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Collected by tellmeyourstory

Body Modification (6 stories listed)

  • Clare: by Excalibur
    (Synopsis: Clare agreed to a little modification, the worst decision she ever made.)
    Comment: Girl agrees on a website to any body mod, didn't think it was for real. Gets kidnapped, turned into asexual latex work pony girl.
  • Coffee Table Captive: by J. Morris
    (Synopsis: a young runaway finds a new place in life as a permanant piece of furniture for two evil lesbians)
    Comment: Turned into table by 2 sadistic lesbians
  • The Letter to Ryan: by H. Dean
    (Synopsis: A letter that reveals the dark side of a man obsessed with body modification and his slave, Debbie. )
  • Zippers: by Anita Parker
    (Synopsis: A dowdy, depressed young secretary, in desperation, seeks help with her non\'existant love-life. She is transformed beyond her dreams and for a while nothing could be better but this is not to last as she finds herself being steered in more degrading, \'commercial\' directions.)
    Comment: Wallflower wants makeover, gets trapped by woman who makes her into a bimbo slut
  • A Slave's Story: by H. Dean
    (Synopsis: A girl willingly becomes the slave to a sadist only to find that it is not without consequence. Soon she is entrapped in a world of pain from which she cannot escape.)
  • Victoria the Toy Girl: by Lokker12
    (Synopsis: Young Victoria awakes in a strange place, reminiscent of a hospital. Soon she endures intense body modifications, and is forced into a torturous body suit which will act as her prison. She is methodically turned into a human sex toy, intended for the pleasure of her owner.)

Orgasm Denial (4 stories listed)

Overall Good Read (10 stories listed)

Complete Immobilization (3 stories listed)

Check to see if story finished (6 stories listed)
Great, unfinished stories. Month/year of last chapter added, as well as month/year of last check to see if there were updates. These are stories that are worth researching to see if they continue!.

Lez Fem-Dom (8 stories listed)

Sadist (4 stories listed)

Animal (15 stories listed)

Forced Infantalism (1 stories listed)

Electrotorture (1 stories listed)

Need to Read (0 stories listed)
Looks interesting, need to read


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