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Sam and Buddy vs The Donkey-Punched Coed

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Synopsis: Sam and Buddy are violent sexual predators who kidnap a coed from campus and have their fun with her.

Squick warning: This work contains scenes of extreme cruelty, including non-consensual rape, torture and sexually-motivated murder ("snuff"). If you think you would be upset by reading such activities in a work of fiction, the author encourages you to avoid reading this story.

All characters and events appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, or historic or current events, is purely coincidental.

Story Title: Sam and Buddy vs. The Donkey-Punched Coed

- By Thirsty Rain.


Sexism is a lie, at least in its normal feminist formulation. It isn't women who are oppressed by gender inequality. It is men. Women walk around nearly naked, showing off their tits and ass, perfectly aware of the lust they are invoking in complete strangers. QED, all women are cock-teasers, and it is us men who are oppressed by their rampant sexism. Buddy and me, we determined a long time ago to try to right the wrongs of this system, punishing one cock-teasing bitch at a time. Point in case...


"Ah! No! Please! Stop! Oh!" the redheaded coed underneath me whined again. What was up with this girl? She just wouldn't stop talking, even with my iron-hard cock ramming her asshole.

"Shut up, bitch!" I sneered at her, smacking the back of her head again. What? Did I have to beat this girl's brains out before she would stop talking?

"Ah! Please stop hurting me..." she sobbed, her tears soaking into the threadbare carpet of the hotel room. I looked up at Buddy, who was rubbing his cock absently as he watched me break this bitch from his perch on the stained bed. Like me, he was wearing a black ski mask stitched with a bone-white death's head design. The masks made sure our "toys" never saw our faces, and increased the intimidation factor.

"Hey man," I said, "This bitch's jabbering is annoying me. Think you can do something about that?" He hopped off the bed, replying, "Sure bro," as he went to get our bag of tools. He looked around, and then sighed, "Goddamnit, you left them in the van. Again." If sarcasm could kill...

For a brief second, the motel room door opened and I could see traffic on the road outside, less than a hundred yards away past an empty parking lot. The redhead looked up, saw the same thing, and started to cry out, "Someone help me!" Well, she would have, but I shifted my weight, pushing her down into the floor. Resting my elbows on either side of her head, my hands were now free to crawl over her face, pinching her nostrils shut and holding her jaw closed. The coed sobbed into my hands as the brief glint of freedom was snuffed out again, plunging us back into the dingy light of the bare bulb in the ceiling.

*Thump*thump*thump* I reamed this twenty-year old kid's asshole with vigor, leaning forward, my face buried in her lovely hair. She was clean and perfumed, a college girl who got up early to go to early morning class but made sure to dress to appeal to the boys in her class. If only she had known that her attention to makeup, clothes and hair would attract the attention of Buddy and me to her as well. I wonder if she would have stayed home today.

I grabbed two handfuls of her hair, and putting my legs under me, stood up, coed still impaled on my iron dick. Since I was over six feet tall and this coed bitch was only 5'6" I'd say, this took her off her feet. The only thing holding her up was my hands gripping her hair and my iron cock anchoring her anus to me. The weight of gravity slid the bitch slide down my cock shaft. Her ass spasmed as she was still trying to expel me. And still the bitch was talking! "Let me down!" she demanded, "Let me go!" She kicked me with her bare feet as I walked her over into the dingy bathroom. She pumped her legs like she was riding a bicycle. The action massaged my dick. I wonder if she knew how much I was enjoying this?

The motel we'd chosen was in the run-down outskirts of an abandoned steel town, an old building with water-stained concrete walls. We'd selected it because there were no other cars in the parking lot, and we got the corner room, separated from the other rooms by a noisy utility closet. We wouldn't be bothered here tonight.

I crab-walked the bitch into the shower, got onto my knees and pressed her face into the shower drain. Then I turned on the water on so it splashed over her hair and face. She sputtered in the sudden spray of water, but the constant jet of it made her finally stop babbling. I turned the mechanical stop on so the bathtub would start filling with water. Then I held her head down with one hand while I used the other to brace myself, and I started slamming into her anus again.

The redheaded coed bitch was struggling of course. I mean, it's just natural, she was almost gurgling water already, in less than a minute her nose and mouth would be under water. She twisted her shoulders, but her hands were no use to her. Of course we had secured her wrists together with zip ties, and then used another zip tie through that and around her neck, so her hands were held cinched together behind her neck. This is the first secret of never getting caught - efficient bondage. If a bitch can't use her hands, she can't operate door-knobs, grab your gun, or dial her cell phone. Besides, the bitches I play with have no use for their hands.

"You're not gonna snuff the bitch already, are you?" Buddy said as he entered the bathroom.

"Nah," I said. With a loud smack to her bouncing ass I pulled the redhead's face above the water level. She gasped for breath. "Blugh, no, please, please stop..."

I rolled my eyes theatrically. "See what I mean, Buddy? Bitch doesn't shut the fuck up."

"Well, this will deal with that so we can play our games with her in peace," he said. Buddy and I don't go in for complicated bondage gear. Sure, leather cat-suits and expensive bondage frames can be amusing, but we think the simpler things are better - zip ties, duct tape, and so forth. One of the only exceptions we allow ourselves is a high-quality stainless steel medical gag. This contraption allows us to face-fuck our toys without worrying if they will bite us. It also allows a fun game where we see how far we can stretch the toy's mouth open before her jaw cracks. The specific model of gag we bought came with 'safety stops' to prevent this, but we filed them off. How dare someone else tell us how we can play with our toys? Probably the same moralists who invented the made-up term 'rape'.

I don't mean to go off on a tangent, but here's a truth you have to know: there's no such thing as "rape", at least not with a woman. The truth is women deserve it. Some women love it. But there has never been a case of "rape" where the woman didn't do something to deserve it.


As an example of what I mean, take this red-headed cunt we captured. We'd hunted for toys at this particular university before, and we knew there was a shortcut that the female coeds staying at MacKinnon Hall sometimes took if they wanted to divert around the Campus Library which was situated on the top of a steep hill. It was pretty, lined with trees, and it just so happened to be out of eyeshot from any nearby campus building, which was rather spread out and tree-filled in this part of the midwest. Buddy squatted behind a tree, ready for a victim while I communicated with him by a pair of cheap shortwave radio's we'd bought at a radioshack. I kept an eye out for potential playtoys and also for potential kill-joys, like campus police or groups of joggers.

It was early morning. The mist hung heavy in the copse of trees when I spotted our cute read-head walking to class, bookbag slung over her shoulders, head down engrossed in her cell phone. Because of the fog, her features were hard to make out, but what the hell; she was the first person we'd seen all morning, and there was no-one else around. I got glimpse of her when she walked underneath a lampost, her red hair and button nose scattered with freckles. She was wearing a sweater against the November chill, so I couldn't scope out her figure yet, but I could tell she was no fattie. Fucking hate fatties.

So I gave the signal to Buddy, "Robin at the window," which was code for, "Nab that redhead. No one else in sight."

I couldn't suppress a chuckle as the coed passed Buddy's hiding spot, obliviously staring at her tiny screen. Buddy slipped behind her and grabbed the back of her bookbag. The girl half-turned, but buddy slammed the heel of his boot into the back of her knee and pushed her forward. The girl slammed into the concrete of the pavement, and buddy was on top of her. Her hands slapped at his as he pulled a heavy leather bag over her head, cinching it tight by the drawstrings, plunging the helpless coed into muffled darkness.

My eyes were drawn from the scene by movement. "Ravens overhead," I said over the radio to indicate the campus policeman strolling the path in the early morning. Buddy was still struggling with the girl. He had maybe thirty seconds before the twist in the path would bring the policeman into sight.

