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Book Project


Collected by Biglor

Peaked my interest (11 stories listed)

  • My First Gay Gangbang.: by J Moy
    (Synopsis: Whilst based on real events this story is about 50% fiction. I tells the story of the first time I was gangbanged and my descent into submission and degredation.)
  • In The Hole: by roccodadom44
    (Synopsis: the kinky relationship between a forty year old man and a seventeen year old boy)
  • How to Hang a Wolagon: by A. P. Damien
    (Synopsis: Furry: Damien meets Geddon in a bar and brings him home for some bondage and sex. After some experimentation, Geddon asks Damien to snuff him, and the big tiger is happy to oblige.)
  • How I Met The Swensons: by roccodadom44
    (Synopsis: a long winded tale of my journey to find the perfect pain slave)
  • How the training started.: by Jester
    (Synopsis: The story of how i was trained after seeking out Master. If enough people enjoy this, Master will make me post more.)
  • Help Wanted: by Creative Chattel
    (Synopsis: A man finds himself in desperate straits which leads him to becoming the slave of his friend and the entire family, adult children, grandparents, friends, his ex wife, his son is also drawn into the mix in a very long story)
  • Fuck Farm Training: by Mitzi Forbes
    (Synopsis: Extension of "Human Toilet Abduction" story where the toilet in question now travels to Saudi Arabia with her captors to be trained how to serve them in a new business venture of theirs "America's First Fuck Farm". The toilet is subjected to and experiences things never dreamed existed. )
  • From a Husband to a Housekeeper 2: by mwmsissy
    (Synopsis: I continue being a wet nurse for the baby and suffer through a visit form my in-laws.)
  • Female warden + male prisoners = forced fellatio: by Aceith
    (Synopsis: And another poor male is victimized by cruel women....will it never end? It's a dirty job but somebody has to do it. Falsely accused of a serious crime while passing through an isolated Southern Town, an unfortunate male finds that there is no justice here....... only something deeply repulsive and insidious. The phrase "You said a mouthful" Takes a whole new meaning here.)
  • Donna: by roccodadom44
    (Synopsis: How I became a full time slave to Donna and her son)
  • The Collectors Estate: by BDSM_Tourguide
    (Synopsis: A group of wealthy men and women from all over North American form a society whose purpose is to collect men and women to serve the society as slaves for the founders' amusement.)


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