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Collected by jesseluvsheels

Stories to watch (13 stories listed)

  • Breaking Him (Up): by Ed Cantor
    (Synopsis: Edward is seduced from his ordinary life and his vanilla girlfriend by a powerful Domina. She takes more and more joy as he sinks further and further into her control)
  • Jaded: by A.Broadsword
    (Synopsis: Jayne's sex life had become non existant, so she tries to spice it u with unforseen consequences.)
  • The Writer's Secret: by Ann Michelle
    (Synopsis: Loren had no idea what he was getting into when his agent suggested he write transvestite fiction. Nor did he realize how eagerly his wife Stephanie would embrace the idea of feminizing her husband. How far would they go?)
  • Lisa's introduction to becoming a BDSM slut whore: by robert
    (Synopsis: this story is almost all true with very minor alterations in the training of a beautiful married woman by a sadistic madam)
  • Slut-2-Fuck: by velvetglove
    (Synopsis: ‘Slut-2-Fuck’ follows the descent of Chris and Laura, a good looking young couple, who fall under the spell of Samantha, their personal trainer.)
  • Be Careful What you Write...: by James Starling
    (Synopsis: Sarah offers to help her writer friend solve a knotty problem and becomes bound up in events...)
  • Our Conjugal Visit to a Dominatrix: by Long Tall Mary
    (Synopsis: A husband persuades his wife to accompany him for a session with a dominatrix, with the expectation it will be of low intensity. Mistress Mary has something different in store for them.)
  • Brian find a Mistress: by Goddess Racheal
    (Synopsis: After years of searching, Brian find what he hopes is his dream Mistress)
  • Bad Night Clubbing: by chrisslaveboy
    (Synopsis: Guy goes out on a rare night out, the result it too terrible to mention WORK IN PROGRESS)
  • Hostile Takeover: Locked up, Knocked up: by js207
    (Synopsis: The narrator had a good career as a stock trader, until she got greedy and someone exploited it to mount a hostile takeover of her life.)
  • Slave to a prostitute: by Writer S. Block
    (Synopsis: A man is enslaved after he calls an escort service)
  • Lucy: by InteractiveBDSM
    (Synopsis: A young woman alters her body forever, and begins a voluntary life of sexual slavery.)
  • Teamviewer Slave: by jothesmo
    (Synopsis: A man invites a mistress to invade his computer, thinking it won't have any consequence)


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