"C'mon," I said over the comm, "Snap the bird and let's go,"

Buddy was having trouble with the red-head. She was kicking and slapping at him, even with the bag firmly drawn around her neck. He needed to silence her. "Trouble," Buddy growled over the com. I silenced the radio and jogged down from my vantage point to lend of hand if need be. I got the the path just as Buddy was dragging the mewling bitch into the treeline. He held her upright and I jabbed her in the solar plexus, knocking the wind out of her. Then we put her on the ground and sat on her, buddy sitting on her chest and arms and me on her legs. The policeman walked past us, not even glancing into the treeline, not five feet away.

We were about to move, then another female jogger ran past, obliviously humming to her music player blasting in her ears. "Let's go. It's getting busy out here." Buddy nodded his agreement. I slung the coed's bag over my shoulders as he held her wrists behind her back and secured them with zip ties. We pushed the hooded girl in front of us through the copse of trees to an alleyway that abutted the park. There was a chain link fencing to prevent people from going onto campus property from the ally, maybe even to prevent this very kind of activity Buddy and I were engaged in. A pair of wire-cutters had removed that obstacle to our fun.

We walked the bitch over to the van, and I opened the doors for Buddy. At that instant, the coed jerked to life,  thrashing away from Buddy's grip. Buddy moved to grab her, but her violent contortions planted the top of her head under Buddy's chin and he stumbled back. The coed ran. I dropped her bag and started after her, but I shouldn't have worried. With the heavy hood on top of her head, she had no idea where she was going, and she ran straight into the side of the van, rebounding off of it and landing heavily on her ass. I guffawed. Buddy scowled at me, rubbing his chin. I guffawed even harder.

We had no more trouble getting the bitch into the van. We had a small upright freezer in the back which we stuffed her into after removing the bag from her head. She went in, we closed the lid and locked the three padlocks we'd drilled into freezer. Then we piled tarps and tools over the fridge, so anyone who just happened to see into the back of the van would think we were just workmen.

I obeyed all the traffic laws fastidiously as we headed out of campus and then out of the state with our redheaded toy locked in the freezer in back.


So now that you know that little anecdote, you can understand me when I saw this: this little redheaded bitch really deserved to be "raped." She almost got us caught and she had clocked Buddy on the chin in the most ridiculous escape attempt ever. So we had to make sure the bitch would pay for both those things, in addition to the original sin of being a cock-teasing whore, like all females.

I buried my cock balls-deep in her ass and held her head craned back while Buddy inserted the medical gag. The stained steel went under her teeth then he squeezed the ends, opening it up until it stretched the redhead's mouth wide. "Gonna fuck your face now bitch," Buddy said. He took off his belt. I pushed the girl's head back under the accumulating water. She bucked against me but had no leverage, then Buddy slashed his belt against her shoulder, "Fuck you bitch!" he snarled, and slashed at her back again. The girl twitched as she was belted.

Buddy grabbed her head; water streamed from her nose and gaping mouth as he raised it out of the water and steered his hard cock into her mouth. I grabbed the redhead's rump and pistoned her ass again. Buddy pivoted his hips a few times as his cock worked its way into the back of her throat. I don't know if this coed had ever taken it in her mouth before, but as soon as his cockhead hit the back of her throat, she heaved. Buddy pulled out as she puked onto the floor. "That's sick, whore," Buddy cursed at her, and slapped her face. He threw a towel on top of the mess and reinstated his cock into the girl's mouth. This time he grabbed both sides of her face in his hands and pulled her head over his cock, burying himself balls-deep into her face, crushing her button nose against his pubic hair. As he suffocated her on his dick, the girl's anus spasmed around me. Buddy shifted his grip on her head so he could hold her down one-handed while with the other hand he got his belt and started wailing on her back again. The coed's finger's clawed behind her neck. "Cunt! You fucking deserve this! Cunt!" Buddy snarled at her, punctuating his sentences with belts across her back. He held her pressed against his crotch for ten seconds... I pounded into her asshole... twenty seconds.... *thump*thump*thump*... thirty seconds... and then he pulled our toy's head off his dick. She sucked air noisily into her lungs. Buddy screamed at her, "You'll breathe when I say you can breathe!" and shoved her head back under the water.

Witnessing my friend's violence against women was really a beautiful thing to behold. He was an artist of rage. Some might even call him a misogynist, but I knew better. After spending his life being cockteased by whores like this redhead, he was really just getting even with them. We were getting our revenge on this little redheaded coed for being a cockteasing prick her whole life. Buddy held her face under the water while she bucked helplessly. He pulled he head out of the water and screamed, "Get your mouth back on my cock!" He didn't give her a choice though as he dragged her head around by her hair and jammed his cock into her gaping mouth again. Buddy slammed his prick in and out of her face as she gagged, "Ack ugh ahhhhk...."

He handed me his belt and he grabbed both sides of her head, raping her face vigorously, giving his hips a good work-out. I doubled up the belt in my hand and started slashing our toy across the top of her asscheeks in time with my thrusts. SMACK SMACK went the belt, shlurp shurlp went Buddy's cock in her mouth, thump thump went my dick up her shit-chute, akh akh went the helpless coed. Then he pressed our toy's head underwater again, to remind the college bitch that she couldn't so much as breath unless we let her. Thirty seconds underwater and he pulled her head up, slapped her pretty face around, and resumed fucking her face hole. Tears streamed down our toy's cheeks, and I couldn't help but laugh as I slapped her buttcheeks again, "I think we're getting through to this bitch, huh, Buddy?"

"Yeah, you can say that again. Hey Sam, how's her Greek passage?"

"Tight and warm," I described, "I don't think this whore's been ass-fucked before."

"Well, never by a dick as large as yours, I'm sure."

We continued fucking our coed toy for another twenty minutes like this. I felt the scum rise in my balls, and I pulled out of her anus. I didn't want to cum, not yet. Buddy let off the bitches head, and her head came out of the water streaming water from her nose and mouth, gasping for air. I spun her around, slapped her pretty freckled face once, twice as tears flew off her face, then screamed at her "Suck your shit from my cock, bitch!" and jammed my dick into her gaping mouth. I don't know why I was surprised but the bitch didn't use her tongue to lick my dick clean, but it made me mad. "Bitch!" I screamed at her, smacking the top of her head, "Use your fucking tongue!"

The coed was half-kneeling in the tub, half leaning over my cock, only being held upright by my grip on her hair. Buddy reached beneath her and grabbed her genitals, twisting her cunt lips. Looking down at her, I saw the bitch's eyes pop open. "Lick Sam clean your fucking worthless whore or I'll twist your pussy lips off, I swear to god!"

And so it was by these subtle prompts that I felt the coed's tongue on the underside of my cock. I slowly moved my cock in and out of her mouth and she ran her tongue around it. I'm sure you've seen videos of anal sex where the man's cock is always nice and clean when it comes out of the lady's ass; but this wasn't a porn video, we hadn't given this cunt time to prepare to be violated, and my cock was stinking with her shit-slime. I mean, I guess I could have washed it off with running water since I was already in the bathtub, but I saw no reason to do that when I had access to a hot mouth and moist tongue. "Swallow your own shit, bitch," I teased her. Buddy kept pinching and twisting her cunt lips, encouraging the college whore to clean my cock. Imagine, she was a sophomore in college and no-one had taught her her most important life skill - drooling over cocks! My hands caressed her face; my thumbs found her eyelids and forced them open, so she looked up at me as she sucked her own shit off my dick. Of course, she couldn't actually see my face. Buddy and I were wearing our skull-patterned ski masks. I saw the terror and pain and disgust in her eyes. I don't need to tell you, it turned me on.

