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Desmios (This page has been viewed 74881 times since Jun 1, 2001)
(Author: if you want to add/change/update any information below, please email me)

Author's Words:
As to the name I've chosen to call myself as the author of these stories: the word "desmios" in ancient Greek could mean something like "one who is shackled" or "a prisoner in chains"... and this is the way I like to think of myself!

For a very long time (I'd rather not admit how long; it might give away my age!) I've been fascinated by this area of sexual fantasy -- and activity (if one is lucky enough to find a sympathetic partner!) -- and I've read quite a lot of stories and looked at a lot of photo-magazines on the subject. Unfortunately -- for me -- most of these have concentrated on the side of B&D where it is the male who is dominant and who captures, strips, binds and "torments" the helpless or submissive girl(s).

I'm a heterosexual male and I do enjoy looking at pictures of naked or near-naked girls -- whether in bondage or not! -- but I'm really MUCH MORE INTERESTED in the other side of B&D: namely, where a beautiful and dominant WOMAN imposes her will on a male; turns him into a subservient and willing SLAVE; strips him naked and KEEPS him that way; shackles his wrists and/or ankles to prevent him escaping; puts him into tight and uncomfortable bondage so she can toy with his naked body or subject it to whatever "torments" she pleases; makes him serve her by doing chores and cooking and serving her meals; AND "uses" him to give her pleasure how and when she wants it! So, naturally, I've written these stories mainly from that point of view.

Most of my stories are written from the point of view of the male... the SLAVE... and I'm sure my readers will understand that I'm fantasising about MYSELF being in the situations I'm writing about. Occasionally I've tried to write from the point of view of the woman... the Mistress... when it seems right for that particular story and just to see how well it works. And I've also written from an "outside" point of view -- the way most fiction is written -- when that seemed to be the best way to do it. In these stories, there is quite a big variety in subject matter and in "style" or "tone" -- in some cases even WITHIN a longer story -- from quite lighthearted to more "serious" (although I've TRIED to keep a sense of humour and I don't REALLY mean any of them to be taken too seriously!)... from fairly realistic (that is, situations that COULD be real, involving just private activities between "ordinary" people) to completely unlikely and fantastic... and from relatively mild B&D to what some people would probably call "heavy S&M". The most realistic and "mild" ones, in some cases, actually describe REAL events (with hardly any fiction except names and places); the outrageously unrealistic ones are nothing but the output of my over-active imagination (after all, isn't that what FANTASY is all about?); and, although I really do enjoy and get real thrills out of being tied up and MILDLY "disciplined" with a paddle or light whip, I'm pretty sure that even I would find some of the things I've imagined -- and written down -- too hard to take. Finally, the language in most of these stories is often VERY EXPLICIT sexually -- certainly at the level of R-rated, if not X-rated (I hardly need to mention that it hasn't been seen by any censors!).

Another warning: although my interest in B&D is very strongly in the idea of submissive MALE SLAVES being controlled by dominant WOMEN, some -- maybe most -- of my stories feature FEMALE slaves and dominant MEN as well. If my FAVOURITE fantasy is to be dominated by a beautiful woman, then my SECOND favourite is to "share" my slavery with a gorgeous naked slave-girl!

Author's Homepage:
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Total 6 Stories by Desmios

#1 Holiday Highlights by Desmios (436 kb) 2 votes! (9/10, 2 votes) (review it)
  (Added on Sep 24, 2005) (This month 73221 readers) (Total 95510 readers)
  Story Codes: F/m MF/mf cbt exhibition D/s BDSM slavery bondage real consensual Serious
#2 Holiday Slavery by Desmios (556 kb) 3 votes! (9.5/10, 3 votes) (review it)
  (Added on Sep 25, 2004) (This month 105379 readers) (Total 140143 readers)
  Story Codes: F/m MF/mf cbt exhibition BDSM slavery bondage real consensual Serious
#3 My Boss, My Slave by Desmios (99 kb) 6 votes! (9/10, 6 votes) (review it)
  (Added on May 22, 2003) (This month 37287 readers) (Total 69715 readers)
  Story Codes: F/m F+/m cbt exhibition BDSM slavery bondage job reluctant blackmail Serious
#4 A Bondage Correspondence by Desmios (24 kb) 5 votes! (8/10, 5 votes) (review it)
  (Added on May 17, 2003) (This month 11439 readers) (Total 33072 readers)
  Story Codes: F+/m cbt D/s BDSM slavery bondage real consensual Serious
#5 Bondage on the Cards by Desmios (27 kb) 2 votes! (7/10, 2 votes) (review it)
  (Added on Jun 20, 2001) (This month 13481 readers) (Total 31204 readers)
  Story Codes: F+/f+ F+/m cbt spanking BDSM bondage real consensual Light
#6 Domestic Slavery by Desmios (20 kb) 5 votes! (8/10, 5 votes) (review it)
  (Added on Jun 1, 2001) (This month 18808 readers) (Total 44545 readers)
  Story Codes: F/m spanking BDSM slavery bondage real consensual Light

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