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Collected by rpacman

TRANNY HUMILIATION (11 stories listed)

  • Dexter Chronicles: by Mysty Mason
    (Synopsis: This story is about a new reality. It is decidedly femdom, "hermaphrodite dominant," nonconsensual and not for the squeamish. On the surface, it is simply about a boy and his mother making adjustments for a new changing relationship. But as with all human interactions, there is more. I hope you enjoy this little tale. Let me know.)
  • 2nn: by 2nn
    (Synopsis: Pete marries an evil bitch who turns him into a brutally controlled sissy-slave. No matter what happens, its always for the worse.)
  • Chloe Gets More Than She Bargained For: by 2nn
    (Synopsis: The transvestite Chloe meets a master who realizes what she really is and does things to her she had previously only dreamed about. But he takes her so much further than that and soon Chloe is in over her head.)
  • Headmistress' Favorite Sport: by 2nn
    (Synopsis: Dennis is turned into a sissy-slave by his twin sisters before being sent off to meet a truly evil "educator".)
  • Bob Gets His: by Ruth White
    (Synopsis: The continuous story of Joseph Watson. This time his son struggled to gains control over his inheritance from Gloria.)
  • The Guinea Pig: by Ruth White
    (Synopsis: After recovered from drug addiction, Gloria think her ex-husband deserves the punishment for what he did to her.)
  • Date Night: by mwmsissy
    (Synopsis: A mostly true story of how my wife took charge of our life.)
  • After the Mall: by Ellie
    (Synopsis: It's been a long date with Rose and her friends ant the mall. But now it's time for something completely different. Did he dare?)
  • Getting Her Gloves Back: by Ellie
    (Synopsis: This story is a sequel to "Too Tight and Caught" written by the same author. It will contain several backward references to the other story. It is assumed that the reader has already read "Too Tight and Caught" to understand the setup for this story.)
  • Too Tight and Caught: by Ellie
    (Synopsis: Room mate tries to get amourous and ends up trying relieve himself. He ends up not alone.)
  • The Mall: by Ellie
    (Synopsis: A business man away from home goes lingerie shopping and gets more than bargained for.)

FEMDOM (20 stories listed)

FEM HUMILIATION (15 stories listed)


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