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Synopsis: two lesbians want a couple of weeks alone. Instead they run into a serial killer who hates dykes and teaches them a final lesson.

Unhappy Dykes

       I dont have anything particular against homosexuals personally, but this idea just came to me one day.  If the title makes you unhappy, go somewhere else.  But, I think I have created a somewhat unusual story here and have tried to put in lots of detail.  The details of what its about are there.  If you dont like this kind of thing and read it anyway, dont blame me.  But, I do appreciate opinions. 

       I was your average person I guess.  I worked a 9-5 job, came home, and liked to do most of the things guys did.  But, I did have a bit of an unusual hobby.  At 27, I was single and had been for a long time.  I did date occasionally, but it was only a cover.  You see, the city where I lived had a rather large news interest in me, but no one knew who I was. 

       I was called the clown, because that is the mask I wore when I committed my crimes.  I had committed a string of rapes in every part of town.  I had raped single women of every color, and had ranged from ages 18- 41.  I was hard to catch as I didnt have much of a pattern.  I would study my victims and then take them in their own beds.  I would Taser them when I first slipped in, and then tie them up with some rope I brought.  I made sure they saw the mask before I gagged and blindfolded them, so they would know who did it to them.  I wouldnt untie them- I left them tied to the bed and unblindfolded with my mask back on.  I would take a pair of each ones bra and panties, along with some pictures  they would see me take.  Sometimes I would make them undress themselves if they seemed scared enough, and took pictures myself. 

       But, the convergence of a few things made me change things a little.  I had a family move in next to me.  As I watched them move in, I saw that they had a beautiful daughter.  I went over and introduced myself and offered to help.  They turned out to be moving from a few blocks away.  I lived in a nicer neighborhood than they had, so they decided to move over here.  Plus, their daughter who turned out to be an 18 yr. old named Destiny wanted to finish her last year of high school in the same school.  Some people might have been turned off that she was so sweaty, but it pressed her t-shirt against her.  She wasnt very big in the breast area, but I didnt really like big ones.  That was the only connection between my victims.  None of them had been big- breasted.  I dont know if the cops had made that connection.  If they had, they kept it out of the press, as they did that I was taking the underwear. 

       While I was working, I saw another girl pull up in a car.  She could almost have been Destinys twin.  Both were about 54, with brunette hair.  Neither was big breasted, but Destinys hair was shoulder length, while the other girls went midway down her back.  When Destiny introduced her, I learned her name was Jessica.  They were both talking about voting in the election next month, since Jessica had just turned 18.  Destiny joked about how much older she was, having turned 18 during August.  That was good news.  The Clown didnt do minors.  I didnt really care so much about age as much as the hassle that came with doing someone below the legal age. 

       I continued to think about them as I continued on with my life.  I started avoiding our area as The Clown, because I didnt want them to get too paranoid.  But, I was starting to hate having to hide my face.  I knew if I didnt do that, I would have to kill the victim.  I decided to start with someone I really hated.  She was 39, near the end of the scale of what I liked in my victim range.  She wasnt particularly pretty, but I hated her.  She had no clue, and neither did anyone else.  Without knowing it, she had been responsible for me being held back on a promotion.  I got it four months later, so no one really thought about it, and I pretended like it never happened.  But, it had simmered for five years, and now she was the best candidate for my first trial run at murder. 

       I had read of a particularly terrible way to kill someone in a Patricia Cornwell novel some years ago, and now I thought it was a good time to try it.  I had followed her around for years.  She wasnt pretty at all, so it was no surprise that she was single.  Maybe I should hide her face so that I didnt have to look at it.  No, I wanted to see the terror on it when she knew who was doing it and how. 

When I got there, I knocked on the door.  I had deliberately taken her wallet at work, but she didnt notice before she left.  I had been to her house before when she had thrown a party, so I knew where it was.  She asked me in for a minute, and when she had turned her back, I tased her.  By the time she woke up, I had her set up just right.  I had taken off her clothes, and showed her the bra and panties.  I had tied her wrists and ankles, with a rope extending from the ankles.  I told her, “I wanted you to be awake when I did this, so you would know what was coming”.  I made a noose with a slip knot on the end of the rope and said, “I think you know what Im about to do with this.  Any last words or begging before it goes on”?

She said, “Please, why are you doing this?  What have I ever done to you? “  I explained to her about the promotion, and then pulled out the clown mask.  I said, “Frankly, I got tired of wearing it, and I wanted to know what it felt like to kill someone.  I figured youre as good a person to try it on as anyone”.  At that, she started begging for her life, and struggled as I pulled the rope up and over her head and around her neck.  It was an almost impossible position to maintain, but then I said, “Now, when I fuck you, it should be to the death”.  She couldnt struggle or even scream as I rolled her over. 

Her back was arched in an extremely painful position as I got between her legs.  When I let myself down on her, she started to choke.  I didnt waste time being  nice.  I had a big cock, not huge, but enough to hurt people when I wanted to.  As I slammed in and out, I watched her strangle on the noose.  I pulled out at the last second so that I came all over her face as she choked to death.  I could see more than just desperation in her eyes- I loved the shame I could see in there too.  I had taken pictures throughout the whole experience, and got one of the dead body.  I knew the missing bra and panties would tell the cops that the Clown had just upped the stakes. 

