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Collected by allythemaid

keepers (27 stories listed)

  • Lucy: by InteractiveBDSM
    (Synopsis: A young woman alters her body forever, and begins a voluntary life of sexual slavery.)
  • Pet: by msterspuppy
    (Synopsis: submissive searches for a new life as a pet)
  • Becoming Owned: by Kyle T
    (Synopsis: Becoming Owned)
  • Lost in a Strange Land: by Karen1982
    (Synopsis: Claire's family is lost in the tsunami that devestates Thailand. She returns to Bangkok, but adventure follows her along the way.)
  • Japanese Slave Trade: by Tor Melati
    (Synopsis: The plight of japanese schoolgirls getting caught up in the slave trade and also the plight of our hero fighting against enforced transformation from man to doll.)
  • Sweet little Janie becomes a real Cow: by A.Broadsword
    (Synopsis: In a closed Midwest Community they have their own special way of bridging the gap from school to adult life, unless you ar a straight A student.)
  • Animal Attraction: by Bill Anderson
    (Synopsis: Janet is kidnapped by a cruel and deranged man who lets his animals use her. A drug he gives her soon has her begging for the stimulation.)
  • A LONG DAY'S NIGHT: by Danielle
    (Synopsis: Katy dresses up like a whore for a party, and then it all goes wrong... A multi-part story of an innocent and naive woman's journey into degradation.)
  • A Good Team: by Woolfighter
    (Synopsis: Patricia Johnson owns a company but slowly becomes owned herself by it.)
  • Writing my Future: by julise
    (Synopsis: An attractive bdsm author is kidnapped and made to live out the rest of her life as a slave to a sadistic couple.)
  • Farm Call: by Jill Bird
    (Synopsis: a young woman enjoys her job as a sales rep for an agricultural company, until she visits a very strange farm.)
  • The Subjugation of Scully: by Harold Sheep
    (Synopsis: FBI Special Agent Dana Scully is captured and trained as a sex slave)
  • Loving Burqa: by GhostWriter
    (Synopsis: How a simple piece of clothing can change your life)
  • Stephanie: by Wiley Hunter
    (Synopsis: A coed, ashamed of her fantasies, is horrified to see them slowly come to be, and finds she is helpless as she slips deeper and deeper into a life of sexual subjugation.)
  • Changing Jane: by Bizarrely Unorthodox
    (Synopsis: A young, independent woman finds herself being forced to adapt to a male dominated society after a vacation from her much different working homelife.)
  • White Slaves of Eban: by Karen Kay
    (Synopsis: Eban. A tropical paradise for the worlds richest blacks. A place where its black clientele is treated and pampered with the upmost respect. They live the life of luxury once held by whites alone. Blacks come from around the world to be treated as kings and queens and to satisfy their sexual appetite for the white woman.It’s a place that lures its workforce of white couples using its unique techniques of promises of wealth and happiness. “You only have to sign up for 3 short years! You’ll be a millionaire when you leave!” Yes! Where can we sign up?Of coarse they never explained the fine print of their contracts. You will follow the experience of Jeff & Katie Hopkins as they arrive and work and find out all the hard facts and truth about working at Eban. )
  • Tigers and Bears, Oh My!: by Euryleia Rider
    (Synopsis: A Domme loses a bet and her status.)
  • Modern Maid: by Annie the Slick
    (Synopsis: Poor Jasmine, she answered the WRONG ad. Read as she learns how to become the perfect domestic servant.)
  • Becoming Her Maid: by Jackpot
    (Synopsis: Emily hires a maid but the roles soon become reversed.)
  • The Unwilling Slave: by zone
    (Synopsis: A woman is taken and broken into a slave life.)
  • Dog Mistress: by RedFalchon
    (Synopsis: A 'Turn of the Century' young woman is raped by her dog and discovers that she likes it. Unfortunately the event is witnessed by an unscrupulous Gentleman.)
  • A Cruel Tale: by Nerval
    (Synopsis: An anonymous abductee is slowly and systematically dehumanized)
  • Freedom Denied: by niteowluk2003
    (Synopsis: A woman gets kidnapped at the airport and turned in to a cum slut.)
  • Maliia's Nightmare: by Maliia Kanaulahu
    (Synopsis: Two Asian college roommates who have a secret attraction to each other take part in a psychology experiment that is either a nightmare or a dream depending on your point of view and they are pierced and modified, bound and controlled as slavegirls and eventually forced to serve in any humiliating capacity. )
  • Why: by srone
    (Synopsis: What happens when a man questions the authority of his wife?)
  • A Display of Power: by srone
    (Synopsis: My wife has decided that today she would show me and a friend of hers how much power she had in our marriage.)
  • Sleep Well Bitch: by srone
    (Synopsis: A husband is put in his cage for the night)


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