Once my cock was clean, I put my knife against the bitch's face. "Alright, cunt. Now, we're gonna take off the gag. If I here so much as one more word from you, I'm slicing off your tongue, understand?" Our toy nodded her understanding. See, college whores aren't so stupid if you put reality to them in small words. I thumbed the release for the medical gag and then moved my knife behind her back. The coed squealed. "Relax bitch. I'm freeing your hands."

Buddy left the room and came back with a small bundle of clothes. "You have ten minutes," I told the coed, "Freshen up, reapply your make up and dress in these clothes. If you take more than ten minutes, I'll cut off your nipples." I showed her my military knife. The blade was as black as the night sky. "Remember bitch, you aren't gagged anymore, but just one more word out of your mouth and I will cut out your tongue. Nod if you understand me." The coed nodded, still staring up into my death's-head mask. I must have struck an intimidating figure to her as she looked up past the iron-gray hairs jutting around my belly button and beer belly, up past my muscled chest into my death's-head mask. I wondered if she felt a tenth of the fear reciprocal to the blue-balls she'd caused to the men around her for her entire life; if in that brainless college coed twat-brain of hers, she realized for one second that this was happening to her because she deserved it, because she was a cock-tease with a pretty face and tight body; wondered if she realized that all the pain and sexual servitude we would rip from her wouldn't equal one hundredth of what she deserved. Of course she didn't realize that. Fucking cunt probably thought that we - me and Buddy - were the criminals. Made me mad.

As we waited for the coed to pretty herself up for us, Buddy tossed me a beer and I drank it down. We heard the redhead sobbing in the bathroom and chuckled, high-fiving each other. "Cheers, bro." Buddy said. We clinked beers and drank down, satisfied in a good initial impression on the bitch.


Nine minutes later the bathroom door opened and our toy walked out, wobbling on red six-inch fetish heels. Her skin was set out by white lace panties from Victoria's secret, her C-cup breasts (smaller than I like 'em, but beggers can't be choosers) pushed up into sexy cleavage by a matching bra. She had reapplied her eyeliner, mascara and lipstick, and she was now the very picture of a young cockteaser. Her red hair fell in soft waves over her shoulders. The bitch was still sniffling, and she covered her tits and cunt with her hands.

I whistled at her. "Nice. Turn around," I wondered if she knew that her knew lingerie had been provided by another of our victims. Over the years we'd collected the hottest items from our victim's wardrobes, and kept them in a suitcase in the van, so we always had a little something to play dress-up with our toys.

The coed lowered her hands, and trembling now, turned around. She was still mostly fresh, only a few welts on her back and upper asscheeks where we'd belted her. "Good girl," I said, "Go to the workbench. Remember, stay silent and do exactly what we tell you. That's the only way you'll get out of this alive." Well, that wasn't precisely true, but there was no reason to confuse her poor little girl-brain, now was there?

The "workbench" was the small motel desk where we'd laid out some tools. She looked back at us, confused. "It's simple bitch," I explained, "That whipping you just got? That was just a simple belt. On the table is a quarter-inch thick, six-inch long, two-inch wide leather scourge for hurting you with. The only problem is we were a bit too enthusiastic using it on our last toy, and all the funny little metal bits have come out. Before we can use it to flay your pretty tits and ass, you have to reassemble it for us."

She looked at the strap and the metal studs, and looked back at us. She opened her mouth as if to say something, but Buddy reached over, grabbed her hand and wrenched her little finger back. The girl shrieked, but Buddy was surprisingly careful not to break her finger. I mean, you think you know a man after decades of friendship, and here he goes being subtle all of a sudden. He grabbed her head and forced it close to his death's-head mask. "Remember bitch," he snarled, "No matter how bad it is, it will always be worse if you don't do exactly what we say."

To illustrate his point, he grabbed her neck and squeezed. The coed raised her hands as if trying to defend herself but I grabbed them and held them above her head. I watched smiling as her face turned red, and then purple - matching her hair at some shade along the way. Right before she looked about ready to pass out, Buddy released his grip and the bitch took a single gasping breath before Buddy re-established his hold on her neck. Hold for fifteen seconds, release for one second, hold for fifteen more seconds. Tears dripped from her eyes onto Buddy's hands; he pulled up his ski mask over his mouth so he could run his tongue over her face, lapping the tears off her chin and then over her eyes.

"How's it taste, bro?" I asked.

"Like fucking salt water and mascara."

We let the bitch get to work. Buddy and I sat on the bed directly behind her, leaning forward over her shoulders to watch what she was doing. The coed's hands trembled as she picked up the first metal stud. She yelped and raised her hand. A droplet of blood oozed from the tip of her forefinger and she stuck it in her mouth. "Careful, bitch," I said to her, "those are sharp. They might cut you."

"I can't wait to use this on you bitch," Buddy said playfully. "I'm going to whip the skin right off your body. Think I'll start with your cunt. Whores like you get your perverted pleasure from your cunts, teach you right to turn it into a bleeding pulpy mash before I fuck it," A tear ran down the coed's face, but we weren't done teasing her. I picked up for Buddy, "Or maybe we'll destroy your tits," I said, "Fucking cockteasers like you use your tits to get your way and blueball us guys. You fucking whores think you can run the world by shaking your tits. It's only reasonable to hurt you there."

One by one the coed inserted the metal studs into the holes poked through the leather, pushing them into their backings. "Make it tight, girl. Buddy can get very violent; we wouldn't want any of these getting loose and ruining our playtime." When she had finished, there were eighteen metal studs poking out of the leather, their tips filed into jagged points. She looked at it terrified, then back at us, a little squeak of air escaping her pretty lips.

"Kiss it," I told her, "We're going to destroy you with this. Kiss it - this handful of metal and leather is worth more to the entire world than you are. It's your superior in every way. Kiss it."

The redhead raised the scourge to her lips, holding it in the upraised palms of her two hands gingerly, then lowered her head and planted a closed-mouth kiss on a bare spot of leather. Buddy rewarded her obedience by a smack on the back of her head, "Ah!" she cried out.

"Bitch," he snarled, "You call that a kiss? Use your fucking tongue. Lick it like you'd lick your lover's dick."

Not wanting to be hurt more, the coed stuck out her pink tongue and ran it up and down the length of the scourge, carefully avoiding the sharpened metal bits. She licked it all the way up one way, the glanced at us, but since we didn't tell her to stop, she licked it back down, lapping at it with her tongue interspersed with open-mouthed kissed. Then, as she kissed and licked the scourge up again, I said, "Hey bro, I wonder how many strokes it will take to rip all the skin off of her thighs with this?"

"It will take more if you're careful about it," Buddy joked and we both laughed. The coed kept kissing the scourge, her tears dripping onto it, adding to her saliva making the leather shiny. "Now for me," Buddy said, "I wonder if I can hit her tits so hard with it I make milk exploded out of them."

"Haha, I'm not sure mammaries work like that man,"

Buddy gave me a shit-eating grin, "Well man, we'd better try it just in case. For science!" He both roared with laughter as the sobbing girl licked and kissed the instrument of her impending destruction as if it were a lover's cock.


"Ok, whore," I told her, "Get up. Leave the toy on the table, and stand in front of us."

She did so, hands at her side, in her spike-inch heels and erotic lingerie, white lace against creamy skin. "Now, we're going to play a fun little game with you. You like games, don't you bitch? Don't say a fucking word, bitch, just nod."

The redhead nodded, biting her lower lip.

"Good, I knew you did. Now, we're fair and sporting gentlemen, and I'm pretty sure you don't want us to flay you alive with that scourge, right?"

The girl shook her head, sniffling back tears. Her chest heaved, making her C-cup titties shake in their white lace demibra.

