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I want to have sex with a man

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Synopsis: A slave asks her Mistress for an unusual request. The slave is taught a valuable lesson to be careful what one wishes for.

       “You WHAT?" My Mistress looked at me with incredulity. I had been with her for a very long time. Our life together was good. But lately, there had been this growing need. A desire to try something that I had never in my life experienced.

       "Please Mistress, understand. I just want to try it once. Just to see what it would be like." A look crossed her face. I knew that look well. A combination of disappointment and determination. But, the expected firestorm never came. The look quickly passed from her face only to be replaced with her usual calm but stern demeanor.

       "The matter is dropped, little one. I do not wish to hear about this again. Is that understood?" I tried to hide the disappointment in my voice.

       "Yes Mistress. I understand." I said as I looked at my feet. I hated disappointing her so I didn't push the matter anymore. I was kind of surprised anyway. She didn't even spank me for bringing up a subject that she considered taboo. Not sex with men so much as me trying to intimate a sexual act with another person. Only she had the right to determine with whom I had sex with. That freedom had been taken from me when I became her willing slave. But this desire had been building in me ever since I had joined that site. Images of men, powerful and beautiful, flashed across my screen. Women on their knees with penises in their mouths or with their legs spread on the bed getting fucked with long strokes had such a look of unrestrained passion on their faces that I started to imagine myself as them, tasting a man's come not from another woman's pussy but from the source. Tasting the come as he blast the back of my mouth with his seed and swallowing it down my throat. Having him coat my tits with his hot, lava like semen. Feeling him tense and shoot into my pussy or ass, the pulsing of his cock as he emptied into me sending me over the edge.

       My pussy started getting wet again as these images flashed through my mind. I looked up to see my Mistress watching me, an expression on her face that I didn't recognize. I quickly excused myself to go make dinner, praying that this matter was laid to rest. After dinner, she held me close, cuddling me, my face pressed against her bared breasts. I felt safe in her arms as we laid together on our bed. I drifted off to sleep with her rubbing my back and ass gently, soothingly.


       A few weeks later, I was running on my usual route. My Mistress was at work and I had a lot to do after I finished my morning run. I heard a car coming up behind me and I made sure that I was over far enough to let it pass without a problem. The driver honked his horn and as I turned around to see what the issue was, I felt something soft cover my face as strong arms grabbed me from behind. I inhaled to scream and the world went black as a chemical smell entered my nose.

       SMACK! A strong slap of leather on my ass jolted me awake and I let out a scream of fright and pain. SMACK! Another slash across my ass followed quickly by three more made sure that I was fully awake and cognizant of my situation. The world was still dark. A blindfold was over my eyes and I couldn't close my jaws as an O ring had been securely fastened in my mouth. I was naked except for a collar on my neck, leather restraints on my wrists and ankles and a belt cinched tightly around my waist. I had been laying on cold cement and my head was pounding from the drug I had inhaled earlier. "Good. You're awake. I'd hate to have to hit you again." I couldn't identify his voice. Thick, gravely. The voice of a predator. He reached down, grabbing me by my throat. I could smell his breath as he leaned in close. "You do exactly as I say and I will let you go. Understand?" I nodded as best I could, trying to remain calm when the belt slashed down again, surprising me. My scream was choked off as his hand tightened around my throat. There was another person then, in the room with us. Two attackers. Two predators. The one who had me by the throat stood up, dragging me to a standing position by the grip he had on me. I heard chains rattling and the clicks of fasteners being attached to the restraints on my limbs. The sound of the chains caused the realization to kick in and tears started to fall from behind the blindfold and mix with the saliva that leaked from my mouth. He laughed at my distress and letting go of my throat, wiped the tears away with his rough hands. "Oh, come on baby. You might even like it." He stopped wiping my tears away only to slap me hard across the face. My breathing stopped from the shock as he hauled back and slapped my other cheek. Hard. I started crying again when I could breathe, sobbing as best I could from behind the gag. I felt his calloused hands on my breasts then, squeezing them and pulling them. Then he pinched my nipples, digging his thumbnails into the sensitive flesh and twisting them as far as he could. He pulled them down and I bent down at the waist to try and relieve the pressure he was putting on my tits. Chains had been attached to the belt around my waist, preventing me from kneeling. My arms were pulled painfully back and I heard another click as a chain was fastened to the collar on my neck. I couldn't stand back up now. My arms were beginning to ache, my shoulders feeling about ready to pop out of socket. Then, he let go of my nipples only to replace them with weighted alligator clamps. The sharp teeth of the clamps dug into my flesh and pulled my nipples tightly away from my tits. I let out another scream when he put them on and let the weights drop. I swear my nipples started bleeding as the needle like clamps pierced my skin. But nothing could have prepared me for what they did next.

