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Book Project


Collected by boywitnojoy

Degredation (67 stories listed)

Torture (35 stories listed)

Femdom (42 stories listed)

Trans (11 stories listed)

  • Mark's Coerced Womanhood: by Denise C
    (Synopsis: Mark begins to date Emily and chooses to give in to her first perverted demand. This starts his descent into becoming Megan, a submissive lesbian who becomes increasingly degraded by Emily.)
  • Carpeted by The Boss: by candy cumdump
    (Synopsis: A young submissive transvestite is put to work by its Master at the Master's company's offices as a Junior Admin Assistant. The sissy's inability to adhere to office standards leads to it receiving a personal disciplinary in Master's office.)
  • Store Slave: by slut_jasmine
    (Synopsis: Suffering from being fired and not being able to attain a job, our victim applies for a job at an Adult store. The agreement soon turns takes a turn for the worst.)
  • Gene/Janine: by Tiffany
    (Synopsis: How Gene came to be Janine, a Shemale TS, and the life that has followed.)
  • Slave Sara\'s Awakening: by sissy slave Sara
    (Synopsis: A college student moves to a new town and discovers the rush of \"going public\" as a crossdressing, naughty hooker-slut - this story is true.)
  • Adult Book Store Rental Boy: by tallywacker38
    (Synopsis: A young man's visits to an Adult bookstore arouses interest in his erotic taste for gay bdsm and he becomes their unpaid special attraction.)
  • Hell in a Cabin: by FourPlay
    (Synopsis: A young married couple are attacked in a remote cabin and their lives are changed forever)
  • From a Man to a Bitch: by FourPlay
    (Synopsis: A man is turned into a bimbo by his wife and kids after he has an accident at work.)
  • The Long Weekend: by Festen
    (Synopsis: David spends a long holiday weekend with Mistress Kayla, Master John and his fellow submissive, Gail)
  • A Bed of My Own Making: by Pangent617
    (Synopsis: A cross-dresser seeks abuse and finds it in spade. This is a fantasy and no part of it should be construed as suggesting that treating real human being this way is acceptable. Not for consumption of minors)
  • It's A Girl Thing: by Pangent617
    (Synopsis: In this story "Elizabeth" a man with the help of technology, decides to try to do the ultimate cross Dresser's adventure: Have a man screw him without finding out "Liz" is a man. But things go very wrong. Liz is in fo lot more than he bargained for.)

Beastiality (21 stories listed)

Fantasy (2 stories listed)


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