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Beating the Odds and the Evens

Part 1



I always considered myself an average guy through my first thirty years.  I had some bad breaks and some good ones.  But since 1929 it's been like heaven on earth.  Everything seems to have fallen into my lap, and most of it has been serendipity. Let me explain.

I come from a small farming family in Valdosta, Georgia.  I was an only child, but my folks were nice people and my childhood was normal.  Things began to change shortly after I finished high school in 1917. Of course World War I had just broken out, and I was drafted shortly afterward.

My first lucky break came when I was assigned to the Quartermaster Corps, immediately following basic training. I became a clerk, assigned to requisitioning food for the troops. Soon I found myself in France, but well behind the fighting lines.  Break number two!

During most of 1918, I found myself shipping food up to the front lines. Sometimes it was grunt work moving boxes of food to trucks for shipment north. But sometimes there were short periods of leave, when I could go into Paris for rest and relaxation.

On one of these trips I was wandering the streets of Paris and found a dingy little cellar club, which, as it turned out, catered to the rough trade, sadomasochism and the like.  I barely knew what the word meant at that point, and, while most people would have immediately fled in horror, I became fascinated with the whole idea.  There was an act in process when I entered, entailing a pretend inquisition.

Now,I assume the girl who was being questioned was a masochist, because the treatment she was receiving seemed very realistic, and the inquisitor was not being kind at all.  Of course, they were speaking French, so I didn't have any idea what was being said, but I didn't need to.  His actions spoke for themselves.

The girl was totally naked, hanging by her wrists, her feet some six inches off the floor.  She was not particularly well built, small breasts and a very thin build.  The only two things that stood out, to me, were her nipples, which were very long, and her pussy, which was hairless.  I had never seen a naked girl before, but I knew there was supposed to be hair down there.  The few pictures of nude females I had seen before were usually grainy and the women were often ugly as sin.

This girl was relatively pretty.  Long black hair flowed down her back, and, though she had too much makeup on, it was obvious she was in her twenties, with luscious lips and large brown eyes, which were open as wide as she could get them, thanks to the pain that was being doled out to her.

Tears were streaming down her face as her interrogator would lean in toward her ear, mutter something softly, she would shake her head, and he would grab one of her pointy nipples and twist it 180 degrees or more. Her cries of pain were also in French, but it didn't take a genius to know that she wasn't giving him the answers he wanted.

The show continued in like manner for a good half hour with constant nipple and breast pulling and twisting, before he eventually began jamming his fist up her twat.  I had no idea such a thing was feasible or possible, but I watched in fascination as he soon had his entire hand forced up into her vagina.  Her screeches were obviously heartfelt, as he continued by driving his fist in and out of her maw at a rapid rate.

More banter occurred between the hapless maid and her tormentor, before he went into his final act, that of beating her on the back and front with a whip that extended about four feet.  By the time he had finished, her body was bathed in perspiration, and raw stripes of red welts ran up and down her back and front.  He had concentrated on her buttocks and thighs in back, but there were long streaks of red, some dripping an occasional drop of blood, down her front, as well, particularly on her tender breasts.

I found myself totally excited after watching what most people would think of as a horror scene, but I had found intensely invigorating.  My penis was fighting to break through the buttons of my fly, and I raced to the men's outhouse outside to lock myself in the lone cubicle. It took me longer to get my pants down than it did to reach an orgasm, and I watched in satisfied contentment as my semen shot into the toilet.

I was so taken with the whole process I had just watched, that I couldn't wait to get back to Paris to watch another show, but, alas, the Armistice was declared a month after my leave, and I was shipped back to the States with a completely frustrated libido, knowing that I had been hooked into the world of sadism and wasn't likely to find anything like the Parisian show to ease my rapidly growing interest in cruelty.

My assignment was to continue with the Quartermasters at Fort Benning in Georgia for the duration. While I was there, the terrible flu epidemic  hit the entire United States, and though I was lucky enough to avoid it, both of my parents contracted it and died.  I was allowed to leave the Army on a hardship request and went back home to tend to my folks' estate and run the farm.

I found I wasn't really interested in farming after I'd seen Paree, as the song goes. I was able to sell the land, except for the farm-house, which I decided to keep, and used the money to invest in stocks. Profits were slow at first, but, as I learned more and more about the market and the country began to prosper after the war, my investments began to grow by leaps and bounds.

On a personal note, I began dating a girl named Amy that I had known throughout high school.  She was a pretty blond, barely over five feet tall, with a knockout figure, and we were soon very much in love and married in 1922.

She was very shy with most people, which was fine with me.  I didn't give her much time for socializing the first three years we were married, anyway. It seemed like I had her barefoot and naked most of the time.  Our lovemaking was intense and satisfying. We took the opportunity to try positions and locations that wouldn't occur to most people, and Amy was amenable to anything I wanted to try.

A couple of times, when we would have a big argument about something, Amy would take the opportunity to do something spiteful to get back at me.  Once she dumped my supper in the garbage, before I got to the table to eat it, and another time she cut up a pair of my pants in a fit of anger.

I returned the favor by taking her over my knees, lifting her skirt, pulling down her panties and whaling the tar out of her fanny.  Both times the tears flowed like wine, and I was afraid her screams would be heard a half mile away at the nearest house, but I found my sadistic tendencies were still with me, as I stood her back up and lectured her.  Both times, in spite of her sore buttocks and her unwillingness to partake in fervent lovemaking, she had no choice, as my raging hormones took hold, and I thrust her on the bed and buried my rampant prick in her vagina.

Unfortunately, our mostly happy marriage ended sadly, when Amy contracted typhoid fever and died in our fifth year together. I was devastated and stuck pretty much to myself for the next couple of years, burying my sorrows by concentrating on the stock market, which was going like gangbusters.

This was when my luck hit its peak. It was in mid-September of 1929.  I had amassed a rather sizable nest-egg at that point and decided, for some fortuitous reason, to take my money out of the stock market and invest it in real estate, which was also booming at the time. So I cashed in almost all of my stocks, nearly $300,000 worth, and began studying where to invest in land that would bring me a good return in the future.

