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Collected by boytoyslut

Favorites (14 stories listed)
My absolute favorite stories, most with a femdom theme

To Read (17 stories listed)
Stories that look nice

  • WorldCon: by Couture
    (Synopsis: An employee catches her boss embezzling money and decides to take matters into her own hands.)
  • Harriet Hotter and the Sorcerer's Bone: by Couture
    (Synopsis: Some sorcerer's have all the luck, but the only luck Harriet seems to have is getting into the worst fixes. What is a young witch to do?)
  • Denying Denise: by Couture
    (Synopsis: An older woman is injured in a car accident, and her niece comes over to 'assist' her.)
  • Taming the Teach: by Couture
    (Synopsis: There was once this teacher, and wouldn't you know it, she was not only a prude, but very strict as well. Everything was fine, until a former student puts her in her place.)
  • Making the Scene: by Couture
    (Synopsis: A co-worker takes advantage of a lesbian's crush and uses it to her own advantage.)
  • The Cleaning Girl: by Couture
    (Synopsis: Cleaning girl turns tables on a wealthy woman.)
  • The Smell of Sex: by Couture
    (Synopsis: She found her roommate Laura stealing her boyfriend. So angry, she mind-controlled Laura and made Laura a pure lesbian. She wouldn't be stealing any more boys from anyone ... ever again.)
  • Mrs. Feldman's Cookies: by Couture
    (Synopsis: Kristie does whatever it takes to keep up the morale of her employees.)
  • Amazon dot cum: by Couture
    (Synopsis: In order to keep her job, Tracy is forced to take on additional duties . . . duties that are more manual in nature.)
  • Rank Has Its Priveleges: by Couture
    (Synopsis: Unemployed and out of work, a young woman must perform dictation.)
  • Unknown Waifish Model Page 53: by Couture
    (Synopsis: Life is good for Dave. Only problem is, his lover is married. Not a big problem . . . until he starts getting into Dave's head and getting Dave in trouble.)
  • Sybian Training: by Couture
    (Synopsis: Megan's new boss has enrolled her in training - Sybian Training.)
  • Conquering Supergirl: by Couture
    (Synopsis: Supergirl meets her match in the Black Scorpion.)
  • My Own Scarlet Letter: by Couture
    (Synopsis: An older female professor attempts to blackmail a hot young coed.)
  • Soccer Mom: by Couture
    (Synopsis: A surburban housewife is enslaved by another woman.)
  • While You Were Out: by Couture
    (Synopsis: Tina wakes to find some strange things going on. And the strangest of all is happening inside her very own head.)
  • Dirty Little Secrets: by Couture
    (Synopsis: Young college student gets caught up in a plot by two older women.)


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