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Collected by learntoloveit

My shelf (4 stories listed)

  • My Horrible Fate: by SteveL
    (Synopsis: Male blackmailed and totally enslaved by wife and friends,NC, forced feminization, punishment, piercings
  • The Breast Test: by Aiken
    (Synopsis: A smart city girl looks into a suspicious ad for part-time actresses. She finds much more than she bargained for.)
  • Winners Raise: by General Dom
    (Synopsis: Sadistic mob boss Vincent Garrimone is back from the dead in this sequel to "Losers Bluff." And this time, it will take more than Phil Palmer's family to satisfy his blood lust. As Phil is called in by the FBI to decode clues found at the sites of some of the most fiendish torture inventions in history, he becomes increasingly disturbed that he himself is being implicated in the crimes. To Phil's horror, as the circle grows tighter around him and the ones he holds dear, the chameleon-like Garrimone seems to be ever more elusive. In order to catch him, Phil must plumb the darkest reaches of his soul, and hope to place in the Winner's circle.)
  • An Inquisitive Federal Agent: by Desert Dog
    (Synopsis: In 'ECSO 12 - An Inquisitive Federal Agent' Aaron Clarke chances upon a Miami-based FBI agent obsessively trying to solve a series of drug-related murders featuring the disappearance of a number of women. Graphic and horrific pictures of two law enforcement agents that supposedly escaped from vicious drug dealers pique the FBI agent's curiosity. ECSO 12 is the story of how this agent't life gets turned upside down after she is tricked into accepting a slaver's help in determining whether the forensic evidence of the case indicated bondage and rape and if it could be used to trace the murderers.)


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