I had not even gotten to the point of investing in any land when October 29, 1929 hit, and the bottom fell out of the stock market. Fortunately, I had put most of my money in my safe deposit box, fortuitous point number two, because many of the smaller banks went bankrupt, but I was able to get my money out and keep it on my person until the situation with the banks had cleared up.  I was suddenly a fat cat, when the rest of the world was in chaos.

I spent the next four years, lonely for companionship and waiting for the depression to wind down. I decided to use the time to educate myself and went to the University of Georgia, where I majored in business.

And that brings me to the summer of 1935.  I had graduated from the U. of Ga. and was very happily vegetating and reading books.  The country was still in a deep depression, and I had begun using some of my knowledge about real estate and a little of my money to buy up some real estate in the city of Atlanta.

That's when my next fortuitous moment wandered down the road, literally.

Chapter 2

It was a typical June day hot and sticky.  It was a little after 10 a.m. and I had grabbed a cup of coffee and was sitting on the rocker on the front porch, enjoying the little bit of breeze that was wafting by.  Down the road in front of me walked two girls, probably in their mid or late teens.  As they came into view they were holding hands, but it was obvious they were exhausted, dirty, and from the looks of their dirty, dusty, well-worn gingham dresses, from poor circumstances, as were most people in the area.

As they came within speaking range, their destitute condition became more and more obvious. Their faces were caked with dust and their exertion in walking in the excessive heat had produced rivulets of perspiration running down their arms and legs.

I called out to them, asking if theyd like a nice cold drink of water or a cup of coffee. They wandered slowly over to the edge of my lawn with a bit of hesitation, and I got my first good look at the girls. Both had dirty blond hair, and under the caked dust on their faces I could tell both of them were pretty, and I was quite sure they were sisters. They were both thin, not emaciated, but far from robust looking. It was also clear that neither of them was wearing a brassiere, as each step they took produced the most delightful wobbling of their fair-sized breasts.

They both moved with alacrity over to the porch, one of them telling  me how much they would appreciate a nice cold drink.  As I rose and ushered them into the kitchen, I could also see that both girls dresses were so old and thin that their nipples were doing their best to break through the tired material of their bodices.

I suggested they sit and went to the Frigidaire and pulled out a large frosty bottle of ice water I kept there.  As I poured the water into their glasses, I began asking them what they were doing, where they were going, etc, not attempting to hide my interest in the twin pairs of prominent mammaries displayed a few feet from me.  As soon as I placed the glasses in front of them, both girls began gulping down the water as if they were in a contest.

Their story touched me as it was related to me, though my mind immediately began racing, forming various scenarios that might develop to my advantage.  I was told the girls were named Beth and Meg, after two of the characters in Little Women.  Beth, who did all the talking, was obviously not well educated.  She spoke freely of the terrible life they had just escaped two days earlier.  I soon learned that Meg had been born without vocal chords.  She could grunt and make guttural sounds, but could not speak at all.

Beth related how they had run away two nights ago from their home in Dothan, Alabama and were trying to get as far away from home as they could. They had walked all day yesterday and half of last night.  A woman had given them some Kool-Aid and a couple of ham biscuits the afternoon before. That was all they had had to eat since they ran away.

I immediately jumped up and started fixing some scrambled eggs and toast for them, as Beth continued her story.  They were the oldest kids from a family of six children.  Their father, unemployed for over a year, was a tyrant, spending what little money he could get his hands on to fill his undying need for liquor, and was generally in a state of intoxication ranging between staggering in a daze and a drunken stupor.  Under such conditions, he felt no hesitation in screwing any of the girls, and took particular pleasure in fucking his two oldest girls right in front of his wife, who never had the nerve to object.

Although he repeatedly used his belt on every member of the family, including their mother, he seemed to have a favorite, Meg. Perhaps it was because of her inability to speak so that the only sounds she made while she was being beaten were indistinguishable mutterings.

A couple of weeks prior, in one of his stupors he had beaten Meg so badly that she had to remain bed-ridden for over a week, while the bloody sores on her back and buttocks healed.  At that point Beth, who had recently gotten a bad beating from her father, as well, whispered to Meg about them running away together. Meg was fully in accord, and they began to make their plans for escape.  As soon as Meg was feeling suitably well to walk, they took off.

I dumped the scrambled eggs onto two plates, adding some buttered toast and the two girls tore into their food like ravaging lions, and with mouths placed inches from their plates they scooped the food in with gusto.  When they had finished eating, Beth continued her story as they each sipped a cup of hot coffee.

Neither of the girls had been allowed to go to school.  Their father had been a cotton-picker before the depression had shut down the farm he worked on.  Until that time, any of the kids that were able to pull a boll off the cotton plants was expected to work in the fields.  As a result education had been non-existent for any of the family members.

It was at that point that I formulated the plan that I presented to the girls as they finished their coffee.  If they would agree to serve as maid-servants (slaves, as I pictured it, though I never mentioned the word to them), I would pay them each $25 a week, clothe and feed them and give them a rudimentary education, as much as they wanted or were able to grasp, and they could leave at any time they felt they wanted to move on. They would be responsible for cooking and house-cleaning, and I would be able to punish them or have sex with them in any way I saw fit. Punishment would seldom extend to anything worse than spankings, but never anything that would cause disfigurement or serious damage.

There was some hesitation on Beths part as I laid out my offer, particularly regarding the punishment aspect, until I finally mentioned paying them each $25 a week.  Suddenly their faces lit up like Christmas trees, as Beth explained that neither of them had ever seen anything bigger than a $1 bill.

I suggested the girls each take a bath, while I washed their clothes and hung them out to dry.  Then they could lie down on what had been my parents single beds for as long as they needed to get properly rested up. I explained that I would drive them into Albany the next day and wed find them suitable clothes and accoutrements for them to begin living with me.

They suddenly became like two five-year-olds, hopping about and hugging each other, as we moved upstairs to the bathroom. I began to draw the water into the bathtub, getting a nice warm, but not too hot, stream of water pouring into the tub. They seemed to have no compunctions about appearing nude before me. In moments they had both shucked off their dresses and were pushing their thread-bare panties down their legs. Except for the dirt that still covered much of their bodies, they were now entirely naked, and not at all reticent to show me all of their charms.

