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Sado Sisters

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Synopsis: Two naughty, wet, horny, sisters get punished


       A gorgeous twenty year old Sabrina got out of the shower. She was a tall blond with large breasts, a flat tummy and a small strip of dark pubic hair that barely was visible between her legs. Sabrina took a fluffy pink towel from the cabinet beneath the sink and dried her face with it. She unfolded the fluffy towel and gently pated her neck, she continued drying herself between her large breasts and then she gently started wiping the water of her tummy. Next she dried herself between her legs, softly wiping her delicate pussy. After she patted her legs, she placed the towel on the sink. She brushed her palm over her course pubic hair. She wasn't happy with how her kitty cat looked and felt to her delicate touch. Sabrina took the electric clippers from next to the sink, turned the electric device on and started softly trimming away the hair between her legs. Carefully she removed most of her unwanted pubic hair. She brushed her palm over her pussy once more to examine herself she felt the sharp ends of her hair pinching her. Placing the clippers back, she took a can of shaving cream. She shook the can of Gillette and placed a had full of cream on her hairy pussy. Sabrina softly rubbed the cream on top of her privates fully covering her hair. From the bottom of the drawer she took a razor blade and started to shave herself between her legs. Pressing the blade on her skin she started removing the unwanted hair down there. Moving the blade upward she removed her most of her pussy hair. After a few more times her pussy was completely shaved and smooth like when she was a pre-teen.

       Shaving her pussy made her very hot and extremely wet. She was so turned on that she couldn't take it anymore. She went back into her bedroom and took all the covers and pillows off her bed. Bare naked as she was with a freshly shaved pussy she lay on her back and spread her legs wide. With her right hand Sabrina opened the drawer in the night stand next to her and pulled a cat o' nine tails. She gently brushed the whip slowly between her legs, over her flat stomach and took a swing and with extreme force as she landed the whip over her large breasts. She screamed in agony. After taking a few more breaths she whipped her other breast. Two more times and tears appeared in her eyes. She brushed her tears and hit herself few more times screaming out in pain. Again and again the lash took bites off her large breasts until she could not take the pain anymore. By now her tits had so many stripes that Sabrina looked like a zebra. She placed her fingers from the left hand on her pussy and as she continued to touch her whip marks with her other hand. She started masturbating. Her fingers where going in and out of her juicy pussy moving faster and faster by the minute. After a few more strokes she took a small cloth from under her pillow and gently wiped the wetness from her pussy. Very slow, the girl touched herself, it felt worm and fuzzy. Taking a mirror from under the bed she placed it in such a perfect position that she could see her naughty pink pussy. Her pussy was scarlet red and when she touched herself very softly it felt like somebody set her pussy on fire. All of a sudden the phone rang. Fuck.

       "Did I disturb you?" a voice on the other line said. In an instant she recognized that voice. It was her sister Nikki on the other line. Nikki lived in another city far away from her sister. Just as Sabrina, Nikki was a very beautiful woman. A fiery red head, Nikki was a seductive vixen with large breasts, a little bigger than her sisters, long legs and an ass made to be spanked every day, but unlike her sister she had a very pretty landing strip between her legs that made her body look to die for.

       "I was just whipping my pussy" Nikki answered after she hesitated for a moment

       "How soar are you down there?" asked her sister


       "Good, listen I talked to Mom yesterday, and this and that the talk came to those days where were punished by her... she told me how she misses punishing us... remember those days?"

       "I do, I was thinking the other day how bad I need a punishment, how bad I need a flogger whipping my tits; a crop on my pussy and a very red ass".

       "So you want to come"


       "I am leaving this Friday... got to go, somebody is at the door, wish I was there to pour some hot wax on your pussy" She hung up the phone. Sabrina looked in the nightstand drawer, after ruffling though some papers she found a half burned out candle and a box of matches. She took one match out, set it a blaze and lit the candle. Very slowly and carefully not to spill the wax on her hand, she tilted the candle over her privates; a few red drops of wax fell on her pussy, some even landed on her clit. It hurt very much but she manage to keep her legs spread wide open. After the pain subsided, she dropped a few more drops, this time on her inner lips. She cried in pain as loud as she could, remembering that if is she did this with her mother it would have earned her a dozen or two with the cane she closed her mouth. After a few moments she spread her legs again. She grabbed the candle again and poured a few more drops of wax on her pussy. This time she forced herself not to scream. After the wax on her pussy dried out, she peeled the dried wax off her genitalia and poured more hot wax. This time she yelled so loud she thought her lungs will explode. The pain between her legs drove her up the wall. She could not keep her legs spread this time, she closed them and started crying. She curled up in a fetal position and pulled the covers over herself. In a few moments she was asleep.


