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Synopsis: A boy comes of age and this birthday changes his life.....

He heard the clicking of the metal stiletto's she was wearing coming into the room. He shook....  looking into the mirror in her walk in closet... bathed in a pink light.

On his knees, bottom up, he could see himself, purple hair with pig tails, smokey eyes, whitish face foundation,  plastic face harness that made his lips into a perfect circle... all shiny pink and swollen with with puffing permanent lipstick she had painted on them... a thin rubber tube and inflation bulb coming out.... 

The pump fed a black rubber veined circumcised cock gag that was unique. It was to help him learn, train him to keep his mouth open wide.... It was like a balloon... a softer area was at the base.... if he bit down on it... the pressure would cause the cock head to go deeper into his mouth and down his throat... She had inflated it so that it just started to tickle the back.... forcing him to hold his jaw open wide as possible.   Ear rings with bells were clamped on his ears.  She was looking forward to the day to get him pierced... telling him it would be so much easier than all these nasty clamps and grips she had to use to attach things to him. 

The strict pink posture collar held his head up and back. The pink plastic sissy dress and corset covered his body except for his little sissy titties... which she had applied clamps with bells....  Pink ball mitts covered his hands and were attached to the front of the posture collar with a small clip. He was on his elbows looking in the mirror.  A short chain from the front of his collar held him down to the floor. 

Face down and bottom up, he could just see the wide puffiness  of the bottom of the sissy dress. Lots of ruffles and the diaper held it wide. She wasn't trying to baby him with the diaper. She just didn't want to clean up any mess. So, after the three cleansing enemas she had him endure that morning, with the application of the inflated cock plug in his bottom, there would be no worry about any leaks... and... he had a humiliating rubber cock in his bottom. All covered with a clear vinyl pantie that made a crinkling noise when he moved.  White nylons covered his hairless legs. The rest of his body was hairless save the purple hair on his head.

His sissy bits, as she called them, were ringed with metal rings around the base and each little nugget... (she seemed to have a special name for everything). Short chains went from his little nuggets to his ankles and the pink ballet shoes locked on his ankles... He had to keep his ankles close to his sissy bits.... This wasn't too much of a problem as he could never walk when she was around ( or even when she wasn't around) .... he always had to crawl. He could never stand. The highest he could be was kneeling... crotch height. Pink knee pads were strapped on... not for his comfort as they had little nibs on the underside. She didn't want any scuff marks on the floor. 

Under the crack at the base of the door, he could see where she was standing... dark shadow's where her feet were. He heard the click of the door unlocking, not that it needed to be locked. There was no way he was going anywhere.

The door opened. He looked up at her. There she was. In all her glory. Jet back hair in tight curls. She loved the fifties look. She always was dressed up. Hair. Makeup. Today, smokey eyes, dark red lipstick, black shiny satin dress to her mid thigh, black high heels, black satin finger-less gloves with her dark red nail sharpened to a point ... holding a long cigarette holder... smoking a long brown cigarette. 

She bent over..." How's my little sweetie doing?" she asked.  

"MPHHHH" he nodded. There was to be no negative responses.  He had learned... No was not an option.  All was good. Take it all. Yes. Nod yes. Smile if you could. 

" That's good honey" she said sliding her foot in front of his face.  He immediately lowered his bound and gagged face and put it on her stiletto, rubbing his face against it, gently caressing it with this cheeks. 

" That's good sunshine.... ready to get started? " she asked....

He looked up... saw her smiling... whimpered a bit and nodded yes. She took a long drag on her cigarette, bent down and blew the smoke on his face. He coughed a bit. Her long fingered nails caressed his head, pulling on his pig tails. A slight slap to his face had him blinking. 

" Did sissy go pee pee in it's diaper while waiting?" she asked. He shook no. His earring bells tinkling. 

She smiled. " That's a good little sissy." She unhooked the chain from the collar to the floor and pulled him out of the closet. She unhooked the ball mitts from the collar. She connected a longer leash on the collar and led him out of the room. He didn't look up. All he could see was the back of her feet in the stiletto's leading him out ... him crawling on his knees, and ball mitts. The bells jingling. 

Grunting a bit with each hobbled crawling step. 

"Shhhhh honeybun" she said without even turning around to look at him. Her heels clicking away in front if him.  

Click. Click. Click,

He was sweating in the plastic sissy dress more. Beet red with humiliation. The crinkling of the plastic and jingling off the bells. 

Click. Click. Click. 

She led him to the back door. " We're going to the garage peaches". She yanked on the leash pulling him outside.  Crawling behind her.  

