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The auction

Part 2

The auction 2

The birthday party

I woke up from a loud noise. When I opened my eyes, for a moment I was completely disorientated. The bedroom was luxurious and big, much bigger than the stable I was used to, but if I had any illusions what I was doing here, the sturdy metal bars in front of my face told me different.

"Hurry up, whore, don't keep your owner waiting,"

An old naked woman with saggy breasts was poking me through the bars of my cage, obviously a slave like myself.

"My name is Susie," I objected.

The old crone cackled, while fumbling with the lock.

"Your name is anything that Miss Claudia wants to call you. And right now she wants to call you whore. So get out there and greet your owner, whore," she whispered pointing towards the sumptuous bed.

Resignedly I crawled out of the low cage. Only a few months ago I would have shrunk at the thought of my big breasts dangling as they did, but my trainer had taught me early on that slaves did not wear bras, did not wear anything as a rule. The old woman slapped my ass and pointed to the bed, where I had pleasured my new owner last night. Her slender body with its small pert breasts  just peeking out from under the covers and the full black hair spread out on the pillow looked gorgeous, but I was given you time to admire her. As soon as was within reach, the crone grabbed my hair and pulled me closer, then twisted my nipples vivciously.

"What are you thinking of, whore? It is already a minute past the time Miss Claudia wants to be woken up. And she is used to having a tongue bath in bed while she is waking up. Now start with her armpits."

Somewhat hesitantly I crawled upwards only to give a muffled cry when her sharp nails pinched my nipples again. With a vicious final twist the fingers released me and I started licking my owner's left armpit. Luckily she shaved, but the sweat of a night was salty on my tongue. I tried to lick as thoroughly as I could. When she felt the lady was clean enough, the old slave made me crawl all the way around her feet to clean the other armpit. When I was done with that Miss Claudia was still only moaning in her sleep and the old slave grabbed my hair and pulled me down to my lady's feet. Obediently I licked them, pushed my tongue between the pretty toes to clean away the night sweat, then sucked each toe like a miniature cock. Without being told I slowly made my way up my owner's legs. I had just reached the knees and was busy pushing my face under them to clean the backside of the leg, when Miss Claudia stretched and moaned louder.

"Isn't she cute, nanny," Miss Claudia crooned. "So sexy and so well-trained. Of course I will train her further. I want to have the best slavewhore in the entire college. I want all the girls and boys to beg me to let them use her. That's enough. Clean my crack now." I only just remembered in time.

"Yes, Miss Claudia, thank you for allowing me to touch to your wonderful anus, Miss Claudia."

"See, nanny? She's such a natural shameless plaything," Miss Claudia turned over onto her stomach so I could press my face between her taut cheeks. "You should have seen when they displayed her at the auction. She got so wet and horny she really masturbated in front of all those people. How degraded she is. Stick your tongue in deeper, stupid whore."

I worked hard pushing my tongue between her cheeks and she made me do it for a long time all the time prattling away about what a good slavewhore I was going to be for her. Finally she had Nanny hand me a glass of water to rinse my tongue. Not being allowed to leave her bed. I had to swallow the water afterwards. Then she turned over and let her legs fall apart. This time I remembered to thank her right away and got to work cleaning her densely haired pussy. This time I realized the pungent odour much more than I had the night before. Some of it I knew only too well, the smell of any aroused woman, but this scent was different, more intense, tickling my nose and my tastebuds and making my pussy tingle with excitement. I tasted her honey that soon started to flow, but to my surprise she did not let me give her an orgasm, but instead pushed my face away while she got up.

"Aren't you going to thank me for the privilege of being allowed to touch my body with your filthy tongue, whore?" my owner hissed.

"I'm sorry, Miss Claudia, thank you, Miss Claudia."

With a hooked finger she motioned for me to kneel up in the bed and carelessly backhanded my breasts a few time making them burn. When she was satisfied she went to have a shower, while I knelt and washed her with a soft sponge, then dried her off with the biggest and softest bath towel I had ever seen. When she pushed the towel away and left the bathroom I hastened to follow and knelt by her side when she sat down at the make-up table. She looked at me and laughed.

