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Collected by TauriRed

DubCon (17 stories listed)

slavery (46 stories listed)

toread (61 stories listed)

Monitoring (12 stories listed)
stories I plan to monitor

dolcette (3 stories listed)

Old great stories (30 stories listed)

  • The Chair: by Excalibur
    (Synopsis: Jenny had built the chair for fun, but something went terribly wrong when she used it. )
  • 28 Day Trial Period: by sarijak
    (Synopsis: The last thing Mika expected to see when she came home from work was a nearly naked redhead lying bound to her bed. Eve is a special introductory offer for joining a slave club and Mika has her for 28 days before deciding whether to buy her or not. The trouble is Mika's not sure what to do. After all, what possible use can she have for a gorgeous, 22-year old American redhead who can't cook, can't clean and keeps losing the post?)
  • The Exposition of Modified Women: by Benfan
    (Synopsis: The reader visits - through the eyes of a dominant male attendee - an exhibition of erotically restrained and modified females.)
  • Aprille: by C. A. Smith
    (Synopsis: In a future where hunger and overpopulation has been solved by state-controlled cannibalism, huge meat producing corporations raise human livestock for breeding and slaughter. Aprille is a beautiful young breeder trying to get pregnant to avoid being reclassified as meat stock. She has been assigned to escort an important visitor on a tour of the facility. Their sexual play grows into a love which contrasts sharply with the cruelties that surround them and in which they will soon take part.)
  • Death by Chess: by C. A. Smith
    (Synopsis: This is the final installment of a "Sextet" of stories that explore the potential of man's inhumanity toward women; tales of cruelty, brutality and depravity in the pursuit of lust, power and greed, with a soupcon of love amidst the pain as a ray of hope in the darkness.)
  • 2084: by Eve Adorer
    (Synopsis: The Wall Street crash of 2029 saw ninety-five percent unemployment in Britain, and the consequent rise to power of the Phallus Party under Adele Halter. Halter's cure for economic decline and overpopulation, was to deny women and girls the right to return to career basis employment. By 2084, unless they were wealthy or had an original entrepreneurial idea for which they could get backing, only girlual labour, salesgirl, and truckess jobs remained open to women, and even these would be excluded them in time. Unpopular at first, and known to have been lubricated by corruption, the policy had nonetheless worked, and Halter had thus won six successive ten-year terms of office. By 2084, even a girl as intellectually gifted as Amanda Heavensent could find no other job than that of temporary waitress at a roadside restaurant ...)
  • Swiss College - On the Levels of Control: by Nominalista
    (Synopsis: we find out about a unique psychosexual control module that is implanted in some Swiss College pupils. To find out more about the College, please read my other stories.)
  • Ordinary Morning - a Swiss College story: by Nominalista
    (Synopsis: the third story in the Swiss College pocket universe, this deals with the very ordinary business of waking up, doing morning ablutions and having breakfast. Of course, since this is the Swiss College, everything is done in the kinkyest possibly way and using all the tools of contemporary sex technology.)
  • Swiss College - a classroom vignette: by Nominalista
    (Synopsis: This is a vignette set in the Swiss College, an environment about and inside of which I propose to write more in the future. The dangling threads have been left intentionally so, in order to provide hooks for more vignettes and short stories. Still, I would like this text to be able to stand on its own. Since it is a vignette and not a short story, you should not really expect a plot. Just plenty of erotic tension, and the most exciting presentation you can imagine. As you know, no contemporary human is allowed to spend a day without attending at least one presentation with boring slides. Luckily, our Miss Ross knows how to keep her classroom awake.)
  • Wrong Assumptions: by Nominalista
    (Synopsis: An undercover agent investigates a secretive ponygirl riding club. He suspects that the girls are kept there against their will and plans a police action to free them. In order to act, he needs a witness, but his stratagem does not yeld the testimony he needs. He is then forced into a surprising lifestyle change and he is made to understand that freedom and slavery have a very different meaning for ponies.)
  • Becoming What You Are - a Swiss College story: by Nominalista
    (Synopsis: Growing up is all about change. Jeanne and Pat enjoy a session with Madame Landau who explains their new roles in life, and the attending changes in their bodies and minds. Afterwards, Jeanne visits that little bitch Luisa and installs some special hardware.)