Click. Click. Click.  His knees aching. His nuggets aching as he tried to hold his ankles up.... and not yank on them. The little bells jingling as he scooted along behind her.

It was a long single car garage. She opened the side door and pulled him in. 

" Let's have some fun today.... It's a special day for my precious... Isn't it?"

He nodded. 

Crawling in, he saw what looked like a sawhorse type thing near the back of the garage, and what looked like a black plastic curtain hanging from the rafters.

She "walked" him over to the back the the saw horse.  She put down her cigarette. 

" OK my wittle sweetie.... lets get you set up on this." ... She had him scoot over and get up on his knees.  She helped him get lined up over the length of it..... most of his body. His sissy bits and bottom were not supported. He was still on his knees there. She connected the ball mitts to the front legs of the saw horse.... His head was not supported either.  She went to the work bench, grabbed a cargo strap and wrapped it around his waist and sawhorse. His titty bells hanging down on each side of the sawhorse.  He could hear it clicking as she ratcheted it tight. She took another strap and fed it though the back of the plastic gag strap behind his head and fed it underneath the waist strap and pulled it tight. This pulled the plastic face plate tighter, forcing his puffy lips out even more and held his head up so he looked straight ahead.

It was more work not to bite down on the rubber cock gag and prevent the cock head from going down his throat. 

As his arms were bare, she took black duct tape and wrapped them from the wrists above the ball mitts to the legs of the sawhorse to past the elbows.  Not really needed.... but she liked the look. 

"Comfy?"  Not really, but he nodded yes as was expected. 

"Now, let get to work on princess's other end."

He heard her clicking behind him. He felt her pull up the bottom of the sissy dress and ruffles and pin it up. He felt her undo the snaps on the plastic panties and pull them off, exposing his diaper."

"Now lets see if my sweetness was fibbing about not making pee pee." 

He felt her pulling off the diaper and exposing his sissy bits. She touched the front of the diaper and checked it....

" Nice... my little gurly gurl didn't go pee pee... but looks little a little sissy juice leaked out." She smiled and put the diaper on the floor near his head. 

"Let's check your sissy bits" she said.  The chains on his nuggets were there... still all connected.... his pissy stick was engorged and red.

"Oh oh. Precious has an angry little stiffy...." She walked to his head and tapped his cheek. " Naughty Naught sissy. We'll have to take care of that in a bit." 

She walked to the bench, took a long deep drag on the cigarette holder, held the smoke in and slowly exhaled. Smiling, she put it down again and went to a drawer and took out two small black straps. 

"We have to get those legs up and out of the way."  She clicked behind him and he felt his left ankle being pulled up and to the side and the strap was connected to the ring on the ballet boot. She fed it through the waist strap and connected it.... It also had a ratchet on it... he heard a couple of clicks as his leg was pulled up and off the floor. She repeated the process for the other leg. She slowly ratcheted each leg back and out... as far as the nugget chains would allow.  He was grunting with each click. 

" Sh Sh Sh SHHHH rose petal.... " patting his head. 

She ratcheted the waist belt a few more clicks.... then went back and had another long satisfying drag on her cigarette.... finishing it... butting it out. 

"Now pumpkin.... since it's your 21st birthday.... you get 21 spanks.... Won't that be great?" 

He whimpered... but nodded yes as best he could considering how his head was restrained.  

"So, we'll have a record of this, I have a couple of camera's I'm going to set up.... isn't that wonderful? " He nodded. 

She rolled out two camera's on tripods. One she positioned behind him, one in front of him, looking at him squarely at his face. " This is so we can record your reaction to each birthday gift your getting.  Nice of me, isn't it?" 

He nodded. 

"So, because this is such a .... special day.... I'm not going to spank you with my hand.... " 

She clicked over to the bench and picked up a long paddle and showed it to him. He whimpered. " See sweetie... I bought this just for this special day. Just for my darling sissy."  She rolled a large mirror in front of him. He could see his humiliating position and what was coming.... 

She patted him on the head and walked behind him, her heels clicking on the concrete... 

" Ready sunshine?"  Without waiting for a response, she raised the paddle and brought it down on his helpless butt cheek. 

He winched... grunted, bit down on the cock gag sending the rubber cock head deep into his throat... he groaned, coughed, squirmed and teared up.... The bells jingling as he squirmed. Titty bells pulling down. 


She quickly scooted to head head and bent over .... " Oh peaches.... you have to keep your mouth open.... please be careful."

She clicked behind him..... 

WHACK.... "MPHHHHHHHH" again... another self gagged squirm session. 

