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A Day of Atonement

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Synopsis: Cindy and her boyfriend were caught trashing a school. Her family is furious because her brother and sister are getting staic from their fellow students and her father must take out a second mortgage to pay for the damage. It's time for punishment!

A Day of Atonement

Cindy stood in the middle of the living room, her eyes zeroed in on the floor directly below her, her hands twisting behind her back. Seated on the couch in front of her was the rest of her family. Her father, Andrew, sat in the middle, looking very displeased, his back rigid. Sitting on one side was Cindys brother, Mel, looking like the cat that swallowed the canary. On Andrews left was Cindys sister Matty, with arms folded and a smug smile crossing her face.

“All right, Cindy, lets review where we stand at the moment. Thanks to your little evening of fun at school with Rory the other night, our whole life situation has changed drastically.  Your breaking in at two in the morning and destroying desks, pictures, blackboards, kitchen utensils, carpeting and setting fire to various files left over $20,000 worth of damage, which I have to pay for.  Rory has taken off for parts unknown, and, when I checked with his parents, they tell me they disowned Rory over a year ago, and, now that hes 22, they feel no responsibility for helping offset the cost of the damage.”

“Thank God Charnhams a private school, so we dont have to deal with the county government on this, and the fact that I know Judge Thomas means I can pay the fine under the table. Youre very lucky you only had to spend two nights in jail as a result.  What it does mean, though, is that, thanks to your stupidity and recklessness, Im going to have to take out a second mortgage on this house for close to $25,000. If your Mom was still alive, shed be heartbroken.”

“Ive given a lot of thought as to how you can best be punished for your little, well not so little, peccadillo. According to your sister and brother, they are now the laughing stock of the school, and because of your offense, I will be unable to continue to send them to Charnham, and, starting next year, theyll have to transfer to a public high school. So, because youve affected every one of us in so many ways, I have decided that each one of us has a half an hour to do anything to you we see fit in the way of punishment.”

“I think well start with your sister, then your brother, and Ill finish up with a half hour of spanking and a thorough whipping to boot.”

“Oh, Daddy, please. Im so sorry. I was wrong, but please, Ill…”

“I dont want to hear another word from you. Youre lucky I was able to talk Judge Thomas into not sending you away to the female prison for six months or so, as he was talking about when we first sat down to talk. Youre getting off easy, Cindy, so I dont want to hear any more of your whining.  What did you decide you want to do, Matty?”

With the same satisfied smirk on her face, Matty stood and stared at her sister.

“Well, since Cindy acted like a stupid child, I want her to strip down so I can make her look like the little girl she pretended to be.  I m gonna get the tweezers and pull out all of the hair from her pussy to begin with. Start stripping,  little girl, while I go get the tweezers.”

“Oh, Daddy, please dont let her…”

“Enough, Cindy! Take off every stitch, right NOW!”

As Cindy slowly began removing her dress, Matty raced into the bathroom to retrieve the tweezers.  By the time she returned, Cindy had removed her dress and bra, and was about to slide her thong panties down her legs.  Because the family had always been very liberal in their attitude about nudity and dressing and undressing in front of other members of the family, seeing Cindy in the nude was not a particularly novel situation, but Andrew and Mel still got a great deal of pleasure watching her breasts dance and bob around as she removed the last vestige of her clothing.

“Okay, Sis, lie down on the floor and spread your legs so I can get at your pubes.”

“Oh, God!”

Cindy did as ordered and soon lay before her father and siblings with her legs slightly spread.

“Wider, much wider, Cindy.  I want to get every last hair down there!”

Cindy spread her legs until they all could see not only most of her puffy pink labia but the inner lips, as well. This was something Mel had never had the pleasure of viewing before, and Andrew hadnt seen since his wife had died three years before. Cindy was no virgin, but her vagina was still  fairly tight, and the hood covering her little clitoris was barely visible. She was not particularly hairy, but the black hair covering her labia was sufficient to hide most of her lower charms and there was a small growth of dark hair above her pussy that extended up to a few inches below her navel. Not for long, though!

Matty dropped to her knees between Cindys legs and began pulling the hairs out three or four at a time. She was making a point of pulling the hair slowly, rather than yanking each time. With each pull Cindy let out a groan or a squeak. Within ten minutes Cindys nether region looked like a plucked chicken, and the lips of her vagina and the area above her slit had turned bright red. She was further embarrassed by Mattys order to pull her legs back to her shoulders, so that Matty could get to her perineum and the area around her puckered asshole. By the time she had finished, Mattys face was glowing with satisfaction, and Cindy was near tears from the pain and embarrassment.

