slowly he has his way. His teeth pierce her atretched throat, and he drinks, at the moment of his icy climax.)
  • Aztec Feastings: by Rotneb
    (Synopsis: Human sacrifice was an important element in the ancient Aztec culture. This story is a modern version as Tanya and her friends are experiencing. The price for the losers in the competition to get a husband is that the losers will be sacrificed to the Aztec gods in the impressive old Chichen ltza area created by the Mayan.)
  • I Have Sinned: by Breanne Erickson
    (Synopsis: A NHPS school girl is taken to participate in a perverted religious reenactment - as a sacrifice.)
  • Princess and the Snake Pit: by Dan the Man
    (Synopsis: A unique brand of snake trainer tells the story of the sacrifice demanded of a young egyptian princess. What happens when you mix a pit of snakes and a princess?)
  • The Chapel In the Woods: by Michael Alexander
    (Synopsis: In an abandoned chapel a Master offers a beautiful sacrafice and finds glory not in forgotten gods, but in the girl he has brought with him.)
  • Teen Fire& Frost Sadist Sorority Slavers: by enigma
    (Synopsis: Teen Fire and Frost are captured and tortured by Sadist Sorority girls that are white slavers and black witches. The heroes are tortured day and night until they are sacrificed to their evil god.)
  • Sacrifice….Anja The Jungle Queen : by enigma
    (Synopsis: Anja the jungle queen is in peril as she is forced to submit to a slavery trible to be sacrificed to the pagan god but not before she tortured day and night as she must beg to be sacrificed)

Consensual torture fantasies (15 stories listed)


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