Miles away in another city Nikki stood quietly in her living room. She wore a tight pair of jeans that covered her ass superbly she also had a white T-shirt on. She slowly sipped a cup of tea and was looking at the clock anxiously. It was ten till seven. Her boyfriends birthday was two days ago and she completely forgot it. In order to make up for it Nikki promised Chuck that she will submit to anything he desires, no mater how harsh the punishment may be she would take it. Nikki already took out all the instruments for punishment she possessed: whips, clamps, and a rattan cane that made her quiver with fear just by looking at it. She slowly sipped her cup of coffee knowing very well what was about to happen. After a few more sips of tea, she heard the keys in the door rattle. With her hands shaking she placed her cup down. Chuck entered the room with a smile on his face. She went to Nikki knowing very well what was about to happen and gave her a sweet kiss on her lips and left the room. Chuck went upstairs to change. He was a very loving guy who only hurt Nikki with her permission. Every now and then she would ask her boyfriend for a good spanking, especially before fucking him, but never anything severe; they always had a safe word and Chuck never ignored it. But today was different. Nikki took the safe word off the table and told him to hurt her how much he pleases for what she did.

       It was time to get ready. Nikki got up from the table and went into the living room. She took off her blouse raveling her large breasts held by a white bra. Her natural 34DD breasts where ready to pop out her silky white bra. She loved how big her breasts have gotten over the years knowing very well how large and heave they felt and that they where natural. Afterword she took off her jeans she revealed a very sexy pair of white satin panties. Pealing them off, she exposed her shaved pussy. Chuck was always turned on by her pussy. If he had one rule it was that his girlfriends pussy always had to be ceompletely shaved, and Nikki respected that. Since the two of them where together her pussy was always nice and shaved. Every time she was in the shower she took the razor blade and shaved her pussy. Nikki had “random pussy checks” by her boyfriend to see how clean she is. During this checks she had to pull down her panties to her knees and lift her blouse over her belly button. Leaving her pelvic area completely exposed. Only one time she failed this tests after she forgot to shave for a whole week, when he was away. For that she received three dozen strokes with the cane on her bare ass. It was a day she had never forgotten.

       Chuck came downstairs and entered the living room holding a ridding crop. He took the ridding crop and hit Nikkis ass with it. Nikki stood still, the crop stung a little bit but it wasnt hard enough to make her flinch. Nikki bended over, grabbed her knees and speared her legs wide. The sight turned Chuck on. He loved to see her pussy and anus at the same time. A few more swats with the ridding crop and her ass started to turn pink. The next two swats where given with full force, making the girl cringe. Two more hard strokes and a few tears filled her eyes. Chuck selected a thin switch this time. He hit her anus a few times. Nikki spread her cheeks wider and bent over further. The next few swats landed on her small anus. The sensitive skin around her forbidden hole started to hurt more and more with each stroke. The more he hit her there the more uncomfortable she was. It did not hurt per se but it felt very uncomfortable. As the speed of the swats intensified she started to squirm more. A few more swats and her punishment was over. He gently raised her up and gave her a kiss on her lips and raised her chin up. She new what he wanted her to do and stuck her chest out. Chuck gently kissed he breasts, moving his lips on her breasts he started sucking on her nipples. First one, than the other; he gently started sucking on her nipples gently making them harder and harder; the more he was nibbling on them the wetter she got between her legs. Nikki wet her lips and closed her eyes. She enjoyed how his tongue felt on her puffy nipples. The more he sucked on them, the wetter her pussy became. He put his fingers in her pussy and felt her wetness. After a few more kisses, Chuck took a long cat o nine tails whip. It wasnt the soft kind you find in adult stores, it was the harsh kind you find only online. The whip had seven tails, each specially braded to inflict maximum pain. Chuck had a very evil face on. Nikki knew what was coming. She placed her arms behind her back and stuck her chest out.