The press went nuts.  Someone had leaked to them that it was The Clown.  That didnt make the cops happy either.  They came to work and were very thorough.  But, since no one knew that I bore her anything but friendship, I wasnt a serious suspect.  That next day was Saturday, so I made sure I was out mowing my lawn while Destiny and Jessica were out in bikinis getting some sun.  I wanted so bad to offer to rub some oil on.  I finished quickly before my boner became too obvious. 

My chance for a much better look at her came a couple of weeks later.  I had noticed them getting ready for an early- October vacation.  They asked me to look in on the house, and left me the spare key.  I knew this was a chance of a lifetime.  I had been out of town in relation to my job recently, and purchased some new items.  A lot of them were adult toys, but I had also gotten a number of spy cameras.  My first time in her house, I went to her room to scope it out.  I had never really been in the second floor of the house, but her room was easy to find.  It had a lot of young adult stuff in it, but still had signs of the girl in the teddy bears that were there.  I began to scope out the room without touching anything.  Then, I hit the treasure trove. 

She had a rather large walk- in closet.  There were a lot of shoes in there on the floor, underneath a heck of a lot of clothes.  But, the real treasure was on the floor.  There was a laundry hamper there,  when I opened it, my breath caught.  It hadnt been emptied.  I couldnt resist, I had to look inside.  The first thing I noticed was a pair of panties.  I had to smell them.  They smelled like some of the ones from the girls I already had.  There was a little bit of a piss smell, but also sweat and her body on them.  I knew I had to keep them.  Beneath it was a bra.  She was a 36B, which was about what I had guessed.  As I smelled it, I knew I had to eventually feel what filled these cups up.  I smelled the same smell of her on it.  I put both of them in my pockets.  Beneath them, there was her cheerleading uniform.  I had seen her in that leaving for or coming back from practice.  I wanted so badly to take it with me, but knew that would be stupid.  I did spend some time scoping out where I would put the spy cameras.  I wanted to make sure I had all of her room and her bathroom covered. 

I went home and jacked off the huge boner I had while I smelled her bra and panties.  I knew I had to have someone else.  There were a couple of women I had been scoping out, one who was a 30 yr. old who owned a book store that I went to occasionally, but the other one was far more interesting right now.  She was a college freshman, but also a cheerleader.  At 19, although she was blond, she would be a lot more enticing because of her closeness in age to Destiny.  That she was also a cheerleader certainly helped. 

She lived in a dorm, and by checking carefully, I learned when her roommate was going to be away with her boyfriend for the night.  I knocked on her door and had an empty pizza box.  When she saw it, she apologized as she hadnt ordered it.  I told her that I would give it to her for half- price, and she smiled and had me come inside while she got some money.  I tased her as soon as she turned her back. 

When she woke up, I had pulled her uniform out of her closet.  I showed her my gun and said, “Put this on, bitch.  If you scream, a lot of people are going to die.  Do what I want, and no one dies”.  She cried and quietly begged but did as I told her.  I had chosen a fancy bra and panty set from her drawer, and she put on a pair of suntan pantyhose and then her uniform.  I told her to lie down on her bed, and then tied her to the bed.  I forced her to kiss me to cover the beginning of a scream as I started rubbing her breasts through the uniform, and rubbing my big cock against her. 

I took my mouth away, but then quickly gagged her with another pair of her panties.  I cut a hole in her pantyhose and panties at her crotch and fucked her that way while she still had her uniform on.  She tried to squeeze her legs shut, but I had forced my way in.  I was really shocked to find out how hard it was to get in.  When the blood started flowing, I realized I had finally gotten one thing I had always wanted- a virgin.  No wonder she had cried and begged so much.  I told her, “I dont know if you were saving it for someone, but now Im your first.  Are you enjoying it?”  I knew that was a dumb question, but I just asked to torment her more. 

I hadnt tied her up like my other kill, but had another idea.  She was breathing so hard through her nose that I could tell she couldnt breathe through the gag.  I told her, I was going to give her a truly special moment with me.  I reached up and squeezed her nose shut.  The lack of air made her panic, and she tried to get loose.  She bucked around, but couldnt get me off and get some air.  As she stopped struggling, I came again.  When I pulled out, blood and cum trailed out of her pussy.  It didnt last long, because she was dead.  Cuming while they died was the most intense thing I had ever felt.  I took the bra and panty that she had on when I made her change and left her body as it was.

The whole city was starting to panic as word spread that I wasnt just raping anymore.  I loved the attention that the Clown was getting while I was pushing things further with Destiny.  I finally got another chance in her room when they went away for a weekend.  I set up my cameras, and got them on my laptop through a website that I had super secured.  Now I just had to wait for them to come home.

I spent the weekend working on my museum.  I had dug out a small tunnel after making a secret door.  I couldnt just seal off one side of my basement and putting there.  It would be too easy for an investigator to see on a set of plans.  What didnt show up on plans was an old basement from the original house on the property which was there two hundred years ago.  I had expanded what had been a root cellar.  It had taken me all three years that I had been the Clown to do it.  Now, it was turning into something special. 

