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Collected by keithb1002

My Collection (8 stories listed)
A collection of teen related BDSM stories.

  • 2000 Miles: by Sadistic Somebody
    (Synopsis: Best friends enjoy the fruits of hunting 2000 miles from home)
  • Tripple the fun: by PJF
    (Synopsis: A single mom lives with her twin daughters by themselves. Three hotties all alone with nobody to protect them, how could I resist?)
  • Step-Daughter, Mine: by Banshee
    (Synopsis: The writer marries a woman with a stepdaughter. They then take great pleasure in making life miserable for the girl.)
  • A Family of Miscreants: by Banshee
    (Synopsis: A young girl comes to live with her uncle's family during the 1840's, after her father's death and two years in an orphanage. She soon finds out that her father and uncle hated each other and the uncle is taking her in, more as a servant than a relative. She also learns quickly that the rest of the family has it in for her, as well.)
  • The Maid: by Impaler49152
    (Synopsis: A young hotel maid can't believe what kind of a movie she finds on a guest's laptop while cleaning the room...)
  • A Day of Atonement: by Banshee
    (Synopsis: Cindy and her boyfriend were caught trashing a school. Her family is furious because her brother and sister are getting staic from their fellow students and her father must take out a second mortgage to pay for the damage. It's time for punishment!)
  • Aunt Monica: by Goddess Agony
    (Synopsis: When Angela moves across the country to live with her aunt and twin cousins, they have to cover up their lifestyle quickly. But Angela's own explorations send her down a path of discovery that leads to a pit of depravity, abuse, torture and absolute bliss)
  • Brotherly love: by ajlou
    (Synopsis: After her parents are killed, Nicole is adopted my the sinster older brother who use to molest her as a child.)


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