       “I want you on you tippy toes” she obeyed lifting her heels of the floor

Chuck raised the whip and with incredible speed he exploded those tails on her tits. She had to gaps for hair and covered herself for a moment. It hurt like nothing she ever felt before. The intense pain almost brought tears in her eyes. Even if her heels touched the ground, she went back to the designated position.

       “Put your hands behind your back and stick your tits out” Chuck ordered her. Nikki did as she was told. She had this sadness in her eyes, Nikki wanted to plea for mercy, but she knew that she deserve what she got. She placed her hand behind her back and waited for the impact. Sticking her tits out, she received ten hard strokes with her whip. Her breasts where very bruised right now. Tears filled her eyes. She looked at Chuck in the same instant that he drove the whip on her tits. This time she screamed in pain. She looked again at her abuser with her eyes pleading for mercy. Her boyfriend made a sigh with the whip that there was more to come. She straightened her back again presenting her delicious boobs once more. Stripes were clearly visible on her 34DDs. Her breasts looked beautiful with perfectly round large areolas and with stripes covering them. A few more whips on her hot breasts started to feel raw. They where bouncing back and fourth at the force of his whip. Lash after lash her heavy tits where jumping all over the place. Her whole face was striped with mascara tears from all the crying. She couldn't take it anymore.

       "Please punish me anywhere else... anywhere but my breasts, they hurt so bad"

       "Your punishment is over, but you must wear nipple clamps"

       Nikki nodded with her head in approval. It wasn't the best choice but it would relieve the pain off her beasts. When Chuck pulled a pair of Japanese Clover Clamps, she realized how wrong she had been. Japanese Clover Clamp where the worst kind - there where made for maximum punishment and they delivered the maximum amount of pain; and with the pain she already felt, she knew the pain will be excruciating; and one second after he attached the clamps she knew that she was right. The pain filled with such an intensity that it took her breath away. Seeing her in such agonizing pain it turned him on very much. She saw the bulge in his pants getting bigger by the second. Getting on her knees, she unzipped his pants, let it fall on the ground and lowered his underwear, exposing his big dick. She knew what she had to do. Nikki got closer to him and put his throbbing cock in her mouth. She started sucking him very hard. Chuck tilted his head back and started enjoying the ride. She started sucking his dick as hard as she could giving him enormous pleasure. With her boyfriends cock in her mouth it took her mind of how bad her nipples hurt. His dick came out and in her mouth with such a speed that she couldn't have time to breathe. Every now and then she took his cock out her mouth, took a deep breath and put his dick back in her mouth, sucking as hard as he could. His sweet pre-cum invaded her mouth getting her hot and wet. She knew he was about to cum in her mouth. Nikki was sucking his cock faster and faster now. In a few moments he started ejaculating inside her mouth. She swallowed his sperm and cleaned his cock with her tongue. She took his dick out of her mouth. He looked in his eyes awaiting more orders or more punishment.

       "Stand up and get in the corner with your hands on your head, leave the clamps on your tits until I give you permission to take them off. She obeyed him. Her ordeal was over, this time anyways.


       Two weeks later Nikki stood outside a coffee shop sipping on a ice cappuccino. She was wearing a very tight black blouse and had a very attractive short skirt on. Like a naughty girl she never wore any panties on. The skirt she had on was so short and tight that you could easily see her little pussy if here legs were not crossed. She looked like a whore. If her mother ever saw her dressing up like this, she would receive the punishment of her life time. She missed that, and no matter how bad someone would have punish her, a boyfriend or somebody else, it was never as satisfied as when her mother use to punish her. She never felt so ashamed, so vulnerable, so aroused than when her own mother use to abuse her. With everybody she was with is was too quick, or to brutal, or not brutal enough. Only her mother knew how to make her squirm. As she quietly drank her ice coffee, she heard her phone ringing in her purse. She reached inside her purse and answered her phone.


