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Collected by FRagan

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  • Point of View: by Ted E. Bear
    (Synopsis: A radical anti-abortionist preacher, his wife and daughter, are kidnaped by a radical pro-life group. Since the preacher has backed extreme measures, including the shooting & killing of abortion clinic doctors & other personal, and is even openly preaching that women, no matter what, including rape and incest, should go through the entire 9 months of gestation, the pro-life group is going to show the Smith family just how wrong it is. The preacher is forced to fuck his daughter many times a day, as well as sexually abusing her in other ways, in order for them to realize what these young girls have gone through, and then to force them to carry the baby all the way to delivery. The wife, is repeatedly gang raped & tortured, for the same reason by men of another race, until she too is pregnant. Mother and daughter are kept at the facility, until it's too late to get abortions. 3 parter, long, excellent!)
  • The Apprentice: by Bobo
    (Synopsis: A woman discovers a way to bring her sadistic feelings out into the real world )
  • A Roman Entertainment in the Colosseum: by dave johns
    (Synopsis: The story is about one of the most popular and exotic spectacles ever seen in ancient Roman colosseum. It's fiction, but carefully based on the facts of what went on in the decadent Roman arena.)
  • The Golden Goddess Returns: by Gypsy
    (Synopsis: Kay, the golden goddes of Komaki, has to return to Toko on an emergency. She gets into trouble on the way and is forced to pay for her major mistake by a cruel man when she arrived in Japan)
  • Scully - Arab Toy: by Kingdom
    (Synopsis: Agent Scully, of X-Files, gets kidnaped in the middle east. She is first made into a sex toy, then a dog, during which time she is bred to other real dogs, at the same time that she is being raped, she gets pregnant, and they knock her out just as she is ready to deliver. When she comes to, she's in a kennel with four brand new baby puppies & thinks that they are hers, so she breast feeds them. The shieks son then figures out several tortures, one of which is using a dairy style milking machine on her breasts several times a day, & even hooks a tube up to her clit, to make her horny and to make her clit even bigger. Frequently while she is hooked up to the milking machine, she is raped &/or sodomized.)
  • Karen and the Torture Club: by Richard
    (Synopsis: Karen and her husband find that they enjoy S&M and that it has rejuvinated their relationship. They reply to an advertisement for couples to join a club in which one of the ladies is randomly slected at each meeting to "put on a show" meaning that she will be the one to be tortured that night. Karen's experiences in the club and other events outside the club give her all the experiences that she and her husband desire.)
  • Pleasure Incorparated: by MysticPetite
    (Synopsis: Allison and her husband go on a vaction to a resort. Just not any resort but one dealing in sex.)
  • When Wednesday Comes: by Jill Bird
    (Synopsis: a no longer young woman with a teenage lover agrees to a gang-bang.)
  • FETISH VIDEO INC.: by J Lewis
    (Synopsis: Two women on vacation in Florida are offered modeling photo sessions. Without realizing the severity of the offer, they accept and find themselves facing extreme treatment from a BDSM club. )
  • Office Rules: by Splyf
    (Synopsis: Trine's and Christina's mothers screw up at work and the company claims their and their daughter's meat as penalty. Lots of snuff, incest and torture in this one!)
  • The Chinese Physician: by janeraped
    (Synopsis: Have you ever wondered if you would be turned on by a totally unappealing character? A dirty old man? Just because you were helpless and he was there? Well, this fantasy story has been inspired by some court cases in Singapore whereby (probably) hysterical and histrionic female patients have claimed that their traditional Chinese medicine physicians have \"molested\" them while administering Chinese massage therapy. Were the women telling the truth? Or did they have this fascination with being touched, tweaked and manipulated by a character whom they normally don\'t find appealing, but the circumstances allowed them to \"give up control\".,,)
  • Layla's Judge, Jury and Crucifixion: by Faibhar
    (Synopsis: An imprisoned and condemned warrior is abused and executed.)
