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Collected by pharma

Extreme tit torture (3 stories listed)

  • God, forgive my sins: by Master evil
    (Synopsis: Young catholic girl tortures herself to atone her sins the she just committed in very extreme ways, using common household stuff as torture devices )
  • The Disgraced Teacher: by Mindreader
    (Synopsis: This story is about humiliation and torture of a beautiful Maths teacher, Elizabeth and one of her student, Eves in a special school. The School Authority determines to make the teacher and her student perfect pain and sex slaves with the help of a wicked minded student Rick and his multi- billionairre father. Eves was left by her elder brother in this pervert school for torment and breaking of her soul as she had been a very good and well cultured girl throughout her life which her brother hated most)
  • Mammary Distress: by Von Schmiser
    (Synopsis: This tale deals with the refined and detailed torture of women, centered almost exclusively on their breasts. )

Just good BDSM stories (1 stories listed)

Extreme pussy torture (2 stories listed)


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