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Review This Story || Author: Philip James

The Sisterhood

Part 1

The search for the sisterhood

Since the death of his wife, Philip had felt empty and alone. He wanted to be involved with other people and for years now he had known of the OWK where dominant women ruled and men were their toys and pets. He had never visited but craved the type of domination they offered.

He also knew that within the organisation was another more secret society the Sisterhood who were dedicated to the long term subjugation of male slaves. Eventually with great difficulty he found how to contact the sisterhood and arranged to meet them at a hotel in Germany. After he had been there a day he received the phone call he was awaiting telling to be ready the next day at 8pm sharp. They would call him in his room to tell him the next destination and give him instructions how to get there. Unfortunately that evening his phone was stolen and although the manageress of the hotel made a fuss of reporting it to the police somehow this report never was recorded at the police station. The call came at 8pm precisely and commanded him in a very stern manner to catch the bus the following morning at 6am to a remote village in Czechoslovakia. With some trepidation he set out on his journey. The bus had only a couple of other passengers, one of whom was an attractive brunette of Czech origin. Philip was nervous when he booked into the hotel which had an Amazon of a woman, and her small diffident husband, as owners. The woman was a real tyrant who made Philip very nervous since she told him that he must keep his room tidy or she would make him regret it. He nodded his acquiescence and waited in the bar for the next instructions. There was a telephone call telling him to return to his room and the Sisterhood would be with him in 5 minutes. His stomach was churning but he did as he was told and shortly there was a knock at the door. Two girls were standing there, one the brunette from the bus who had spoken to him on the phone, the other the ferocious Amazon from downstairs. The brunette explained the procedure to him. It was quite simple; all he had to do was sign 2 binding indefinite contracts the first passing all his assets and income to the sisterhood the second agreeing that the sisterhood would own his body and could use it for whatever purpose they chose in perpetuity in return for allowing him to live in the castle until his death

He hesitated at this momentous change in his life but decided that he would go through with it. The Amazon witnessed the contracts and took them away to lodge with the societys anonymous lawyers. His luggage, wallet, papers and cards were all taken from him and he was left only with the clothes he was standing in. He did not know that the luggage would be shipped elsewhere to be destroyed, as the phone already had been.

The brunette Barbara told him that for the next stage of his journey he had to be blindfolded and driven elsewhere so that the destination would remain secret from everyone except the sisterhood. As the women seated him in the car he felt handcuffs click around his wrists and a hypodermic needle slide into a vein.

When they arrived at the castle he had no idea how far it had been from the auberge, nor in what direction.

However the assessors thoroughly question him about his desires, fantasies, dreams and nightmares. Although many subs are inveterate liars they have been doing this job for a long time and know how to probe the reality from the lies. After they have completed their forms they tell Barbara to take Philip to chalet 45

They leave the reception area into the courtyard behind where there are a number of solid wooden doors. Barbara leads him to one which has a brass plaque engraved with the number 45. It is a solid wood iron bound door in a stone arch. Barbara leaves him alone and Philip takes the brass knocker and raps on the door and waits for the occupants to open the door for him.

Scene 1 Living Quarters

FIONA opens the door to Philip. She is about 18 years old blonde and blue eyed with enormous boobs which are presented on a leather platform bra. She is dressed as a slave girl to be used by her Mistress. Around her wrists, ankles, neck and slim waist are leather straps with D rings so that she can be tied in any position desired. Her nipples are pierced and she has rings through each aureole. Her labia are also pierced and she is clean shaven and smooth. Her vagina and anus are filled with inflatable rubber dildos. She is ready to be used but of course she is haughtily superior to Philip.

FIONA commands him to crawl into the centre of the room and then strips him of all his clothing. As she does this she is shamelessly exhibiting herself as she straddles him. He insists that he lie on his back and then climbs on his face. She takes the dildo from her cunt which is open and juicy. Philip has to service her with his tongue until she is satisfied. Then she removes the dildo from her arse and makes him stick his tongue deep inside to clear her out. Only when she has had enough does she attend to preparing slave Philip for the Mistress. FIONA replaces the dildos in her holes and pumps them up.