It was taking a while, but I had been printing out poster size pictures of my girls, as I liked to call them.  They were always captured at some point when I had them naked and bound.  I put those in a large frame on the wall with their bras and panties pinned up in the frame below the picture.  The first one, a victim of chance was there.  I had been racked with thoughts of rape at the time, and had gone camping.  I guess she thought she was far enough away from civilization to be safe, as she seemed to need to get away from it all.  I was lucky to be able to catch her from behind.  It turned out she was 26, two years older than me at them time.  I had used cloth and a tie rope to blindfold her.  No one was within miles to hear her screams.  I had driven four tent pegs into the ground and stretched her out from them.  She was so beautiful, and I loved having her as mine.  I lay next to her and ran my hands over her as I explored her.  I had undressed her while she was out, and even in the beginning, I thought to take her panties and sports bra.  I loved the smell I smelled for the first time off her panties. 

She was starting to really scream, so I took another piece of rope and this time used a stick to gag her.  She was obviously disgusted by it, but couldnt do anything.  With her legs spread by the tent pegs, she couldnt even keep me out of her.  She wasnt really anything special, but it was the first time I had ever forced someone, and it made me really excited.  I told her, “Being connected to someone is always really special, but this is really cool.  Knowing you dont want it is making this intense”.  It seemed like I came forever when I did.  When I pulled out, she laid there on the ground, just sobbing into her gag.  Cum was dripping out of her.  I told her, “If youre lucky, they will find you before you have the chance to get pregnant.  Im going to take off the blindfold from behind and take out your gag.  You need to count to one thousand before you start to scream, or I will come back and kill you”.  I had a camera with me, so I made sure she saw me take her picture while it hid my face, and then left.  It made the news when they found her, but I never did find out if she got pregnant. 

I went along, remembering some good times I had, although they werent exactly fun for the women.  Besides the underwear, it had also become a trademark to leave them tied up, and then call 911 for them.  Of course, I had a burner phone for that and waited until I was long gone.  I actually had gotten a 22 year old Mormon girl pregnant, and she had decided to have the little girl.  Having a daughter somewhere might have made some guys stop what I was doing, but I didnt care. 

I looked at my watch and realized I had been down there for a long time.  I went upstairs and saw Destiny outside.  I said “Hi how was your trip”?  She said, “It was boring.  I would rather have just stayed home.  My parents are going out of town again in a couple of weeks, and Im going to ask if Jessica can stay with me while they go.  They may say yes if you agree to watch out for us”.  I said, “I would be glad to”, while I thought of how I could now get my chance.  They would both be there, but what the heck.  I would have a long time with them. 

I went back up to my computer room, and I saw a light blinking.  I had set up the cameras to be motion sensitive.  I would see what had happened when they came back.  Apparently, they had been back for a while before I noticed.  When I hit playback, I saw Destiny come in her room with an overnight bag.  She wasnt wearing what I had just seen her in, so I knew I would get to see her change clothes.  What I saw though sent me flying into a rage. 

Jessica came into the room after her, and they closed the door.  Suddenly, they were locked in a passionate kiss.  This wasnt a sisterly kiss either.  Jessica said, “I cant believe you were gone.  Its getting so that I cant stand not being with you.  Destiny said, “I know, but hopefully I can stay home next weekend.  We havent had time truly alone without worrying about someone coming in.  This time well be able to spend the nights together, and really see what its like.  I havent ever done it with anyone, boy or girl, so I want to be with you so bad”.  Jessica said, “Youll be my first, too.  I can hardly stand it waiting”. 

I watched angrily as Destiny took off the clothes off and put on the shorts and tank top I had seen her in.  They kissed for a couple of minutes and then Jessica left.  I sat there fuming for a while.  I knew they werent playing around.  They had their hands on each others asses and everything.  I suddenly picked up my glass and threw it against the wall.  Those stupid bitches!  Who the hell did they think they were!  Women were mostly good for just one thing- sex.  Now there were two who would deny that to any of us guys.  I wanted to go over there right now and fuck Destiny and kill her at the same time.  But I knew that was crazy.  Plus, I had the comfort in that both she and Jessica were virgins.  Their first time was coming on that weekend, but not with who they thought. 

But right now, I had to have someone.  The only woman I had right now that I had studied was the 30 yr. old.  I knew she left one of her windows open when she left.  I hadnt had any black in a while, so it would be nice.  And even though I doubted she was a virgin at her age, I still thought I knew how to get some. 

She worked late, so I was in her house when she came home.  I tased her as soon as she got all of the way in the door.  I gagged her after I had tied her hands behind her and said, “Thanks for being available tonight.  I need someone to rape to death after the day Ive had”.  After that, she screamed into her gag and tried to fight, but I was ready. 

I had wrapped a rope around her table, and tied it around her.  I had ropes ready to tie her ankles to the legs of the table after I took her pants and panties off.  I had moved a floor length mirror from her bedroom in front of the table.  She could see everything I was doing.  I took another piece of rope and wrapped it around her neck.  She was struggling frantically and screaming into her gag, but I just laughed at her.  I said, “Ive wanted some black ass lately anyway.  I just didnt think it would be literally, but yours looks virgin, and I need a virgin right now”.  I went through her bathroom and found some lotion.  I made sure she saw it as I started rubbing it on me, then in her crack.  I stuck some in with my finger a little and told her, “Thats a little preview of whats coming.  Hope you enjoy it”. 