       "Hey Nikki" her sister lived in another city. She barely saw Sabrina, and when she did it was in a very quick meeting. She missed her sister, especially during those torrid hot summer knights when they both use to come home from jogging, sweating like pigs, and eat each other's pussies. She would go crazy by how her sister's wet juicy pussy tasted. Both her sister's taste and smell use to drive her crazy; and they always use to go down each other in the living room at the exact time their mother use to come from work. This way they could both be punish together. Weather is was a pussy strapping or a breast caning. She missed all that.

       "Hey, how have you been... you know, I was thinking, when was the last time were where punished together?"

       "Long time ago... that is why I called. I talked to mom and next week, and she proposed me the punishment of a life time, I am going..." Before she could finish her sentence her sister answered.

       "I am coming too" Nikki answered quickly. After she received all the details needed she hung up. A smile appeared on her face. She knew how bad her body will be bruised in a few days. It was going to be a day to remember.


       Nikki and her sister and Sabrina arrived almost at the same time on the doorsteps of their mother's house. Both of them looked amazing. Sabrina wore a pair of very tight leather pants that accentuated her ass and an ACDC t-shirt; while Nikki wore a long blue dress. Both of them had nice long legs; they had flat tummies and large heavy breasts. Both of them where a boy's wet dream, especially when they did not wear any clothes. As their mother opened the door they both embraced her very tightly. They have not seen each other in such a long time. Entering the house old memories started to invade their minds. They remembered some of the harshest punishments they received.

       "Do you guys want dinner, tea... something heavier?"

       "Lets just start what we came here for, and then we have all the time in the world for that later" answered Sabrina. Nikki nodded. Their mother got up without uttering a single word and left the room. She sister looked at each other inquisitive. When their mother came back she held an ridding crop in her hands.

       "Take your clothes off and we will begin" their mother ordered

       Sabrina took of her shirt off leveling her large heavy breasts exposed. She continued to undress by taking off her leather pants leaving her only in a pink thong. Taking her panties off she exposed her cute little shaved pussy. She was fully nude. With a quick move, her sister took off her blue dress and her pants. She did not wear any undergarments; the black runway between her legs started making her mother really hot. Wearing nothing whatsoever both stood waiting for Donna to instruct them in what to do.  Donna went close to Sabrina and slowly caressed her pubic hair. It felt soft to her hand. She gently played with her daughters hair for a little while, then she slowly inserted her fingers in her tight pussy. It felt worm and wet. Sabrina's mother slowly started moving her fingers in and out, faster and faster until her daughter came onto her fingers. Taking them out of Sabrina's pussy she gave her hand to her other daughter who started sucking her wet sticky fingers; licking her sister's juices is made her hotter and wetter. Donna signaled Nikki to turn around and stick her ass out. With her daughter's tushy in the air Donna reached with her hand and probed her asshole. She reached with her middle finger deep inside Nikki. Reaching inside she fingered her daughter's anus, pushing in and out for a few moments. Taking her fingers out of her daughters asshole Donna touched Sabrina's lips with it. Sabrina knew what she had to do, she took them in her mouth and started sucking them. They did not have a bad taste, they tasted quite sweet, she was very turned on by this. She enjoyed sucking on her mother's fingers.

       "What should I do with you; you naughty girl?"

       "How about a good spanking"

       "I have a better idea girl" Donna had a very evil smile on her face. She painted to Nikki to wait for her in the corner and took Sabrina's hand.


Both of them walked through the backdoor out of the house. It was very chilly, specially for Sabrina who was bare naked. They walked through the backyard, the small cut grass scratched Sabrina's bare feet; walking a little further they reached a woodshed. As they entered the room the naked girl could not fail to notice a chain coming down from the roof with a pair of cuffs attached to the end of it. Donna raised her daughter's wrists in the air and attached them to the cuffs on the end of the chain. Sabrina stood naked in the middle of the barn without any clothes on with her tied hands up in the air. As she looked around she saw all kinds of painful devices, from nails, to chain, to tools that where made for fixing cars. She knew that her mother was not cruel enough to use those on her but she could not help getting wet watching those Hostel movies and wondering what she would do in that situation. What made her day was playing with her pussy while watching Saw. A really fucked up lady! She could not help but her turned on by watching a guy cut his foot of with a saw. It made her pussy very wet. She saw her mother reaching for a leather paddle when a bullwhip caught her eye. The whip measured eight-feet in length and hung on the wall next to a tool kit. As Donna was ready to smack her daughter's ass with the paddle she heard:

