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Collected by cdgallegos01

extreme slavery (21 stories listed)

  • Property of Mistress: by Hers
    (Synopsis: A story about a submissive man subjecated by a dominant female.)
  • Herrin: by M.M.
    (Synopsis: Long term enslavement...real hardcore femdom.)
  • Improving Our Marriage: by Dan Butler
    (Synopsis: The main character falls in love with, marries, and becomes the slave to a beautiful woman. She and her friends abuse him and deprive him of sexual stimulation by using a chastity belt. Ultimately, he is locked in it for life.)
  • A Slave's Road: by Neil
    (Synopsis: This story is about a man coming to terms with his submissive fantasies versus the reality of being enslaved. The story contains FMm, foot fetish, humiliation and most other acts and desires in a D/s relationship.)
  • My Submissive Life: by Doug Young
    (Synopsis: About a submissive who finds a dominant woman with other dominant friends who agree to use him and abuse him for their pleasure. He is used by each dominant individually and trained to feel their needs. As time goes on he is increasingly exposed to things that he had not wanted or intended, but continues to submit for fear of losing it all. He becomes totally submissive and dependent upon these women and even their spouses.)
  • The Gift: by plastic geisha
    (Synopsis: A first-time slave boy is sent to his new mistress as a gift.)
  • It Always Starts The Same Way: by Dark Crusader
    (Synopsis: A mans dreams get out of control.)
  • 2nn: by 2nn
    (Synopsis: Pete marries an evil bitch who turns him into a brutally controlled sissy-slave. No matter what happens, its always for the worse.)
  • The Client: by Dark Fire
    (Synopsis: This back an forth story is told from the point of view of the female torturer and her victim who has been sentenced to an agonizingly slow death by her hand as she uses her full imagination to inflict agony upon him.)
  • My Life In A Cage: by Tweak
    (Synopsis: A husband begs and begs his wife to take complete control of his life with no chance of getting out of it once it starts. One day she takes him up on the offer and his life is forever changed!)
  • More Than He Bargained For: by rbbral
    (Synopsis: A young man travelling in europe visits a prostitute and asks to be tied up and beaten. She however has an arrangement with a local dominatrix who is looking for a permanent live-in slave. The prostitute calls the dominatrix who comes to inspect the young man and consider if he is what she is seeking.....)
  • Predator and Prey: by rbbral
    (Synopsis: A young male sub answers an ad placed by a dominatrix for a live-in slave. He prepares for their first meeting, dressing in a rubber catsuit. Soon she arrives and has him under control. She appears to be a very serious mistress, and things for him begin to quickly slide out of control. The ending has a twist too. )
  • The Pet: by Moonbeam
    (Synopsis: A wealthy former model turned legal tycoon has a house of horrors in the Hamptons attended by her staff of beautiful maids and one male torture pet.)
  • Julie's Prenuptials: by Aiken
    (Synopsis: A manís desires take him past the waterís edge when he chooses a cruelly inventive dominatrix to be his blushing bride. Julie, as it turns out, has needs of her own.)
  • Underglass: by Koppite727
    (Synopsis: )
  • Wild Idea: by Prometheus
    (Synopsis: A man shows up for a quick bondage video shoot, only to get tricked into much, much longer experience.)
  • A short and brutal slave life: by 2nn
    (Synopsis: A man is sold to a brutal Master who uses him as a mere fuck and torture toy.)
  • Tricked into Total Slavery: by pig for Brandi
    (Synopsis: I met a Mistress online and became friends. Little did I know the plans She had for me. )
  • Training of slavecunt: by SlaveCunt H
    (Synopsis: A pretty young woman who wishes to be a mistress is tricked and forced into complete torture and sex slavery by a twisted group of sadists.)
  • My bitch: by 2nn
    (Synopsis: story of how a bitch boi is subjugated completely and utterly by a brutal and evil man)
  • Blue collar Master, white collar slave.: by 2nn
    (Synopsis: A young banker is captured a brutal older construction worker. He is dominated and modified beyond his wildest nightmares until his Daddy tires of him)


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