       I felt the cane slash my right breast hard followed by one on my left. The guy who had attached the chains decided that my ass had to be beaten the same way. Right cheek, left cheek. They kept this up for sometime. My mind began to haze over from the pain. Every shot on my body caused my breasts to swing freely, the weights yanking hard on my nipples. I had long since stopped crying. Moans were coming from my throat which was raw from screaming. The beating stopped. I heard the cane hit the floor when he threw it down. He grabbed my face with both his hands, holding me steady. That's when I felt the flesh of his dick touch my tongue. I found the will to try and start screaming again but my cried were cut short as he forced the length of his penis down my throat. I gagged and tried to move my head. He had cut off my air and was just holding his dick there. I was starting to really panic and haze out when he pulled back. I sucked in great lung fills of air to clear my head but then he did it again. Again, he held it until I almost passed out. Again, he let me breathe just in time. When he pulled back this time, I could taste a saltiness on my tongue. His precum was leaking out of his dick.

       While this was happening, the other guy had taken the opportunity to fasten a spreader bar on my ankle restraints. Now, my pussy was spread open, almost inviting him in. Strong hands, not calloused like the other mans, but smooth, gripped my hips. I felt the tip of his dick poking around my pussy until he found my hole. One strong, confident push and he was buried to the hilt. I felt his pubic hairs tickling my ass as he pulled back out. The two guys established a rhythm. One would push his dick into me as the other pulled out. My body started to betray me. I felt myself getting wet as the pain from my ass and tits combined with the pleasure my pussy was receiving. I could feel their dicks swelling as they were about to come. But then they stopped. Both of them pulled out just before coming. I heard them walking around, their booted feet stomping on the cold concrete. Then, I felt a hand painfully grip my hair and pull as another dick entered my mouth. I tasted my pussy juices mixed with his precum as the one who had been fucking me shoved his dick in my face. I felt the other guy rubbing his dick all around my sopping pussy. Fully expecting to be fucked by him, I tensed up only to be caught by surprise as I felt the tip of his dick pressing against my ass hole. My eyes widened from behind the blindfold and I shook my head no as best I could. Fingers tightened on my hair again and I screamed on the dick in my mouth. "Relax your ass hole bitch or you will regret it." came the voice from behind me. I did my best to relax my sphincter muscle and finally I felt the head of his penis painfully push into me. Again, they started a rhythm of pushing in and pulling out. Faster and faster, they built up. The one fucking me started to slap my ass hard. Fresh pain mixed with the little bit of pleasure I was feeling when, all of the sudden, he stopped slapping me and gripped my hips, pulling me hard. I felt his dick pulsing as he dropped his load deep in my guts. This set off the other guy and he pulled his penis back just enough so that his head rested on my tongue. Spray after spray of cum shot into my mouth. I tried to swallow as best as I could but there was just so much. It leaked out, running down my chin with my saliva and dripping on my abused breasts. After he finished, the guy at my mouth stepped back. Again, I heard booted feet walking. Then I felt another dick enter my mouth. I tasted my ass juices mixed with his semen and gagged at the flavor. They both had a good laugh at this. When he was finished cleaning himself off, he pulled out and slapped my cheek again.

       "Thanks bitch for the fun. See ya later." I heard them walking away and I started crying. Oh God! Were they just going to leave me here? I started to panic, pulling futilely against my chains. That's when I heard a new sound. Heels clicking against the concrete as someone approached me. I felt a hand on my back as a familiar voice whispered into my ear.

       "Was it good for you, little one?"

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