Matty stood over Cindy with a grin, and announced she still had fifteen minutes of her half hour left and she knew just what she wanted to do with it. She had Cindy rise and stand with her legs spread a couple of feet apart. Matty removed her shoes and socks and stood directly in front of her naked sister. She ordered Cindy to grab her hands behind her back, drew back her foot behind her and then swept her foot directly between Cindys legs, hitting Cindys swollen hairless pussy with a splat. Cindys hands grabbed for her crotch, as she sank to her knees with a groan.  She knelt there, trying to ease the pain with her hands as she rocked back and forth. .

Matty let her stay kneeling for half a minute and then ordered Cindy back to her feet. Once again Matty instructed Cindy to put her hands behind her back and open her legs. Cindy looked pleadingly at her father, whose eyes, as were Mels, were glued to Cindys pussy. Receiving no reprieve from her father, Cindy reluctantly did as she was told and stood trembling with her hands behind her and her legs spread apart, though no further than she felt she had to.

The distance apart had little effect on the severity of the next slam of Mattys foot against her vulva, however. The splat this time was even louder and directly on center. This time Cindy fell to the floor with both hands between her legs and rolled back and forth sobbing loudly. Again, Matty gave her sister almost a minutes respite, before she ordered her back on her feet. Again, Cindy received no sign from her father that Matty should stop what she was doing.  She was made to rise again, put her hands behind her back and wait for the next blow from Mattys foot.


It came with renewed vigor, and Cindy thought she would die from the throbbing agony in her crotch. The pain ripped through her vagina, she screamed and fell, once again, ineffectually rubbing her burning snatch. Her father and Mel watched, as if they were viewing the Super Bowl. After nearly fifteen minutes she was so sore and red down there, she wasnt sure she could drag herself up again.  Fortunately, Andrew gave Matty the signal to stop, when the 15 minutes were up and Matty sat back down on the couch with a satisfied sigh. Cindy struggled to rise and, still rubbing her painful labia, finally stood before her three persecutors once again.    

Andrew asked Mel what he wanted to do for his half hour. He was quick to answer that if they didnt object hed like to get Cindy to give him a blow job. Cindys mouth literally dropped open, when Andrew told him it was his half hour. If that was what he wanted, then have at it.

“Oh no, Dad.  This is incest. Its too much…”

“Shut your mouth, Cindy! You have no say in this.  Youll do what I say!  Get down on your knees, crawl to your brother and open his fly.  Then you can open your mouth!”

His glare told her she had no choice.

“I know youve given guys blow jobs before, Sis.  Remember, I even caught you giving Eddie Thorndike one last year in this very room. Now its my turn.  Ive never had one, and its time!”

Cindy felt totally mortified.  It was one thing to run around the house naked or nearly so, and to see other members of the family in various stages of undress and another to have to perform fellatio on your brother and be kicked in the snatch by your sister.

With tears streaming down her face Cindy lowered herself to her knees and crawled the few feet to find herself in front of Mels legs. She reached for his pants, unbuttoned him at the waist, and unzipped his fly, slowly pulling his pants down to his ankles. She was a little surprised to find he wasnt wearing any underpants, though she had seen him before occasionally dressing without them.

Mels prick wasnt particularly long or thick, but, of the six penises shed sucked before, his was still reasonably formidable. It was semi-hard already, and by the time she had grabbed it in her right hand it was almost at its full length. Mel slid himself forward, so that his balls were touching the front edge of the couch cushion and his prick was touching her lips.

Unlike her previous experiences, when she loved taking her time, getting the chance to play with their erections and see how excited she could get her date before she brought him off, she decided to get this chore done as soon as possible. She opened her mouth wide and thrust her head forward taking as much of Mels hard-on in her mouth as she could. She began sucking with gusto, massaging the base of his penis with her hand and bobbing up and down on his erection as fast as she could. Even though the head of his penis was touching the back of her mouth near her throat, she only gagged twice. 

She succeeded beyond her wildest dreams.  Mel began thrusting his body forward, trembling and moaning as though he was in pain.  Within two minutes she felt his sperm spurting against the back of her mouth, and she had trouble swallowing it fast enough. The spurts just kept coming, and some of his jism began to leak through her lips and roll down her chin.     

Mel sat back with a sigh, a very satisfied look on his face. Cindy sat back on her heels, pleased that she had brought her brother off so fast.

