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My House Author: Jonathan
(Added on Jun 28, 2008) (This month 25302 readers) (Total 38770 readers)
One man's interview with the head of Artemis house--a secret and exclusive club for dominant women men exist only as slave property.

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Reviewer: hb59 (Edit) Rating: Jun 9, 2011
Oooooooh, verrry good! I hope there is more in the works. Please? (9/10)

Reviewer: topsfrombottom (Edit) Rating: Sep 3, 2008
Oh, wow - Splendid. Outstanding. Bravissimo.
A read like precious-few others to be found in this fine athenaeum, (never mind elsewhere on the 'Wild, Wild Web). Kudos are in order.
You know, your writing style sort of reminded me of riding a new roller coaster for the first time... glancing around in a somewhat dubious jadedness whilst being hauled up the 'launch-hill' of any story's initial, few paragraphs. Then, once cresting it, becoming aware of - and titillated by - a sudden sense that THIS ride looks to have some serious potential! Taking the plunge and reading-on, I was unable to tear my eyes from the track before me until suddenly finding myself pulling back into the station at the end - white knuckled, breathless and so upset it was over that I was ready to stomp a fledgling! (Joking, of course - I adore all Mother Gaia's fauna.)
But, seriously, (despite what any of my esteemed and respected co-reviewers may have claimed), I found everything largely to be perfectly executed - grammar, punctuation, flow, character development & theme. Again, a combination that I regard to be a cherished rarity. Indeed, describing each blade of grass is not only tiring, but pointless - when the meadow's already being properly, sufficiently & succinctly illustrated.
In conclusion, let me sum-up this review in three words: MORE! MORE! MORE!! {:D
An excellent offering, bro.
P.S. Oh - and I might add that I'd initially rated this effort with a perfect '10', but had to drop it back to a more befitting '9', upon remembering that, (as you surely realize, of course), only the sublime FEMALE of our species may ever be worthy to be considered *Perfect*, jonathan...
~grinning nudge to the ribs~
But hey - betwixt you and me - it's a Full-On TEN. Shhhhh... }:)
~tfb~ (9/10)

Reviewer: slider72 (Edit) Rating: Aug 12, 2008
Excellent - different to the norm.. hope some more episodes are forthcoming. (8/10)

Reviewer: abitbent (Edit) Rating: Jul 8, 2008
Well done. The nonchalant attitude of the main female character was nice.
A great read. (9/10)

Reviewer: masterdw (Edit) Rating: Jul 4, 2008
I Like it a lot, but there needs to be more of something. Background, character, plot are all skimpy. The idea is strong, needs better development. zPerhaps future stories? (8/10)

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