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Collected by SlvTrayner

Humiliation Tales (97 stories listed)
Stories emphasizing the humiliation of a reluctant (but often excited) submissive female

Mind Control (30 stories listed)
Stories where the submissive is controlled by hypnosis, a drug, or some other device.

Training Tales (188 stories listed)
Stories primarily concerned with training a reluctant and/or non-consenting female into becoming a submissive/slave

Torture Tales (22 stories listed)
Stories primarily based on non-con torture for revenge and/or pleasure of the sadist

  • FETISH VIDEO INC.: by J Lewis
    (Synopsis: Two women on vacation in Florida are offered modeling photo sessions. Without realizing the severity of the offer, they accept and find themselves facing extreme treatment from a BDSM club. )
  • Hard Labor: by velvetglove
    (Synopsis: Set in 2013, a young married couple are sentenced to a life of Hard Labor, in a world where they have no rights. The list of story codes is not complete (I donít want to reveal all in advance) but the following will NOT feature: young, teen, extreme torture, snuff. Hard Labor will be posted from May to September 2008. )
  • The Interrogation: by Reine Woods
    (Synopsis: Laura is drafted to be a govenment agent. She is captured by her former lover, who has her interrogated by a sadistic associate. When she finally breaks, she is used to pleasure her interrogators, and is then auctioned off as a slave.)
  • Bounties of the Sea: by Dennis Shelton
    (Synopsis: A tropical island, sadistic recluse, three female castaways, a lagoon full of sharks.)
  • Zara: Pierced and Branded Slave: by MrBondskin
    (Synopsis: Struggling but proud starlet refuses to sleep with a producer on the casting couch. He rewards her refusal by enslaving her.)
  • Dunegon Slut: by W. Hunter
    (Synopsis: Excerpts from the life of my dungeon slut)
  • Fan Wooh: by Von Schmiser
    (Synopsis: The character of, Fu Manchu was the creation of novelist Sax Rohmer in the early 20th century. He was an average, peaceable, Chinese until his family was wantonly and needlessly murdered during the Boxer Rebellion of 1900. He became the embodiment of the evil oriental genius engaging in the most terrible crimes against humanity imaginable, and unspeakable tortures.)
  • Amy\'s Story: by hurt me
    (Synopsis: A young nursing student is kidnapped off the street and sold into slavery. This is her story)
  • The Jade Pavilion Book II : The Rise of Li Chang: by Boccaccio
    (Synopsis: Slavery, bondage, torture and rape are the tactics of choice in this much expanded edition of an epic struggle for supremacy in the Shanghai underworld. The cruelty of the adversaries is surpassed only by the beauty of the Asian and European victims who become ensnared in their web of treachery, intrigue, and lust.)
  • Cell Mate: by mothbrad
    (Synopsis: A member of a sinister, secret government department hires a beautiful, sadistic woman to help him do his evil work.)
  • Mob Boss: by Batjack
    (Synopsis: A newspaper reporter finds there are consequences to a story about a local crime figure)
  • Shanghai Interrogation: by Cortez
    (Synopsis: In the time between the two World Wars, Colonel Lui of the Shanghai Militia is pleasing both himself and his masters as he interrogates a young lady.)
  • Nancy's Stardom: by Nazgul
    (Synopsis: Nancy was kidnapped by them and became a star in the torture film.)
    Comment: Nancy goes to Hell
  • Sarah's Weekend: by Ross Martin
    (Synopsis: A woman who has just turned 50 goes to a place she knows where she will be challenged and where she will suffer greatly at the hands of a most excellent torturer who possesses lots of skill and imagination.)
  • Interrogation of an Amazon: by Mike Coolham
    (Synopsis: No one has ever captured an Amazon alive - until now. Her captors know she has vital information that will lead them to the treasure they seek. She must protect that information at all costs. The story follows the interrogators' attempts to extract information from their prisoner.)
  • Toying With Tiffany: by Dr. Wu
    (Synopsis: Tiffany Daniels is the prettiest, most popular girl in high school, but suffers a series of humiliations and abuse by her teachers.)
  • Gaining Mary: by Hector
    (Synopsis: A highschool girl is caught watching one of her teacher being abused by a rough Master.)
  • Female Modification Facility: by Hector
    (Synopsis: A very special women's prison where the inmates are forcibly remade to serve society, as sex slaves.)
  • The Agony of Failure: by Cortez
    (Synopsis: The Far East in the early Nineteenth Century. In the remote Sultanate of Mantok 25 year old Charlotte Conway is caught up in one of the bloody palace intrigues. Betrayed by her lover, General Chong, she is brought before the Sultan for questioning.)
  • Sheik Rashid's Vengeance: by Llabmik
    (Synopsis: This story was written and is set in a time before people began worrying about Arabs flying planes over the USA. Briefly, 3 coeds at a political rally abuse Shiek Rashid and he pays them back, with interest.)
  • Liliane: by Nazgul
    (Synopsis: Innocent girl is captured by a couple who have set up a business making torture movies. She is tortured twice, whilst they film, then they go off and have a heavy BDSM scene between themselves, then come back and torture her again. Finally she is 'released', by fixing her to the back of a bus so that everyone sees her. It would come into the 'serious torture' category, but not snuff or mutilation.)
    Comment: Tortured into submission
  • Our First Female President: by Harry Berg
    (Synopsis: Candace Williams, beautiful and highly intelligent but also shy, self effacing, devoutly religious, and sexually inhibited is seduced by the devil. This novel length story blends themes of religion, political corruption, and sexual debauchery as Candace progresses up the ladder of American politics. Side-bar stories that rely on great historical events add to the texture of human debauchery and lust that always accompany the acquisition of power and wealth.)
    Comment: Mostly hot - some a bit too extreme even for me!


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