“Well done, Cindy. What do you want her to do for the next 25 minutes, Mel?”

Cindy hadnt even considered that aspect, and she mentally kicked herself for her stupidity.

“Oh, Wow, Dad! That was the neatest thing Ive ever experienced. Give me a minute, and then she can start on me again, only this time she can take 25 minutes to bring me off.”

Cindy couldnt help letting out a groan that told the three of them what she thought of that idea. Matty chuckled.

Soon a limp-dicked Mel sat back up and pointed to his flaccid penis.

Cindy passively leaned forward, but this time she took hold of Mels prick-head and began using her tongue to slide up and down, first the sides, then the bottom of his dick, before lifting it up and sliding her tongue over his scrotum. Then she proceeded to take each ball in her mouth and suck on it with as much saliva in her mouth as possible. Moving back to the head of his penis, she put it between her lips and nibbled gently. It was enough to get Mel started on a new erection, and she concentrated on his penis head for nearly five minutes.

Then, slowly, she began drawing the whole prick into her mouth and she had no trouble with only a slight hard-on in getting the head all the way to the back of her mouth. She got her mouth as full of saliva as she could and began to hum.  This was enough to get Mel going again, as she slowly massaged the underside of his prick with her tongue, humming away. It still took a couple of minutes for Mel to show his full appreciation with an extended hard-on.  Even then, aware of the time situation, Cindy was very slow in her ministrations.

Eventually though, Mels excitement brought him to full staff, and he began to thrust his body against Cindys mouth.  When she could tell he was about to shoot again, she pulled away and concentrated once again on his balls. She had done this two or three times, when she returned to sucking on Mels erection gently, not realizing how close he was to an orgasm. She had just put the head of his penis back in her mouth, when he suddenly let go with another burst of semen. This time the spurts were not as forceful and she was able to swallow his slimy slightly sweet goo without any trouble. She kept her mouth on his entire prick, sucking slowly as his erection gradually disappeared until she was sucking on his limp penis.

She was disappointed to hear her father say Mel still had 10 minutes of his half hour left. She pulled off of his limpness with a pop. She sat back from her incestuous chore, hoping Mel would let her rest for the remainder of his time. Her hopes were soon dispelled, when Mel announced that since shed satisfied his lust twice, it was only fair she be allowed to do the same for herself. It took her a moment to realize what he was saying, and then she started to plead with him.

“Oh, no, please, Mel! Dont make me ….”

“You heard your brother, Cindy. Lie down on the floor with your feet facing us and spread your legs. NOW!”

Cindy looked pleadingly at each of them and saw nothing but stony smiles on their faces.

Reconciled to her fate, but embarrassed beyond anything she had ever had to do before, she stretched herself out on the living room floor, as ordered, with her feet facing them perhaps three feet from them.

“Now, spread those legs out and bring your feet up as close to your bottom as you can. Ready, start!”

Hesitantly, she pulled her legs back until her feet were touching her ass. Then she reached her hand down to her slit and spread her labia with one finger as she searched for her clit. Her face had turned the same color as the hairless red lips of her vagina, as her finger found the hood of her clit and began to manipulate it. She stroked it very slowly, hoping to prolong the exercise without coming before the time was up, and maybe faking an orgasm.

Her father was on to her purpose, however.

“Youd better start diddling with some conviction, Cindy, and no faking a climax. Ive seen enough of them with your mother, that I can tell when youre fabricating.  Now get busy or youll rue the day. Oh, and open your eyes and look at us while youre doing this. We like to see how much fun youre having.”

Hopelessly, Cindy opened her eyes and began rubbing with considerably more vigor. What she saw was three people watching everything she did avidly.

“I cant believe that part of getting yourself excited isnt in playing with your titties, Cindy.  Lets see a little massaging those nips.”

Obediently, Cindy reached her other hand up to one of her breasts and began pinching the nubbin. In seconds it had perked up and was standing erect. She continued to squeeze and fondle it.

Soon her clit was standing up in full erection, and her finger was running briskly over the whole area.  She began to tremble as she felt the familiar sparks begin to shoot down her legs.  In moments she was panting and whimpering, and her legs were wobbling. Suddenly all movement stopped, as she let out a shriek and went into suspended animation. She stayed that way for nearly a minute until her legs sank to the floor. This orgasm had not been as satisfying as some shed given herself, but, considering the circumstances, she was a little surprised shed actually been able to bring herself off.   

As she lay there, exhausted, her father spoke.