As I got ready to mount her, I grabbed both ends of the rope around her neck.  I then lined up my cock with her crack, and started pushing in.  She tried to keep me out, but the lotion was making it easy.  And, when I pulled the rope tight, she got busy just trying to breathe.  I shouted, “Ride her, Cowboy!  Im gonna ride you bitch until youre broke!”  She was desperately trying to shake her neck free of the rope, and get me out of her ass at the same time.  I was tightening the rope as I pumped away, pulling on it to go deeper. 

Suddenly, she gave a big shudder and it made me come as she stopped moving.  When I pulled my cock out, her ass spit out blood and cum, and it even had shit in it.  I had taken some pictures before, and grabbed one from the front and one from the back after she died.  Her eyes were locked open with a look of pure terror.  I went home and took my souvenirs to the basement.

I checked the camera tape, and did see something new Destiny had gone to bed while I was gone, and had taken off her bra and slipped on a nightgown.  Her breasts looked even more awesome than I had imagined.  Soon enough, I wouldnt have to look at a tape.  I managed to capture a picture of her after she took her bra off, before she put on the nightgown.  It was going to make a hell of a scrapbook when I raped her and that bitch of a girlfriend. 

The next day, as I expected, the parents came over and told me that they were going out of town again in two weeks.  Would I please look in on Destiny and Jessica?  I said I would be glad to.  The time seemed to drag, but killing that black bitch had at least taken the edge off the waiting.  It had been something else that first time in a bitchs ass and I wanted to do it again.  Maybe I would hang onto the girls for a little while and do them in the ass, too. 

It was all I could do to concentrate at work for the next two weeks.  I did my job, and spent my time off looking at the camera tape.  I saw everything Destiny had to offer.  She was so beautiful when she was naked that I almost couldnt stand it.  But, I didnt kill anyone else because I knew there wasnt anyone else that I had scouted.  I would probably screw up and get caught.  Finally, the day came.  I walked over and saw Dad and Mom off.  Jessica was supposed to stay in the guest bedroom, but I knew she would move into Destinys room as soon as they had been gone for a while.  They told the girls to behave, and no parties.  I told them they would be okay, and they left.  I knew the girls wouldnt do anything the first night, just in case.  They did what normally is called some heavy petting, but that was it.  If I hadnt hated dykes so much, I might have enjoyed watching it.

The next day, I waited until they were both outside.  In the backyard, no one could see because of the woods.  The driveway went far enough that the cars could be parked in back, too.  It was cool that Destinys car was back there.  It had a large trunk, which would be useful.  I walked over to say hello, carrying a bag.  In it were two Tasers and some handcuffs and two penis gags.  They said hello, and then turned back to what they were doing while I pretended to give a shit.  I pulled out the Tasers and tased them both.  They went down right away.  I immediately cuffed their hands and feet.  I lifted them into the trunk and used another set to hogtie them by attaching it to their other cuffs.  I waited until each came around before I forced the penis gag into each of their mouths.  They saw what was coming and I could see a mix of outrage and fear in their eyes. 

I closed the trunk and drove off.  I went to another entrance to the woods with a small parking area that almost never got used.  I opened the trunk and saw that they were both crying.  I took Jessica out and uncuffed her feet.  I half walked, half dragged her into the woods.  She tried screaming into her gag, but that didnt work.  I told her if she didnt come along, I would kill her right there and go back and torture Destiny to death.  She came along for a few more miles to the place I had prepared during the week.  There was a tarp on the ground that went right up to the trees.  I knocked her down and cuffed her feet behind the tree.  I squatted down and squeezed her breast, which earned a squeal of outrage, but she couldnt do anything.  I went back and forced Destiny to come back with me.  I cuffed her feet to the tree next to Jessica and reached out and touched them both at the same time.  I told them, “Just think how you will soon be intimate, but with me.  I cant believe you guys never thought or suspected that I was the clown.  I walked away as they screamed into their gags in fear, and thrashed around.

I took her car back to the house, and walked through the woods.  It wasnt that long of a distance anyway.  When I came back, I told them, “I can usually go a couple of times, so neither of you will feel left out.  Who shall I choose first?”  I walked over to Destiny and said, “Thats a dumb question.  It has always been you.  I wanted you the day you moved in.  When I found out you were a dyke bitch, knew I wanted you both.  Im going to make an example of you, and may or may not let you go.  I uncuffed her feet, and dragged her kicking and screaming into her gag over to where there was a log.  I planned on lying with my back against it and having some fun.

Before I recuffed her ankles, I went ahead and pulled down her shorts, and then removed her panties.  I said, “Dont get mad- these arent even the first pair of your panties Ive had.  Too bad you didnt notice you were missing a bra and pantie set.  Maybe you would have had some warning.  I also took care of one other thing on your last vacation.  I pulled out some of the pics I had taken and said, “I want you to know that I am already intimately familiar with you.  I know youre wondering where they came from- I put some cameras in your room.  How do you think I learned that you and she are a pair of filthy dyke bitches?  What Im going to do to you is a Clown special.  Im going to prove to the world what a waste of good pussy youre kind are. 

