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Collected by SlaveLibrarian

machine torture (4 stories listed)

torture games (10 stories listed)

  • BondageCircus: by Aurelie Catena
    (Synopsis: )
  • My Crucifixion: by Doctor Flotsom
    (Synopsis: The tale of a young goth girl crucified as part of an admission ritual to a rather perverse club. )
  • Roman Justice, Plus: by Faibhar
    (Synopsis: A UFO abduction sends Mary Ellen back to ancient times where she endures many sufferings for the entertainment of both ancients and at least one space alien.)
  • The Party at House Victoria: by DolorDelectatio
    (Synopsis: Lisa, headmistress and owner of Extreme Toyland visits a party thrown by longtime friend and fellow BDSM extremist Lady Victoria in Germany. While the regular kinks are served at the ground level and basement of Victoria's mansion, a select group of dear friends, including Lisa, are treated to a series of private performances in Victoria's small home theater. Three young masochists undergo the most brutal forms of degradation and torture imaginable. Victoria's goal is to enlighten her audience. The first chapter features a filthwhore pain slut who has to ingest disgusting fluids while undergoing some brutal torture on her pussy and ass; the second chapter shows the depraved mind of a bloodslut masochist and the last chapter displays some of the cruelest nipple torture ever written down.)
    Comment: skewers, darts
  • Karen and the Torture Club: by Richard
    (Synopsis: Karen and her husband find that they enjoy S&M and that it has rejuvinated their relationship. They reply to an advertisement for couples to join a club in which one of the ladies is randomly slected at each meeting to "put on a show" meaning that she will be the one to be tortured that night. Karen's experiences in the club and other events outside the club give her all the experiences that she and her husband desire.)
  • The Museum of Inquisition: by Michael Alexander
    (Synopsis: An American professor of history takes his students to a Museum of Medieval Torture. One young lady decides to sit out the tour, but does she?)
  • Riding the Devils Horse: by Ashley Zacharias
    (Synopsis: A woman is inspired by an exhibit in a torture museum to experience a particular kind of suffering.)
  • The Game: by Nialla
    (Synopsis: Holly decides to act on her fantasies and takes the advice of her friend Vanessa to volunteer for a very, very painful game...)
  • Wench's Nipple Party: by Bracemaiden
    (Synopsis: Wench goes to a party, where she is punished for prior masturbation - especially her nipples.)
  • Rabbit Island: by Aurelius
    (Synopsis: Beautiful young women are kidnapped and brought to Rabbit Island to satisfy the sporting and sexual appetites of its rich and kinky clientele. Jessica's competitive nature is revealed when she and the other 'beach bunnies' are obliged to participate in some very unusual sports. But life is not all bad for our heroines/victims despite their ever-present handcuffs and other torments.)

lesbian torture (9 stories listed)

erotic death (6 stories listed)

exhibition torture (5 stories listed)

torture experiments (5 stories listed)

ultimate torture (1 stories listed)
needles compltetely in tits before slapping them

creature torture (2 stories listed)

sacrifices (7 stories listed)

Consensual torture fantasies (15 stories listed)


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