"Ok, well then, we're going to give you one chance to earn a reprieve. Just one. Fail us and we'll put that toy you made for us to good use. Now, here's the deal. You are going to give us the most erotic, sensuous dance ever, a full-contact lap dance, and then you are going to give us the best blowjobs of our lives. If you can suck us both off and swallow our cum, we'll let you go. But if you don't seem into it, or if you hesitate, or if we just don't like the quality of your cock-sucking, well then, you will get what you righteously deserve," I nodded in the direction of the scourge.

"Do you understand, bitch?"

Again, the redheaded coed nodded, and without further prompting, began swaying her body back and forth. Behind her on the motel room wall was a painting with three squares - one red, one blue and one yellow - overlapping at the edges. Someone's idea of art I guess.

We sat back, laughing and drinking beers, as the redhead coed toy danced for us. She put her hands behind her neck and leaned forward, shaking her tits in front of my face, then shifting over to do the same for Buddy. He chuckled and said, "You keep doing it sexy like that and I'll keep picturing how nice it's gonna be to skin those titties of yours. Hey bitch, where you going! Come back here and shake those things for me. Such nice little titties you got. You gotta show your new playmates your goods."

Buddy didn't seem to get tired of the redhead coed shaking her tits in his face, he had her do it for five minutes straight. Finally he'd had enough and dismissed her with a wave. The girl gyrated over to where I was sitting, turned around and grabbed her ankles, showing me her lingerie-clad snatch. She rotated her ass, humping her hips back and forth. She looked back at me with half-lidded eyes and made a low moaning sound, like she really wanted my cock in her snatch. She licked her lips and sucked on her finger. She backed up until her panties were on my lap, and she kept gyrating her hips, raising and lowering her ass and making fantastic "please fuck me now" moans.

(This is why I say all women want to be raped. This bitch was just begging for my cock. Now, you might try to make an argument that we were somehow coercing her, but I don't believe it for a minute. She made a choice between getting hided by the scourge and asking us to fuck her like a wild slut. A college coed asking the two studs who had kidnapped her to fuck her! And some people have the nerve to call it "rape.")

Buddy growled low, and the coed jumped off me and got down on all fours, crawling over to him, shaking her tits and ass as she did so. It wasn't a far distance, but she put a lot of work into gyrating the entire way. She put her head into his lap. Since Buddy's cock was snuggled back in his pants, the girl had to satisfy her lust for cock by licking his zipper up and down, up and down, all the while wiggling her ass and looking up into his death's-head ski mask. Her red hair flowed over her shoulders, lit in the dim lit like glowing embers.

I reached over and grabbed the scourge, experimentally smacking it on the side of the chair. The snap of it made the coed jump up. She turned her head to me, "Keep going," I instructed her, "No one told you to stop."

The coed turned around and stood up, then started gyrating her hips on Buddy's crotch, giving him a really good lap dance. I handed the scourge to her, "Kiss it," I demanded, smiling and leaning back.

Our toy didn't stop giving buddy a lap-dance as she gingerly raised the spiked strop to her face and started planting wet, open-mouthed kisses on it. "Run it over your tits, bitch,"

The girl popped her tits out of the demi-bra, and started sliding the dull-edge side of the strop over her perky C-cups. I felt bad for my friend; he liked hurting big tits, and these ones - while I could appreciate how lovely and well-formed they were - were too small for him. I personally am an open-minded guy; I don't care how large they are so long as they look nice. But I supposed, all other things being equal, I would prefer D-cup over C-cups. Just more there to play with.

The coed rubbed leather and metal rubbed against her tits, making her nipples hard. "Bring those knockers over here," I commanded. She once again got down on all fours, put the scourge between her teeth, and crawled on all fours across the small room to me, taking her time to make it as sexy a crawl as she could, ass up, tits exposed, head held high, her hair out of her face. I took the strop from her mouth when she got to me; I briefly considered rewarding her for playing along so nicely by smacking her face with it, but decided against that. Plenty of time for that later. The bitch stood up and mashed her tits together around my face, straddling my knee with her legs and dry-humping herself on me as she pressed her tits into my face. I raised my ski-mask to expose my mouth and put her hard nipples in my mouth, pushing her tits together so I could get both in my mouth at once. The coed held onto me with one hand for balance, using her other hand to stroke my crotch.

I popped her delicious nippers out of my mouth for long enough to ask her, "Do you want to fuck me, whore?" She made a moaning sound that sounded like a yes. "Show my how wet you are, show me how much you want it?" I put my hand down her lingerie panties, not surprised to find her slit dry.

"You lying cunt!" I snarled at her around a mouthful of nipples, "I'll teach you to be a liar!" I grabbed her clitoris between my fingernails and squeezed. The coed screamed and jerked away. I kicked her knee and she collapsed, head in my crotch. "Problem with you fucking girls these days is you don't know when someone's trying to be nice to you. Suck my cock bitch!"


The sharp slaps I gave her pretty face were accompanied by whimpers from her as she got down on her knees and got busy with the important work of making my dick happy. She held her wrists behind her back just as I had instructed her and used her lips and teeth to unfasten the button of my jeans and pull the zipper down; then she grabbed the hem on my pants and pulled them down. Next she did the same to my underwear, until my cock burst free of its confines, slapping her in the face as it did so. The little squeal of surprise she emitted as my dick smacked her nose was precious.

"Remember, bitch, if I feel any teeth I'll put the gag back on you and shove my dick down your throat until you choke to death on it," The coed nodded, agreeing that she did not want to die in such an ironic fashion. Once the toy had my underwear around my ankles, she looked up into my eyes (although she was looking into my death's-head ski mask) and kissed my balls. She planted a kiss on each of my nuts, then lapped at them with her tongue, rolling them in their sacks. Despite myself, I groaned in pleasure. I say 'despite myself' because it is never good to give a bitch feedback that you're enjoying anything she does to you. It gives her too much power. In order to ensure best cooperation and obedience, a bitch must always believe she's just on the edge of being punished. I know this must sound counterintuitive to anyone who's raised a child or trained a dog, but I'm sure if unbiased scientific studies of human female training were done, they would prove out every word I'm saying. Human females are the most perverse animals in the animal kingdom. No other female animal displays its sexual charms so openly, or fights against their evolutionarily assigned role so hard.

The redheaded coed bitch now had both of my testicles in her mouth, gently pressing against them with her tongue. Her eyes were fixed on mine. She popped my balls out of her mouth, pressed her nose into my scrotum, and French kissing my nuts. Then she worked her way up my hard cockshaft, planting delicate kisses on the high ridge followed by flirtatious little licks of her tongue. She kept her hands behind her back obediently. Finally, she reached my sensitive glans. She ran her tongue around the ridge, then kissed the tip of it. She looked at me as if she wanted to say something, but I just growled at her and the bitch got on with her job. She put my cock head in her mouth and sucked on it, running her tongue repeatedly over my piss-slit. My balls dangled on her pert breasts, and she rocked back and forth on her heels to massage them.

"How's the cunt at cocksucking?" Buddy asked, lazily stretching behind her. He picked up the studded leather scourge. The redheaded coed bobbed her head on my cock.

"Eh," I said, "I've had better. Much better. Shit, I've had better this month." My thoughts went back to those Catholic school girl triplets; I'd placed them so two of the sisters were kissing my cock as I face-fucked of the third. Now that had been a really great blowjob session. "Lazy cunt needs some encouragement, if you would oblige me, Buddy."