She continued to scream into her gag as I removed her t-shirt and then her bra.  I told her, “I dont want to damage my souvenirs.  Too bad that I cant take the chance and show you my museum that youll be joining.  Youll each have your own spot with a picture and youre underwear.  Now lets get onto business. 

I removed my clothes and stood over her.  I said, “Im not the biggest guy out there, but Im more than big enough that Ive hurt a lot of girls.  Now, both you and that other dyke get hurt badly”.  She screamed into her gag and struggled more, but I lifted her ankles and cuffed them behind me.  I wanted her legs wrapped around me.  I then sat down with my back against the log.  She wound up kneeling, with her pussy just above my cock.  It must have hurt like hell, but she wouldnt let it touch the head of my cock.  I said, “Im tempted to wait until you have to relax, but in desperation, who knows how long that will be.  Lets do this”. 

I got my hands on her shoulders, and slowly was able to force her down.  When she felt my tip touch her, she began to fight and scream.  It didnt do any good.  I barely penetrated her, and then suddenly rolled over, and as I did, I shoved into her.  I could feel some initial resistance, but then I felt as if I tore through something.  God, she was so tight.  At first, she had tried to keep her legs closed, and she pressed hard against my hips, apparently trying to keep me out.  This was one of the things that turned me on about rape- when they would try to still keep me out long after it was too late.  She gave little screams into her gag each time I thrust in, and I kept trying to force my way deeper until our pelvises banged together.  She wasnt trying to fight anymore.  I think she was just praying that it would be over soon.  Then, it was.  I pulled her tight against me as I exploded into her.  The pain had to have been the worst yet as I was as deep as I could go.  I then lay on top of her for a little while, still locked in that embrace.  I didnt pull out right away, and told her, “Lets see you and the other Dyke ever get that close.  She never would have been that truly intimate with you.  Im your one and only”. 

When I pulled out and slid away, she curled up as much as she could into a fetal position.  She was leaking blood and cum out of her pussy but probably didnt even feel it right then.  I got up and uncuffed Jessicas ankles from the tree and stripped her naked.  I told her, “You never got naked before when you were in her room, so this will be a pleasure”.  I took her over to where I could put a knife against Destinys breast and then uncuffed her hands.  I said, “Strip, or I cut off Destinys breast and make her eat it”. 

When Jessica moved to take out the gag I said, “Dont even think about it.  Only I decide if you ever get to have it out.  Now strip!”  She cried as she did it, but slowly did it.  She wasnt as pretty as Destiny, but still was beautiful.  I made her drop her bra and panties next to the other set, and then come back so that I could recuff her.  It looked like she would try to run, but instead, she tried to kick the knife out of my hand, and then kick me in the balls.  I avoided both, and then knocked her down.  I stomped on both of her knees.  I knew from experience that this would strain or tear ligaments.  She screamed into her gag and was rolling around in pain when I grabbed her ankles and recuffed them.  I was really pissed now. 

I didnt care anymore about anything but pain for them.  I dragged Jessica over and tossed her over the log face down.  Her ass and pussy were facing up.  The only thing I did was something that would make it easier on me when I spit on my hand and rubbed her pussy.  She screamed at what she knew was coming, and I told her, “Im only doing this to make it easier on me bitch.  As far as I care, you can lie there in agony when Im done. 

I deliberately put all my weight on her as I lined up my cock with her pussy.  I told her, “Now you really are my bitch.  Im going to do you doggy style so that you know what being a bitch feels like”.  I slowly started to enter her, and she tried to buck me off as I suddenly and savagely thrust into her and tore through her cherry.  She screamed in pain into her gag, and Destiny, who was forced to lay there and watch screamed too.

It was incredible.  I had waited for so long to have a virgin, and now I was having two in one day.  I lasted longer in her, and loved the extra pain I was causing.  She continued to scream and buck under me.  She wasnt just letting me do this.  I had to admit, she had more guts than most of the bitches I had ever had.  I told her, “I guess I picked right.  You are a fighter.  But I should warn you that youll be sorry in the end when you get what you deserve”. 

She screamed again at that, but I could tell it was rage.  I told her, “Let me guess.  Youre probably a bull dyke and wouldnt look so feminine if you were out of high school.  You hate this worse than Destiny.  Well, thats good.  You probably made her think shes a lesbian.  Ill bet she enjoyed it”.  I pulled hair around where she could see Destiny crying and shaking her head.  It looked like she was trying to say no as well.  I said, “Oh well, it was worth a try”.  I kept pumping away at her and even reached under her and used her tits for leverage.  I finally came in her and laid over her with my cock still inside her. 

I finally pulled out of her, and threw her over next to Destiny.  They lay there with Jessicas head in Destinys lap as she sobbed, leaking blood and cum.  I said, “I know you hope Ill let you go, but its late.  Were going to spend the night out here, so you better get used to the idea”.  I had a three man tent ready to set up, and I did.  I said, “If you two bitches need to go, you better do it now.  If you go in the tent, Ill make you sleep outside.  Im sure that some animals will love checking you out when they smell the blood from your pussies.  Then youll get to really feel your pussies being eaten”.  I really thought that was funny, but they seemed to miss the joke and what sounded like begging came from their gags. 

