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Collected by Twstd

My First Shelf (214 stories listed)
Stories I've read or plan to read.

Humiliation (40 stories listed)

Self Bondage (17 stories listed)

  • Autumn Afternoon: by Dari
    (Synopsis: A short recount about the first time I mixed some pain in my playing with myself. )
  • Are You Ready: by Snowdog
    (Synopsis: Mysterious note from chat room stranger leads to nonconsensual? self abuse.)
  • Alice: by Excalibur
    (Synopsis: extreme self bondage)
  • a ponys life: by sandrax
    (Synopsis: a womans discovery )
  • A Most Surprising Date: by Ashley Zacharias
    (Synopsis: A woman meets a man and invites him to dinner. He has never had a date like this one.)
  • The Sunshine Girl: by Morlock
    (Synopsis: A woman\'s hobby is self-bondage, but is made far more severe by the art of engineering.)
  • The Summer Dress: by Everybody_Else
    (Synopsis: This is my second story about select self bondage adventures from my past. This one I particularly liked a lot.)
  • The Portal: by Sketchy
    (Synopsis: A college graduate is in search of work, instead she finds herself on a voyage down into total and utter submission and humiliation.)
  • Private Performance: by Ashley Zacharias
    (Synopsis: Is is art or is it porn?)
  • Plumber\'s Tape: by Everybody_Else
    (Synopsis: My third story about a self bondage adventure from my recent past. This one is from early summer 2010.)
  • Out of the Blue: by SensoryOverlord
    (Synopsis: News of a huge inheritance from an unknown relative arrives by email from Nigeria.Only a few minor clauses of the will need to be complied with, and the money is hers.What could possibly go wrong?)
  • Natalie's Halloween: by InspectorA
    (Synopsis: Natalie is a super hot 27 year old finally getting free from her opressive parents whom have always told her that Halloween is only a night to get into trouble. Tonight, Natalie puts herself into trouble and plans to enjoy every second of it.)
  • A Day in the Life: by Anonymous
    (Synopsis: Actually, as yet not even a day. This story chronicles Susan, a prison of she-don't-know-who, trapped within an automated dungeon with no humans in sight. The first story/chapter/whatever is "the web room". Soon to come: the capture itself, which I suppose might make the "web room" clearer, and other things she goes through.)
  • Delightful deliveries: by SG
    (Synopsis: A new comer to bondage lets explores her first fantasy.)
  • Afternoon Surprise: by SelfBoundJess
    (Synopsis: A self-bondage session leads to unexpected explorations.)
  • The Fuckerware Party: by Tappy McWidestance
    (Synopsis: A frustrated wife learns to please herself after attending a sex toy party.)
  • Jane's Adventures in Self Bondage - Bravo and Towser: by jan311648
    (Synopsis: A young woman living alone on a rambling old farm samples the delights of Self Bondage in the comany of two dogs!)

Transformation (26 stories listed)
Stories about people becoming less than human

Spanking (4 stories listed)

A-R (1 stories listed)

Schoolies (5 stories listed)


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