I must admit I took more than a few moments to gawk at their beauty.  Though they were pitifully thin, I could see that both were well-rounded in all the right places.  Both sets of breasts were tipped with the most delightful puffy nipples I could have imagined. They were actually beautiful pink puffy mounds with protruding pink pointers attached at the ends.  My mouth began watering as I tested the water and found it was properly hot.

I assumed they would take their baths one at a time, but I was wrong. They both hopped in the tub at the same time, and, as soon as I handed them each a wash-cloth and a bar of soap they began delightedly washing each other.  I watched, fascinated, for several minutes as they thoroughly cleared the dirt off of each others bodies.  There was no hesitation on either of their parts to soap up and rinse their sisters most intimate parts.

I tore myself away and gathered up their clothes, dumping them in a wash-tub of hot water with a healthy dose of Oxydol thrown in. A bit of scrubbing got all the dust and dirt off the clothes and into the water. I rinsed them in cold water and hung the dresses and panties on the clothesline to dry in the sun.

Returning to the bathroom, I found Beth sitting directly in front of Meg, ass to vagina.  The water was filthy, but both of the girls were clean and their skin glowed pink.  Meg was in the process of washing Beths hair.  It was obvious that Beth had already done the same for Meg. It was then I noticed Megs back.  It was full of stripes of ugly yellow, blue and purple marks beneath the skin that were most assuredly the two week leftovers from the beating her father had given her.                  

I went and retrieved a couple of big towels for them, as well as two of my shirts.  I thought for a moment about just letting them sit around naked until their clothes dried, but then I thought that there was plenty of time for nakedness later.  No sense in scaring them this early in the game!

Reentering the bathroom I suggested the girls get out and dry off before all their skin shriveled up.  They laughed, then rose, grabbed a towel and began drying off.  This gave me a wonderful opportunity to study their body parts in detail, and I really liked what I saw. I noticed that both girls pubic hair was blonde and sparse, giving me a chance to see their slits and the plump lips separated by those clefts.

When they had both stepped out of the tub and were thoroughly dried off, I handed them each one of my shirts. The shirts were far too big for either of them, but it gave them something to cover their nakedness until their own clothes were dry.  I rinsed off the sandals theyd been wearing, and, after they had combed and brushed out their hair, we descended to the kitchen.

Not surprisingly both girls were still hungry and I brought out a plate of cold fried chicken Id been planning to have for dinner and they had soon devoured every piece.  While they were gnawing away at the chicken bones, I took the liberty of slyly sitting back and looking under the table.  Both girls had slid their bodies up to the edge of their chairs, and, in doing so, had totally uncovered their privates.  Both had spread her legs, so that I was treated to a view of their open vulvas and even the hooded clits that were also in clear view.  Im not sure whether they were aware of how open their pussies were, and I didnt care if they didnt.

When their hunger was fully sated, I suggested they might want to go upstairs and rest for a while, an idea they found very much to their liking. They ambled upstairs and I didnt see them again for at least three hours, when they finally appeared in the downstairs hallway, and Beth asked if their clothes were dry yet.

The panties were still damp, so we left them on the line and the girls slipped off my shirts and donned their dresses. The material in the dresses was even more faded and worn thinner than I had realized, and I was then treated to those nipples of theirs almost begging for someone to latch onto them with a hungry mouth.  I had to fight the tendency to let my eyes stay glued to first one, then the others breasts, and I got the impression the girls didnt really care if I stared.

Chapter 3

With the girls help I cut up and tossed a pretty decent salad of vegetables from my small garden.  Again, they ate as if eating was about to be banned, but it was nice to see that they were enjoying themselves, after living such stark lives with their family.  Beth continued to fill me in on what that life had entailed, and I was astonished that their father could be such a bastard.

Because food was at such a premium with almost no income, their father often made food a premium and eating became a privilege at his discretion.  He would withhold food as punishment or plain whimsy sometimes. Of course, he always managed to eat every meal himself,  but there were times when the whole family would be forced to stand and watch him eat, while they were deprived of anything but a glass of water. It was seldom that the whole family got to eat a meal at the same time.

Their father had also devised “minor” punishments, such as making one or more of them stand outside the front door naked in the sun for an hour or two at a time during the summer, or 15 minutes or so, also naked, during the winter months. He stopped the winter punishments when one of the kids contracted pneumonia and they had to get the boy to the hospital for treatment, where he almost died. Of course, none of them were allowed to explain to the hospital personnel why the boy had pneumonia in the first place.

After supper I had the girls wash and dry the dishes.  I sat at the table and watched as Meg washed and Beth dried and put the dishes away. Beth began having fun pretending she was a juggler, drying a dish and then tossing it up in the air and catching it.  Before I could warn her to be careful, because this was fairly valuable china that my grandmother had passed down, Beth lost her hold on a plate and it crashed to the floor in a hundred pieces.

Beth stood there in a panic, looking at me with horror in her eyes. I immediately demanded her to present herself to me, and, when she was standing before me, I grabbed her and pulled her down over my knees, lifting her dress to her back at the same time.  I was presented with a very cute pair of buttocks wiggling below my eyes. It wasnt pudgy, God knows, but in its sinewy state it was perhaps even cuter than it would have been with more fat on it.  Unfortunately, my anger over the broken plate was great enough that I lacked the interest in the esoterics and was only intent on bestowing pain to the twin posteriors.

I began plastering Beths backside with dozens of hard slaps of my rapidly stinging hands.  But Im sure that my hands hurt far less than Beths butt, which was rapidly changing shades from soft pink to a flaming red.  Her screams, pleas, and apologies were falling on deaf ears, as I continued to pound on her bottom. Finally I pushed her to a standing position, explaining that that china was valuable to me, and she should take more care with other peoples property.  With tears streaming down her face, she apologized again and set about picking up the shards of broken plate from the floor.