I took them one at a time, uncuffing their ankles and forcing them to walk a ways into the woods and squat where they stopped.  I made them even more miserable by taking pictures of that, too.  I took Destiny first, and then brought her back and forced her into the tent and recuffed her ankles.  I repeated that with Jessica, and then forced my way between them.  I laid my head on Destinys breast and said, “Remember- any trouble and out you go”.  I went to sleep pretty quickly, but I didnt know if they would.  I woke up at dawn to find that Jessica had spooned up against my back in her sleep as it had gotten a little cold.  They were so tired that I was able to slip out between them.  I had to make sure everything was ready. 

I came back to find that they were both awake, and just looking at me.  I could see the desperation in their eyes.  The noises they made into their gags must have been begging.  I thought, “Tough shit, but I better give them some hope if I want them to cooperate”.  I told them, “Im moving you one at a time to another site.  You know what will happen if you fight.  Its by a stream, so Ill take out your gags so you can drink”. 

I pulled Jessica out first, and uncuffed her ankles.  She didnt try to fight.  I could see she was walking funny from the pounding I had given her pussy last night.  Dried cum and blood was on her legs.  We went off about a mile further into the woods.  When we came around a copse of trees, she saw the horrible truth.  She tried to run, but I threw her down on her face and recuffed her ankles.  I looked at what she had seen and laughed at her.  I said, “Now you know the truth.  You and Destiny will get what all dykes deserve- a quick trip to the grave”. 

She shook her head and screamed into her gag.  What she had seen first was a mound of dirt was a hole in the ground shaped like a grave.  There were also some toys there; I dragged her over to a piece of ground I had picked.  There would be no tarp to keep from lying on the ground here.  This was all about a final agony worse than anything they had yet felt.  There were thorns and burrs lying on where she landed and she screamed in pain as I roped her cuffs to a tree one way, and put a noose with a slip knot over her neck.  It was pulled tight and tied to another tree. 

Then I showed her my next toy.  I said, “Im not as evil as you think.  I will give you two a chance to be truly intimate until you die”.  She screamed at the sight of what I was holding.  It was a dildo with two large dildos on both ends.  In fact, they were bigger than me.  She couldnt even fight when I took one of the ends and shoved it in her.  She tried to move around what little she could to force it out, but she couldnt get any leverage.  I told her, “Dont go anywhere now.  Ill be right back with Destiny.  Im afraid that her destiny probably isnt what she hoped for”.  I laughed like hell at that and went back to the camp. 

When I went to pull Destiny out of the tent, I didnt even pretend to be nice.  She had taken a shit by accident in there.  I yelled at her and said, “I know you did that on purpose, you stupid cunt”.  Actually, I was sure it was an accident, but I wanted her to be so scared that she wouldnt dare fight me.  I threw her over the log and pulled out a lash that I had brought along in case I found a reason, and lashed her several times.  Her screaming sounded wonderful, even in her gag.  I then took off her ankle cuffs, and all the fight was gone. 

When we came up on the scene where Jessica was, I was surprised that Destiny didnt even try to run.  It was like she had given up.  Well, I could fix that.  I removed the rope from Jessicas neck and ankle cuffs, and after cuffing Destinys ankles, I started to force her down on the dildo.  She finally started to fight, but it was too late.  She screamed into her gag as it forced its way in.  I drove her down as far as I could, and then grabbed some duct tape.  I taped them tightly against each other around the middle.  I took off the ankle cuffs and recuffed them, one to each of their ankles so they couldnt kick.

I took some lube I had brought, and started smearing it in Destinys asshole.  I could hear that she was begging into her gag, but it was useless.  I said, “I never intended to let you guys live.  In fact, I never intended to let you scream, or even beg again.  From the moment I put those gags in your mouths, shaped like penises, I intended to bury you here, with all your holes filled with some kind of cock.  Now, while youre together on that dildo, intimate forever Im going to give you a taste of how male faggots do it.  Somehow, I think its fitting”. 

With that, I pressed the head of my cock against Destinys ass and watched it bubble as I slowly shoved in.  Once again, she started screaming weakly at the pain.  I slowly went in and out, a little further each time until my balls slapped her ass.  With the dildo in her vagina, it must have been pure agony.  That hot, warm cavern felt so good that I came quickly.  That didnt bother me.  This was about the power and pain, although I sure loved how it felt. 

When I pulled out, I saw the mixture that I had heard others write about in the rape stories and had seen once.  It was like shit, cum and blood were all one as they bubbled out.  She was broken in more ways than one.  She didnt even utter a sound when I shoved a dildo in her ass and rolled them over before she could try to force it out.  She gave what sounded like a yelp when her back hit the thorns and burrs on the ground, but the weight of Jessica mostly silenced it. 

Meanwhile, as she came up on top, Jessica gulped in air through her nose.  Being on the bottom of the pile, she must have been squashed to where she could barely breathe.  I let her get in a few minutes and then told her, “Okay bitch, you know whats coming.  Its the last thing youll ever feel.  I hope you hate it as much as Ill enjoy doing it”. 

I wasnt gentle as I shoved the lube into her crack and hole with my finger.  I was glad she had gotten enough air to be able to scream again into her gag.  When I entered her, I didnt go slowly as with Destiny.  I slammed so hard into her that as much as it hurt her, it hurt me some, too.  Every thrust, I pulled almost all the way out and then savagely shoved all of the way back in.  I finally came after what seemed like forever.  As tired as it was, it took a while and must have seemed like an eternity to her. 

