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Collected by wazzup2

trained animals (26 stories listed)

  • Baker's Dozen: by BZ
    (Synopsis: A story in progress. Kat Lang a snoopy reporter gets the right idea about the new admirer of her friend Vicky Greene, unfortunately for her.)
  • Scully - Arab Toy: by Kingdom
    (Synopsis: Agent Scully, of X-Files, gets kidnaped in the middle east. She is first made into a sex toy, then a dog, during which time she is bred to other real dogs, at the same time that she is being raped, she gets pregnant, and they knock her out just as she is ready to deliver. When she comes to, she's in a kennel with four brand new baby puppies & thinks that they are hers, so she breast feeds them. The shieks son then figures out several tortures, one of which is using a dairy style milking machine on her breasts several times a day, & even hooks a tube up to her clit, to make her horny and to make her clit even bigger. Frequently while she is hooked up to the milking machine, she is raped &/or sodomized.)
  • Quarry Labor: by David l
    (Synopsis: A beautiful white woman is unjustly sentenced to field labor in a remote island country. She was framed by her ambassador to the country for not responding to her lesbian advances.)
  • Plantation Slave: by David l
    (Synopsis: A beautiful white woman slave tries to escape from her owner and is captured, punished and sold to other plantation owners for field work.)
  • Field Horse Slave: by David l
    (Synopsis: A beautiful woman is used for horse labor by her lesbian owners.)
  • Punishment Day: by David l
    (Synopsis: A beautiful white woman is a convict at a slave labor prison for women. She is to be punished for not meeting her quota as a plow horse.)
  • Shipwreck: by David l
    (Synopsis: A beautiful white woman is shipwrecked off the coast of Africa in tne year 1820. She is captured by slavers and sold to be used for horse labor.)
  • Pentonbridge Pig: by Jason Negus
    (Synopsis: The story of one woman's prison sentence in a very special penitentiary.)
  • Kennel Bitch: by H. Dean
    (Synopsis: A slave tells the story of how she earned her new name: Kennel Bitch)
  • My new doggy slave: by Maarten Witteveen
    (Synopsis: I met a girl the other day and started talking about role-playing, and this is a report of what happened when she came over one afternoon.)
  • My life as a dog slave: by Anja Laubker
    (Synopsis: Thw way of a young girl to total submission and 24/7 slavery - her life as the dog of a Nubian princess)
  • Greed!: by Sir Thomas
    (Synopsis: Casey is a girl in search of a future in modeling. But by a strange series of events she is offered the role of bondage / sex slave for a strange group of people in Nevada. There she is trained for a new career, The training is harsh but tolerable. She is pushed to her limits in every regard. Her day starts with exercise in pony-girl bondage. It only gets more extreme from there. Why does she do this? Greed!)
  • Quality by ZEBRA: by JEP
    (Synopsis: ZEBRA is known the world over for his quality. His product is always desired above all others. He is the ultimate designer label of his product. His product: well-trained sex slaves.)
  • An Interest in Ponygirls: by Desert Dog
    (Synopsis: Doctor Joan Miller, a talented Miami surgeon who works part time at a local B&D club, develops a fixation on four slaves she processed into matched sets of Ponygirls for the East Coast Slavers Organization. After a bungled dinner meeting with Aaron Clarke, the CEO of ECSO, Joan finagles an invitation to be a guest Mistress at Ponygirl Heaven Ranch where her four unwilling patients were sent for training. ECSO - 4: An Interest in Ponygirls is the story of what transpires at the Arizona ranch with the Ponygirls and Doctor Miller.)
  • A Pony for Her Sweet Sixteen: by Cerberus
    (Synopsis: A beautiful teenager is invited to her uncle's horse farm to celebrate her Sweet Sixteen party. Will she get a pony for her birthday, or will she become one? )
  • The New Pet: by CarrieAnne
    (Synopsis: Beatrice is a woman who makes a living out of finding very expensive \"pets\" for her cliente.)
  • Bar None Stables: by kilogram
    (Synopsis: Coed Linda is blackmailed into becoming a ponygirl.)
  • Chantilly Lace: by Adrian Hunter
    (Synopsis: A day in the life at an equestrian retreat where the proprietor and his guests have serious prance in their France.)
  • Pony Girl Bondage: by Unknown
    (Synopsis: This is a story about pony training of several girls, involving submission, discipline, training and pony trading.)
  • Diane: by SD
    (Synopsis: Slave training story, all nonconsensual and strong stuff. Twelve days' training make her a completely docile slave girl: "I will follow your every order".)
  • A Long Walk: by King Sand
    (Synopsis: A plump young girl begins a path that will end in slavery and humiliation.)
  • Dog Tags: by carnaj
    (Synopsis: A young man receives a very special gift from his girlfriend on his 21st Birthday. That gift starts his life in a downward spiral leading him into a world of humiliation and degradation at the hands of strangers, co-workers and friends! What can poor Jim do as he is used and abused, all to the delight of his girlfriend Beth. What can he do to regain control of his life before he falls too far- or can he?)
  • Joan's Other Life: by Paladin
    (Synopsis: The lonely woman was seeking a real man. What she found was a real master and she started a brand new life.)
  • Bred By My Secretary: by Jackpot
    (Synopsis: A lawyer hires a temp who has a hidden agenda.)
  • Hotel: by Flost48
    (Synopsis: Woman meets her on line lover at a hotel and her life as a slave begins.)
  • Beyonce Becomes a Ponygirl: by Anita Parker
    (Synopsis: Pop singer Beyonce is subjected to an unpleasant new life.)

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