"What do you think you are doing, whore? I'll be made up now and then dressed. You are too stupid to do either right. You're just a whore. Go and tell nanny to send up the make-up girl. And tell Carl to get you ready."

"Yes, Miss Claudia."

As I left she called after me.

"And tell Carl he can have his reward before he showers you."

Showers me? Maybe as Miss Claudia's personal whore I would be pampered a bit, too. That would be nice after the harsh training. I made my way down to the basement and found the old woman sitting there waiting. I told her her orders, then asked for Carl. She pointed to the fat old slave who was just coming in.

"Carl, you are to shower me and get me ready. But she says you can have your reward before you do that. I'll wait here."

Like a flash the old woman was on me and slapped my breasts so hard I cried out.

"Count yourself lucky Miss Claudia has ordered that only she is to slap your face, whore. You will show some respect and call her the Mistress at all times? Understood, whore?"

"Yes, yes, nanny."

Another flurry of slaps hit my tits while out of the corner of my eye I could see Carl watching with a bright grin and a half-erect cock.

"And that will be Miss Nanny to you. Just as you will address any other slave here as Miss or Mister. After all you are just a common whore."

"Yes, Miss Nanny." Anything to make her stop. She might look old, but she certainly knew how to hit a pair of big breasts like mine.

Luckily she seemed mollified and left. Carl sauntered closer with a wide grin on his face.

"So you will wait here, while I get my reward? I bet you will. 'cause you are the reward. On your knees! Head!"

Suddenly I remembered the exchange last night. Miss Claudia had indeed promised him he could have me. Resigned I knelt and started working on his cock. It was still half-limp and shriveled and I had to remember all my training to get him to cum in my mouth.

When he had come, he motioned me to follow him outside into a small courtyard. He picked up a hose and without warning turned it on spraying me with ice-cold water. I leaped and jumped and tried to turn away, but he was experienced and made sure the jet hit every part of my body. His grin widened when he directed it between my legs. When he turned it off he pointed to a rag hanging over a railing. Wordlessly I dried myself off. So much for being pampered.

I spent the next couple of hours in the slave quarters. Carl gave my some breakfast, which was surprisingly good. It seemed the Mistress wanted her slaves healthy and well-fed.  Then he put me to work in the kitchen preparing the slave's lunch. It was after lunch that the surprise came. A petite brown-haired slave waved me over and told me she was to put make-up on me and dress me. While she worked she chattered incessantly and soon I knew that I had been bought by the only daughter of a rich industrialist. Her father was dead, but her mother was very much alive and all the slaves seemed to be very fearful of her. Rita also told me there were 25 other slaves in the house, but apparently I was the only sex slave. Rita admitted without hesitation that beside her job as a make-up girl and stylist, she was also often given to the male slaves as a reward for good service. She seemed quite proud of it, too.  When she was done with my make-up and a male slave had done up my hair, she even handed me a pair of silk stockings.

Stockings and a pair of heels, both in a burning red. Astounded I looked at her.

"The young Mistress says at her birthday party everyone should be dressed up, even her whore. Come along, we should have another 15 minutes, but better be early."

She lead me upstairs by the backstairs (of course) and then pointed to a small alcove next to a door.

"Wait there. The door leads to the dining-room. The first guests have already arrived, but the Mistress will want them to have their cream tea first. But listen carefully. When she calls for you, make sure you enter right away."

Then to my surprise she leaned forward and planted a lingering kiss on my left nipple and I could feel her tongue wiggling over it for a second.

"Better make sure your nipples are nice and hard, sweetie. After all she wants to show off how hot her new whore is."