When they were finished with the dishes, we retired to the living room, where I broke out a bottle of Jack Daniels and offered some to each of the girls.  I knew they were underage, but I thought it would be fun to see how they reacted. I sipped mine sparingly, but both girls, being new to downing hard liquor, had finished their jiggers in a matter of minutes, and I could see that Beths punishment was, for all intents and purposes, forgotten.

It turned out they were very happy drunks and began to dance about with each other like they had contracted St. Vitus dance. After five minutes or so of horseplay, they both flopped back onto the couch, laughing merrily, with their legs extended up in the air as their dresses slid down onto their stomachs.

I was afforded an unforgettable view of two sets of legs, spread wide, vaginas and puckered little rosettes open and inviting for my perusal.  I noticed Beths buttocks were still fiery red, but apparently the liquor had dulled the hurt enough for her to forget the pain for the time being. Eventually their legs fell to the floor, but, in their inebriated state, they both failed to cover themselves, and I continued to stare at two very luscious-looking slits.

My libido began to stir, and when the girls finally sat up, I asked Beth if they had ever had occasion to suck on a male penis.  She indicated that her father had trained all of his girls to “suck dick,” so she and Meg had become pretty good at it.  I said I was ready for a sample, and, moving over to the sofa, I sat between them, as I slid my pants and boxers down to my feet.

Neither girl said anything, guttural or otherwise, but I thought I noticed in both sets of eyes a subtle raising of their eyebrows, which, being a vain male, I took to mean that I had outdone Dad in the length department.  I scooted my ass forward on the couch to the edge of the cushion and suggested Id like Meg to undo the top of her dress so I could do a little sucking of my own, while Beth got down on her knees and showed me her expertise as a blow-jobber.

In moments Meg had unbuttoned the top of her dress and was lying perpendicular to my chest with her left nipple rubbing against my lips.  In the meantime Beth had sunk to the floor, and, in spite of a few audible pained moans, obviously caused by her ass rubbing against something hard, I soon felt her tongue sliding up and down my rapidly growing prick.  Her mouth dipped to my balls and shortly the whole sack was enveloped in her mouth. I wouldnt have believed she could get the whole sack in her mouth, but the feeling of her saliva dripping down the whole expanse had me wondering if I was going to spurt before she got my prick in her mouth.

Meanwhile I had opened my mouth and was treated to the entrance of that wonderful stiff protuberance at the tip of her nipple, followed by the fat puffy part.  It was all I could do to get the entire nipple as well as a little of her actual breast in my mouth.  I sucked away like a contented baby, while Beth, having finally gotten my prick in her mouth, was doing the same.

I can use the excuse that it had been ages since I had had the services of a female, for why it took less than three minutes before I let go with a full load of sperm into Beths mouth.  Her father certainly had her well trained though, because, after pushing my load of spunk to the front of her mouth, to show me she still had it all in her mouth, she quickly swallowed it all with a big grin on her face.

I continued to suck on Megs beautiful breast for another minute or so before pushing her away, and she took her place beside me on the couch, not bothering to re-button her dress, affording me more time to gaze at her lovely boobs.  I finished my Jack Daniels, went out to the clothes-line and plucked the now-dry panties off of it, and brought them inside.

I could tell both girls were exhausted, so I suggested we call it a day.  We went upstairs, and I watched as the girls took clean sheets and made up the twin beds.  They both took a few moments in the bathroom and then came into the bedroom ready to get to bed. Without any qualms they both unbuttoned their dresses and let them fall to the floor. Interestingly enough, they both took their panties and slid them up their legs, before climbing into the newly-made beds, but not before I had the opportunity to view their total nakedness once more.

I kissed both girls gently on the lips, before turning out the light and heading for my bedroom, wondering why God was being so good to me.  I fell asleep a few minutes after my head hit the pillow, still thinking of new ways of taking advantage of my new-found serendipity.

Chapter 4

We were all awake bright and early the next morning.  I showed the girls how to make pancakes, which theyd had before, but never made with milk and never spread with butter and maple syrup, so that was a new treat for them.

After theyd finished doing the dishes, I backed the Buick roadster convertible out of my converted barn/garage and we took off for Albany. It didnt have all the fancy stores that Atlanta did, but there was a Sears and Roebuck, and thats where we stopped first.

Once again the girls eyes bugged out, as we went through the womens clothes section.  I let them pick out two dresses apiece, plus shorts, blouses, and skirts. In the shoe department I had each of them find a pair of comfortable shoes with good solid heels and soles, and a pair of ballettype slippers for everyday wear. They were both excited about having real shoes to wear.  Beth decided to wear her slippers home, but Meg wanted to wear the big comfortable shoes with socks to go with them.

In the lingerie department I let them each pick out one silk and four cotton pairs of panties.  I put my foot down at bras. No bras!  They didnt need them, anyway, and it would hinder my view and accessibility.  They were so pleased with all their other purchases, I dont think they cared about the bras, anyway. They really acted like a couple of kids in the proverbial candy store.

Our next stop was a drug store, where we picked up all the toiletries and other needs that occurred to them and some rubbers for me. While we were there, I bought them each a chocolate coke at the soda fountain, and I could hear Beth sighing and Megs throat gurgling, as they downed the first cokes theyd ever had. It was great fun seeing what joy these little things were giving them.

Our final stop was at the A & P, where I bought far more groceries than I should have, simply because I knew so many of the items were things theyd never had the chance to eat before. When we got back in the car to head home both girls kissed me hard on the lips to show their appreciation for what Id gotten them.  I knew that that was just a small taste of the appreciation theyd be showing me eventually.  At that point, I was having almost as much fun as they were.

We arrived back at the house in mid-afternoon.  The girls had been so excited about all the purchases that Beth was literally bouncing up and down in her seat all the way home.  The excitement continued as I pulled the car up next to the house. The car windows were down, of course, and Meg, instead of opening the car door jumped up on the seat and leapt over the door to exit the car. Unfortunately the heel of her new shoe didnt make it all the way outside, and I watched as it slid down the outside of the door, digging into the paint and leaving a streak of metal showing where the paint had scraped off.

All the hilarity stopped as we all looked at the scrape. Megs hand flew to her gaping mouth, as she realized the damage she had done to the car.  I was seeing red, as I grabbed her arm and pulled her over to the steps leading up to the porch.