FIONA tells him that he must immediately obey whatever the Mistress commands or he will be punished. She will also be punished for failing to make the Mistress instructions clear. She repeats that whenever commanded he must answer “Yes Mistress” and immediately do it without hesitation. She shudders about the failure he may cause.

Whenever you are with the Mistress you will be butt plugged and your cock will be strapped to prevent erection without her permission. She has also ordered that for the initial training you will wear these nipple clamps and this 2 way penis gag, part in your mouth the other part for her (or me) to ride. You will be fully cuffed like me so that she can use you in ANY way she chooses. “Are you ready” she whispers. “Remember your cock is now hers and you must never come without her explicit permission, is that clear” He nods, what else can he do?

Scene 2 - Dungeon

FIONA massages his cock and then puts the cock strap around it so that he cannot erect and his balls are tightly held by the straps. Next she lubricates his arse and inserts the large metal butt plug. Then she fastens the ankle, wrist, waist and neck straps around him. His hands are connected to the waist strap. She gags him with the penis gag and inflates it so that he cant complain and then pulls his nipples out for the clamps. She knows he hates it but he is incapable of resisting her. Finally she takes a short chain and fastens his ankles together so that can only hobble. She attaches a dog lead to the collar and drags him forward into the next room.

His Mistress CRYSTAL is sitting on her throne. This seat has a clear plastic base and he knows instinctively that later on he will become her toilet slave for a while. Her magnificent mature figure is covered in a full rubber outfit. He can see that the tight top covering her breasts has zip opening to allow them to be serviced. Her full length rubber skirt has a slit up the side and he can glimpse stockings and rubber knickers underneath. He hopes that these knickers also have the zip openings so that her eager slaves can fully service her while absorbing the heady aroma of the rubber.

The Mistress turns and says to them both “I see that my slut FIONA has already enjoyed your services Philip. You have her juices all over your face. Obviously she must be punished for her presumption and you Philip for your weakness”.

Mistress CRYSTAL says to FIONA “How many times have I told you that any slave who enters is my property and that you must NOT use them for your pleasure without my permission and control. Because you have disobeyed me once again the punishment will be severe this time. Now crawl to the rack and bring back the riding crop for me in your mouth.” The girl hesitates and the Mistress says “Now you will have double the number of strokes for your lack of obedience”. Slave FIONA hurries to bring back the riding crop in her mouth but it is too late.

Although FIONA begs for mercy Mistress CRYSTAL is pitiless. She straps FIONA across a bench with her legs wide apart and her arms tied to the other side. She positions Philip underneath her so that he can see all that is about to occur but without being able to participate. He can see the rubber dildos hanging down from her rear end and her magnificent tits at the front. The Mistress tightens all of the bonds so that FIONA cannot move from the position in which she is strapped helpless and vulnerable.

