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Anna's Punishment, Part 1- The Taking Author: Alina Aamu
(Added on May 7, 2011) (This month 17569 readers) (Total 21528 readers)
Anna has committed a crime without realizing it and now has to face the consequences. In this alternative reality, that means to be taken to an Education Center, where she will be forced to take punishment, humiliation and pleasure to rectify her deeds.

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Reviewer: sallyannslut (Edit) Rating: May 9, 2011
excellent story line...can't wait to read the next part (10/10)

Reviewer: Dryhill (Edit) Rating: May 9, 2011
A well thought out story with plenty of Anna's feelings and emotions. There are however three points that do not quite gel for me:-
1. We are told 85% of women finish up Taken at least once in their lifetimes. That is an awful lot of crime committed by women, more than in this universe at least.
2. Governments delibrately make taxation as complex as possible so that a lot of people will fall foul of tax legislation. This is done so that they can then fine the individual for making a false tax return, thereby giving the government around 20% more revenue than it is already taxing us (the lower the income tax levels the more complex the laws so they can get the 45+% taxation they want).
So any government would not have Anna Taken because that costs money, what they want is to fine her and thereby get the extra revenue.
3. Anna has had very little chance to say anything and was not asked about her health requirements until she arrived at the Education Centre, in fact she was gagged very quickly. If i or a large percentage of individuals were gagged and left for several hours we would have drowned in our own vomit.
For my sins i have the luxury of having chemo every three weeks and can easily write off the next two or three days bending over the loo (or a bucket at night) being sick. In the time i have been enjoying chemo i have only seen two other men receiving treatment, this suggests to me that there are an awful lot of women out there undergoing chemo and many i know are having weekly treatment! In the panic of being Taken i do not think anyone would think rationally and mention their chances of vomitting. Now i have only mentioned those having chemo what about those having radiation?
Of course Alina Aamu's universe hopefully has eliminated the need for such drastic treatment. In which case can i please be transported there today, and i will put up with as much punishment as you can dish out?
Other than those three points, a great opening chapter. i look forward to reading more. (8/10)

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