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Collected by zanzabar

Best of the Best (28 stories listed)

  • The New Pet: by CarrieAnne
    (Synopsis: Beatrice is a woman who makes a living out of finding very expensive \"pets\" for her cliente.)
  • The Torment of Sissy Slut Tinkerbell: by Tinkerbell
    (Synopsis: A boy is kidnapped, tormented, and humiliated as he is forced to spend the rest of his life as a sissy girl slave for an older man.)
  • Parker 21: Teacher's Ransom: by Parker
    (Synopsis: A school teacher is inadvertantly caught up in a kidnapping scheme directed at one of her students and falls prey to the kidnappers.)
  • The Twelve Days of Christmas: by Christine Keeler
    (Synopsis: Woman kidnapped and used as a Christmas tree ornament with some very special surprises.)
  • Visiting Holly: by Darinost
    (Synopsis: Mitch pays a visit to one of his favorite toys.)
  • Joyfully, We Kidnap and Torture a Beautiful Girl: by Mr. Mumei
    (Synopsis: Three screwed up postmodernesque young adults decide to actualize their darkest fantasy by capturing an even younger woman and making her their torture slave.)
  • Second Marriage: by Softleather
    (Synopsis: Sharon Edison, a successful businesswoman, gets behind on her payroll taxes. The IRS threatens to ruin her unless she can come up with $550,000. Her fiancé, Tom Burns, comes to the rescue, but the pre-nuptial agreement has hidden conditions that will force Sharon to be Tom’s exhibition-slave for the next 5 years.)
  • Corrupting Anna: by Simply Chris
    (Synopsis: A lustfull mother brings her daughter into her world of erotitism, the hard way.)
  • The Start Of Her New Life: by bondagebrat
    (Synopsis: Daddy/little girl ageplay story - starts out as D/s, but he decides not to give her a choice about becoming his baby girl.)
  • Malevolent Rapture: by twisted
    (Synopsis: just an \"innocent\" strole through the park after dark)
  • Your Will: by jaowriter
    (Synopsis: Picking up girls at a club can be a dangerous activity. Not picking them up may be even worse. )
  • Dr Nooo!: by Finc
    (Synopsis: Character based on the leggy teen movie star of \'heartbreakers\' and ‘I know what you did last summer’. Lost in the storm, drugged, then bound in a second skin of rubber she has to endure a maniacs sexual experiments. But is he Dr Nooo? Or is there someone far worse wanting to get at her fabulous lithe body?)
  • Abduction: by Nikaia
    (Synopsis: )
  • Collector: by ouija
    (Synopsis: An "artist" creates unusual works of "art" with the use of a very special drug. . .)
  • To Have and Hold: by Baer-chen
    (Synopsis: Bounty Hunter captures and helps a client torture a man's object of desire.)
  • Such a Good Girl: by Ms. Which
    (Synopsis: This is a violently sadistic story about a man who holds a girl in thrall to him. It is not for the faint of heart.)
  • Ana and her Father: by Ms. Which
    (Synopsis: After her mother passed away, Ana was sent to live with his father, whom she had never seen before. Soon she found out all the rumors about his father's extreme sexual life were true.)
  • Michelle and Sarah: by USMC4ME
    (Synopsis: Michelle and Sarah are kidnapped and held prisoner by a couple. The girls quickly learn that their new Master is in complete control of their fate.)
  • The Bus to Slavery: by Razor7826
    (Synopsis: Three sisters are on the way home from their parent's funeral when their car breaks down. They hitch a ride back to town with a charter bus for a BDSM club that has no intentions of letting the gorgeous girls escape.)
  • A Dancer\'s Introduction: by Hector
    (Synopsis: A young dance teacher is taught a few things off the dance floor by two of her students while at a competition.)
  • Eternal Victim: by Hector
    (Synopsis: After her first attack a rapist keeps returning to the same woman. Will she ever be free?)
  • It Was So Easy!: by Anne Gray
    (Synopsis: An innocent passing remark leads to trouble for someone...!)
  • The Leather Twins: by Anne Gray
    (Synopsis: Identical twin sisters "aquire" and train two bondage playmates.)
  • Lisa's Painful Lesson: by Anne Gray
    (Synopsis: Lisa should not have tried to throw her weight around at the office.)
  • The Good Ol' Days: by Doush
    (Synopsis: A professional bondage model learns the extremely painful way what life might have been like in the HOM days, courtesy of a sadistic photographer.)
  • Couple Therapy: by Thndrshark
    (Synopsis: Their common interests in S&M practices lead them to "recruit" some girls and trained them into slavery.)
  • Violet: by Thndrshark
    (Synopsis: A Girl enslaved by her best friend put through many tortures and pains.)
  • Vanishing Act: by Richard Alexander
    (Synopsis: First there were the emails, then there was the package left in the park where Jan Sherwood did her early morning exercises - the package with Jan's name on it, with the handcuffs inside. That was when Jan reached the certain conclusion that she was being watched. When it came, the abduction was brutal and clinical in its efficiency. But what was the most scary feature was the timing and the lengths Jan's captor had gone to account for her disappearance. Subjected to torture while kept bound in the man's basement, Jan gave in to his demands for access to bank accounts, and saw her entire life destroyed in front of her eyes. Only her desire for revenge kept her focussed as she slowly grew to realise what the man had in store for her for the rest of her life - or until he grew tired of her...)


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