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Book Project


Collected by copybook

Animals (31 stories listed)
Featuring women mating with animals.

Petgirls (14 stories listed)

Slaving and bdsm (22 stories listed)

Okay stories (5 stories listed)

  • Blair Becomes Owned: by blairbrek
    (Synopsis: Married, Blair makes the mistake of being the only female at a party. She is put into a positon where that night comes back to haunt her and change her life.)
  • Kidnapped: by Reggy
    (Synopsis: A sexy blonde girl is kidnapped and raped by 3 guys then sold to a real Master once her attackers find out the cops are after them.)
  • Lisa at Auction: by Golffdude
    (Synopsis: A Sequel to SOLD. After she came back from the auction, she couldn't contain her feeling about it and wanted to share it with others. So when the chance came in, she got her best friend into the same situation.)
  • Suzanna and the Baby Farm: by sxual
    (Synopsis: When Suzanna answered an ad for a surrogacy agency she thought it would be an easy way to make money. She had no idea.)
  • The Adjustment of Nicola James: by Freddie Clegg
    (Synopsis: In a new Victorian world an entrepreneur feels his wife is holding him back. Perhaps there is help available?)

Modified (4 stories listed)

Slave training (52 stories listed)
Tales of women trained for the pleasure of others.


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