Scene 3 - Dungeon

Mistress CRYSTAL takes a riding crop and comes behind the girl. “You will count the 12 strokes, but if you scream that stroke will not be included. Do you understand” The slave nods miserably. “For my amusement I am going to hand a couple of weights from your nipples and labia” says CRYSTAL. The girl whimpers are the Mistress puts the weights on her tender flesh. “Now lets see whether your pleasure was worthwhile” says CRYSTAL. She takes the crop and strikes the girl below the left buttock. Although it is solid blow she just whimpers “One”. The Mistress repeats under the right buttock. “Two”. Then she lands a stroke on the left buttock. Although FIONA is starting to cry she continues “Three”. Next the right buttock “Four” Philip can see the wheals starting to colour purple on the girls flesh. The Mistress is not satisfied with the reaction so the next cut is on her open cunt. Naturally the girl screams and so this blow is disallowed from the count. With each blow the breasts are swinging free and the weights are distending them. This is clearly adding to FIONAs distress. The 5th stroke is on FIONAs open arsehole but she manages not to scream. Number 6 is on the inside of her left thigh and number 7 on the inside of her right thigh. Mistress CRYSTAL removes the girls dildos so that she is more vulnerable to blows on her genitals. FIONA begs for mercy with her eyes but without avail. CRYSTAL attacks the outsides of her thighs with 8 and 9. FIONA is crying hard now and the tears are falling on Philip. The next blow 10 is again aimed at her cunt and then FIONA screams again so that blow will be discounted. Mistress is feeling vicious and places the next strike on one of the wheals from earlier. FIONA cannot bear the pain and immediately pisses all over the head of Philip. This action results in a repeat blow in the same spot which she manages to accept. There are 2 more blows to go. Philip hopes he will not receive a similar thrashing and vows to accept whatever the Mistress commands. Mistress CRYSTAL decides that the rear has had enough punishment for now and goes to the front where the girls pendulous boobs are nicely presented. Instead of using the crop Mistress changes to a thin whippy bamboo cane for this punishment. CRYSTAL takes her time while FIONA continues to sob and then quickly brings down the thin cane on her left nipple. FIONA struggles and bites her lip to prevent herself from screaming. She is not as controlled when the cane comes down again on her right nipple and screeches “Mercy Mistress”. She is unlucky but she has annoyed her Mistress so again the left nipple is awarded a sharp cut. “12” exclaims FIONA. The Mistress looks at her grimly “You have not performed well and besides I think you should have one more for luck” she smiles. With that CRYSTAL again strikes the left nipple catching FIONA unawares so that she moans, and the Mistress gives her a final blow under the right boob. The girl is red and moaning and very hot. “There that lesson will suffice for today” says CRYSTAL

Scene 4 - Tour

The Mistress releases FIONA to go to her room and recover.

Mistress CRYSTAL says to Philip. “You know that you will learn to be obedient. I insist that my slaves do whatever I command immediately, whether they like it or not. I have complete control of you and there is no appeal from my demands. I can be totally tyrannical and you will obey my whims. If you do not I will punish you and torture you in ways you cannot imagine. I on the other hand have a very good imagination. Even if you do obey I may still decide to punish you just because I feel like it, or to amuse my friends. Do you understand slave?” Philip nodded his assent.

She decides to take Philip on a tour of all the specialised facilities which they have in the centre for domination. She tells Philip he will taste all of these facilities before his apprenticeship is completed.

During the tour CRYSTAL demonstrated the following rooms and their use to him

Dungeon where whips and instruments for the torture of slaves are used

Surgery where medical play, enemas and electrical play are carried out

Gym where exercise on specialised horses and suspensions are enacted

White room for full water sports and abuse of human toilets

Rubber room full of heavy clothing, masks and vacuum beds

Stables where the pony´s harnesses and carts are stored

Sissy room where the make-up wigs and feminization clothing is applied

Stage where the entertainments and displays of slaves are held        

Even in the main living area there is plenty of equipment and points for securing slaves in vulnerable positions for the amusement of the mistresses. For the moment Mistress CRYSTAL is using the mobile trolley to secure the slaves and enjoy herself.

Scene 5 Living Quarters

After the tour Mistress CRYSTAL is bored and commands slave FIONA to return.

“Now for my sport I am going to fuck you with the large strap on”

“You Philip move your head up and pierce her cunt with your penis gag; I am going to work her little brown hole with this big strap on” Philip slides the end of the gag into FIONAs wet cunt. The Mistress works the big strap on into her arse without lubrication making the girl scream again. Mistress CRYSTAL shows no compunction as she rams her dildo into the small tight hole and Philip is surprised that after a few thrusts the girl starts to respond by bucking her hips in rhythm with Mistress pounding. The juices are flowing fully now and running over his face but he must keep going until allowed to rest. FIONA has a massive jerking orgasm but still the Mistress rams into her arse until she has a second. Philips cock would be enormous now but the strap is preventing this happening and is very uncomfortable.

