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Collected by Veterinarian

Doggygirls, Petgirls, Ponygirls (26 stories listed)
Transformation of females into animals (or objects)

  • Cowgirls: by ditzylilgirl
    (Synopsis: Hard times fall on Margaret's family, so her father is forced to sell her as a maid to a stranger passing through town. Unfortunately, for her, the man who buys her has other plans.)
  • 'Tis the Season: by Musker
    (Synopsis: The finale to "Omens" and "Cornucopia" with new characters, new B&D situations and under a Xmas theme. Also the out come to the party crashing five is revealed.)
  • Cornucopia: by Musker
    (Synopsis: Update of the Omen story dealing with Charlene and Karol, Sue-Lee and Maria, Jennifer.)
  • The PIG: by Paladin
    (Synopsis: Unfaithful wife meets the 'farmer'.)
  • The Reluctant Pony: by Rilawild.
    (Synopsis: Isabelle\'s boss and mentor is invited to a meeting of the Wallinghurst Pony Club to sign an important contract. Neither he nor she realises quite what the club is all about and Isabelle connives to be invited with him to make sure that his isn\'t conned. Unfortunately to get the invitation she has to pretend to be interested in joining the club as a member. We follow her as she finds the shocking truth of what a ponygirl really is and discovers what it means to be member. What will she put up with to keep her secret intact and will she know to stop before it is too late?)
  • Trained: by darlinglittlegirl
    (Synopsis: A submissive's journey with her Master continues, as He trains her to assume her rightful place as slave to all the males in the household both two and four footed. )
  • Beyonce Becomes a Ponygirl: by Anita Parker
    (Synopsis: Pop singer Beyonce is subjected to an unpleasant new life.)
  • A Pony for Her Sweet Sixteen: by Cerberus
    (Synopsis: A beautiful teenager is invited to her uncle's horse farm to celebrate her Sweet Sixteen party. Will she get a pony for her birthday, or will she become one? )
  • The New Pet: by CarrieAnne
    (Synopsis: Beatrice is a woman who makes a living out of finding very expensive \"pets\" for her cliente.)
  • Scully - Arab Toy: by Kingdom
    (Synopsis: Agent Scully, of X-Files, gets kidnaped in the middle east. She is first made into a sex toy, then a dog, during which time she is bred to other real dogs, at the same time that she is being raped, she gets pregnant, and they knock her out just as she is ready to deliver. When she comes to, she's in a kennel with four brand new baby puppies & thinks that they are hers, so she breast feeds them. The shieks son then figures out several tortures, one of which is using a dairy style milking machine on her breasts several times a day, & even hooks a tube up to her clit, to make her horny and to make her clit even bigger. Frequently while she is hooked up to the milking machine, she is raped &/or sodomized.)
  • My Life as a Dog: by Owned
    (Synopsis: A story of innocent young collage girl changes her status as an dog for the experiement.)
  • Bitchtrained: by lucia
    (Synopsis: A slave object learns to be her Mistress bitch.)
  • Kims Tail: by Rubberwolf
    (Synopsis: Kim inherits more than she bargained for )
  • The Veterinarian: by Evil Misstress
    (Synopsis: A Doctor's assistant and friend takes her boyfriend but then must take the consequences for her actions.both become transformed sexslaves.)
  • The Beast: by MistressKali
    (Synopsis: An accident leads to a life that Traci never imagined was possible. Be careful what you wish for, you might just get it.)
  • Mary and Elizabeth: by jan311648
    (Synopsis: Mary owns and runs an expensive Boarding Kennels business in a remote part of California. Taking into her head the notion that it would be pleasant to live and be treated like one of her 'guests' for a month, she finds a willing Domme to indulge her. But she gets more than she'd bargained for!)
  • Millie's Memorable Holiday: by BZ
    (Synopsis: The story of a young city girl who learns to accept a new life on the ranch.)
  • Life on the Farm: by CaitSara and Meaghread
    (Synopsis: This is the culmination of a mixture of real life practices spiced with a healthy dose of fantasy. The stories deals with a woman who owns a human cow farm and how some of the "cows" came to be in their particular situation.)
  • Devils Island: by Balor
    (Synopsis: This is a long story. The story follows several women from their abduction to their new lives as slaves and beyond.)
  • Cowgirl: by Topcat
    (Synopsis: Iowa teen turned into slave to dominant female family.)
  • Carolyn\'s Gifts: by Anita Parker
    (Synopsis: Carolyn ovewhelms her lover with the gift of a pair of beautiful, new, unwilling pets. When he\'s away they fall back into her care; they soon learn to yearn for their Master\'s return.)
  • Baker's Dozen: by BZ
    (Synopsis: A story in progress. Kat Lang a snoopy reporter gets the right idea about the new admirer of her friend Vicky Greene, unfortunately for her.)
  • An Interest in Ponygirls: by Desert Dog
    (Synopsis: Doctor Joan Miller, a talented Miami surgeon who works part time at a local B&D club, develops a fixation on four slaves she processed into matched sets of Ponygirls for the East Coast Slavers Organization. After a bungled dinner meeting with Aaron Clarke, the CEO of ECSO, Joan finagles an invitation to be a guest Mistress at Ponygirl Heaven Ranch where her four unwilling patients were sent for training. ECSO - 4: An Interest in Ponygirls is the story of what transpires at the Arizona ranch with the Ponygirls and Doctor Miller.)
  • Day In The Life Of A Pet Owner: by Master S
    (Synopsis: A snap shot of a day in the life of human pet owner. )
  • Doggygirl: by jan311648
    (Synopsis: This is a grim tale, and one some may find it disturbing. I certainly did; and I wrote it! But the inexorable logic of events as I saw them led me to narrate it in the way it turned out, and I can only aplogise if I\'ve gone OTT. Once upon a time there was a man who married unfortunatly. His flighty young wife transgressed in the usual manner, and he took a terrible vengeance, unknown until a remote relation of his discovered an old ledger)
  • Omens - A Halloween Tale: by Musker
    (Synopsis: Five young women crash an exclusive and eletist Halloween party and get caught. The hostess has some strange ways of making the gold digging five pay for their mistake. Now they get more than they expected from the deal.)

Mating (2 stories listed)


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