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Collected by histswitch00

Contract for Torture (10 stories listed)

Switch (2 stories listed)

Stretched on the Rack (21 stories listed)

  • Inquisition: by Von Schmiser
    (Synopsis: The story takes place sometime during the 700 years of this Inquisition.)
    Comment: female
  • The Ergastulum: by Bruce Boxer
    (Synopsis: An Ergastulum was a private prison attached to most ancient Roman farms where the slaves were made to work in chains. It was usually underground with the only light stemming from narrow slits that were too high from the ground to permit escape. The slaves confined in an ergastulum were forced by day to cultivate the fields in chains. This tale is an account of three Greek sisters who were subjected to great abuse in the depths of an ergastulum.)
    Comment: male and female
  • Shannon's Ascension: by Thomas Chaser
    (Synopsis: A beautiful college co-ed is hired for a very special modeling job that requires a gynecological exam and leads to her awakening her sexuality through bondage. Nipple clamps, water, a rack, and the most devilish "pear" are used on her tightly bound body in front of a live audience.)
    Comment: female
  • Carly and the Cabinet: by Excalibur
    (Synopsis: Carly is a self confessed Masochist. she is sold a cabinet used by the Inquisition., then decides to try it out.with Tom's help. Is this a step too far, even for Carly?)
    Comment: female
  • Crown of Torments: by Synon55
    (Synopsis: The Necromancer returns from the grave to take his harrowing revenge against the Warrior Queen and her supporters.)
    Comment: female
  • Trials of an Obese Wife: by Harry Berg
    (Synopsis: Christine Chernier, an American economist, gained weight during her recent pregnancy, infuriating Maurice, her aristocratic, French born husband. Their previously happy marriage is in trouble and Christine is desperate to save it. As the story begins, she has agreed to shave Mauriceís pubic region in return for the punishment she used to enjoy at his hand. Reluctantly, her spoiled husband whips her brutally as they watch a Russian mafia DVD featuring the savage torture of two kidnapped prostitutes. To lose weight and regain her svelte pre-pregnancy figure, Christine has entered a special program at a local health club. The storyline follows her progress from the health club to a special boot camp where she experiences a variety of sadomasochistic challenges. )
    Comment: female
  • Underworld of the Chevaan: by DarthSaad
    (Synopsis: Following the events of Warrior of the Chevaan; Satyra, the half-satyr priestess of the Chevaan makes a deal with the dark powers in order to set free her warrior lover Conine. The conditions - she must submit to terrible suffering in the dark Underworld as the demons try to break her spirit and win her to their cause.)
    Comment: female
  • Warrior of The Chevaan: by DarthSaad
    (Synopsis: Her celtic people defeated by the Roman's, a young warrior woman trying to help a priestess escape is instead captured herself. now this proud, strong, and beautiful barbarian defiantly faces unspeakable torment at the hands of the Roman invaders.)
    Comment: female
  • Interrogation of an Amazon: by Mike Coolham
    (Synopsis: No one has ever captured an Amazon alive - until now. Her captors know she has vital information that will lead them to the treasure they seek. She must protect that information at all costs. The story follows the interrogators' attempts to extract information from their prisoner.)
    Comment: female
  • Some Call It Play: by Charles E. Campbell
    (Synopsis: The story of a couple's renewed commitment to each other in their D/s relationship)
    Comment: female
  • The Witch: by Kirsten Smart
    (Synopsis: The Spanish Inquisition uses its cruellest female torturer to interrogate a beautiful Spanish-African peasant girl. During her time in prison she encounters others who are also suffering at the hands of the Church, and the story ends with a burning at the stake.)
    Comment: female
  • The Soldier: by Kirsten Smart
    (Synopsis: This 'story' is actually a favourite personal fantasy set out in story form. A pretty and athletic female soldier in a peace-keeping force is captured and tortured for information she simply doesn't have, by a beautiful and sadistic woman torturer. Suspension, electric shocks, a racking, then more suspension. Reasonably extreme.)
    Comment: female
  • Breaking the Amazon: by Kirsten Smart
    (Synopsis: A beautiful dusky Amazon is captured, tortured to reveal the location of her tribe, then executed. But the Amazons' revenge is brutal.)
    Comment: female
  • Witchseekers: by Kirsten Smart
    (Synopsis: The hysteria of the medieval witchhunts returns in modern times. Tales from a disbanded online community, these stories follow the torture, interrogations and executions of the unfortunate accused. Dungeons, suspension, chains, racks, pears, hot irons, strappado, thumbscrews, hot oil, water torture, toe-torture, impalement, whipping, hanging and burning at the stake are all featured in graphic detail. )
    Comment: male and female
  • Torture The Widow: by Harry Berg
    (Synopsis: Newly widowed Army Captain Rossalind Donaldson returns home for her husband's funeral. The Donaldson's are incensed at the Captain bacause right before their son was killed, he found out she was behaving like a slut at her posting. The Donaldson's are a rich and twisted family of super patriotic practioners of S&M. They've decided to make Rossalind's wife utter hell beginning at her husband's wake.)
    Comment: female
  • Beth: by Allene Blake
    (Synopsis: A semi-autobiographical tale, a deals with the disccovery of sexuality and thrills of exhibitionism, bondage and light pain. Then Beth is victimized by priest in effort to repent her sinful ways but then discovers sin is best and goes on to even wilder adventures.)
    Comment: female
  • Slave to the Machine: by HistSwitch
    (Synopsis: A rack fanatic is able to realize her deep torture fantasies, but then realizes itís not entirely safe.)
    Comment: female
  • Aliquis\'s punishment: by Aliquis
    (Synopsis: A young guy wants penitance for his isns aginst his master. He gets help from a dreaded torture master.)
    Comment: male
  • Joan At The Museum: by HistSwitch
    (Synopsis: A middle-aged woman tours the museum, and is swept away to realize her darkest fantasies.)
    Comment: female
  • A Colorado Country Girl\'s Self Bondage: by Shackleford Bond
    (Synopsis: True memoirs of a middle aged woman\'s life of bondage)
    Comment: female
  • The FSRA: by Doctor Flotsom
    (Synopsis: Prisons are over crowded, and the Fair Sentence Reduction Act is put in place, allowing prisoners to opt for periods of torture to reduce their sentence. This story follows one inmates journey as he is agonizingly tortured by a beautiful dominatrix.)
    Comment: male


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