Mistress CRYSTAL grins wickedly. “Dont worry bitch boy now that we have slaked her lust temporarily its your turn. I havent forgotten you, so well see what you are made of next.” Saying this she releases FIONA from the bench and straps Philip in the same position with his arse available at one end and his chest at the other. His head is overhanging and she removes the penis gag from his mouth and motions him to suck clean the dildo that has been in FIONAs arse. When he gags on the size of the dildo she calls him a pussy and opens his mouth wide and inserts an O gag. Although he is drooling he can no longer prevent her ramming the dildo into his mouth and down his throat. Next she releases his cock commenting that it cannot do any damage now and pulls out the metal butt plug. He is fully opened up and vulnerable for her pleasure.

Scene 6 Living quarters

The Mistress now positions herself behind Philip and lubricates his arse. She pulls on a rubber glove and explores his anus. “We dont want to split you too much first time do we” she explains. Meanwhile FIONA has positioned herself under the bench and is softly sucking Philips balls. It feels so good but Mistress warns that if he comes he will suffer a similar punishment to FIONA. FIONA is very good at fellatio and runs her tongue up and down his cock before taking the head into her mouth and swallowing it to the hilt. He is desperately close to coming but remembers the warning and just manages to stop spurting down her throat. FIONA has great control and continues to tease him just up to the point of ejaculation.

Suddenly CRYSTAL starts to ram him with her huge strap on. Although it is initially painful he soon becomes aware of the intensity of her fucking and realises that the other end of the dildo is plugged into Mistress pussy. The thought of this and her increasing intensity make him lose control immediately so that his cum fills FIONAs mouth and she is gagging with the amount of liquid she has to swallow. The Mistress notes what has happened but now wants her orgasm so just increases the speed and depth of her thrusts until she howls with pleasure. “I will decide what will be your penalty for this lack of control” she says “but first you must clean my tools”.

FIONA has now strapped on a glass dildo with a corkscrew style and positions herself behind Philip. Mistress CRYSTAL meanwhile is in front and has put her strap through Philips O ring so that he can suck clean the instrument of torture that has just been in his own anus. As he starts to suck FIONA begins her assault with the corkscrew on his tired sphincter. He cannot count how long this double fuck goes on but it is a long time. The women both seem tireless and obviously their dildos never flag. When his jaw and his arse are both stiff and sore from their attentions they mock him about his lack of stamina. Eventually there is signal from Mistress CRYSTAL and they both stop.

The next phase is to turn him over on the bench so that he is face upwards. He is strapped securely in this position with his head hanging over one end. FIONA replaces the cock straps and the butt plug in his enlarged hole. The bench is lowered slightly so that the two women can comfortably straddle his head and in turns one after the other he is forced to lick and clean first their cunt and then their arsehole. They change over at least 5 times until he can no longer breathe and his tongue is numb from the exertions. If the pace of his licking slackens they pull and twist his nipples clamps until he redoubles his efforts. “Faster you bitch” they scream at him.

Scene 7 White room

The bench is like a trolley on wheels. So they decide that some real humiliation will be his next role. Still strapped to the bench they wheel him into the white room. He was afraid of this since they are now both fully charged and ready for any perverted pleasures. His head is fixed into blocks in the plastic toilet; a funnel is attached to the O ring gag. The blocks are tightened on a screw thread so that he cannot move at all. His arms are securely fastened at his side. He is totally unable to move and helpless for their next sport. They stand around drinking lots of champagne and laughing at him to tell him that soon he will also taste its special aroma but second hand of course. He knows what is coming but cannot resist and the anticipation is killing him.