As shit blood and cum flowed out of her ravaged ass, I shoved a dildo up it.  I took some duct tape and wrapped it around her and Destinys asses so that they were linked more tightly and they couldnt force out the dildos.  I told them, “I promised to fill all three of your holes at once, and hey, I kept my word.  Dont worry, they will find your bodies.  In about two hours, I will be at home waking up and notice youre not at your house.  Ill use my key to slide in and grab my cameras and see that your beds arent slept in.  I will immediately call 911.  After the police clear me, I will help with the search.  Dont worry, I know all about not getting too interested like most serial killers do.  Thats how they get caught.  Someone will notice the fresh grave here eventually, and they will be able to document everything Ive done to you.  Now, its time”. 

I had been squatting by them as I made that final speech.  Now, I rolled them over a few times and they landed in the grave.  It was four feet deep, so the fall hurt Jessica who landed on the bottom.  I told them, “I wont even make this quick”.  I heard muffled begging as I shoveled dirt everywhere but their faces.  I stopped and took a break right before I dumped some on their heads.  I told them, “I thought I would give you some time to contemplate dying like this.  The coroner may separate you, but you will die locked together, so in a sense you will be like this forever.  I believe that dykes burn in hell, so the devil will probably keep you like this forever.  I know Im going to hell, but I can look forward to seeing you when I get there”.

I stood up to finish it, but what the hell, I needed to take a piss anyway.  In one final insult, I heard them scream one final time as they realized the insult of me pissing in their faces.  I could hear them start to beg again, but it was cut off quickly as I quickly covered their heads and then filled in the hole.  I had already carved into a tree “The Clown was here”, and I quickly gathered up the few things that could be traced back to me.  I had taken pictures all along, including a final one in the grave before I covered their faces.  I made sure to mail copies to the parents in a scrapbook called “What Dykes Deserve” to the parents, to receive a couple of weeks later.

The Clown

This is a sequel to Unhappy Dykes, one that I havent written for a year and a half since the original.  I wont have any prejudicial warnings  on this part, but as I will be taking my time and writing one thing at a time, instead of an overload like the first I cant guarantee that there wont be more stuff in later installments. 

       I cant believe I got away with it.  I had killed before, but this time I hadnt done something quick where I was afraid to really enjoy it.  Killing Destiny and Jessica had been even more enjoyable because I had taken my time.  I knew this proved that I was seriously fucked up in the head, but I didnt really care. 

       I knew that if I was going to do it again, I would need to be as careful in planning as before.  I knew there was no way I would be able to do the things in advance I had, like putting cameras in Destinys room.  I was so stupid but lucky there.  I certainly couldnt kill anyone I knew.  But, I would need to set things up carefully, and then I could take my time.  I wasnt going to take more than one girl or woman again unless chance allowed for it. 

       I carefully set things up, knowing that whoever I took, she would have a while to contemplate her fate.  I got the idea from a rape comic, but didnt know if it would really work for real.  I just went ahead and built it.  The main frame of it fit in my trunk, as did the other parts separately. 

       Chances always present themselves, and this time it came in a way I hadnt planned.  I was headed home from another town about sixty miles away when I saw a girl walking along the road.  I had taken a shortcut, and late at night the road was pretty deserted.  She was crying as she flagged me down.  I rolled down the window on her side and she leaned in and said, “My asshole boyfriend left me out here in the middle of fucking nowhere”.  I said, “What happened”?  She told me that they had a fight and she wanted to go home and break up.  I thought she sounded like a teenager, although she was obviously in her twenties. 

       She told me her name was Cassidy, as I let her in.  I told her that I needed to check a noise I had heard in the engine and opened the hood.  I told her I was going back to the trunk to get some tools, but actually grabbed a few things I carried with me all the time.  I walked up her side as I headed to the front of the car, and tazed her through the window as I walked by.  She had long blond hair, and I pulled her out of the car with it while she was still out cold.  I stuffed a penis gag in her mouth and cuffed her hands behind her.  I slammed her against the hood of the car as she began to struggle and scream in the gag.  She had a black t-shirt and short jean shorts on.  I groped her tits through the shirt and was cupping her breast through her bra.  I forced her to walk back to the trunk and slammed her down on the side of the trunk with her stomach, causing her to lose her breath. 

       As she fought to catch her breath, I used another pair of cuffs to bind her ankles.  I unbuttoned her shorts and slowly ran my hand under them and then under her panties.  She tried to scream as I forced a couple of fingers into her pussy, but the gag was working.  It was hard to scream I had found with a rubber penis holding your tongue down.  I took my fingers out and licked the moistness off them.  She tried to scream again, and then gave up and I could see she was trying to curse at me.  Fear had turned into anger, and I could see hate in her eyes.  I forced her to look in the trunk at the device in there.  It wasnt hard to figure out what it was for, and she went back to screaming as I forced her up and into the trunk and slammed it. 