She disappeared with a wink and left me standing near the door. I could hear voices from the other side. All of them sounded female and there was a lot of laughing and giggling. They seemed to be enjoying their tea and in no hurry to call me in. I stood near the door for a long time wondering what my new life would be like. When I signed the slave contract I had assumed as a matter of course that I would serve men and even when I had been trained to pleasure women, I had never assumed I would end up as the slave to a young woman. But I realized with a start that I did not mind. My life was serving and as long as I was made to serve well, I would be happy. I almost missed my new 'name', when the Mistress uttered it. Of course she hadn't made an effort to speak loud. After all it is up to the slave to pay attention. Taking a quick breath I walked through the door.

Only to be greeted with a sharp: "Down, whore!"

I was trained well and immediately I lowered myself onto hands and knees.


Another well-known command. I crawled towards the table making sure to greet my owner first. A lingering kiss with lots of tongue on her left shoe followed by the obvious words.

"Good afternoon, Miss Claudia. Thank you for allowing me to serve you."

I resumed the kiss until she pushed me away with her foot, then crawled on and planted the next kiss on the next left shoe.

"Good afternoon, Ma'am. Thank you for allowing me to greet you."

Three more feet and I had made the round. They all looked like they belonged to young women, but of course I had not presumed to raise my eyes to look at their faces.

"Attention display!"

In a flash I rose up facing the group, my feet planted exactly two feet apart and my hands behind my head to show off my breasts to full advantage. Though I kept my eyes lowered I could still make out the other guests, all of them more girls than women, apparently all in Miss Claudia's age.

"Very obedient." That was the plump blonde girl sitting on the left.

"And what a pair of knockers. You should have her treated to lactate, then you could get the milk for you tea from her like from a real cow." A sharp-featured brunette.

"No," Miss Claudia answered. "Those things will start sagging soon enough and I can get a cow for a few hundred at any auction. I want to have fun with this whore."

"And I am sure you already had, you little minx," a smallish girl with close-cropped black hair replied. "I still remember how often you had Lizzy service you, when we had that sleepover for my 18th birthday. And Lizzy isn't even a trained whore. How often have you had her between your legs, Claudi?"

"Well, that is where she belongs, isn't it?" the last of the guests, a dark-skinned girl with a full  head of curly hair interrupted. "After all that is what whores are bread for, to lick pussy. And this one sure seems to like her station. Just look at the hard nipples. I bet she is creaming even thinking about servicing you, Claudi."

"Are you, whore?" My owner asked.

How could I answer that? A slave must never do anything for her own pleasure.

"Serving you is a great honour, Miss Claudia, and pleasuring you with my tongue is a wonderful experience my body reacts to."

"Display cunt!"

She seemed to know all the standard orders that had been drilled into me. I spread my legs even wider and reached down to pull my pussylips apart careful not to touch my clit. Then I gasped, when my Owner pushed two fingers into my open hole. She withdrew them immediately and held them up glistening.

"Wet like a true whore should be."

She raised her a bit further and I hastened to lick them clean of the whoreslime that coated them. Rather awkward because I had not been told to break 'display cunt' position.

"May I take a look?" the blonde girl asked rather timidly.

"Sure, Ursula, in fact all of you are welcome. Whore, you will obey my friends as you do me."

"Yes, Miss Claudia."

Ursula very carefully pushed the tip of her middle finger into me. The others were not so careful and used two finger to full length as my owner had. The dark girl made me gasp. She shoved three fingers into the moist opening, waited a moment, then started fucking me with them.

"Well," she remarked conversationally, "let's see if your whore is just a bitch in heat or if she has some self-control."

After just a few strokes I was gasping and dying to come, but I had learnt painfully that a slave never comes without a direct order. My body tensed as I was fighting the increasing arousal. I tried to think of other things, of the pain of punishment, of my former life, but the need just kept increasing. And then her movements changed slightly and every time she shoved her fingers in her thumb rubbed over my clit. I groaned and bit my lips feeling sweat pour down my body.  The tingling rose from my legs as had almost reached my cunt, when the brunette interrupted.

"Hey, Marsha, stop for a moment. I think we can have a little fun with the whore."

Marsha stopped, but left her fingers inside me her thumb still pressing against my clit.

"Yeah? How, Mandy.?"