I plopped myself down, pulling Meg over my lap, and quickly pushing her dress up on her back and pulling her new panties down to her knees. Meg was making guttural sounds, which Im sure were her only way of indicating an apology for the damage shed done, but I was so mad my total concentration was on how red I could turn the twin white globes before me. 

My hand rose and fell over and over, as her fanny became pink, then red, then crimson. Her legs were scissoring as she began reacting to the intense pain she was feeling. I could see her pretty pussy lips being exposed as her legs twisted this way and that, but I was so intent on delivering painful strikes to her behind that the sexual aspect of what I was doing was entirely superfluous. After a full five minutes of beating Megs buttocks, my hand finally gave up the ghost, and I pushed the tearful youth off my lap.  She slid down my legs and lay at my feet sobbing miserably, rubbing her sore rear end with her hand and with tears streaking her cheeks.

I yelled a little about her carelessness and the fact that I was going to have to take the car in to have that streak in the paint fixed, which only brought a new torrent of tears and more guttural sounds escaping Megs throat.  I rose and pulled her to her feet, and, after she had pulled up her panties and rearranged herself, we all grabbed packages and went inside.

After I had put the groceries away and the girls had taken their packages up to their room, I gave them another lesson in cooking, this time fried pork chops and mashed potatoes and gravy. When everything was ready we sat down to eat.  Well, two of us sat down. Meg tried to get away with standing up to eat, but I was still feeling resentful about the car, and I made her sit.  It was obvious that she was struggling to find a spot on her derriere where she could sit without extreme pain, but there was none, and she slid around grimacing for the whole time we ate.

As I indicated, while I was spanking Meg, my mind was totally set on the damage I could do to her butt, but during supper, I couldnt stop picturing those plump outer nether lips that stuck out so prominently during her spanking, and I determine that after the dishes were done the three of us were going to begin having sex together. I was sure it probably was the last thing in the world that Meg would choose to do under the circumstances, but that made me even more determined.

When the girls got up to do the dishes, I ordered them both to strip off all their clothes and perform the washing and drying au natural. They both looked at me like I was crazy, but a scowl on my face convinced them that I was serious, and they shucked off all their clothes. I found what followed to be delightfully sexy and decided to find other occasions when total nudity would probably be somewhat inappropriate but sensually pleasant to my eyes.

The experience didnt seem to faze the girls particularly, but as they were finishing up their chores, I noticed it had affected my manhood greatly.  I ordered them both up to my room, following them up the steps with a wonderful view of both their rear ends, one red and one pink, and the puffy lips between their legs.

I told them we were going to have our first ménage a trois, which only brought concerned looks to both their faces, until I explained its meaning, at which point Beth smiled and Meg frowned and quickly ran her hands gently over her butt cheeks.  I undressed and got in the middle of my full-size bed and beckoned for them to get on either side of me.  When they had done so, I turned to Meg and began kissing her deeply, running my tongue far into her mouth.  She probably had never French-kissed before, but she hesitantly returned the favor and soon was twisting her tongue with mine like a pro.

In the meantime, Beth had begun running her fingers down my back with amazing results, as my penis began getting harder as the tickling sensation emanated down to my groin.  She apparently noticed the effect she was having, because she stopped the tickling and extended her hand over my hip to grab onto my pole, slowly running her hand back and forth along the length of it.

I had, by then, moved my mouth down to Megs tantalizing left breast, as it engulfed her puffy nipple, and I began to chew on it lightly. Meg started with the guttural sounds again, and I didnt know if I was hurting her or giving her thrills.  I didnt even care. The entire nipple was hard as a rock, so I decide the sounds she was making were pleasurable and began sucking and biting a little harder.

I ordered both girls to lie next to each other with their legs spread wide and their feet flat on the bed and then proceeded to alternate back and forth, licking up and down each slit for minutes at a time, then moving back to the other sister.  Soon I had both of them moaning loudly. Eventually I was nibbling on the clitoris of one while I was drawing my fingers up and down between the outer lips of the other.  When I had one in a paroxysm of pleasure, I quickly moved over to begin on the other. I could see that Megs buttocks were still a deep red, but it didnt seem to diminish the orgasms she was having. Beth seemed to be the more passionate of the two, as her whole body rolled and rocked back and forth, when I brought her to a climax.

They both had had two deep climaxes when I decided it was my turn.  My dick had grown hard as granite, so I rose up and plugged myself into Beth and began slowly driving into her waiting well-lubricated hole. I had only been going at it for a couple of minutes, when Beths body tightened up totally, and she began screaming in ecstasy.  I waited until her orgasm had subsided and removed my prick from her vagina and moved over to her sister.

Meg was as wet and anxious as her sister had been, and I began the slow in and out movement I had used with Beth. I had only been doing it for a matter of seconds, when I began to feel my own climax approaching, and I automatically picked up speed.  As I felt my balls tightening up I found myself pounding away at Meg even faster, and I could tell she was near the end, as well. I suddenly let go my entire load driving myself as far into Megs hole as I could.  I was not aware of anything but my own pleasure, while my orgasm took me to the heights, but then I realized that my burst had brought Meg over the edge, and I could feel her coming down from a high of her own.

I lay there on top of her for several minutes, as we both came down from our fantastic climaxes.  I think I could have fallen asleep right then, except I became aware my weight was beginning to make Meg uncomfortable, so I pulled myself off of her and lay next to Beth, who was in her own quiet stupor.  I think we all fell asleep then for about ten minutes.               


I finally rose and, with my limp prick still dripping, I leaned over and kissed each girl gently on each of their boobs, and suggested we all wash up and sleep together for the night in my bed.  I dont know whether they were acquiescing to please me, or they liked the idea on their own, but after we washed up, we all climbed back in my bed and with arms wrapped around each other fell into a deep sleep.  At least I did, but, as I was drifting off, I reminded myself that from now on I must remember to use a condom. I think I slept more deeply than I had in months.