Meanwhile Mistress CRYSTAL has stripped FIONA and is using a mains powered vibrator on her clit. “Did you know Philip that when FIONA orgasms she usually pisses herself because she totally loses control” say CRYSTAL conversationally. FIONA sits on the throne as the vibrations build up and Philip can see her neck redden as precursor to her climax. Mistress turns off the vibrator and teasingly says “Not yet”. CRYSTAL takes FIONA erect nipples and bites them sharply, and then she sucks them very hard. FIONA is very close to her orgasm.

As CRYSTAL massages FIONAs breasts with champagne FIONA starts to groan then releases a veritable flood of piss. Philip realises he has been tricked and that they have both filled their bladders to overflow before the game even started. All he can try to do now is to gulp down as much of the flow as he can and try not to choke on the volume flowing from between her legs. He is really worried that he may drown under the deluge, but the realises that the funnel has overflow holes, if it gets too full, since he now has a continuous flow of urine over his face despite his Herculean efforts to swallow it all.

To begin with he is encouraged by this but then the plastic toilet starts to fill up and he again starts to panic realising that he could drown as the pee rises up his face. However he then recognises that the whole purpose of the overflow holes in the funnel is not to allow liquid out but to allow it back in. The objective is that even if it takes him ages Philip must drink virtually every drop that the women provide for him. As the flow from above slackens he is proved right since the liquid in the container starts to fill up the funnel. He must keep drinking as fast as ever.

While FIONA is urinating Mistress CRYSTAL has been tying a tight cord around Philips balls to prevent him from pissing himself.

Scene 8 White room

Now that FIONA has finished it is Mistress CRYSTALs turn to empty her bladder. In her case it is a much more controlled and deliberate affair. She releases a thin stream of her champagne into the funnel and taunts him to keep pace with her. Then she withholds it for a minute. Then she starts again at the same steady pace. She starts and stops briefly 4 times. He wonders how much liquid they can have consumed. He saw them drink 3 bottles of champagne between them, but is sure that they have also consumed several litres of water beforehand. Eventually after what seems like hours but in reality several minutes under “water” the women stop and resume their drinking of champagne and smoking.

Meanwhile Mistress CRYSTAL is busy tying thin cord around his cock and balls until they are tightly constrained and feeling slightly painful. They turn a shade of purple but she is an expert and has not cut the blood supply. She smiles, because she knows that soon they will be much fuller. She decides that she will remove his nipple clamps, which causes him to gasp as the nerve ends come to life. Then she takes some ice cubes and rubs them providing a welcome relief. However the next step is to remove his butt plug and insert the same ice cubes in his anus. The butt plug is replaced and he starts to squirm as the cold enema works on his already swollen bladder. He wants to pee quite badly now.

Unfortunately for him the torture is about to start again. FIONA is the first to piss. This time she is more controlled but still there is a significant volume for Philip to swallow. Next CRYSTAL straddles the seat and this time she expels a rapid waterfall into his mouth. Again he gags as he cannot take the cascade but the accursed funnel allows the overflow into the toilet and then he has to absorb it all. His throat is tired from the effort of swallowing but worse the tension in his bladder is worsening.

Mistress CRYSTAL taunts him. “Lets see how good your control is slave. If you can hold it for 5 minutes you will be rewarded BUT if you piss before then you will be suitably punished”. She knows that it is impossible to hold for 5 minutes with the amount of liquid he has in his bladder but shows him a clock with a sweeping second hand. Then she starts to untie his cock and balls. Although he tries heroically the urine starts to flow immediately.

“Oh dear that was pathetic” she says as she captures his flow in a plastic bottle. When he has finished there is nearly a litre of his piss in the bottle. I promised you an appropriate punishment” she says as she empties the whole bottle down the funnel so that he now has to drink his own pee.