"Sure thing?" Buddy said, and I could hear the cruel smile in his voice. He laid the studded scourge down on the coed's back. She jerked and tried to look around, but I held her ears tight, "Keep working your mouth on my cock, bitch. My Buddy here's gonna encourage you to suck better. Maybe if you do, I'll tell him to lay off. Understand?" The bitch's eyes got real wide staring into mine and she bobbed her head "yes", mouth stretched wide around my cock.

Buddy drew the scourge slowly up our toy's naked back. I could see the fear in her eyes. "Don't stop sucking my cock and don't stop looking at me. You have very pretty eyes, it'd be a shame if I had to gouge them out to punish you for being disobedient."

The coed kept bobbing up and down, up and down on my cock, her saliva running down my shaft, when buddy slapped her back with the scourge for the first time. It had been a lazy underhanded blow with barely any force it it, but the bitch jerked like a madwoman. I had to dig my thumbs into her cheeks to prevent her from biting me. I pushed her head off my precious cock and - holding her jaw with one hand - backhanded her with the other SLAP!

"What the fuck is wrong with you, bitch? I don't want to ever feel your fucking teeth again, got me, bitch?" I smacked her forehanded and then backhanded again. "Open your eyes when I'm talking to you, bitch!" The coed's eyes fluttered open, and she turned her gaze at me - which had no doubt aroused so much unreciprocated lust in teenage boys - with fear and pain in her eyes.

"Maybe we should just gag her again," Buddy suggested, slapping her back lightly with the scourge again, not even hard enough for any of the metal studs to break skin, but tears welled up in the coed's eyes as if it had actually hurt her. I sighed. This bitch had been giving me a good blowjob, but I couldn't ignore my friend's advice. No amount of good cock-sucking equaled getting your dick bit by some worthless coed whore. "Go ahead and get it,"

The coed looked up at me in abject terror, "No please don't put that in my mouth again please I hate it... please... AAAAHHH!" the cute coed screamed as Buddy let her feel what the scourge really felt like as he slashed it down between her shoulder blades. "Why the fuck is this cunt talking again?" He said. "Hold her spew-hole open," He said, as he set the scourge down on the bed and walked behind her with the medical gag. It's stained steel contrasted nicely with her peaches-and-cream skin.

The coed twisted her face around out of my grip and looked at Buddy hulking over her with the medical gag, and that's when the last bit of spunk welled up in her.


The bitch sprang up, jerking from my grip - in my own defense, I was still a bit in a blowjob-coma - , and grabbed the whip from the side of the bed. Buddy's hands were full, and by the time he rallied, she was already at the door, throwing the latch back and trying the handle. Buddy moved forward, snarling and reaching out at her. The coed screamed incoherently with rage and spun around, slashing wildly with the scourge. Buddy snatched his hand back, but too late - blood welled between the fingers of his other hand as he held his right.

"You fucking monsters!" the coed was screaming now. Her high-pitched voice was almost comically screeching at us, "You two assholes are going to pay for what you've done to me! You'll rot in prison, you fucking assholes. I know your names - Sam and Buddy. Well, Sam and Buddy, I hope you two get raped every day in prison."

With her left hand she was turning the motel door's knob, with the other she was waving the scourge out in front of her.

"Fucking whore!" Buddy snarled, sucking at his wound, "You will fucking pay for that!"

"That's the least of what you deserve asshole."

I slid onto the bed, hoping to get around her somehow. I needed to stall her. "Sam and Buddy aren't are real names, bitch. Where do you think you're going, all naked like that?"

"I don't care! Away from you crazy fuckers!"

"You'll draw attention in the buff like that, pretty girl like you. Probably attract a couple of real rapists..."

"Fuck you!" she snarled. I was close enough now to try and grab her; she lashed out at me with the scourge. She handled the weapon badly; I evaded her blow by stepping back again. The coed took the opportunity to yank at the door. She pulled, the door began to open... then stopped.

"What the fuck?" She turned, dropping the scourge and yanked at the doorhandle with both hands. "Open up you fucking thing! Help me! Help meeeeee!"

She screamed and banged on the door, but obviously didn't see the simple wooden wedge we had set under the door to prevent just this kind of naive escape attempt. I told you, Buddy and I aren't lucky - we're smart. Well, smart and lucky. I body-slammed the naked female into the door, wrapping her up in a bear hug and hauling her off her feet. Her legs kicked out, and she was screaming the most unladylike obscenities.

"Buddy," I said and she gave repeated kicks to my shins, "Would you do the honors please?"

Buddy was looking at his bleeding hand. "The bitch hurt me," he was saying, "the bitch fucking hurt me."

"Buddy," I said, "I kind of need you to help me subdue this bitch. We're going to punish her for hurting you, believe me."

Buddy looked up at the bitch with a snarl on his face. "Cunt!" He screamed. He lunged at her, driving a fist into her stomach. She made a sound like "Urkhhhh," and he pounded her stomach again. Then he grabbed her neck, squeezed it until her eyes bugged out, "Fucking whore! I should kill you right now for hurting me!"

Then he let go of her throat and rammed his fist into her solar plexus. The girl jerked in my arms and went limp, so I tossed her on the bed. "Fuck man," I said, then laughed, "That was intense!"

"Fucking bitch hurt me," Buddy said, looking at his hand again. He waved at our toy, "I'm gonna fuck this whore up good when I get done wrapping up my hand. You think you can handle her until I get back?"

I was still laughing, "Yeah man, of course, yeah."

I took a zip-tie and zipped the cunt's wrists together behind her back, then flipped her over and inserted the medical gag into her mouth while she was still unconscious. Then I sat on her chest and pushed her small tits around my fat cock, giving myself a tit-wank while the bitch woke up groggily. I bashed her on the side of her head to startle her into full consciousness. "Whore," I snarled, "You really don't fucking know what's good for you, do you? You made Buddy angry, and now there's absolutely nothing you can do but suffer. You don't want to see the last girl who physically hurt him - well, you can't. There's nothing left of her to see." I massaged my hard-on between her tits as I explained her fate to her. Honestly, it wasn't very much different than what her fate would have been had she not gotten uppity. A few minor particulars, is all.

She moaned a noise that sounded like, "oooo, oooo, eeeesss..." Retard drool ran down her chin. I looked into her mouth at her waggling tongue. Even bound up and helpless, this bitch still wanted to gab on. I figured I really had to fix that.

"Hey Sam, stop fucking those stupid small titties of hers so I can whip the skin off them." Buddy had come out of the bathroom, a bloody bandage wrapped around his right hand.

"Cunt did quite a number on you, didn't she?"

"Might have to go in and get stitches man."

"Fuck that, Buddy. You know the rule - no authorities involved whatsoever. I'll stitch you up later."

He frowned at me, "You're a butcher."


I grinned at him, "Yeah yeah, cry me a river. Speaking of which... get me one of them five inch needles and a pair of pliers."

He winked at me, "Finally got tired of the bitch's moaning, huh?" I rubbed the bitch's tits as I looked down at her face, eyes crying, mouth gaping open and drooling. She just kept burbling "o eese oot hurt eee..." I noticed she had recently trimmed her eyebrows, and they described a sexy arc over her eyelids. God, it made me insane, thinking of how these whores put so much effort into being cockteases. Why does no-one else see the truth? My cock twitched at the thought of what I was about to do.

Buddy came over, handed me the pliers and a five-inch long surgical steel needle, thoroughly stained. Usually medical tools are sanitized between uses. Naturally, Buddy and I don't see the need to go to that kind of trouble. I think the risk of infection is the least of our toys' worries.

"Gonna have me a ride in her cunt-shaft while you work, man,"

"Go ahead. She doesn't mind, do you cuntlet?" I grabbed her face and forced her to look up into my death's-head ski mask. "You fucking college whores love getting "raped" by older men, don't you?"