       "Stop! Use that one" Sabrina said pointing to the whip

       "Are you sure?" Her mother asked very shocked. Sabrina nodded. She never tried something like this before. She saw it many times in internet movies but she never felt it on her skin. She realized that now she will. Her mother took the implement from the wall and gently brushed her hand over it, adding to the excitement and to the fear. Very gently she touched her daughters breasts with the whip. The feel of leather against her breasts made her nipples harder. Donna raised the whip and with a hard swing she hit the girl with it. Sabrina screamed in agonizing pain as the whip wrapped around her waist. As the whip slowly unwrapped off the girl's body a red mark was clearly visible.  Her mother gave the girl a few moments to breathe then whipped her again. She drove the lash around her waist again making a red mark half of inch bellow her belly button. The sting took her breath away. She could barely breathe let alone cry. The next time the whip took a bite off her flesh was over her ribs. Her whole body scream in pain. As the whip unwrapped itself from her body the girl started to feel a little bit turned on by how her body started to sting. After the first six strokes she felt in so much pain that she didn't know what to do with herself.

       "Can you whip my boobs?" she whispered

       Her mother nodded. She aimed the whip and hit Sabrina right across her large breasts, making them bounce. The furry of the whip hurt her so bad that she couldn't help it but scream from the top off her lungs. A red mark was clearly visible above her hard nipples. The next stroke came right under the first one, adding more suffering to her agonizing pain and to her delicious bare breasts. The welts across her boobs were very visible right now. The next one came with such force that the noise exploded off the walls. The girl screamed so hard that made her mother cover her ears. Donna went to the tool closed and took a tennis ball and shoved it into her daughter's mouth.

       "This will shout you up... and don't you dare drop it, if you do there will be harsh consequences." Now her daughter could only mumble. For screaming so loud, five hard strokes over her breast where administered at full force. Donna placed the whip back on the wall. She went back to her abused daughter and gently kissed her breasts. After she removed the gag they kissed passionately. Her mother ran her hand over the girl's marks making her squirm a little. Moving her hand downward she touched her daughter's soft pussy. Donna went to the same closet when she took the whip from and took a jar of steel clamps. She went back to her daughter's abused body, took the lid off the glass jars and took a few steel clamps in her hand. She grabbed Sabrina's breast hard, making her squirm and placed a steel clamp on her nipple. As another clap was placed on the other nipple, the girl cringed in pain. Both her nipples where now squished by two steel clamps. As the suffering started to be unbearable she started crying.

       "What will we do about that pussy, hmm?" Donna asked rhetorically. Sabrina did not utter a single world she just pushed her pussy forward presenting it to her mother. Her mother quickly placed three clamps on her left pussy lip, and then three others on the other lip. Her tight little pussy hurt as hell. After one final clamp was placed on her cit the agonizing pain that invaded her cute little pussy almost pushed her to the edge. Her whole body was suffering; it was time to end her bondage session. She kissed her daughter on the lips and left the barn, leaving the steel clamps on Sabrina's body. 


       Nikki stood completely nude in a corner waiting her turn. Minute by minute her nerves turned to fear, she stood there with her hands on her hand listening to Sabrina's torment. Even though her sister's screams made her afraid out of her mind, somehow she was aroused beyond believe. She was one step away from coming all over herself. If somebody placed a finger in her pussy she would have come all over herself. Within a few minutes she felt Donna's hand caressing her hair. She moved her hand gently down her daughter's back and started caressing her bare ass. The girl expected a very hard slap on her unprotected bare ass but that slap never came. Instead the gentle caress of her mother's hand gave her pleasure and comfort. She enjoyed very much how her mother played with her ass. She opened her legs and stuck her ass in the air, exposing her anus. She expected her mother to probe her forbidden whole, but unfortunately for her that never happened.

