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Book Project


Collected by JAKES

1 (15 stories listed)

  • Best Friends: by Dave Huntington
    (Synopsis: Two guys explore their latent homosexuality and their alter egos)
  • Dial-A-Domme Dating Service: by justin benedict
    (Synopsis: How to meet a dominant woman through a little machinations from the good people at the PainCafe!)
  • Bringing in Sarah: by DJ Tuk
    (Synopsis: When a parcel is received offering an introduction to submission Sarah is curious enough to play along. She lives to regret it.)
  • The Beginnings of True Pain, Pet, Toilet, and Sissy Slaves: by Lady Morgana
    (Synopsis: 4 men are captured and put through hell to become slaves to a group of women. )
  • Sitter Cam: by Ashish
    (Synopsis: Father installs hidden cam to spy on his son\'s babysitter and he gets the show of his life.)
  • Creating A Cuckold: by Daniel
    (Synopsis: The story of one hotwifes journey for the sexual satisfaction she needs, while giving her husband the chastity he craves.)
  • The Slave and the Sissy: by Midsummerman
    (Synopsis: Ina kingdom ruled by women, a Slave is favoured but not allowed a female; an alternative is found)
  • Tough love: by graymangazer
    (Synopsis: Lucy and her boss enslave her husband without him realizing.)
  • Breaking and Training: by embermoon
    (Synopsis: A boy is kidnapped to awaken in a secluded compound and eventually trained as a slave for multiple uses)
  • The Landlady's New Pet: by Midsummerman
    (Synopsis: The dreams of a submissive male become a horrifying reality whens he takes up a new residence, which becomes his final destiny as learns his true place amongst women, witnessing their complete ownership of males, many punishments and ritual castration.)
  • The Chastity Belt: by whipmaster
    (Synopsis: My wife learns the benefits of my orgasm deprivation.)
  • Training A Slave: by whipmaster
    (Synopsis: A young girl submits herself to be trained as a slave (based on a true story).)
  • Enslaved: by Reine Woods
    (Synopsis: Jana wanted to experience complete submission, and contracted for a few months as Kurt's slave. Kurt provides fantasy fulfillment, but he takes it to an extreme. Once Jana gives herself over to him, there is no turning back for her, as her enslavement becomes more real than fantasy, and becomes a nightmare not a dream.)
  • My Very Own: by Garmonbozia
    (Synopsis: What goes on the web, stays on the web. Katie Thomas learns this the hard way when an afternoon of fun with a webcam turns her young life into something she had never imagined.)
  • The End of James: by Master Matt
    (Synopsis: A story inspired by a previous cashmaster who is now my faggot slave, as well as many conversations I've had with other fags over the years. It details the complete downfall and ruination of a proud straight man. )


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