"Oooo.... Eeease...." The redheaded coed replied. Since the medical gag stretching her jaw made her words unintelligible , I took that to mean, "Yes sir, I love being fucked by studs like you." Well, if she thought that kind of cooperation was going to stay my fun, she had another thing coming.

I felt Buddy behind me; he grabbed the redheaded coed's ankles and spread them wide, his strong hands easily overpowering her kicking legs, and I felt the college girl rock under me as he slammed his huge dick up her cunt, roaring with pleasure as he did so. "Cunt's tight," he bellowed. He was rocking her hard already, zero to sixty in no seconds flat.

"Hey may, take it easy, I'm trying to perform some delicate fucking surgery here."

"Uh uh uuuuuhhh..." the coed added to the conversation.

"Shut your hole, you stupid fucking whore!" I snarled at her, smacking the top of her head again. Her head lolled on a pile of red hair like a scarlet ocean. I grabbed the hair on the top of her head to hold it still. "Now, this might pinch just a little.... Hahaha! Who am I kidding, this is going to hurt you a lot, you fucking cum-dumpster!"

I reached into her gaping mouth with the pliers and squeezed them over her tongue. Of course I had to play, "Can't catch me," with her tongue for a bit, but it was a game she was going to loose. One hulking stud holding your legs while another stud sits on your chest is not exactly an advantageous situation to be in. I don't even know why they fight - seriously, what's up with that? Why struggle against us at all? Once we take a female as a toy, we are going to have our way with her. And no, she's not going to enjoy it, there's no chance of that at all - but fighting us serves no purpose whatsoever. Honestly, if they just laid back like dead weight, they'd be no fun to fuck and torture, so we would be done with them sooner. The best toys all wiggle and cry at just the right moments.

This particular redheaded toy was about the middle of the spectrum of fun. A little too docile for Buddy's tastes, to be sure - he likes to really have to use force to break them, in addition to disappointing him with her small C-cup tits. Seriously, it should be a fucking law or something - if a bitch is born with smaller than D cups, she should get mandatory breast enlargement surgery (Which she has to pay for of course - no use wasting tax-payer money on such frivolities.) But hey, if I were in charge, things would be a lot better for everyone.

Buddy held his dick implanted in the bitch's twat while I worked. I snared her tongue with my pliers, "Ah-ha! Gotcha! Thought you could resist me, you fucking whore?" I pulled her tongue out of her mouth, turning the tightening lock of the pliers with my thumb, until her pink tongue poked out of her gaping mouth an entire inch. "Do it, Sam," Buddy encouraged me, "Teach this fucking whore to keep her mouth still."

Keeping her tongue stretched out of her mouth with one hand (she tried to turn her head from side to side, but what could she do with me stretching her tongue out?), I raised the five inch needle in front of the whore's face. She crossed her eyes to focus on it and moaned loudly, "Yeah, you're gonna love this trick, you whore... or not," I giggled, "I hope not."

Then I pressed the needle against her tongue, as close to its base as I could manage. Ever the perfectionist, I had to remove the needle and reinsert it several times before I was happy with its position. Then I forced it through; it made a happy little splurt noise as it came out the bottom side of the redhead's tongue.

"Damn, this cumrag's cunt is clenching up tight," Buddy sighed, sawing his fat cock in and out of her baby-making hole, watching her vulva grip his fat cockshaft.

I poked the needle through her tongue, and then let go. The ends of the needle extended past her pried-open lips, preventing her from retracting her tongue. The bitch was sobbing now, making funny little hurtk-hurk noises. Maybe I was sitting too heavily on her chest. I waggled my finger in front of her face, "All bitches should be treated like this so they know how to hold their tongue! Haha!"

Buddy chortled at my joke behind me. I gave my cock a few extra wanks with the coed's titties, then stood up off her, a long slimy rope of pre-cum stretching from the tip of my manhood to her pert little nipples. "I want you to fucking destroy those tits," I told Buddy, whose fingers were now digging into the bitch's waist, thrusting and pulling her around on his dick while her legs uselessly flopped about, spread wide on either side of him.

"No worries, Sam. This bitch fucking owes me. This bitch headbutted me in the parking lot, then hit my hand, and worst of all, she only has C-cups. This bitch's tits are gonna bleed AAARRRRR." He whooped as he pulled the bitch hard down on his cock, I'm sure his dick was so far up inside her it was pressing against her cervix, and he spent his orgasm deep inside her. "Whore!" he screamed out, "I'm gonna get you fucking pregnant! Take my sperm into your fertile woooooomb!"

I gave buddy a lopsided grin, "Err, man, I don't think she'll last long enough to squeeze out a snatch-burger."

Buddy was panting now, leaning down over her, his elbows on either side of her head, the redhead coed's pert nipples tickling his pecs. Buddy raised his ski-mask to expose his mouth; with one hand he grabbed her hair and forced the sobbing girl's face around so he could hurk a wad of spit into it. "Fucking whore!" the glob of spit landed next to her left eye and ran down her cheek, sliding down with her tears. Then he opened his mouth and sucked on the inch of her tongue that was protruding from her mouth.

"Ew, man, that's gross. Why are you putting your mouth on her tongue? Don't you know our cocks have been in that mouth?"

"It's called a kiss, asshole. Girl's like it. Maybe if you'd been kissed as a boy you wouldn't be a fucking rapist now."

I considered this thoughtfully, watching Buddy suck on the coed's tongue as his cock softened in her pussy. "Well," I decided, "If that were the case, I'm happy it didn't happen. There's three and a half billion dicks on this planet, and I'm confident mine is the happiest dick in the world."

"Next to mine, of course," Buddy said. His cock was soft now, and he stuffed it into his jeans. "Hold on, I gotta pee."

"Me too, bro. But why waste the toilet?" I said, winking at him. He laughed, grabbed the coed's shoulder and pushed her off her feet. She stood on wobbly legs, still in the six-inch fetish heels, hands zipped behind her back, gagged and tongue-protruding. Pink-tinged drool ran out of her mouth. "Get in the fucking bathroom, whore!" Buddy shouted and pushed her in front of him. The buck-naked, gagged, bound, tongue-protruding coed shuffled in front of him, sniffling and sobbing.

We sat the coed down with her back to the open toilet, then pushed her head down until her hair was floating in the toilet water, the profile of her face just level with the top of the ceramic bowl. Buddy put his boot resting on the bowl and her forehead so she couldn't pull up. She looked up at us with a question in her eyes. Was the bitch really so stupid she didn't know what was about to happen to her? I took a few sheets of toilet paper, balled them up and pushed them into her nose. Now, I'm not a bad person, so I gave her a piece of advice as I jammed the last piece of toilet paper up her nostril, "Swallow or drown,"

The dumbfounded look on her eyes changed to one of surprise then disgust then horror - all in a fraction of a second, as Buddy and I whipped out our cocks, took at aim her face (particularly her pink tongue protruding from her mouth, which made for a sexy bulls-eye), and let rip with heavy streams of beer-fueled urine. The two sickly green piss-streams collided against her tongue, then flowed down into her mouth. Naturally, she couldn't close her mouth to resist the piss, or use her tongue to help expel it. In fact, her swallow reflex kicked in and she started gulping down Buddy and my piss. I aimed a bit up, splashing her face and soaking the toilet paper in her nose with my piss, so I could be sure all she was smelling was my rancid piss. Buddy splashed his stream up her face, spraying it into her closed eyes and over her forehead, before returning and finishing off in her mouth.

"Damn, that was fun!" Buddy proclaimed, as he shook his dick of in the redheaded coed's face, "Gotta go recharge my fuel now." Finally, the bitch swallowed the last of my piss stream, and after shaking my own cock off in her face, I took a proffered beer. I downed it in one long chug, and changed it for another. "I agree. But we gotta duct-tape the cunt's eyes open next time, fucking bitch, closing her eyes when we piss in her face, so fucking rude."