Chapter 5

I awoke bright and early lying between two very pretty, very naked girls.  I was tempted to pick up where wed left off the previous night, but my stomach was rumbling and I saw no reason why things wouldnt be just as exciting after breakfast.  Both girls were still asleep, so I adroitly slipped my hand over one of each girls breasts and began softly massaging those big hard round nipples of theirs.  Beth moaned at first, as though my hand was annoying her, but soon the very tip of her nipple was sticking straight out like a prong and her moan turned to a purr.  Meg, on the other hand, turned to face me and gave me a nice deep soul kiss that lasted for over a minute.

I suggested we all get up and have breakfast, and standing there, watching them move toward the bathroom, I also suggested we have breakfast sans clothes, an idea which they apparently liked, because they both smiled as they disappeared into the bathroom.

I had a rasher of bacon starting to fry on the stove, and had begun putting the toast in, when the girls arrived in their birthday suits.  Beth came over behind me and took my flaccid penis in her hand as she asked me what she could do to help.  I removed her hand, saying what she was starting was not going to help and asked her to pour the apple juice.  She clucked her tongue but moved away from me and did as I suggested.

Soon the fried eggs were ready and I brought our plates over to the table. The girls both lit into their breakfast like starving Armenians and had finished everything on their plates before I had one egg half eaten.  Meg got up and poured three cups of coffee and brought them over to the table.  I was pouring my cream and sugar in my cup, when I looked up and saw that Beth had disappeared.

The mystery was solved when I felt her tongue lapping at the head of my prick under the table. Her father must have trained her well, because as her tongue slid along the length of my prick, she shortly had me at half-staff.  By the time she took my penis in her mouth it was standing at full length and throbbing to beat the band.  She then proceeded to alternate between blowing her warm breath on my magic wand and sucking it into her mouth until the head was touching the back of her mouth.

Her sucking action was so effective that I decided it was time to see how far down her gullet I could get my prong.  I grabbed her head between my hands and pulled it toward me. Beth began sputtering and making little gagging sounds, but it felt so good to have her totally enveloping my prick, I continued pushing myself down her throat. A few moments later I felt her hands on my legs trying to pull herself away, but my grip was too strong, my staff remained deep in her throat. I could feel her teeth biting down slightly, and I pulled one of my hands back and slapped her face hard. The biting stopped, but the coughing and gagging continued until I suddenly felt my climax start, and then the gush of my semen spurting far down her throat. By the time I finally let go of her head, she was gasping for air, and, looking down at her, I could see spittle and goo dripping down the sides of her mouth.

Beth expressed her dislike for what I had just done to her, at which point I explained that we would work on it until she could deep-throat me without gagging.  She looked dubious, but I assured her that with practice she could master it.

I set the girls to doing the breakfast dishes, and then gave them chores washing all the windows in the house, while I went out and pulled weeds in the vegetable garden. By the time we all finished perspiration was dripping down our bodies and we all felt pretty grungy.  Perfect time for a three-way bath!

I drew a bath of nice warm water and stepping into the tub I beckoned to Beth to climb in too. As she stood in front of me, I proceeded to pour a cup of warm water down her front and then down her back, whereupon I had her turn her back to me and began soaping her up with my hands. I covered the backs of her legs, then her back, saving her cute little butt cheeks for last.

I paid careful attention to the area between the cheeks after I had soaped up her buttocks, running my hands up and down between her crack and then ordered her to spread her legs.  Of course that area needed special care, and I spent over five minutes running my fingers from the top of her ass crack all the way to the top of her vaginal slit. After about three minutes she began shivering and letting out little squeaks of pleasure.

I wasnt ready for her to climax, so I had her face me again, and, starting at her ankles worked my way up her body. This time I bypassed her crack entirely, but, when I got to her breasts, I spent a good five minutes soaping and rinsing her boobs.  My mouth then checked to make sure I had rinsed all the soap off of both her perky nipples. I found I had done an excellent job of rinsing, but you never can be too sure, so I ended up sucking both plump nubbins two or three times each.

Finally, I told her to sit on the side of the tub and spread her legs wide.  My inspection of her vulva necessitated painstaking energy as I ran my tongue back and forth over the entire pink expanse, finally zeroing in on her clitoris, which somehow had already pushed its hood out of the way and was standing up just begging to be sucked on.  It took no time at all before Beth was moaning and murmuring. Shortly thereafter her hands reached behind my head and pushed it forward as hard as she could. Moments later she let out a loud shriek and closed her legs on the side of my head.  I could feel her body shaking as the intensity of her orgasm rose to a peak.

We stayed like that for a couple of minutes, before she finally released my head and I sank back in the water. She requested a towel from Meg and began drying herself as she looked down at me with a beatific smile on her face. She dragged herself out of the tub and finished toweling herself off, as I signaled to Meg to take her place.

When Meg climbed in, I had every intention of duplicating my actions with Beth, but Meg had other ideas.  As I rubbed the soap into the damp wash-cloth, she suddenly sank to her knees and began toying with my limp dick. First she fondled it with her hand, rubbing it back and forth slowly.  I closed my eyes, enjoying the digital manipulations, when, suddenly, I felt her tongue running all over the head of my penis.

She continued this delightful pastime for a couple of minutes, before encompassing the head in her mouth, with a subtle suction that had my dick jumping to attention almost immediately.  As the erection came to its fullest, she sank it deeper into her mouth and, unlike her sister, I felt it passing her uvula and entering her throat.  I could feel her tongue sliding against the underside of my prick, giving me the most wonderful sensation that began electrifying my entire body.  With little effort on her part, she was able to bring me to the edge of my climax.  I was prepared to shoot my spunk down her throat, but she must have sensed it, for she pulled back and began a gentle swirling with her tongue in her saliva-filled mouth.

In spite of her attempt to delay the ultimate, my excitement had reached a peak that couldnt be impeded for very long, and I felt my body tighten up before suddenly the hot sperm in my ball sack went shooting forth. Instinctively, I thought, Meg pushed her head forward until my penis was well down her throat, entirely enveloped in her mouth, so that her lips rested against my pubic hair. My prick continued to shoot my excretions down her throat until she finally pulled back for air.