       "How about a caning honey?" 

       "Okay mommy" Her daughter's voice was trembling with fear as she answered. Nikki moved slowly towards the couch, her butt cheeks swayed as she slowly made her way towards the designated spot. She had a stunning derriere. Her mother couldn't help but stare in awe as her daughter made her way towards the couch. She placed herself gently on her tummy, and putting a pillow under her pelvic area she raised her tushy in the air. Her perfect round ass way ready for what was about to come. Her mother was flushed with pleasure as she saw her daughter's perfectly round ass on display like that. But what drove her out of her mind the most was the image of how bruised her ass will be after the canning that was about to commence any minute. Her mother took a medium size rattan cane and softly patted her daughter's ass with it.

       "Nikki, this will be an extremely hard punishment. I will not hold back. Each stroke will be full force and I will not stop until I will break the skin on your ass, you understand honey?"

       The words took some time to sink in. She knew that this will be the hardest punishment she ever received. She was caned before by her mother but never as severe as this. Every time her mother caned her ass, she would stop after a few red stripes were visible. Now her mother promised her that not only she will be beaten until she had purple welts on her ass, but she will be beaten until her mother made her bruises bleed. At the idea started to sink in her head she started nodding.

       "Yes mommy, break my skin, I want my ass to be so bruised that I can not stand, and no matter how much I cry or scream, please mommy don't stop until you are satisfied by how trashed my ass looks. Give me the beating of a life time." Her mother nodded.

       "And you are not allowed to clench you butt cheeks, is that understood? I want you to feel every inch of pain" The girl nodded. Donna grabbed the cane firmly in her hand, patted the girls naked bottom a few times and raising the cane she administered the first stroke with full force. Nikki's breath was taken away by the severity of the stroke. She did not clench her ass cheeks. Instead she spread her legs to brace herself better, this way her ass was more vulnerable. Donna could easily see the girls asshole by how wide she opened her legs. Another very hard stroke landed on Nikki's ass, this time making her cringe. The next strokes where in a set of five the strokes where so painful that the girl wanted to scream in agony, but she compose herself.

       "I know that this amount of excruciating pain may allow you to loose control of your bowel and pee all over yourself. You may"

       "T Thank... you mommy" her daughter could barely speak from the pain

       A few more strokes with the cane where applied to the girl's naked bottom, each stroke was in a very swift and very hard - each more painful than the one before. Red striped where fully visible across the girl's derriere causing her to squirm on the couch. She twisted her body every time the cane made contact with her skin but her ass always stood in one place. Before every blow of the cane the girl inhaled, and she exhaled after the cane landed on her ass. After which she raised her ass once more in preparation for the next stroke. A few more swats and the cane started making dark marks on her ass. The flame red stripes that covered her ass before started to turn a purple color. Her mother started to really enjoy the sadistic canning she was giving her daughter. Swat after swat the instrument created another stripe on her unprotected bare naked ass. By now the only thing bellow the waist that kept its natural color where the girl's pussy lips, which were visible between her legs giving a very nice contrast to the redish-purple color of her ass. After a few more hard strokes the cane added a few very minute droplets of blood on the purple ridges of the girl's ass. More and harder swats where administered to the girl's ass, this time on the lower part of her butt checks.  As the punishment continued different shades of red and purple made they way across her ass. Within minutes Nikki's butt looked like an abstract painting, filled with different colors and shades. 