       She had some time to think about what was coming as I drove to the abandoned house that was to be her last place.  I had found her ID and saw that she was 24.  I thought to myself that I couldnt always have a virgin.  I had been debating about my personal rule of no one under 18, but knew that the legal difference and how much more I would be searched for if I went for kids and thought no way.  I went back to the trunk after putting my car behind the old house.  When I opened the trunk, she immediately started what sounded like begging.  I uncuffed her feet and said, “Dont fight me and youll be okay.  Do as I say”.

       I led her to the center of the room and uncuffed her hands and recuffed them in front of her.  There was a hook hanging from the ceiling and I forced her handcuffs up and over it.  It didnt seem so bad I guess, until I used a pulley to raise her until her toes were barely touching the floor.  She screamed at the pain, and then in shame as I used a knife to cut away her t-shirt and shorts.  I pulled her panties down and off her feet, making sure my hands ran over her legs all the way down.  I unhooked her bra, which fastened in the front, and left it hanging.  I undressed in front of her and said, “Im pretty big, am I as big as your boyfriend?  I bet you wish you were back with him right now”.

I forced her ankles back into cuffs, and then forced my way up between them.  I had put her at the right height so that when I lined her pussy up with my cock, she had to try to use her legs to leverage up to stay off it.  It didnt do any good.  I thrust up into her and yanked her down, which I could tell hurt her arms and wrists.  I continued to do this, getting more excited as I went.  I bit her on her breasts, which caused her to scream more.  I finally came in her, but stayed in her for a bit.  When I finally pulled out, cum was dripping down her legs. 

I told her I would be back in a bit as I went out to get something to eat.  After going through the drive- thru at Wendys, I came back and ate in front of her.  I asked her if she wanted something to drink.  When she nodded yes, I threw a soda in her face.  I told her, “This isnt nearly over.  I intend to keep you up there for a while”. 

I went around behind her, and lowered her a little bit.  She was relieved at first to be able to stand a little, but then she felt my fingers as I rubbed some lube in her ass.  She started screaming into the gag again as she felt my cock up against her and then as I slowly forced my way into her.  I was big enough to actually lift her off the ground as I got into her.  I lifted her a little up and down on my cock as she tried to kick with her cuffed ankles.  I was going in and out as deep as I could go.  She didnt seem to be happy with six inches in her ass, but I had her pretty well pinned so that there was no way to move.  I finally came in her and pulled out.  I stepped back as shit and cum flowed out.  I told her, one more surprise for you, and then Ill leave you alone.  I dont know if youll like it, though”. 

First thing I did was uncuff her enough to pull her bra off.  She tried to fight a little, and pull off the gag, but punching her in the stomach took care of that.  I went outside and got my surprise out of the back of the car.  When she saw it she started desperately screaming into the gag.  It didnt look like much at first.  It was a sawhorse, but with two dildos attached.  They were both big, and there were wires dangling from them.  I then went and got a small generator and an alarm clock that was wired to it.  I put the sawhorse down under her and tazed her as she hung there.  While she was barely conscious, I forced her down onto the dildos.  I tied her cuffed ankles to the sawhorse behind her and then pulled on the rope she hung from enough so that she couldnt get off the hook or the dildos.  I waited until she came around and then took the two wires from the dildos and attached them to the generator.  I attached a set of nipple clamps with a chain to her breasts, and then attached the wire from the generator to it.  I picked up the clock and showed her that it had little bolts to mark 12, 3, 6, and 9.  I told her, “you get a little gift every fifteen seconds.  Let me get the clock started and you can see what it is”. 

I think she already guessed because she was shaking her head and screaming into the gag when I put the battery in the clock and started it.  At 10 I said, “Here it comes, get ready!”  I barely got the words out before the second hand hit the bolt at 3 and a jolt of electricity.  If I had done it right, she would only get a very painful dose.  For one second, she was in real pain, and then all she felt for another 14 seconds were the dildos and the nipple clamps.  She looked at me and I could tell she was saying “No, please, no!” into her gag, but I told her, “Ive seen those clocks go for days on those batteries.  The generator is made to go for days too.  Ill stick around for a while too.  I want to see how long you last before your mind goes”. 

I had brought a John Sandford novel with me.  I really loved his first novel, “Rules of Prey”, and thought that some of his rules would be good to implement to keep from being caught.  I realized I needed to go to the bathroom, and thought about going and coming back.  I looked at Cassidy.  She already after a couple of hours had forgotten me.  All of her attention was on that clock.  She tried to prepare herself for the shocks, but there wasnt any way to do that.  I told her, “Ill be back in a while.  Dont go away, okay?” 

She cried and tried begging again.  I laughed at her and took off.  The bad news was, I had a bad reaction to one of the Wendys hamburgers.  Wouldnt that be ironic- the cops couldnt catch me, but I would be brought down by a bad burger.  I remembered the bitch from Wendys I saw cooking it and thought about a visit to her when I got better.  I thought about calling the cops and letting them get Cassidy, but figured I wasnt going to risk getting caught.  I had my souvenirs and a beautiful picture of her on the sawhorse looking desperately at the clock. 

When I finally called the cops, it had been three days.  They found her dead, but still her body was getting shocks.  The medical examiner said she had only been dead for a day, so she had been there for two days, somehow alive, although I wouldnt have bet on whether she even knew who she was by the time she died.  Her picture and bra and panties joined my gallery in the basement as I started to plan what to do to that bitch from Wendys.     

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