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Book Project


Collected by slave4life901

Stories I want to finish reading (20 stories listed)

Stories that make me hard (13 stories listed)

  • Hard day for stools: by Jasonik
    (Synopsis: Andy is a boy who has to spend a whole week with his mother's friends-neighboors. But he is not so lucky...The ladies are so sadistic that punish Andy using him as a stool and as their human pony...)
  • Becoming a human cow: by Fiona Walker
    (Synopsis: Marni requires a human cow.Anna knows just the right person with nice big balls.)
  • Amanda Plays for Keeps: by nahanom
    (Synopsis: Amanda Ryan is a vibrant young woman who likes to play rough, likes to play by her own cruel rules and just loves to play for keeps when she can get away with it. And the sadistic and sexy seductress has a real knack for getting away with it once she has a boy in her embrace. She’s looking forward to using her husband and two teenage sons to experience the ultimate sadistic thrill. In the meantime she satisfies her wicked needs by torturing and snuffing young men who fall under her irresistible spell.)
  • The Cocoon: by Koppite727
    (Synopsis: A man's desires for permanent submission lead him down a road where even his mind can not escape. Unfortunately for him, he finds a woman more than willing to go to great lengths to make it all happen, whether he likes it or not!)
  • Summer in Sexual Hell: by Faust
    (Synopsis: A seventeen year-old boy spends the summer at his divorced father's house where his father's beautiful, sadistic girlfriend subjects him to sexual torture.)
  • Hypno Slavers: The Dr. Emily Group: by Aceith
    (Synopsis: Unsuspecting patients, seeking help with sexual dsyfunction problems, are slowly converted into mindless submissives under hypnosis, to be sold as slaves to wealthy buyers.)
  • Fancy Farts: by Wrt4ffun
    (Synopsis: A fetish story dedicated to all my female bosses.)
  • Hey, It\'s Just a Job: by Nickd
    (Synopsis: Terminally ill masochist decides to speed up his departure with the help of a sadistic Domme)
  • Predator 1, Prey 0: by Selveate
    (Synopsis: A woman selects a man to emotionally destroy)
  • Who, Why, What: by ducttape
    (Synopsis: Dee has turned a willing victim into a tormented creature.)
  • Femdom Farm: by enslaved25
    (Synopsis: It's 2097 and in Femdomania, men can't access pornography on the net. Or, rather, they shouldn't get caught.)
  • Amanda, the pig catcher: by The Duchess of Hell
    (Synopsis: Amanda and her friend Christina catch Justin and turn him into a pig in the most brutal manner imaginable. And that\'s just the beginning...)
  • Bruce Wayne, Slaveboy: by Captain Quicksand
    (Synopsis: Do you know anything of Gotham City\'s millionaire playboy...and his secret identity? What about his REAL relationship with Selina Kyle, the whip-wielding Catwoman?)


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