Scene 9 - Dungeon

FIONA now releases him from the bench and takes out the funnel from his mouth. He is exhausted but the women want more sport before he will be allowed to rest. FIONA fastens his wrists to a hanging bar wide apart and his ankles to a leg spreader fastened to the floor. Then she raises the wrist bar towards to ceiling on a chain until he is standing on tip toes. Because he has failed the task he must be punished and now he is on the classic cross of St Andrew he is available for whatever form of flogging they desire. They have removed his gag so that they can hear him beg for mercy and then later scream and break down in tears. In the end they can break any man, it is just a matter of time. Since the walls are sound proofed it does not matter how much noise the slave will make.

The Mistress does not want to harm the slave she has many more uses for him yet but she does want to ensure he understands that unless he obeys he will suffer. CRYSTAL blindfolds him so that he can anticipate neither when or where the blows will fall nor their intensity

FIONA picks up 2 light cats and using both hands starts to work over the slaves body. It is a light whipping and leaves him reddened but not cut. FIONA works her way down from his shoulders, over his back and then pays more attention to his bum. Next she uses the cats from his thighs to his ankles.

Philip hears the click of her high heels as FIONA walks around to his front. He cannot know exactly where she is or what her plan is. He gasps as she roughly grabs his cock and balls and starts to use the cat on them. This is much more painful. She stops as he starts to whimper but then systematically starts from his shoulders and down. She pays special attention to his sore nipples which makes him cry out. FIONA is very good with the whips and does not cut just redden his skin all over. He is grateful for the relative gentleness of the punishment.

The Mistress walks over he can tell it is her from the different foot fall and strokes his balls with her nails. He squeals in surprise but she then takes a nipple and twists. He starts to beg her to stop but she just takes the other and twists harder. He screams for the first, but he is sure not the last, time. There is a sharp blow from her crop on his nipples. He can bear that and the strokes to his sore arse. However the upward blow of the crop to his crotch makes him cry out. Philip senses that the Mistress is aroused because she is now breathing hard and the blows are sharper.

Scene 10 - Dungeon

After a thorough working of his rump and thighs CRYSTAL stops the beating. Philip is grateful for the respite but fears that she has not yet finished.

He is right. “Now that you are nicely reddened we are going to turn up the heat” she simpers enigmatically. “Prepare for a taste of hell”.

Philip does not know what to expect but is surprised when she rubs an oily liquid into his skin. It feels like sun tan oil but within seconds he realises that instead it is acidic and has a heat component. “Yes it contains some chilli and other interesting ingredients for a good roasting” confirms CRYSTAL as she starts to rub the liquid onto his cock and balls. The screaming starts and goes on for a long time until Philip loses consciousness.

When he comes to the torturers have washed him down and applied a cool cream to sooth his burning skin. It feels like aloes. He is still attached to the St Andrews cross. FIONA is instructed by the Mistress to come and suck his cock until he is ready to come. He can feel his cum rising as she stops. The Mistress comes over and rubs some baby oil into his cock and takes him almost to orgasm. She removes his blindfold and looks deep into his eyes “You belong to us now. We can do whatever we want to you and no one will come to rescue you. You are our property slave to use however we choose. We want you to remember the contract you have signed and know that you are helpless. This will be the last time your cock is free; from now on we have decided that you will be our little rubber slut in permanent chastity unless we want to milk you. Obviously you can never leave unless we decide to allow it. Occasionally we do allow freedom on our conditions. Do you understand Philip?”

He nods knowing that she is absolutely right and that he has no choice but to obey her every command and whim however bizarre.  

Scene 11 Sissy room

Mistress CRYSTAL goes to her store cupboard and brings out a light metallic ring which she fastens around the base of his testicles. He pulls out his nipples and pierces each one in turn, then taking two more smaller rings she inserts them through his swollen nipples. Finally she takes a small device which vibrates and welds the metallic rings through his nipples and around the root of his cock. She explains that these are to control him and to prevent escape. “Gives us a demonstration FIONA” she commands. FIONA points a remote control at him and presses the button. Immediately Philip feels an explosion in his genitals and his chest. He falls to the ground whimpering. “That is the minimum stun setting” explains CRYSTAL conversationally. “If we want to use maximum it will disable you for several minutes and is excruciatingly painful. Should you try to pass the boundary of the house you will experience that level of power in the device. It is like a Taser but, as you have already felt, more concentrated and specific”.