Obviously, Megs father had practiced his own blow-jobs more often with Meg than Beth, or she just had a mouth that was more suited to the practice, but she certainly had mastered the art of dick-sucking.  I sank back and sat on the edge of the tub and watched Meg continue her ministrations to the rest of my body, not with her mouth, but her wash-cloth.  When she was satisfied with her clean-up, I stood her up and finally got around to duplicating my laving of her body as I had done Beths.

We toweled each other off and, all naked, the three of us retired to my bedroom for a nice two hour nap.  I was too tired for any more fucking, but I did treat myself to a good hearty suck on each girls luscious nipples before I descended into the arms of the sleep goddess.

The next few weeks include many attempts to improve Beths ability to deep-throat, with not much success.  Each session seemed to end up with my enjoying a monstrous orgasm at Beths expense, after she had coughed and gagged her way through the blow-job. Meg, on the other hand, seemed to relish the opportunity to show her expertise in the use of her mouth and throat.  I must admit I enjoyed the sessions with both of them, but I got that sadistic satisfaction out of hearing and feeling Beth struggle with my forcing my dick down her throat. It always ended up with her in tears and my admonishment that she wasnt trying hard enough.

Naturally the three of us didnt limit ourselves to that particular practice, and, generally, we all enjoyed the rest of our love-making. As for the girls, they seemed very happy to be part of my household, generally sporting big smiles on their faces, whether they were working on a household chore or lying soaking up the sun or just chatting (Meg didnt do any of that, of course, but she was enthusiastic in listening and laughing at the things we said and did).

A couple of weeks later I had reason to drive to Atlanta to look over several downtown properties I thought it would be propitious to purchase.  It was a fairly long drive and I took the girls with me to give them the opportunity to see their first movie.  The expectant excitement on their parts was pure joy for me to see, as we rode along and Beth chattered away with Meg nodding enthusiastically as we got closer to Atlanta.

When we reached the city I delivered them to the theater, which was showing some James Cagney tough guy film.  I gave them both ten dollars of their salaries to spend and told them Id pick them up in front of the theater in two hours.  They literally ran to the box-office window and I drove off to see the real estate agent I had contacted.

I found the real estate office, and, after a short talk, we went into the downtown area to look at several properties.  A couple of them were in run-down condition and would require major renovations, but two of them were in generally good condition and what seemed to be prime locations, and, because of the depression, were available at rock-bottom prices.  We went back to his office, I handed him a check for the purchase of the two stores and, after signing a few papers, took off to pick up the girls.

They were not standing in front of the theater, though, and, after going in the theater to check if they were still watching the movie, I got in the car and started searching for them.  I was pretty sure they hadnt decided to desert me. Life was too good for all of us at that point, and Id seen no indication of unhappiness on their parts with the way we were proceeding.

After driving around the area for close to half an hour, I finally spotted the two of them coming out of a drug store laughing and poking each other, and each of them was carrying a bag.  I stopped and yelled for them to get in the car.  Their bright faces suddenly turned somber, as they realized they were not where they were supposed to be, and that I was furious with them.

They almost slunk to the car with Beth apologizing over and over for not being where they were supposed to be. I spent the next two or three minutes admonishing them in the harshest tones, as Beth tried to explain that theyd decided to get chocolate cokes, and in looking over all the goodies in the store theyd lost complete track of time. I told them that that was unacceptable, and they were really in for it when we got home.  The rest of the trip home was in total silence as the girls sat with stony expressions and their eyes looking straight forward the whole trip.

After I parked the car in the barn, I ordered both girls into the house and told them both to strip. In the meantime I went to my closet and found a four foot length of dowel I had never found any use for until now.  I swung it through the air and it made a wonderful whizzing sound. I turned the sofa around and ordered the girls to lay their hips across the back.

They both looked at me with stark fear and Beth asked me please to let them off this time. I brought the dowel back behind me and let go with a wicked slice right on the back of her thighs. She jumped about a foot and let out an almighty scream.

My glare told her she wasnt getting off this time, so she and her sister slowly moved forward and leaned over the sofa back. I couldnt help taking a moment to enjoy the two pairs of hanging tits swinging back and forth over the seat cushions. I began on Megs behind leaving five distinct red stripes across her buttock cheeks.  Each application of the stick caused Meg to raise the front half of her body six or so inches and emit one of her guttural sounds that passed for a scream. I then moved over to the other side and, lining up the distance from Beths ass, I let go with a doozey.  She too raised the top half of her body and I heard the first true screech of the beating. Four more strikes produced a nice pattern of red stripes along her buttocks with appropriate vocal outbursts to match the application. 

Back to work on Megs backside, and, by the time Id finished the next five swats, her rear end resembled a barber pole. I proceeded to lay into each girls behind ten more times, and, by the time Id finished their backsides were a mass of angry red blotches.  Both girls heads were lying on a sofa cushion and tears had made little puddles on the fabric. By now both girls feet were off the floor and their legs were fluttering in the air.

They continued to lie as Id left them, as I went for some lotion. I applied the cooling emollient to both of their posteriors, and I could hear sighs of appreciation emanating from the front of the sofa.  When I had finished, I suggested both girls go up and lie on their fronts on their beds and Id call them when supper was ready. Though the tears were still welling in their eyes, they raised themselves off the sofa and headed upstairs, but not before Beth gave me a withering look, that would have blinded me on the spot if the daggers in her eyes had been real.

Chapter 6

I let the girls off of their assigned chores the following day.  Both of their posteriors were showing definite signs of redness still, and I was assured that they both had had a very restless night trying to get in comfortable positions to sleep. They spent most of the day lying on their stomachs in bed.  I even allowed them to stand up eating their meals. I did insist, with little argument from them that they stay naked the whole day.  Just looking at their cute puffy nipples could give me a hard-on.

Of course I didnt let Beth off from her lesson in deep-throat 101.