She clicked over to his head again.... 

" This might help.... try to moan loudly into the gag... We're in the garage... no one is going to hear my princess.. and it will be easier to keep that sissy mouth open and not squeezing on the rubber cock." She was nodding as she was saying this... 

He nodded back.

She clicked behind him.... 


"There .... that's better." She said smiling.  " I love the sound you make." 


"Only 17 more to go...." 

Over the next 1/2 hour, she administered the final 17 birthday presents for his bottom. It was a dark red. She clicked in front of him, caressed his cheek and smiled lovingly. 

"I'll be back in a few minutes and we can get started on more of your birthday presents." He whimpered as she clicked out of the garage, closing the door behind her.  

His bottom was burning. Legs and arms were aching. Nuggets aching. Jaw aching. But even with all that, his sissy stick was stiff and dripping... and he needed to pee badly... something impossible to do with an erection.... He tried squirming... but there was no where to get any slack... no movement.

About a half hour later, or so, he heard her clicking back. The side garage door opened and she clicked in.  She still wore the same black satin outfit, but had on a long white rubber apron and black latex gloves.  

She clicked behind him.  

"Oh oh... precious's sissy stick is still angry..."

She bend down and touched it with her gloved hand.... 

His head swooned with the contact. She clicked over and grabbed the diaper and clicked back..... placing it on the floor directly underneath his downward pointed sissy bit.  

"Now pumpkin....try not to make sissy cummies.... understand.... I'm going to rub this for three minutes.... and no cummies or I'll be disappointed... "

He nodded... but then... her warm latex covered hand pulled the skin tight.... and and firm pumping motion sent him into a dream world where his head started to spin... he never felt the spasms ... only a tingling from the base of his back up to his head... his eyes closed as the orgasm washed over him... and he could feel the rubber cock going down his throat and the rubber cock in his bottom.... he screamed into the gag as his goo shot all over the diaper.....

"Let it all out princess... let it go... be the sissy .... accept being a sissy..... cock in your mouth and bottom."  

She held it firmly for a couple of minutes.... it started to shrink down a bit....

"You can make pee pee's now if you need to... just pee onto the diaper." she smiled taking her gloves and apron off.  He head spinning and with her watching, looking down on him, he was able to relive his badder onto the diaper... all in front of her... blushing in humiliation.... 

"Well my little peaches... I'm  little disappointed... but I have something for a naughty sissie who made cummies when told not too.. be right back. " She clicked out of the garage and came back hold something behind her. 

"Next birthday present." She smiled and showed him a small pink box with a bow.  She held it in front of his face, pulled off the bow and took the lid off the box. 

In it, was a pink plastic chastity tube..... "I told my sweetness not to make cummies... but... pumpkin made a mess... so...I hope my gurly gurl enjoyed the cummies... sissy won't be having any for a long time." 

She clicked behind him... he could feel her fiddling with his sissy bits, putting the ring behind his nuggets, easing the tube over his now soft sissy stick.... adjusting the pins, tightening it up... then.... the click of the lock....

He whimpered... 

" Aw precious... sissies don't need sissy sticks all up and causing problems... it's for the best." 

She looked at her watch.... 

"Almost time for your next present." She clicked around behind him.  He could hear her moving somethings around... and the black plastic curtain was being moved.  She draped it over him at the waist strap and brought it underneath him so he could see anything behind him. She moved the camera behind him and put it into the position she wanted. It looked right at his bottom, which was up, framed with the pick sissy dress and ruffles, high heels, legs pulled apart.. bottom blazing red.... and a plug between his cheeks..... 

She positioned a laptop on a chair in front of his face and turned it on.... The image that popped up was the camera that was looking at his bottom. She was smiling. " I wouldn't want my honey bun to miss this... "

And then..... he heard the garage door opener kick in and the big door opening... His helpless bottom facing the door. He grunted a bit... not thinking... bit down on the cock gag and the head popped down for a second.... he squirmed...

"My My, aren't we getting all excited... and sissy gurl doesn't even know what her present is..." 

She stood up as a vehicle pulled into the garage and the door closed. She walked behind the plastic curtain... her heels clicking. He heard the vehicle door open and someone got out... more clicking of her heels... 

He heard her say something to the person... he wasn't sure what it was... something like "Thank you for doing this." and possibly response of "No problem, I'm glad you asked me... " It was a man's voice. 

He felt her hand on his red bottom, and could see it on the monitor.  He heard the man say something like "Sweet."

