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Camel Whip Author: David l
(Added on Mar 21, 2006) (This month 24657 readers) (Total 43735 readers)
In the year 1876 a beautiful white woman is captured by a group of nomads in an arab country. She insults the shiek and is punished by a flogging with a camel whip then forced to slave labor

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Reviewer: mickydoughty (Edit) Rating: Mar 22, 2006
As the others by this author, same plot captured girl, tortured (yes usually by being whipped), put to work in the sun, then given to others for their sexual gratification. This is the backbones of a great novel, if a liitle more substance was added about the characters, their capture, punishments, work they are forced to do and finally what happens to them, as "they were taken by men and women", yes, but how and where and do they survive. Keep up the hard work, but lets add some meat to the bare bones of your plot ideas which are great and not many authors write about. (4/10)
Replied by: maitre (Edit) (Mar 30, 2006)
Thank you and all other reviewers for the excellent comments. I will certainly consider them in future works. The first part of this story was used by ARIES for BDSMartwork and I believe he used the same title.

Reviewer: MissHolly (Edit) Rating: Mar 22, 2006
Very nice.....may we expect more I hope? Surely Farah can think up better punishments than the whip. (7/10)

Reviewer: laursie (Edit) Rating: Mar 22, 2006
You dont really give us a chance to know anything about these characters. This makes reader digest condesed stories look like novels. A well used story line but one that I do like. I just wish there was more to it. (4/10)

Reviewer: jip (Edit) Rating: Mar 22, 2006
Perhaps a little exagerated, as working naked in the dessert under the burning sun, no human can stand that... alive (7/10)

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