       "I need... to pee mommy" said Nikki like she had only one breathe in her left. After one more hard, swift swat, Donna went into the bathroom and took a very large white fluffy towel. She folded the towel in four and as she came back into the living room she placed the towel under Nikki's pelvic area. This way if her daughter had to pee her mother would notice the towel turning yellow. She wanted to see the girl loosing her bowel control. This made her wet. She took the hardest and most severe cane and slowly patted the girl's bottom. Nikki understood. Her mother wanted her to piss all over herself. She was ready. She moved her pussy in such a position that when she let go her urine would flow directly into the white fluffy towel. Without expecting it her mother exploded the heavy cane on her daughter's ass, making her scream in pain. It was the worst pain she ever felt. She screamed in agony. Tears started to run down her cheeks. After two more hard swats the bruises on her ass started to bleed. Two more strokes and the girl was hysterical. As her mother lifted the cane after stroke number five, she saw a streak of red blood on the cane. Donna looked at the girl's ass and she saw that she broke her skin. Three more hard strokes and blood started flowing freely from her ass cheeks down her leg. Few more hard stroke and she saw the white towel area underneath her daughter's pussy turning yellow. Her daughter finally lost her bowel control. She started peeing. As the yellow liquid was freely flowing out of her, her mother administered the heaviest swats making her ass bleed. As this horrific swats where administered to her trashed ass, Nikki continued to pee herself making the yellow stain on the towel larger and larger. After no more urine came out of the girl's pussy one more heavy stroke was administered to the girl's bloody ass. When no more urine came out of the girls pussy the beating stopped. The girl continued crying in pain as her mother stared on the girl's bloody ass. Small rivers of blood made they way down her legs. Donna placed the cane down and gently touched the girl's ass making her flinch.

       "Shhh... It's okay honey, no more punishment" She kissed her daughter's small back and gently touched her extremely bruised ass. It felt hot. The ridges felt coarse to the touch. The girl continued to cry. Donna took a smooth cloth and wiped all the blood off the girl's ass. Still a few bruises continued to bleed. She placed some cream on those cuts making the bleeding stop.

       "You are done, go stay in the corner until you cool off" But her daughter disobeyed. She turned on her back. Her large breast, her small tummy and her pussy where full on display. She looked so hot waiting like that. "I said you may go!!" Her daughter did not move. She did have very large heavy breasts that would bounce every time she would jog. Her 34DDs were an eye opener. Every time she would jog some poor guy would loose his concentration and stumble starring at her bouncing boobs. She also had a flat tummy that gave a svelte figure; and with her shaved pussy on display like that she was a knock out.

       "What about my breasts, my tummy and my pussy, aren't you going punish those too?" 

       "I think that part needs to be taken upstairs in your bed"

        The girl got up very slowly and went upstairs to her bedroom. As she made her way up the steps she swayed her extremely bruised ass from side to side. The motion of her derriere made accentuated the marks on her well bruised bottom turned Donna on. She moved very slowly in order for her mother to admire her handy work. As she moved upstairs her she was shaking her little ass from side to side until she reached her bedroom. Entering the bedroom, she quickly got on the bed and placed herself on her tummy and waited looking nervously looking towards the door. Fear and terror filled her eyes, she knew there was more punishment coming. Now she was regretting everything she said. Even though her ass screamed for the punishment to stop, her pussy wanted more. A few more minutes of agonizing excitement and her mother entered the room. She was holding a very thin cane about six feet long and very bendy.  The cane was made more to inflict quick sharp pain than to cause long term bruising. Entering the room Donna looked at her daughter very carefully. Her ass was very bruised. Dark red and purple stripes where running from side to side, back and forth across her ass. Her mother slowly tapped her daughter's derriere with the think cane. Her daughter braised for impact closing her eyes and gripping the pillow, her ass very relaxed so she could feel every inch of pain. But to her surprise, the stroke never came.

       "Get on your back and spread her legs. Butterfly" Her daughter obeyed. To be in the butterfly position she bent her knees and opened her legs exposing her shaved little pussy. She looked lovely; she was on her back exposing her beautiful round breasts her flat tummy and her shaved pussy. She looked amazing. Her mother slowly moved her hand from the girls legs, up her flat tummy and caressed her perfectly round large breasts. Donna slowly took the very thin cane that she brought with her and gently tapped the girl's tummy with it. She was excited by her daughter's tummy rising and falling with each breath as the moment of pain drew nearer. Donna raised the cane and hit her daughter on her tummy with it. The girl crunched from pain but she got back into her position in an instant. A red line appeared across the girl's tummy from one side to another. Donna raised the instrument and hit her half of inch below the first mark. Then again and again. More stripes appeared less than an inch bellow the girls bellybutton. Each one hurt more than the one than the one before; and even though the pain was excruciating the girl didn't flinch. The girl received few more hits with the cane and few more stripes became visible on the girl's lower part of her stomach. Her mother made sure that she caned her daughter only on her tummy, she did not hit her breast and she stayed clear off the girl's pussy. For now anyways. Donna raised the thin cane a few more times and each time hit the girl with such force that the cane made cut deep in her flesh. The girl screamed in pain, but she didn't cover her tummy. She let her mother turn her into a zebra by placing her hands behind her back. Welts covered her tummy from one side to another. The cane came harder and harder making more and more stripes on the girl's body. Every now and then you would see a drop of sweat from between her beautiful naked breasts, downward towards her stomach and ended its journey inside her cute belly button. Sometimes when the cane hit her tummy, that droplet of sweat jumped from her bellybutton landing back in after the cane took a bite off her skin. Her mother hit her again a few times. By now the pain across her flat tummy felt more like a burning flame. It hurt so badly. But the pain turned her on making her pussy wetter. Stripe after stripe the cane painted more and more stripes on the girl's tummy making. After a few more extra strokes and Donna placed the cane aside.

