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Book Project


Collected by Alexandria

Read (16 stories listed)

  • Visiting the library: by Everybody_Else
    (Synopsis: While I spent a penny in the library I was locked in and in the empty hallway I tried my turtle tie. Alternative (fictional) ending supplied)
  • Joan - The Human Pincushion: by Ferranartist
    (Synopsis: Gerald makes a living off women stupid enough to give their address to a supposed “Dom” they meet online. Joan has a fear of needles. Together, with a few of Gerald’s clients, they all have a screamingly good time. Well, one screams, the others have a good time.)
  • Hannah's Humiliation: by DragonFire..
    (Synopsis: A boss learns about slavery and humiliation)
  • The Sexual Biography of Brooke: by Tappy McWidestance
    (Synopsis: Join Brooke as she grows from a sexually immature 16 year old into a wild college coed.)
  • Tami's Clothes Experiment: by Katie Irwin
    (Synopsis: From the Tami Smithers universe...Tami is a young mom desperate to wear clothes again.)
  • Tested by Lothar: by Charles E. Campbell
    (Synopsis: The very special and unique needs of a young girl are revisited as she prepares herself for the final test by her soon to be Owner and Master.)
  • The sex theme park: by BJojomogo
    (Synopsis: A 100% submissive explores and rationalises her feelings and finds the outlet for her sexuality as a willing slave in a theme park for Dominants to live out their, and her fantasies )
  • Table Games: by SG
    (Synopsis: )
  • To Obey: by Lil Brit
    (Synopsis: Ginger Lawley is a boarding school student who needs a bit of correction. Her professor steps into show her what happens to bad little girls when they break the rules.)
    Comment: Promising
  • Catherine Makes a Change: by Petricia
    (Synopsis: Catherine takes her selfbondage to new heights. )
  • Back In Town: by Trainstation
    (Synopsis: Sarah is back in town working for a large law firm. She had been away at college for 6 years including law school. She came back to her roots and to settle some old scores. )
  • Lord Dagmar’s Estate: by darkdaggs
    (Synopsis: Multi part story, Laura is just curious enough to accept the invite)
  • Accepting His Fate: by Salvaje Dominado
    (Synopsis: Andrea's husband agrees to let her train him to be more submissive. He will have to make love to her as a woman would, with his mouth, but there are other ways he will have to accept making love like a woman!)
  • Store Clerk: by SG
    (Synopsis: Jessica goes to work but with the added spice of a special toy and a chastity belt, the keys to which were left of home.)
  • The Making of Monique: by Nick Adams
    (Synopsis: An Asian college student is lured into taking a modeling job which leads to a life of sexual slavery. )
  • Evening at the gym: by SG
    (Synopsis: A late trip to the gym to burn calories and distract an aroused but unfullfilled mind leads to an evening in bondage )


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