We went back into the bathroom, where the coed had turned herself over and was retching into the toilet. "Stupid bitch! How dare you fucking disrespect me like that? I put my fucking piss in you, I don't want you vomiting it out!" She turned her head to look at me, vomit and piss running out of her gaping mouth and over protruding tongue. I delivered a kick with by boot right into her open cunt. She squealed and tried to buck up, but I pushed her face down into the vomity-pissy water in the toilet (since she had no way of flushing the toilet), and kicked her in the cunt again. Her body gave a great heave and she vomited with her mouth under the water.

I spat on my hand and pumped my dick a few times to get it hard (it's really not difficulty to get your dick from soft to hard instantaneously when there's a naked, abused and helpless coed at your feet). After giving the redhead a third kick for good measure, I knelt behind her and penetrated her asshole again. I really love fucking bitches in the ass. Have I mentioned how incredibly tight this girl was? I don't think she'd ever done it in the ass before. Well, she was certainly making up for lost time now. I only had time for a few strokes when Buddy yelled, "Come on man! Those tits aren't gonna skin themselves!"

I hauled the bitch upright; she gurgled for air and then I spun her around and shoved her head under the running shower to clean her off. The bitch took a deep breath and exhaled through her nose, expelling the piss-soaked toilet paper that had been up there followed by a twin jet of urine. When she was clean, I hauled up and crab-walked into the other room. Buddy laughed at the sight of me walking around with a coed's ass impaled by my cock.

"You gonna keep fucking her like that while I skin her tits?" Buddy asked, experimentally waving the scourge in the air in front of our toy. The girl's eyes followed it, tears or maybe just water running down her cheeks.

"Sure, why not?" I said, shrugging, a motion which bounced the coed an inch on my dick. "Bet the bitch'll give me a good ride as thanks for treating her like the worthless cumrag she is. Just be sure not to nick me, man. You know how squeamish I am."

"I'll be careful," Buddy said. I stood, legs wide for balance, the bitch's feet flailing six inches from the ground, with my arms under her elbows and my hands wrapped behind her neck in a classic headlock. Because her wrists were bound behind her back, this position put a lot of strain on her arms and shoulders, and I'm sure it couldn't be comfortable. I couldn't have cared less. This position also forced the bitch's face down so she'd have a good view of the damage Buddy was about to do to her charms. I bent forward at the waist slightly so her titties could dangle a little more.

"Ready, Sam?"

"Ready, Buddy!"

"AAAAAAAAAHHH!" the coed screamed as Buddy laid the scourge across her right breast. I had the best seat in the house, looking down over the redhead head as her tit flattened against her chest as the scourge smashed against it, drawing over her flesh and then her titmeat snapping back with a warble. "AAAAAAAHH!" the coed continued screaming, as - just as I had expected - her anus clenched hard on my fat cock. I was in heaven, while the bitch was in hell. I can't think of a more copacetic state of affairs.

"AAAAIIIIHHH!" she screamed as Buddy lashed down on her left tit. I noticed he was using the blunt side of the scourge. Still, it left nasty red stripes in its wake. The coed blubbered in pain, drool and tears dripping from her face onto her tits.

"AAAAH!" she screamed as the scourge found her right tit again. The toy never had time to unclench her anus between blows, they were coming fast and furious now. Buddy really really hates tits, they drive him insane, and although he reserves his best sadism for bigger funbags, I was happy to see he wasn't going to spare this little bitch just because she had C-cups.


Buddy landed blow after blow with unrestrained force on the coed's titties. She wailed a nonstop howl and my dick got squeezed until it hurt. After two minutes of this treatment there was no spot of flesh on her tits without a whip-mark, and Buddy paused for a breather. I pushed the coed's head down onto the bed and grabbed her hips, fucking her hard and fast up her shit-hole, provoking these wonderful little squealing noises from her. Buddy knelt on the bed and lifted her head up by her hair. She looked helpless and pleading up at the man who had just beaten her tits. Did the stupid bitch expect us to show mercy on her? Buddy yanked the needle from her tongue so he could thrust his fat cock into her mouth. We double-fucked the bitch like this for five minutes; Buddy was just using her mouth and throat like a cunt. The bitch gagged as his cock sawed in and out of her throat. He grabbed her ears and forced her mouth over the base of his cock, smashing her nose into his pubes. "Fucking whore!" He screamed at her, smacking the top of her head repeatedly, "I should kill you with my dick right now!" He left her there until her face turned blue, then pulled out completely. He pulled her face up by her hair and hockered in her face again, the glob landing right in her eye, "No such luck for you, whore. Time for more pain!"

I stood up again, hooked my arms under her shoulders and held her in position. The long anal-fuck session was making my cock super-sensitive. Buddy stood a few feet away, idly swinging the scourge, flexing his muscles. His hard cock jutted straight up into the air. The bone-white skull on his ski mask half-glowed in the dim light of the motel room. He was a figure of vengeful manhood, ready to strike a blow for freedom.

I didn't have long to wait for the blows. Soon the chorus of girlish screams and the smack of leather on flesh filled the small room again. The coed's anus clenched down on my sensitive dick so hard I had to fight against the urge to cum. I wasn't as young as Buddy was. There was a time I could cum three times in a night no problem, but at my age, I'm lucky to cum twice. It's made me learn to be more circumspect with my loads, not just blowing them into any orifice I can.

After another five minutes of furious smacks against our toy's tits, her tits were welted blue and black. I pushed her head back on the bed.

"Watch out man, this bitch's back needs a good hiding." I straightened up, grabbing her hips and violating her anus with vigor. "You want me to deal with her hands?" I asked him, as her hands were still zipped behind her back, putting her arms in the way of access to her back.

"Nah, I got it man," Buddy said. He grabbed her hands and pulled them straight up, pushing them up and up until they rose above her head. He didn't stop shoving until both of the coed's shoulders popped, then he looped a rope over her hands and tied the other end around the headboard of the bed. The coed lay pressed flat on the bed, her head on one side, drool pooling out of her mouth, whimpers escaping her mouth. "This is a fraction of what you deserve, cunt," I told her, but I guess she wasn't in the mood to debate philosophy with me.

The scourge pounded into the bitch's back, lash lash lash. I pulled back on her hips a little to keep her arms stretched. Buddy grabbed her hair and inserted his cock in her mouth, just letting it rest there as he continued to whip her back, slash after slash. Buddy was less meticulous than he was enthusiastic, smacking the dull side of the scourge down on her back, punishing this brainless twat for all of her crimes - crimes like being a pretty cockteaser.

The aching in my cock reached a climax, and I knew I had to cum. I gave buddy the signal, he cut the ropes on her arms with one swift motion, and I yanked her off the bed; Buddy kicked her legs out from under her until she was on her knees in front of me, face-hole gaping up at me. I spurted my hot white cum directly into her mouth. Buddy help my orgasm by kicking the coed between her legs, her face contorting with pain as I sprayed ejaculate all over it. While my cock was still spurting, I jammed its length into her face, shoving the loads I had already deposited into her gaping mouth down her throat and ejaculating another sticky rope of cum directly into her belly. "Argh!" I whooped in victory over this coed bitch, "If I had my way, all you bitches would eat nothing but cum forever!" I held her ears and jammed her face into my crotch, bucking my hips as I pumped what seemed like endless into her stomach, the world around me dissolving with the brain-blasting power of my orgasm.