       "How did that feel?"

       "It hurt so bad... punish me more mommy" The girl begged.

       Her mother nodded. She took a riding crop next and to show her daughter where the implement will be used, her mother rubbed the girl's pussy with it. The girl opened her legs as hard as she could expose her shaved pussy. This was the beauty of the butterfly position. By spreading her legs as wide as she could Nikki exposed her shaved clit to the crop. Taking the crop in her hands Donna brushed the instruments on the girl's little cunt. It felt very cold but soft to the touch. As she felt the touch of leather on her soft pussy Nikki started getting wetter. Her mother took a soft cloth and wiped her daughter's soft wet cookie with it. She took the crop, aimed, and hit her between the legs. The crop landed on the girl's privates making her squirm. The pain wasn't unbearable, but the sting of the crop was uncomfortable. The more the crop landed on her kitty cat the more intense the burning sensation felt. From the heat of the crop pleasure invaded the region between her legs, the more the crop landed on her pussy the more the pleasure intensified. She was about to come, any minute now; she was about to get wet; the only question remained if she came would she be punished for it. As her mothers crop hit her pussy harder she was one second from coming. When the crop stopped hitting her pussy the girl cursed. In that moment Donna grabbed her daughter very hard by her hair, yanked her up and slapped her really hard across her face.

       "Do you think I let you come you little cunt?"

       She did not answer the question. Donna made he stay on her knees with her hands behind her head exposing her breasts. Her mother took a bag of clothespins from under the bed and emptied it in front of her. The girl swallowed hard. Donna grabbed one of her large breasts and placed a yellow pin on her nipple. Grabbing her other breast her mother place a clothespin on her other hard nipple. The pins where so tight that the girl felt like they where going to make her nipples fall off. She started hyperventilating from the pain she felt. Donna slowly started caressing her daughter's large breasts trying to mix pleasure with pain. The feeling was so intense that if she didn't come she would die from the intensity she felt. Donna gently pinched her pussy lips and placed a few pins on them; three on each pussy lip. Finishing her pussy decorating episode, Donna realized that her daughter can't hold it any longer. She reached with her hand between her daughter's crowned pussy lips and started massaging her clit. Her daughter started moaning. The faster her mommy plaid with her pussy the faster she started panting. One more minute and the girl came on her mother's hand. Donna pulled her hand away from her daughter's crotch and touched her lips with her wet fingers. Nikki took her mothers wet fingers in her mouth and started sucking on them. Her own juices tasted very sweet, she couldn't help put sucking on them harder and harder until, by accident she bit her mother's hand. Her mother slapped her hard across the face again:

       "That is enough, go stand in the corner until I tell you too"

       The girl got up from her bed and moved towards the nearest corner. She swayed her butt cheeks from side to side until she reached her designated position. Reaching the corner she placed her hands on her head and opened her legs.

       And that's what it was ladies and gentleman the girls got the punishment of their life time, always remembering what ordeal their mother put them through that day. So ladies and gentleman if you played with yourself while reading this story you should have come by now because we reached the end; be sure to write a comment and if you played with yourself while reading my story, and your fingers are sticky and wet, make sure you wash your hands. XOXO. Love, Brittany Heart.




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