Looking on the monitor, he could see her hand on the plug valve and felt it deflating... then, she eased it out. He couldn't hear was she was saying, but then she clicked to his side of the curtain... rolled a stool near his head, sat down... and slowly caressed it... 

"Now my little poopy-doo.... this is another gift.... for my princess to really be my special sissy gurl... she needs man cock in her... and real man juice.... "

He squirmed.... she grabbed his jaw..... "Look at the monitor." She squeezed his jaw more.  What he saw was a man, from the waist down, very shiny, almost vinyl like black pants at his bottom.  Slowly, he unzipped himself.... and eased his man cock out... circumcised and erect.....

"See peaches... that's a man cock.... and it's going in you.... to make you a sissy." 

Whimpering... he watched.... he felt the leather covered hands on his but cheeks, pealing them open... exposing his bottom. The cock head at his rose bud..... slowly starting to push in... 

"MPHHHHH" The bells jingling.......

"Honey bun.... you're doing fine... don't be nervous.... just relax." She was caressing his head.... calm soothing voice...

The shaft went in deeper.... " The first one is always the toughest." she smiled... He could see it going in deeper... filling him up.... man cock in his bottom.... He bit down on the cock gag... coughed a bit...

"Sweetie... mouth wide... you can moan loudly....that'll help."


He felt it all the way in... his eyes wide... moaning into the cock gag..... 

Then felt it moving out.... and back... and forth and back and forth.... grunting... bells jingling....

She was caressing his cheeks.... " All most there my little princess.... man cum is coming," He could feel the cock engorging even more... it's heat filling his bottom... then he heard moaning a huge grunt and felt the spamming in his bottom...  he blushed with humiliation knowing he was being bred... filled with man cum... The cock was slowly being pulled out.... 

She gently patted his head.... " There sweetie.... all done ..... you're officially my little pansy now." She got up and walked behind the curtain.... She eased the plug back in his bottom and inflated it. " Don't want anything to leak out." she said.

He saw the man back away, muffled voices and the garage door opening. The vehicle left. She pulled back the curtain. 

She clicked back to him.... caressing his face. " Well, I bet my little gurly gurl feels different now, doesn't she." He nodded....

He squirmed a bit.... she patted his head... like a puppy....

"One more birthday surprise sunshine..."

He whimpered. She picked up the soggy diaper wet with his goo and pee pee and put it back on him. It was cold and humiliating. She then put the plastic panties over them, closing the snaps. Over that, she took another strap. fed it between his legs and to the waist strap and ratcheted it tight, pulling the sodden mess tight to his crotch.  She pulled down the ruffles and sissy dress and straightened it out. 

"Back in a few minutes" she smiled and left him like that in the garage. A few minutes later, she came back with a cocktail and her cigarette holder re-loaded.  Black leather gloves on her hands.  She lit the cigarette, red lips lovingly sucking on the holder. 

She clicked over to him. " Now, my little precious sweetie, it's been a wonderful morning....  a nice bath, and cleaning inside and out, and lots and lots of presents from me and that nice man... all helping my gurly gurl be the sissy I want her to be... but there is one more thing you need....."

She took a sip of her drink. "to really be the sissy I want you to be....  I've arranged a little party for you."

The garage door opened again.  This time, with the black plastic curtain open, he could see the vehicle om the mirror .  It was a van backing in. She was caressing his head.  He squirmed and grunted. 

"Oh honey bun... you'll do just fine...." she smiled as four men in leather got out of the van, all wearing masks. One opened the back doors of the the van and they all walked to each of the legs of the sawhorse and lifted him up off the floor. Bells jingling.  He squirmed a little as they set it on the floor of the van and attached some straps to hold it there...

She clicked over.... caressed his face lovingly... smiling.... "You see sweetie... to really be my sissy pansy... you have to learn to please man cock... it's one thing to just lay there and have man cock in your bottom... but you need to learn to use your mouth properly.... "  She took another drag on her cigarette holder....

"Now honey bun.. I've done all that I can do for you for now... the rubber cock gag was to help you to earn to keep your mouth wide open... and cock head down the throat... but there is no substitute for the real thing.  These nice men will help you with that... " He was grunting into the gag... squirming... pleading with puppy dog eyes... 

She patted his head. She planted a lipstick kiss on his forehead. The men got into the front of the van.

"Happy birthday sweetheart.... Make your mother proud." 


She closed the doors on the van and it pulled away...

She closed the garage door and walked out the side door... closing it, taking another drag on her smoke and a sip of her drink... she whistfully thought to her self....

"Ahhh.... they grow up so fast..." and clicked into the house..... 

The end. 

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