  • Layover: by AlwaysCocked
    (Synopsis: The first chapter in a long science fiction novel set in the not too distant future about a planet on the far edge of the galaxy where just about everything is legal, and a ship's crew on shore leave there.)
  • Asteroid, Mine: by Dino Dave
    (Synopsis: Great Sci-Fi story which happens in the year of 2300 to 2400. Only some light bondage and whipping involved. Written from the view of the slave girl.)
  • The Challenge: by sfmaster
    (Synopsis: The great sequel of "Janet in Training". You can always expect the best from sfmaster.)
  • Janet in Training: by sfmaster
    (Synopsis: One of my favorite BDSM stories. Janet was well trained by her mistress and finally became a mistress herself. This story also talk about the respect and safety in BDSM activity. A great drama to enjoy.)
  • Lucy: by InteractiveBDSM
    (Synopsis: A young woman alters her body forever, and begins a voluntary life of sexual slavery.)
  • The Compound: by Dr. Phil
    (Synopsis: A wealthy woman hires the services of professionals for a very special revenge.)
  • To Obey: by Fire-Bird
    (Synopsis: Naughty and spoiled girls were sent to the training school to be trained to obedient slaves.)
  • A Reluctant Master: by Master13
    (Synopsis: In the island kingdom of Cerna, nearly half of the female population are slaves. Some were born into slavery, others were enslaved for crimes, while still others were taken from foreign lands in slave raids. There are even some who chose the collar. Regardless of how they reached their status, these women must serve the whims of their masters and mistresses. For in the eyes of their society, they are merely valuable pieces of property.)
  • Remote Control Love Slave: by Depr@ved
    (Synopsis: A well to do man sends his step daughter off to a clinic for some extreme modifications, turning her into a remote control sex slave. Her mother is led to believe she was sent to a girls school to learn manners and dicipline)
  • Madame Justine: by Karel
    (Synopsis: )
  • Mail-Order Slut: by Darqside
    (Synopsis: John wants a companion adjusted to his exact specifications, Jena wants a way out.)
  • Slave Girls in Bondage: by kilogram
    (Synopsis: Civilization has collapsed and slavery became the basis of the society. Women were forced to obey any order they got. Nobody care about their needs. After all, they existed only to please.)
  • The Contract: by The Technician
    (Synopsis: A woman uses her recent lottery winnings to take a out a revenge contract on "The Target.")
  • Julie: by Lord Douche
    (Synopsis: Julie is an average teenage girl in the orphanage, with no idea of her unusual past. When a twisted criminal begins kidnapping her friends, she begins to experience a world she never knew existed and learns of the strange abilities she possesses.)
  • Just Another Day: by Lord Douche
    (Synopsis: A mechanical maid awakens in the morning, eager to serve.)
  • J2: by Lord Douche
    (Synopsis: Growing up believing she was just an average teenager, Julie is finding it hard to adjust to her new life. With her heritage visible in every blink of her eyes, she can't escape what she is, or the abilities lying locked in her head. She can't forget that somewhere, someone is still looking for her. He killed her mother, he hunts her father, and he now knows exactly where she is.)
  • A Slave for Tracy: by James Wilson
    (Synopsis: 'A Slave for Tracy' is sequel to 'A New Life for Tracy' and carries on to describe her first year at her new school. It describes how she deals with the existence of students that are convicted criminals in her classes at school. Tracy has to learn to accept the way the criminals are treated in school.)
  • A New Life For Tracy: by James Wilson
    (Synopsis: A new Life for Tracy is my attempt at a b&d story written from the viewpoint of the dom instead of the sub. It is set in the future when different cultures have rise on different worlds. In it the main character, Tracy, is moved to a new home on a new world after the deaths of her parents, where she finds the use of brutal discipline and slavery is an accepted part of daily life. She finds herself living with two aunts, one of which is a judge who thinks it is OK to sentence people to slavery for crimes committed while the other is a governor of a female prison where Tracy gains her first experience with this brutality. Tracy has to find her way in this new world and come to some sort of acceptance with her new home.)
  • Debbie Visits a Spanish Mental Hospital: by Rod
    (Synopsis: In order to know the secret therpy provided in this mental hospital, Nurse Debbie decided to be admitted as a patient. There she found out much more than she wanted to know about.)

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