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Collected by sdfrtretfgsrgsev

f-self (8 stories listed)

  • Webcam Videos: by J Lewis
    (Synopsis: A woman's drawn to pose for her webcam, dwelling deeper and deeper into sadomasochism.)
  • Jenniass: by Memento
    (Synopsis: Why leave all the self-abuse, dumb ideas to guys? This is supposed to be a continuing story, any suggestions are welcome)
  • The Cruel Game of Backgammon: by Ashley Zacharias
    (Synopsis: A woman plays backgammon on the Internet, imposing a physical penalty for herself if she loses. Her friend helps her punish herself.)
  • Use Me: by Nialla
    (Synopsis: An total exhibitionist shares her lifelong desires to display herself completely in public, to be thoroughly and willingly degraded and humiliated by a watching crowd, and ultimately to become her deepest fantasy, an animal used for sex)
  • Such Incredible Feelings: by Nialla
    (Synopsis: Very powerful masochistic teenage fantasies acted out when nobody\'s at home - does anybody understand me ?)
  • Neighbor Girl: by I. W. Under
    (Synopsis: A boy and a girl continue their childhood games in high school, but things turn sexual.)
  • Three Punishments for Canz:: by canz
    (Synopsis: Canz offers herself to be tortured as a birthday present for her father, and, it turns out, for the pleasure of her lesbian lover as well. )
  • The thing: by Sadistic_Gentleman
    (Synopsis: A story about a girl who is used by a couple. )

animal (2 stories listed)

bdsm (4 stories listed)


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