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Collected by slimey

Femdom (22 stories listed)

remember (9 stories listed)

  • Male pets can be so much more troublesome...: by jan311648
    (Synopsis: Owning a human being as a pet has one enormous advantage over the conventional dog or cat; it will live as long, or longer, than its owner.That there are some people who would willingly forgo a human existence for that of an animal is well known amongst Psychologists; equally well known is that such people are, overwhelmingly and the femininists notwithstanding, girls and young women, submissive and obedient by nature. But the desire to spend a life time as someone\'s pet animal is by no means confined to the female sex, as witness the following tale.)
  • Busting Bobby's Balls: by lws
    (Synopsis: Bobby is an 18 year old boy with enormous genitals. The women in the story, led by Bobby's own step-mother, take it upon themselves to torture and humiliate Bobby, primarily through pummeling his gigantic testicles.)
  • Teacher Training: by KysaQ
    (Synopsis: Jane Fellows returns to her old school much to the delight of the Headmaster who can remember no girl before or since whose punishment had excited him more.)
  • Swashbuckler's Slave: by Tyjord
    (Synopsis: A pirate adventure on the high seas, featuring two dominant women, a submissive male who knows his place, and the mystery that ties them all together. Not as extremem as my other stories, more of an experiment on my part.)
  • My Anaconda: by counterparts199
    (Synopsis: A female scientist is on an Amazon search for the world's largest anaconda, employing a male guide.)
  • The Dionysus Project: by FP37
    (Synopsis: A male prisoner is trained by a female ‘doctor’ and her ‘nurses’ to become a sex slave and porn star, enduring pain, humiliation and abuse to degrade him into submission.)
  • Satisfying Stephanie: by Wistan
    (Synopsis: The story of Jason and Stephanie, a mismatched husband and wife trying to find a way to live together. Although not their intention, they find themselves gradually sliding into the role of mistress and servant as Mark is gradually cowed, beaten and cuckolded into submission by his wife and her lover.)
  • Enslaved by His Family: by cuyabro
    (Synopsis: Young man's family creates a plot to fake his death in order to kidnap, bound, enslave, and torture him for the rest of his life.)
  • Crucifying a Farmer's Son: by Kimmie Holland
    (Synopsis: Billy is broken on the cross in an old fertility rite that still survives...)


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