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Becoming Michael's Rapewhore

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Synopsis: Series of encounters where Michael claims his submissive Anna and strives to cultivate her as his sexual slave. Michael's ultimate goal is for Anna to find rape synonymous with love.

I was so nervous, so frightened as I sat in my hotel room that I could barely hear the knocks over the pounding of my heart in my ears.  One last glance in the mirror to make sure I looked good enough to fuck, another quick gulp of wine, and I walked to the door to meet my new Master.

Before turning the knob I stole a look through the peephole to make sure it was him. It was. Michael looked exactly like his picture and my heart raced at the realization this was about to happen. Two deep breaths and I opened the door to him and waited for his reaction.

He smiled. I smiled back and welcomed him inside.

I bolted the door as he wheeled his suitcase into the room and sat down on the bed. “It is good to meet you, Anna. My slut,” he said.

I walked to him, handed him a glass of wine and knelt at his feet. “It is good to meet you too, Sir.”

He took a sip and said, “Show me, my rapewhore.”

With another calming breath I raised my shaking hands to unbuckle his belt and unfasten his pants. I could feel his hardness pressing against the fabric and was pleased to know he was already aroused. His cock was warm in my hand as I pulled him out. This was my true Master, and I kissed the head in reverence.

I wet my lips, looked up into Sir Michaels eyes, and took him into my mouth for the first time. It was perfection. He filled my mouth without straining my jaw and reached into the back of my throat easily, though not entirely. I would be able to suck him for long periods of time, but it would require training for me to deep throat him. Training or not, he would take my throat at his discretion tonight, and any other hole he wanted.

Still holding his eyes, I worked my mouth back and forth on his cock. I pulled back the entire length of him to the head and then went down again, stretching to take a little more in. Then back out to the head while dragging my tongue along the shaft. Slowly my mouth drew him in again and I could not help moaning on his pulsing cock as it pressed into my throat and then slid back out again to my lips.

At the tip I sucked and swirled my tongue around him. I searched his eyes and thought I saw approval. The taste of pre-cum told me I was right. I took a deep breath and plunged my mouth over his cock again, this time not stopping until my lips were resting against his body and the head of his cock was buried in my throat. Masters hands weaved into my hair but did not yet press down on my head.

I worked my mouth on him, squeezing him in my cheeks and massaging the shaft with my tongue. His hard cock throbbed in my throat. I snaked my tongue out and down straining to get to his balls. Unable to reach, I gently cupped them in my hand and pressed them up to meet my tongue. I fell in love with Masters cock at that moment.

He must have felt something too because his hands clutched handfuls of my hair in an effort to take control of my mouth. There was no restraining myself as I devoured his cock. The strength of my Masters hands pushing and pulling my head dictated the pace he wanted me to go and the depth he wanted his cock to reach.

With his strong guidance I made love to Masters cock with my mouth. My moans of pleasure grew louder and I closed my eyes to fully enjoy the taste and feel of him. His hands grabbed my hair tighter and I felt a gush of wet between my legs. I knew from our online chats what was going to happen and braced my hands on the bed to steady myself.

Sir Michael wound my hair around his fists and pulled my face flat against him. I gagged and chocked but could not get away, not even slightly enough to get the smallest breath of air. He held me there. I worked my tongue on his cock, continued to massage him in my mouth. He continued to hold my head in place on him.

As I began to grow desperate for air I struggled against him, but Master held firm. My hands went to his hips and chest trying to push myself back, but I was no match for his strength. Tears filled my eyes and began to spill down my cheeks. Only then did my generous Sir pull my throat off him and give me the gift of breath.

He kept his cock in my mouth, forcing me to gasp and choke around it to breathe. He watched me cry and struggle for air and I felt his cock twitch in pleasure inside my mouth. Master then stood up with my cock still in his mouth and his hands still entwined in my hair. I knew what was next and instinctively I tried to pull away from him.

“I am going to have your mouth, Anna,” he stated. “You will either offer it willingly or I will take it by force.”

He did not wait for any kind of response. Master thrust his hips against me and drove his cock down my throat as far as he could. I screamed but no sound escaped. Then, faster than I could have imagined possible, he began fucking my throat. I gulped air whenever I could, choking, gagging, coughing, and crying on my Masters perfect cock.

It was a violent face fuck and he could not have stopped even if he wanted to. As he pounded his cock in and out of my mouth he matched his efforts with his hands, jerking my head back and forth on him. For the first time I understood exactly what a skull fuck was. Master stopped only to grind his hips against my face to give himself a break before he resumed taking ownership of my mouth.

When I thought I could take no more, when my gasps for breath were just sobs from crying, when I became stunned and expected to pass out, Master pulled fully from my mouth, slapped his cock onto my face, jerked my head sharply backwards, and blew cum all over my face.

Cum shot across my nose, over my eyes, down my cheeks and into my hair. I closed my eyes and felt hot splashes cover the lids. He kept cumming, grunting and growling in his orgasm. Masters cock twitched on my face with the last spurts of cum and he relaxed is grip of my hair but still held it in both hands while he watched his cum slide down my cheek to my neck. He then released one hand from my hair and put it on top of his cock and then smeared the cum into my face with his cock. When he was finished he pressed his cock back into my mouth for cleaning. I hated doing it, but I complied with a smile.

“I have claimed your first hole, my slave,” Master said. “I will collect the other two before morning as well.”

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