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Collected by big duce

males rule (7 stories listed)

  • Enslavement of the Amazon Princesses: by Jarl Ragnvald
    (Synopsis: Two Amozon Princesses are captured in battle and become the sexual property of their conquer.)
  • Sorority Sex Slave: by Dark Dreamer
    (Synopsis: She had thought she was experienced Then she was introduced to whole new realms of sensory experience, and taught the joys of complete submissivness.)
  • True Love: by Lex Ludite
    (Synopsis: A chance encounter with a mysterious woman at a party leads to the incredible story of Beverly, middle-aged masochist, nymphomaniac and the one true love of the story teller. This posting contains all manner of unpalatable material sure to offend the average reader and should be approached with extreme care.)
  • Persian Bitch For An Arab Master: by Sonya Esperanto
    (Synopsis: About a Persian American woman who falls under a Mind Control trap and ends up as the BDSM slave to the Arab guy from Dubai whom she was racist to.)
  • The New Relationship: by Master Jay
    (Synopsis: )
  • The Picture - Enslaved: by slvWriting
    (Synopsis: An occidental girl is brought to an Arab harem.)
  • The Master of the Business: by Master Solidus
    (Synopsis: The story of one of the best slave distributors in the Western Hemisphere.)

fem dom (13 stories listed)

asians/middle east (8 stories listed)

favs (13 stories listed)

girl on girl (4 stories listed)

superheroine (11 stories listed)


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