"Why don't we try out what she will do for an orgasm. That is, if Claudi doesn't want to keep her chaste."

"Me?" Miss Claudia laughed. "What do I care whether a slave has an orgasm?"

The five girls looked at each other and  Marsha suddenly withdrew her hand. It was coated in my juices and took me a while to clean.

"Well, Mandy, what do you have in mind?" she asked.

"Quite simple, we each give her an order and if she performs them all to our satisfaction, she gets her orgasm."

If I hadn't been so well-trained, I could have kissed and hugged her. I couldn't even remember when I had been allowed to cum and I promised myself silently I would do whatever they ordered.

"Sounds fun to me," Claudia smiled. "Here, let's draw cards who goes first."

Ursula, the plump blonde, won, but looked rather lost for a while, then her face lit up. She reached across the low coffee-table and got hold of a tray with cookies on it. One flick of the wrist scattered two dozen cookies all across the floor.

"Fetch, bitch!" she commanded.

I dropped onto hands and knees and crawled towards the nearest cookie. Bitches don't have hands, so I lowered my face and picked it up with my lips careful not to wet it with my spittle. I returned to the table and carefully placed the cookie back on the tray, then hastened to fetch the next one. By the time I had retrieved them all the girls were all giggling about some remark about how big my ass looked when I bent down and my knees were aching from the hard tiled floor.

"Good bitch," Ursula commended me, then looked around as if to gather everyone's attention. "as your reward you can have all the crumbs."

This produced another burst of laughter. I knew, of course that the fact that I was not hungry, was irrelevant, so I spent more long minutes licking the numerous crumbs from the floor. I even remembered to thank Ursula for my reward.

"Here!" This was Inez, the smallish girl.

I crawled towards her and when I approached, she spread her legs for me.


"Oh, Inez, do you always have to think of sex? I bet you have some slave or other between your legs most of the day."  Mandy, the brunette, complained in a joking voice.

"So what? That's what she is for, isn't she? And when I have the chance to be serviced by a trained whore, I won't let the chance go unused. "

My head was underneath her skirt by now and I was greeted by a smell that can only be described as horny cunt. Her pussy was positively dripping and I first busied myself lapping up her juices, then languorously licked her long inner lips before tickling her button with the tip of my tongue. She kept up a running commentary describing in shameless and exact detail what I was doing. I took my cues from her and concentrated on the things she liked best. Her smell was stifling, but I concentrated on the promised reward. Soon I felt her body starting to quiver and when she finally went over the edge a gush of her pussyjuice hit my face.

"I guess she did well?" Claudia asked ironically.

"Oh yes," Inez was still gasping. "You can bring her around to my house any day."

Mandy was the next one to call me over. She handed me a banana.

"I want to see you stick that inside you, all the way" she explained coldly. "And as I am sure a horny slut like you would probably get an orgasm with that in her cunt, you'll stick it up your ass. Get down. Bitch, face on the floor and ass in the air."

The posture created general merriment that increased while I tried to work the banana in my tight asshole. My training helped me to relax and after some stretching it slipped in easily.

"You can leave it there while you complete the next tasks," Miss Claudia informed me. "Do you want to come, whore?"

"Yes, Miss Claudia. It would be wonderful, if you would grant me an orgasm."

"Let's see how much you want to come. Go to the door and fetch the tawse hanging near it."

The thin leather strap was hard to the touch and I knew from experience it could be very painful. Miss Claudia watched me fetch it but shook her head, when I knelt to present it to her.

"We want to see what you will do for an orgasm. So here is my task. We'll play a little game, in which you have to earn 100 points. You get a point for a hard stroke on your big ass."

She paused to let that sink in. 100 strokes, hard ones, on my ass? It would be on fire afterwards. I blanched.

"Of course, if you don't want any more on your ass, you can earn more points, elsewhere. A stroke on your tits will earn you 3 point and one on your cunt will even get you 10. You decide."

On my tits the tawse would be even more painful and I could not even imagine how it would feel between my legs. But I just had to try.

"Yes, Miss Claudia, please whip me."