  • Jill's Wild Weekend: by Lex Ludite
    (Synopsis: A weekend of nearly non-stop brutality, humiliation, torture, rape, and degradation convinces Jill to turn over a new leaf and provides husband, Tim, wih some new insights into his wife's other side. It's home improvement, over the top with a vengeance, as Jill's husband, mother, children, friends, neighbors, and the university crowd get together to show her the error of her ways.)
  • Agony and Ecstasy - Tortured Love: by Colonel Peters and miss rebecca
    (Synopsis: A very graphic and hard story that does have one or two "lifts" from a story I can't find in my "save" folder... About a woman and torture - gone very very wrong... EXTREMELY GRAPHIC)
  • Celebrity Roast: by DolSade
    (Synopsis: A popular actress is lured to Dolcett, New Heden for a gala festival featuring and honouring her works. She finds herself feted and entertained, in lavish style, according to the customs of the locals which revolve around gynophagia (the eating of women); leading up to her spectacular Celebrity Roast.)
  • Resort Spectaculars: by DolSade
    (Synopsis: In a Dolcett inspired world, the manager of a human meat girl farm restaurant club complex is sent to evaluate a source of meat animals. He is treated to a month of spectacular presentations in which the meat girls participate, on their way to the roasting ovens and BBQ pits. (This is a chapter of a book entitled Dolcettes))
  • Lori's lost bet: by Ann Bech
    (Synopsis: I was the payoff when Lori lost a bet. I would be used for 24 hours.)
  • Temple of Torture - Vanessa's First Journey: by Venom
    (Synopsis: Three slavegirls ("a ponygirl, a painslut and a snuffette") become attractions at the "Heaven's Gate Exhibition", an extreme and exclusive underground torture fair. Their deliciously cruel Mistress guides them to unknown heights of suffering.)
  • Temple of Torture: by Venom
    (Synopsis: After some initial pain-play, the real interrogation and punishment of a slavegirl starts, including a number of very extreme tortures.)
  • Morituri: by Polybios
    (Synopsis: This is the story of Taleena, a proud and passionate young woman of the Roman provinces, who is sold into slavery and finds herself chained to an oar of a galley as a punishment for offending her owner. After surviving that degrading ordeal, the beautiful blonde becomes both spectacle and swordswoman at the gladiator school of Flavius Autronius, where she is trained by her new masters to fight for her life and liberty in the arenas of Rome.)
  • Underworld of the Chevaan: by DarthSaad
    (Synopsis: Following the events of Warrior of the Chevaan; Satyra, the half-satyr priestess of the Chevaan makes a deal with the dark powers in order to set free her warrior lover Conine. The conditions - she must submit to terrible suffering in the dark Underworld as the demons try to break her spirit and win her to their cause.)
  • Execution of a Soccer Mom: by Jill Crokett
    (Synopsis: Beautiful 36yr old wife and mother is sentence, punitively punished and put to death in futuristic society.)
  • The Chronicles of the S^3 Society: by The Chairman
    (Synopsis: Ralph has an interest in extreme porn. One day, he gets invited to join a secret society where he can live out his wildest and darkest fantasies, The S^3 Society.)
  • The Senator's Wife: by Ladyvet
    (Synopsis: A senator's wife is sentenced to prison and enforced orgasm denial of a fiendishly cruel nature when her political views cause him embarrassment.)
  • Black Mansion: by John Galt
    (Synopsis: Wealthy and with a lot of time on his hands, Jospeh Drake decides to create a place where fantasies can be lived out. The Black Mansion. This is the story about the foundation of the mansion, of how it begun and was created.)
  • Test Subjects: by Xodus
    (Synopsis: Four teenagers are abducted by aliens, two boys and two girls. The boys are forced to watch as the girls are humiliated and tortured. The girls end up having to help each other in order to survive the ordeal and fall in love with one another.)

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