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Collected by nassau11

words (24 stories listed)

  • A Cruel Tale: by Nerval
    (Synopsis: An anonymous abductee is slowly and systematically dehumanized)
  • Whore 94: by Fronker
    (Synopsis: Behind the banal monotony of everyday existence there lies another world - a world ruled by the privileged for the privileged. A world into which I was introduced - to play my part - though not as one of the privileged, but as a whore...)
  • Remote Control: by David Jorden
    (Synopsis: Sharon is a beautiful model who gets captured and turned into a perverted remote control sex toy.)
  • On the Table: by Benfan
    (Synopsis: A young woman wakes up in a strange clinic, where she learns she is to be converted into a living sex toy. Inspired by the art of Simon Benson.)
  • Mattie & Cerys - In the beginning: by Romy
    (Synopsis: The first chapter in the lives of lovers Mattie & Cerys. Mattie is to Top and Cerys, the pushy bottom. First chapter, how they meet. Cerys is the Ultimate painslut. Can Mattie break her?)
  • The Daddy Room: by FurryFury
    (Synopsis: )
  • Nothing: by nom
    (Synopsis: A cunt finds the answers to all her questions.)
  • Lynne: by Just Another Bloke
    (Synopsis: A very long slave training story, but it is also one of the best. After reading all 36 chapters, I still hope there are more :-D)
  • Partners: by Semiater
    (Synopsis: There is a reason people are always warned against going into partnerships. When things go wrong, they go very wrong. When Robert Miller tried to end his business partnership, he wasn't expecting that his wife and daughter would pay the price for his failed attempt to go it alone.)
  • The New Girl at the Firm: by Semiater
    (Synopsis: A young paralegal becomes a slave to a lawyer who knows her true submissive nature.)
  • The Takeover: by Anne Gray
    (Synopsis: She really didn't have a clue what she was getting into when she whispered "Yes please Anne!")
  • The Visitors: by QuantumLeap
    (Synopsis: A twisty tale of the humiliation of a husband and wife by intruders who are much more than they first appear to be.)
  • After the Pestilence: by velvetglove
    (Synopsis: After the Pestilence)
  • Julie's Triumph: by justin benedict
    (Synopsis: Can Julie, a tease/denial Mistress, turn her macho military officer boyfriend into a chastity slave?)
  • Results of the New Arrangement: by justin benedict
    (Synopsis: What happened after "The New Arrangement?" Now Master Tanner and Daphne train Daniel together, the poor thing!)
  • Sara and Ms Davies: by jamb
    (Synopsis: New to the city, Sara is confused when a woman asks her out for a date. She soon finds out that this woman is no ordinary lesbian...)
  • Extra Credit: by The Rider
    (Synopsis: A struggling college freshman signs on to earn extra credit by helping a pair of grad students with their research project. What begins as an innocent volunteer assignment leads to much more... )
  • The Island: by Wild Rose
    (Synopsis: Without any memory of her past, a young woman wakes in a new world of an all-female penal colony, built on hierarchy and obedience. She finds a mistress who is not exactly free herself - but things are were different from what the appear in any way.)
  • Group XS: by Saavik
    (Synopsis: Catherine is a public prosecutor who thought she'd quashed the sadistic Group XS. Then her friends and family start disappearing and the spectre of her past comes back to haunt and ensnare her.)
  • Pooch's Story: by Mr. Ed
    (Synopsis: The miserable slave was punished by her masters and mistresses. Very strong stuff but well written.)
  • The Pet: by Moonbeam
    (Synopsis: A wealthy former model turned legal tycoon has a house of horrors in the Hamptons attended by her staff of beautiful maids and one male torture pet.)
  • The Pet - Yukiko Fujimori: by Moonbeam
    (Synopsis: This is a story of Yuki, a stunning Japanese aristocrat and the revenge she has exacted against an old enemy. She was also mentioned in a previous story, "The Pet" in case the reader wants some background. It is pretty intense, so you are warned!)
  • Taking Carol: by Lorddare
    (Synopsis: A young housewife is blindsided by a mysterious new neighbor with an agenda. This is an ongoing story that will be added to at the author's pleasure.)
  • Victoria's Secrets: by Unknown
    (Synopsis: Dr. Victoria Denning is a consulting psychiatrist for the CA parole board. She uses her position to obtain a torturer and victims for experiments at her secluded ranch. Then she gives herself over for a vacation "massage" at the ranch, and gets a little more than she bargained for.)


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