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Collected by BoundBrooke

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  • THE FUNHOUSE: by J Lewis
    (Synopsis: Group of girls on spring break are enticed into a carnival\'s funhouse only to enter a nightmare. )
  • FETISH VIDEO INC.: by J Lewis
    (Synopsis: Two women on vacation in Florida are offered modeling photo sessions. Without realizing the severity of the offer, they accept and find themselves facing extreme treatment from a BDSM club. )
  • My Kidnapped Hell: by Liz
    (Synopsis: The three men in the van are waiting for the next pretty young girl to walk by, that girl happens to be me, and they are all more sadistic than i can ever begin to imagine....)
  • Neighbours From Hell: by Liz
    (Synopsis: A young single girl is woken in the night by her neighbours. Soon she would be made to regret they ever moved next door as she is kidnapped by them and horrifically tortured. Not for the fainthearted.)
  • Vanishing Act: by Richard Alexander
    (Synopsis: First there were the emails, then there was the package left in the park where Jan Sherwood did her early morning exercises - the package with Jan's name on it, with the handcuffs inside. That was when Jan reached the certain conclusion that she was being watched. When it came, the abduction was brutal and clinical in its efficiency. But what was the most scary feature was the timing and the lengths Jan's captor had gone to account for her disappearance. Subjected to torture while kept bound in the man's basement, Jan gave in to his demands for access to bank accounts, and saw her entire life destroyed in front of her eyes. Only her desire for revenge kept her focussed as she slowly grew to realise what the man had in store for her for the rest of her life - or until he grew tired of her...)
  • Multi-electrode and Imaging Analysis: by Dr. Wingate
    (Synopsis: Trinity has completely disrupted her family's life and as a last resort, she is sent to volunteer for a very special project just funded by the government -- the detailed study of Xtrypereon. The doctors promise that her delinquent behavior can be modified in only three months though the 'volunteer' will have to undergo some rigorous medical testing ...)
  • The Hospital: by Anonymyte
    (Synopsis: She was in a hospital, captured, bound helpless, hypnotized, waiting for any treatment that the doctors and nurses wanted to give her.)
  • Julie's Suprise Visitor: by Lizzy Storm
    (Synopsis: A stranger comes in Julie's room late at night.)
  • Assault on Nikki: by Kanashin
    (Synopsis: Nikki is a teen slut who wants to be raped and used. She gets that a quite a bit more and Jim and Dave use and abuse her.)
  • Tie Me Down: by lil_nessa
    (Synopsis: A young TA finds herself into a messy situation involving two of her teenage students)
  • Alyson is ordered into The Room: by Fantasyboy
    (Synopsis: Young Alyson rents a room from a married couple and when she is late with the rent she is punished and then ordered into The Room where she is forced into a bdsm situation.)


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