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Collected by big duce

males rule (7 stories listed)

fem dom (13 stories listed)

asians/middle east (8 stories listed)

  • The Picture - Enslaved: by slvWriting
    (Synopsis: An occidental girl is brought to an Arab harem.)
  • Discipline: Prelude to a Dynasty: by Four Letters
    (Synopsis: Based on the hentai game/anime Discipline with more bondage/BDSM content. A new student enrolls in Arcadia Academy. On his first day, nothing seems to be out of the ordinary, until Reina Morimoto, the headmistress of the Academy, summons him to his office for a little chat. It turns out the student needs to take a test, but it's not the kind of test he's familiar with...)
  • The Breaking of Queen Cleopatra: by Four Letters
    (Synopsis: )
  • Submission of a General: by Four Letters
    (Synopsis: )
  • The Queen's Prey: by Four Letters
    (Synopsis: )
  • Service to the Queen: by Four Letters
    (Synopsis: A slave is ensnared by the voluptuous Cleopatra, Queen of the Nile. He endures the training of a goddess, )
  • Asians For Auction: by J. Kim
    (Synopsis: Two college coeds volunteer for a charity auction. They are in for a suprise!)
  • Dragon Lady: by J Lewis
    (Synopsis: A good looking American girl takes the oppurtunity to visit a college exchange student she befriended in the states. Offered an extended vacation in Tokyo, even plane fare, she begins her sexual, erotic odyssey almost immediately on arrival... An on-going storyline)

favs (13 stories listed)

girl on girl (4 stories listed)

superheroine (11 stories listed)


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