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Collected by mmarcus72

moms and daughters (insest) (8 stories listed)
moms and daughters that are submissive and share there pleasure, both consentual and non. Sometimes non-sexually between them.

Self-Bondage and Torture (30 stories listed)

  • Story of my self torture: by Debbie
    (Synopsis: I\'m a female that loves to torture my breasts and my vagina for sexual pleasure. Using the most outrageous things like electrical tens units and insects)
  • The Color of Danger: by Iggy
    (Synopsis: A girl's chastity self-bondage goes horribly wrong--a cautionary tale.)
  • Cheryl\'s Box: by Excalibur
    (Synopsis: Cheryl was proud of her achievement. Five years of hard work, and now it was ready. but, could she actually use it? )
  • Afternoon Surprise: by SelfBoundJess
    (Synopsis: A self-bondage session leads to unexpected explorations.)
  • Emily’s Fall: by erratic
    (Synopsis: Emily investigates a strange old metal suit trying to fulfil some of her fantasies)
  • Amy's Box: by Molly S
    (Synopsis: Amy crafts an elaborate kinky self-bondage evening for herself including a letter with instructions from her virtual 'master', but how will it end!)
  • Self Sub Susy: by The Technician
    (Synopsis: An adventurous young woman who calls herself “Self-Sub Susy” is warned to stop playing naked bondage games on the park trails. She gets more than she bargained for when she taunts back, “catch me if you can.”)
  • Do Pervert Angels fly in Business Class?: by Kaiser
    (Synopsis: An almost naked and masochist girl on a flight makes a spectacle of herself. These are real events I had the luck to watch with my eyes. So, don't expect nothing of particularly strange or crude.)
    Comment: Very harsh self torture but story told well.
  • Pursuit of Misery: by CRUDEDUDE
    (Synopsis: A submissive woman embraces and pursues her masochism to its fullest extent, in all it forms including physically, emotionally and socially.)
    Comment: She just wants it rough in all areas of her life.
  • Britney in Bondage: by Soulcatch
    (Synopsis: Britney places herself in bondage. But when her roomate hides the keys to her cuffs interesting things happen.)
  • Mandy: by Excalibur
    (Synopsis: Mandy is a total masochist. the more pain, the better she likes it. but the challenge she sets herself, is not the wisest choice she ever made.)
    Comment: Let this be a leason to you to check all angles before the final step(click).
  • Story Of My Teasing-SELF-denial: by icechic
    (Synopsis: Left teetering on the edge of orgasm by the hands of a Domme whom only i know the full extent of her cruelty... taken to the brink of cumming in sweet release indefinitely and left there waiting, writihing, begging.... and even then the denail of myself continues...leaving me helpless to MY OWN sadistic teasing...)
    Comment: No bondage but torture of teasing and denial.
  • Walking on air: by SG
    (Synopsis: Waiting for delayed flights can be stressfull, especially when your walking around a busy terminal with inflatable dildos in your pussy and ass. )
    Comment: I really like this idea.
  • Janice's Fantasies: by J.
    (Synopsis: A young female executive lives a personal life of bdsm fantasy. Her imaginary Master makes her go too far, and real people are there to take advantage of her.)
  • Erica\'s Night In: by Tease Cathy
    (Synopsis: It was another exhausting day for Erica. A Bath and a Diet coke was all she wanted. But low and behold another package has arrived. Being an MVP subscriber, it was her job to test whatever product was in the package and review it. what is this one? )
    Comment: Quick and light, but has some ideas for R/L.
  • 4BDN-PLN8: by The Technician
    (Synopsis: Far in the future a female star ship captain discovers the dangers of long-term space travel in a ship staffed by robots that follow her mind commands.)
    Comment: "Forbiden Planet" Watch it..
  • Alice: by Excalibur
    (Synopsis: extreme self bondage)
    Comment: Extreme self-bondage ending "not well"
  • The Chair: by Excalibur
    (Synopsis: Jenny had built the chair for fun, but something went terribly wrong when she used it. )
  • Oh to be thin: by SG
    (Synopsis: Rachel's plan to diet by excercise backfires when some unexpected guests pay her a visit )
    Comment: Nice self-bondage turned caught by hot sexy neighbor.
  • Freedom and risk in all directions: by SG
    (Synopsis: With her parents gone she sets herself up for a long crawl. there are two paths to go to be released but both will risk discovery.)
    Comment: Nice idea for the use of winches and timers
  • Jane and Towser - Rewards and Punishments: by jan311648
    (Synopsis: Jane's appetite for Self Bondage culminates in a marathon session of a whole month in that happy condition. She has carefully trained both Towser, her own dog, and Bravo, a dog whom she is caring for during the long-term absence of his owner, to care for her during this long period of self-imposed helplessness. But she reckons without her adaptability to her hew life and her deeply innate subnissiveness, and the relationship between her and Towser changes for ever.)
  • Janes Adventures in Self Bondage - The Tether: by jan311648
    (Synopsis: 'The appetite grows on what it feeds on' - or so it's said; and it certainly did with Jane. After the boredom and discomfort of her first adventure, she swore never to experience anything like it again. But the need for it slowly regrew, ans she saw ceratin possibilities in her dog.... )
  • Jane's Adventures in Self Bondage - Bravo and Towser: by jan311648
    (Synopsis: A young woman living alone on a rambling old farm samples the delights of Self Bondage in the comany of two dogs!)
  • More of Linda: Weekend slave: by Brosco
    (Synopsis: After getting trapped in her selfbondage, Linda must be a slave to a Femdom to pay for her release.)
  • Linda\'s Denial: by Brosco
    (Synopsis: Locked in a chastity belt for 2 weeks, Linda is desperate to cum)
  • Exquisite Bondage: by Brosco
    (Synopsis: Linda\'s self denial)
  • Bringing in Sarah: by DJ Tuk
    (Synopsis: When a parcel is received offering an introduction to submission Sarah is curious enough to play along. She lives to regret it.)
  • The Arcade Series: The Tower of Terror: by Michael Alexander
    (Synopsis: An arcade manager is coereced into helping one of his employees play a an unexpected way.)
  • Diary of Carolyn: by Skull Duggery
    (Synopsis: This is a compilation of author's personal diary from the age of thirteen to about age nineteen. It is a fairly detailed description of her experiences in self imposed bondage and personal pain infliction.)
    Comment: pain slut's diary of some rough self torture
  • Amy: by Excalibur
    (Synopsis: self bondage one wrong)
    Comment: I like the first part as to the female and her self bondage set up.

Faye Kane (8 stories listed)
All stories posted by Faye.

True to heart (3 stories listed)
Stories that I found that touched me in more ways than just fantasy and sexually.

Torture of females (5 stories listed)
Stories where the female is tortured against her will. Some times they learn to love it.

Waiting for updates (4 stories listed)

Torture (Female asks for it) (27 stories listed)
females that ask to be tortured because of dark fantasies, desires or gambling

Stories I am reading (17 stories listed)

Toy Ideas (2 stories listed)

I really like. (3 stories listed)
Stories that I truly enjoyed. All different kinds and types.

Young Domme - older slave/slut (8 stories listed)
Dommes that control older slaves/sluts. Some are moms and Daughters. And a few might have Dom Sons and Hubbies but there will be a younger Female

Rape (2 stories listed)
Stories where rape is the main theme, not forced consensual sex.

Stories to Read (23 stories listed)


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