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Submission in Seattle by MB
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34 votes! (10/10, 34 votes) (review it)

Story Codes: M/f D/s BDSM consensual Serious
Synopsis: There are women who love to submit and to feel the pain. Here is a master for them to make their fantasy come true.
Size: 380 kb
Added on: Apr 2, 2001
Total 440988 readers
This month 238462 readers
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Author's Introduction - (added on Apr 2, 2001)
Chapter One - (added on Apr 2, 2001)
Chapter Two - (added on Apr 2, 2001)
Chapter Three - (added on Apr 2, 2001)
Chapter Four - (added on Apr 2, 2001)
Chapter Five - (added on Apr 2, 2001)
Chapter Six - (added on Apr 2, 2001)
Chapter Seven - (added on Apr 2, 2001)
Chapter Eight - (added on Apr 2, 2001)
Chapter Nine - (added on Apr 2, 2001)
Chapter Ten - (added on Apr 2, 2001)
Chapter Eleven - (added on Apr 2, 2001)
Chapter Twelve - (added on Apr 2, 2001)
Chapter Thirteen - (added on Apr 2, 2001)
Chapter Fourteen - (added on Apr 2, 2001)
Chapter Fifteen - (added on Apr 2, 2001)
Chapter Sixteen - (added on Apr 2, 2001)
Chapter Seventeen - (added on Apr 2, 2001)
Chapter Eighteen - (added on Apr 2, 2001)
Chapter Nineteen - (added on Apr 2, 2001)

This story is listed in:

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by tellmeyourstory
Pro-Don male develops unexpected surprise when a new unexperienced sub solicits him for help.

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Stimulation,too much for Lea Anna wiggling franticaly to bring her clit into contact w Arielís hand."Aren't we the lil wiggle worm.You'll get six cane strokes on ur pretty ass for disobedience.Red burning lines appeard on her stretchd butt

mmm yummy
by Chili Theas

Teen Fem Dom Butt Watcher Spankd,he Farts Ass Fk
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Spread & Upraised Legs move the latex clad cock up and down Monica's swollen, red labia. When she felt that Monica was about ready to burst, she slid the her penis carefully into the well lubricated passage.

Juli Hiking Spanked & Paddled as Camps,Vis.Panty Line/Farts
by CarolinaSpanker
Lauren who was cowering in her white panties gave her a hard spank on her small bottom.Pulled Lauren's shapely little hips another inch farther down,so that her ass was hanging completely off & her small brown asshole was on view.

Panties Dn Brn Stains In Seat;The Sordid Business Of An Enema
by CarolinaSpanker
Enema given he allowd her to sit on the toilet,but she was quite humiliatd when he stood there & watchd.She wasn't sure if she would be able to release the cramping pressure,but eventually nature took its course w loud,embarrassing farting noises

Kellie Head Teller/ BB&T/Janet Hunter
by CarolinaSpanker
He loved the perfect light brown skin that was set off nicely by the white satin bra & panties.The first stroke across her stretched buttocks burned like a hot poker applied to her sensual light brown skin. As he applied each stroke with equal forc

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"According to the Master's Handbook,I'm supposed to give you a good spanking, then fuck you in the ass, Ariel chuckled at the thought, knowing that he would never attempt to force her into anal submission, but she was wrong!

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Master for women to make their fantasies come true

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Juli take off your bra.I want to see ur breasts now.Raise ur T-shirt & keep it up as we hike.If u let it fall,you'll be paddled."Using his strong hands on the outer red surfaces,pressing them togethr to form a tight tunnel for my penis

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Story Codes: M/f D/s BDSM consensual Serious Synopsis: There are women who love to submit and to feel the pain. Here is a master for them to make their fantasy come true.