Perhaps it was because she was feeling sorry for herself, but it seemed to me that she was gagging, sputtering and coughing a good deal more than usual. At one point I could tell her stomach was starting to churn, as though she was about to throw up. I told her shed have to lick it up if she vomited.  Somehow she managed to avoid throwing up.  Instead she was exuding considerably more foamy spittle, when I would give her time to breathe.  Great gobs of gooey stuff would slide down the sides of her mouth and land on her breasts. Finally she brought me to a sizable orgasm, and it delighted me to know that all of my sperm was sliding down her gullet. For the rest of the day I let her avoid me, as, once again, she had given me that cold stare that told me she was not pleased.

For the next few weeks, we played lots of sexy games, making love at least once, usually twice a day, but always ending up with climaxes achieved by mouth or genitals.  The more I thought about it the idea of anal sex began to appeal to me, but I really didnt feature the idea of getting shit all over everything.

On my next trip into Albany, I stopped into the drug store and purchased a full kit of enema paraphernalia, including two small butt plugs, and the equipment for douches. I figured the girls might like to clean themselves out occasionally.

When I got home, I took everything up to my room without telling the girls about the purchases.  At dinner that night I told them my plans to try some anal fucking, and, that, prior to that, I was going to give both of them enemas to clean them out. Neither one of them seemed particularly upset, though I pretty much figured it was because they didnt know what they were in for.

After theyd done the dishes I invited them up to my room and had them strip their clothes off. I couldnt get over how sexy they looked standing there together stark naked.  I led Meg into the bathroom first and after letting the water run until it was pretty hot I filled the water bottle adding shavings of soap that Id cut up earlier and some glycerin.  I had Meg get on all fours and greased up the nozzle before sticking it all the way up her ass, before I undid the clasp letting the water flow into her bowels.  As soon as she felt the rush of hot water she tried to demur, but I ordered her to stay where she was. Eventually the water bag had emptied and Meg had begun moaning slightly.

I put the clasp back on taking the bottle over and filling it halfway full of the water/soap and glycerin combination.  When she saw that it was for her, Meg turned to pull the nozzle out, but I gave her three hard spanks on her butt, and, though she began to cry, she went back to all fours.

She continued to moan as the second load forced itself into her bowels. Finally the second bagful was empty and I slowly pulled the nozzle out and replaced it with the butt plug.  I helped Meg to stand up, and she was rubbing her belly with tears sliding down her cheeks, and the moaning had gone up a decimal or two. She looked like she was three or four months pregnant as she sat on the side of the tub.

I pulled Beth into the bathroom, and, after one look at her sister, she was turning to leave.  I commanded her to get down on all fours.  She started to give me lip and I smacked her face hard enough to turn it to the side.  She began to cry, but followed my orders and got down on her haunches.  I got the hot water bottle full, and, in spite of her begging to be let off, I stuck the nozzle between her ass cheeks and pushed it all the way in.  Her response was an intake of air into her lungs that sounded like a hissing snake. 

When I released the catch letting the fluid begin to invade her bowels, her utterances became much more vocal, including pleas, blasphemies and assorted groans.  By the time I was inserting the half bottle and releasing the catch she was shouting and pleading with every breath.  When the bag was empty, I yanked the nozzle out and quickly inserted the butt plug. I pulled Beth up to sit by her sister on the side of the tub.  She looked, if anything, more pregnant than Meg. 

They both sat miserably staring at the wall in front of them and still bawling. Two or three times Beth asked when they could evacuate, and I told them the water had to be in there for ten minutes to completely wash out their systems. This just brought on more tears from both girls.

Seeing those bouncy tits sitting there together convinced me I couldnt just ignore them.  I reached out and took one of each girls breasts in each of my hands and fondled them. They both looked up at me like I was some kind of sex maniac that needed to be shot on the spot.  Fortunately they kept it to dirty looks.

Finally I let Meg stand, took her over to the toilet, pulled out her butt plug and sat her down.  For the next three minutes the room was filled with the sound of liquid rushing from Megs entrails, and sighs of relief.  When she had finished I repeated the process with Beth, who was, of course, much more vocal in her sighs and groans as the waste rushed from her fundament.  When she had finished I told them both to go get on my bed.

When they were in position side by side, I lay on Beths side of the bed and began kissing her mouth. When I extended my tongue between her lips, her teeth remained closed at first.  When I continued to rub my tongue across her teeth, she finally opened her mouth, but I still felt reticence on her part, as I tried to play tongueseys with her.  I continued to thrust my tongue deep in her mouth, though, and eventually she half-heartedly reciprocated.  Eventually I pulled away from her lips and dipped down to her waiting nipples, which seemed to be glad to see me, based on the hardness of the prominent tip.  I continued to bathe her nipples in my saliva-filled mouth, as I felt her react to my ministrations.

Reluctantly I moved down her body and began to work on her pretty blonde-haired pussy.  My tongue worked back and forth on her spread vulva, all the way from the very top of her slit back to her little wrinkled rose-bud. After I could feel her body reacting to my tongues services, I moved to her pee-hole and dug my tongue in as deep as it would go, then pressing in and out until Beths body began reacting to my tongue by pushing her hips forward. 

Next on the agenda was a trip to her already waiting clit, which stood up tall, trying to tell me it was ready for some loving. I alternated between sucking hard on the nubbin and running my tongue back and forth over it. In no time at all, Beth was concentrating on her first orgasm. When shed come down from that one, I attacked her clit again with fervor, and, in no time at all, she was screaming and her belly was gyrating to indicate the beginning of her second climax.

I then moved over to Megs side of the bed and duplicated my actions with her. She showed no animosity remaining from her enema, apparently, for she took an enthusiastic approach to our love-making.

Her tongue battled me for dominance in our mouth-to-mouth tongue-duel. Her nipples were stabbing back at me when I lowered my head to play with them.

I had a wonderful time trying to see how hard I could make them with my sucking. Trailing down her stomach, my tongue finally reached the fat outer lips of her vagina, and I spent a long time paying homage to them, before my tongue snaked in to lick her offered inner lips. Soon I was tickling her outthrust clitoris, and I concentrated on it, until I could hear the guttural sounds indicating that she was in the midst of her first climax.  Continued emphasis on servicing that little nodule soon brought a paroxysm of body movements and Megs hands extended down to hold my head in the very spot it would do the most good. An audible whoosh told me she had orgasmed a second time.




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