“Now I guess its my turn, Miss Cindy. Get up and slide yourself across my lap for your spanking.”

As the tears began to flow again, she resignedly pulled herself up and lowered herself over her fathers lap, so that her head rested on Mattys legs and her legs lay across Mels.  This was not unusual for her.  All three children had been spanked many times over their childhood, always in the nude, by both their mother and father, but having her siblings there on the couch to “assist” was novel.

She remembered vividly as she lowered herself over her fathers legs that the siblings had always been expected to watch, when one of them was being spanked, partly to shame the recipient. She also remembered that Mel always managed to place himself directly behind her feet during a spanking. Eventually, as she got older, she realized it was so that he could get the best view of her vagina spreading and twisting, while her legs tossed and scissored during the heat of the spanking.  

Andrew wasted no time in starting the spanking, bringing his hand high above his head, before sweeping it down to land with terrific force on Cindys left buttock. She was not only surprised by the speed of the beginning of her spanking, but the power of his hand elicited a very vocal owwww from her mouth. 

Andrew then began alternating from one butt cheek to the other, and the force of his blows didnt lessen one bit. Soon Cindy was crying out with gusto at each slap, and tears were streaking down her cheeks.  At some point, just to add to her misery, she felt one of Mattys hands reach under her to grab onto one of her nipples and begin twisting it viciously. The pain from this was different but almost more excruciating than the spanking itself. With a twist and then a pull on her rapidly swelling nips, Cindy began to bellow in distress.

Andrew was hitting hard enough that soon his hand was beginning to feel the impact of so many spanks, as it turned almost as red as the cheeks of Cindys buttocks. Then to top off the punishment, Cindy felt Mels hand sneaking under her hip to suddenly grab the already swollen  red lips of her pussy and begin pinching and twisting them sadistically.  She began to sputter, cough and exude spittle from her mouth, which slid down her chin to drop onto Mattys legs.

Finally she heard Andrew say “Okay, thats fifteen minutes, lets move on to phase two.” Cindy didnt realize what he meant until it struck her that he had mentioned a whipping, as well as the spanking. She had only been whipped once before in her life, a year earlier, when shed been caught stealing a necklace from a store downtown. The store owner had agreed not to turn her over to the police on the promise that Andrew would punish her severely. She remembered it as the worst pain shed ever had, needing the following day out of school to recover in bed. Her buttocks had taken weeks to lose the yellow, purple and blue bruises.

As he began pushing her to her feet, Cindy began pleading with her father to drop that part of the punishment, that shed already had enough. Andrew, however, was adamant, and rose from the couch sliding his belt from around his waist.

First he took some cord and, making Cindy stick her arms behind her back, tied her arms so that her hands were touching the opposite elbow and she wouldnt be able to protect her butt cheeks.  He then ordered her to stand in the middle of the living room, and, snapping the belt  behind his back, swung it around full force to land with a smack across both buttocks.

Thus began nearly fifteen minutes of blows to Cindys defenseless body.  At first he concentrated solely on her rear end, laying blow after blow across both cheeks of her ass and then on her thighs. Soon he had Cindy actually dancing as the belt began to turn her flesh pink and then a vivid red. Mel was delighted to see Cindys breasts bouncing and bobbing as her legs jumped up and down.

Along with the tears that were running in rivulets down her cheeks, Cindy began to hiccup as her legs tried to avoid the blows. With about five minutes of his half hour left, Andrew changed his target to his daughters front, slashing his belt across her thighs, her stomach and eventually her tits. At one point the whip actually caught Cindy across the hairless, sore red slit between her legs, and she screamed like a banshee. When the belt started hitting her tender nipples and her sizable boobs, it took her breath away, and the screams and intermittent hiccups made Matty chuckle.

At last Andrew dropped his belt and moved over to grab Cindy by the hair on the back of her head. Drawing his face right up to hers, he muttered, “Now, I hope this has taught you a lesson, young lady.  You have caused the whole family the loss of a lot of money and a lot of animosity and ridicule from neighbors and friends. Dont let me ever hear of you doing anything like this again. Now, go to your room.  I dont want to see you again until tomorrow morning”

Cindy nodded her head slowly and picking up her clothes headed slowly toward her room choking back her tears. Even after she had applied lotion to all the places her father had beaten, she found sleep a hopeless endeavor, because each time her body moved the least bit, another pain would shake her awake again. She found the area between her legs where Matty had kicked her particularly stinging, and, eventually, the only way she could avoid the burning sensation was to lie flat on her back with her legs spread wide.                     


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