"Oh no, whore" she laughed. "Why should I work up a sweat, when it is you who wants to cum? You will deliver the strokes yourself. We will only decide if they are hard enough to count."

If I could have I would have blanched even more. But I turned around slowly to give them all a good look at my ass and raised the tawse. The first strokes weren't so bad, even though I hit myself hard fearing to have strokes discounted. But when each side had received 10 strokes there was no space for new ones and hitting an area already red and burning doubled the pain. I bit my lips and kept whipping my ass closing my ears to the dismissive remarks about the whore who would do anything just to be allowed an orgasm. But when I had reached 40 the pain was overwhelming and I stopped. Breathing hard I turned around slowly trying to put the moment I would have to strap my tender tits. But their eyes were on me and I could not make them wait for too long. The first stroke left a red mark all across my left tit soon to be joined by 3 more, but I could not bring myself to hit again knowing I would have to hit the same spot again. So I delivered four more to the other side. Feverishly I tried to compute. 40 plus 8 times 3 came out at 64, which meant four strokes right into my cunt, if I wanted that orgasm.

"If you want to hit your whorecunt, lie down so you can spread fully and make sure you hit your fuckflesh," Mandy commanded.

Shivering I lay down and opened my legs wide. They made me adjust my position so all five had a good view. My arm was shaking, when I raised it, but I forced myself to bring it down hard. The pain was like my cunt was on fire and tears were streaming down my face. This time, I realized too late, I would have no choice but to hit the same, the most tender spot again and again. The second stroke made me cry out. Almost in trance I raised my arm twice more and hit my wet pussy twice more in quick succession. The strokes made me scream and I felt someone was holding a burning torched to my cunt, but I had done it. One more task and I would have an orgasm.

"What a shameless and cunt-driven slut you are." Marsha's voice was dripping with contempt. "you want a cock in your slimehole?"

"Oh yes, please, Ma'am," I managed to gasp.

"Well, none of us will fuck you obviously and you are not worth calling some slavestallion over, so you will have t do with what you have. You can use the banana. Pull it out of your hole."

After all that time her dismissive voice still stung. But I had been given an order and the burning in my cunt was slowly making way to an incredible mixture of pain and arousal. I produced the banana and looked towards Marsha hopefully.

"That thing is filthy. Clean it, then you can fuck yourself."

I did not need to look to know what was filthy about it, but I was so close. Without any hesitation I slipped it into my mouth and sucked it avidly.

"Look at that. That whore will suck anything. I guess your male slaves will be very obedient and eager, if you promise them your whore's mouth once in a while," Mandy quipped.

I licked and sucked trying to ignore both the taste in my mouth and the remarks they made about me. Finally I risked a look at the fruit and found it clean. I waited eagerly.

"Well, she has performed well, I would say," Ursula ventured. My breath almost stopped. Would I really be allowed an orgasm? There were mumbles all around. Finally my owner spoke.

"Ok, whore, but we will need you soon, so don't take too long. You have a minute, so hurry up."

I almost forgot to thank her in my eagerness to start, but when that was done I spread my legs slightly where I was standing and shoved the banana into my wet cunt. No chance to drag it out sweetly, but I started fucking myself as fast as I could right away. My left hand found my clit and I rubbed that, too. The sensation of fucking and rubbing my freshly whipped pussy was overwhelming and I felt the tingling rise from my knees almost at once. The temptation to slow down and enjoy a long orgasm was huge, but I had no way of telling the time, so I increased my pace, rubbed my clit furiously until a huge climax washed over my entire body and I had the most incedredible orgasm ever standing there and masturbating in front of five young women I had not even known 24 hours earlier. When the wave receded my knees buckled and I fell at my Owner#s feet and kissed tem avidly.

"Thank you, Miss Claudia, thank you with all my heart."

"Not bad, whore. I gave you a minute and you took 27 seconds. I like a slave who doesn't fuss around, but tries to please even when given an orgasm. Next time you'll do it in 25 seconds."

Review This Story || Author: Anne
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