Finally spent, I pulled her head off my dick. Blood trickled down her nose. Apparently, I had face-fucked her so hard I had broken her nose. Serves her right. Pretty little girl like her going to college and playing the intellectual chick routine, instead of becoming a cum-guzzling whore like she should be. It comes down to bad parenting, really. All this feminism and equal-rights bullshit makes them think they are human beings, and makes them not willing to fuck any stinking man who wants to use them to get his rocks off.

I pushed the coed's head back and she collapsed onto the floor, a broken woman. I sat back on the battered chair, smoking a cigarette and drinking a beer while Buddy continued having his fun with the girl. He pulled her off the ground and face-fucked her for a while, then pushed her back down on all fours. "Crawl for me, bitch! Crawl!!" he hollered. The trembling coed crawled on all fours around the room, with Buddy a step behind her, filling the room with the sounds of the scourge scouring her butt-flesh. After making three circuits around the bed, he pushed her face into the carpet and rammed his dick home in her cunt, violating our toy doggy-style for fifteen minutes before bellowing his lust and cumming in her vagina again. He pulled out, and the traumatized coed drew her knees up to her chest, whimpering and gasping for breath. Buddy removed the gag from her mouth, and immediately the raped-and-battered coed  - because she just loves running her mouth - mewled, "Please... let me go... *sniffle*"

"Shut up filthy whore!" Buddy barked at her. His boot stomped down on her head, knocking her lights out.


I woke up and opened my eyes to the lovely sight of our redheaded coed's face crushed into the bed next to mine, her face turned toward me and tears gushing out of her eyes. She looked me in the eyes, her lips quivering as if she wanted to beg me for help. Maybe she remembered I was one of the two studs who had kidnapped her for use as a sex toy? Maybe she was just in too much pain to speak, because just then, she was shoved roughly forward and she let out a low mewl of pain.

I looked down the sensuous arc of her naked body and saw Buddy behind her, up on his toes on the bed, fucking her anus with hard, violent strokes and mashing her neck down with his hand. The clock said it I had been asleep for eight hours.

My cock was achingly hard with a morning piss-hardon, so I sat up in bed, shifting in front of her. I grabbed the coed's hair and told her to open up as I took the medical gag from the nightstand. Her eyes grew wide when she saw it. "No please," she begged, her voice made small and timid - just as a woman should be - by twelve hours of brutal torture-fucking, "I won't bite." I slapped her face and forced her jaw open, then ratcheted the gag until drool ran copiously from her gaping mouth. I pushed my iron-hard dick down her gullet, and once I felt her esophagus clamp over my cockhead I opened up my bladder directly into the coed's stomach. Buddy kept ramming the bitch from behind, pushing her face further and further toward my hairy crotch until finally my gray crotch hairs entered her nose, and then her nose smashed against my crotch. I put my hands on the top of her head and bucked my hips a little as I emptied my bladder directly in the girl's stomach. Gentlemen, if you've never had your morning piss-hardon sucked off by a nubile young coed, I heartily recommend it as one of the more subtle and refined pleasures in life.

Man, I had a lot of piss this morning. I think I drank six beers last night and they were all coming out now. I guess she must have been suffocating on my dick. I didn't care, that was her problem, not mine. "How's her ass, man?" I asked Buddy.

"Heh," he said, "When I first stuck it up her shit-hole this morning she barely made a sound, so I took the Tenderizer too it and now she can't stop screaming." The Tenderizer was a simple wooden dowel wrapped with fine-grain sandpaper. We use it for exactly these kinds of situations; when there's a bitch's hole that need to be re-sensitized. Hardly any use fucking a bitch if it doesn't hurt them as well.

"It's almost 5:30 man. We should finish this bitch off and get out of here."

Buddy nodded, "I've been thinking of the best way to snuff this bitch. I want to lash her with the scourge until she dies."

Did I feel the coed twitch a little when he said that? Surely, she couldn't have believed she was getting out alive, not after we two studs got her. Sure, I mean, I promised her we'd let her go if she obeyed, but that was just part of the game. If she's so stupid she believed me, well that's not my problem either. Lying to a bitch isn't a crime.

I said, "Anyway, yeah, I was thinking we'd just strangle her to death while double-fucking her or something. Keep it simple. Don't want to get too much blood all over this nice clean motel room."

The coed had her hands against my hips and was trying to push back against me, trying to breath. Why? She was so weak and I was so strong she wouldn't get anywhere. She'd breathe again when I allowed her to.

Buddy scowled, ramming his dick into her ass with a squelching noise. Down the arc of her back, I saw an ounce of blood explode from her anus and coat his crotch. I giggled; fucking bitch was always cock-teasing men with her ass, she deserved to have it cause her pain. I briefly regretted the fact that we couldn't hurt this bitch longer; maybe after another day of ass-torture she'd have an inkling of what it was like to be a man blue-balled by her wiggling buttocks on campus.

"I was hoping we'd get to flay her alive. She needs to be punished for having such small tits."

I smirked; if our toy's tits had been larger, what he would have said was, "She needs to be punished for having such large tits." I think he really just means, "She needs to be punished for having tits," which is a sentiment I can get behind.

I made a thoughtful face. The bitch was now hitting my hips with her fists as I held her face down. I was wrong; she wasn't suffocating, she was able to drag in a few small breaths through her nose. I had finished pissing her breakfast down her throat. "And she made that torture belt for us all nice and stuff. Well, we don't want to get too much blood around here. You remember what happened that one time, the cleaning lady noticed the blood stains and we had to deal with her too?"

Buddy made a face, "Yeah. That was unpleasant." He was thoughtful a moment as he pounded the coed's ass. I finally let up on her head, and my cock pulled out of her spasming throat with a sucking noise. I slid underneath the girl so I could sink my cock into her pussy and thrust up into her. Her drool dribbled onto my face and I wiped it away, disgusted. It smelled like piss. God, what a disgusting whore.

And then Buddy said, "Ok, there's something I want to try."

"What's that, bro?" I asked as we double-stuffed the coed. Her eyes were bloodshot and puffy from crying.

"Donkey punch!" was all he replied.

I laughed, "Donkey punch!" I hooted in response. This was going to be fun.

The coed looked at me through a halo of red hair, and made a sound, "Oooooooo," She shook her head and begged me with her eyes. I guess she knew what a donkey punch was. I pumped rapidly into her helpless cunt and laughed at her. "Ain't no mercy here, bitch.  You're going to die for our sexual pleasure because you are young and pretty, and nothing you ever did or said was going to change your fate." I spat in her face, "Fuck you, whore!"

Buddy and I increased our tempo, fucking her as a team, aware of each other's growing lust. Buddy bent over, gathered up the coed's hair and held it like reigns. She made these tiny little squeaking noises as we fucked her.

Finally, it was time. Buddy looked at me and I said, "Now, man, now!" We both jammed our cocks all he way into her holes, and just as we both started to orgasm into her, buddy donkey-punched the back of her head. I heard the crack and laughed as the coed's eyes rolled into the back of her head, her body spasming around us, intensifying our orgasms.

The bitch didn't stop vibrating like that until half a minute later, as we were still unloading deep into the helpless coed, Buddy reared up and delivered a blow with the back of his fist where her spine met her skull. I heard the vertebrae in her neck crack, and her face filled with an expression of ultimate pain that sent my a final wave of cum boiling out of my balls and into her womb. Buddy and I screamed as we ejaculated into her in unison, and then we pushed the bitch's corpse off the bed. I jumped up and high-fived my friend. We got beers from the mini-fridge, and putting our feet on the girl's corpse like hunters who had bagged the big game, we toasted ourselves and our successful evening.

I won't bore you with the details of clean-up and how we disposed of the redheaded coed's corpse, but suffice it to say, she will never be found.

Just as we will never be stopped.

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