“If a slave really displeases us we have a butt plug made of the same material. I have been told that it feels as if you are being buggered with a red hot poker. I hope you dont cause us to use this device but always remember that in here no one can hear your screams”

“Now we will prepare you as our rubber slut, but first you must be totally cleaned and disinfected.” FIONA removes all his bonds and takes him to the shower unit. He goes inside and hears her locking the door. First there is a hot blast which leaves his skin tingling and then hot soapy water flows all over him. He realises there is some chemical in the water because all of his hair starts to dissolve and flow away. Finally there is the drying cycle of more hot air. When FIONA unlocks the door he is as bald as a baby all over. She giggles as he looks dumb founded in the mirror. She dusts him with talcum powder so that his “wardrobe” will fit more easily.

FIONA goes to the cupboard now and returns with a realistic flesh coloured rubber cunt. As she slides this up his legs he can feel her attach a tube over his cock and then as she pulls the knickers up his cock and balls are pulled up under him leaving only the cunt lips visible. These knickers leave his arse open so that he can still shit and to piss he will have to sit like a woman. The rear of the garment is padded to give him curves like a woman filling out his hips and arse. The whole garment is held in place around his waist by a very tight wide rubber belt which acts as a girdle and reduces his waist by 4 inches. There are small sealed locks on either side of the girdle making it impossible to remove and hence it acts as a very effective chastity belt.

Scene 12 Sissy room

Then she returns with a pair of realistic rubber breasts in a bra which she puts on him and tightens. Again this cannot be removed without the right tools.

FIONA chooses some very frilly French knickers and brassiere in cream and trimmed with lace. Added to this is a suspender belt and cream stockings which slide beautifully up Philips smooth legs.

FIONA starts to make him up with the full works including a pouting lipstick,   mascara and false eyelashes. To finish off the effect she adds a chestnut wig.

The day outfit will be a very lightly fitted short flounced black rubber skirt and white apron. The white blouse is also of rubber with flounces and on Philips head she perches a white maids cap.

The shoes are high ankle strapped black shoes with 4 inch heels. The shoes are locked at the ankle so that they cannot be removed.

FIONA steps back to admire her creation and Philip cannot believe the transformation. He is truly their maid servant to please their perverse desires.

Mistress CRYSTAL enters to changing room and comments approvingly. She tells Philip that they may have to resort to surgery to make him perfect but in the meantime the oestrogen patches in the knickers will start to make his boobs grow. Also they will inject some collagen in his lips to plump them and Botox to smooth out his face.

He doesnt know whether he can take their arrogant use of his body but again he decides that he cannot fight it. The next few weeks pass rapidly as he learns the daily routine in the house.

Scene 13 Living quarters

Each morning Philip must awaken them and serve them, as they choose until they orgasm, then wash and dress them paying special attention to ensuring that they look and smell divine.

The Mistress likes to sleep late so his first task is to unlock the chain which is attached to the neck collar of FIONA holding her at the end of CRYSTALs bed. Then Philip must use his tongue to arouse her, then his fingers to stroke her clit and her arse and then a range of dildos until she is steaming. The coup de grace is normally delivered by inserting some Thai beads in her arse and spanking her. If this isnt sufficient to make her climax he has to strap on a vibrating dildo and fuck her until she comes (noisily)

This acts as an alarm call for Mistress CRYSTAL who demands attention from both her slaves. First her morning embrace with FIONA where the 2 women kiss and arouse each other by rubbing their pussies and breasts, then a 69 session while Philip watches and waits. Then CRYSTAL straps on her number 2 dildo so that FIONA can ride her. At the same time Philip penetrates FIONA arsehole with his strap on. As FIONA climaxes again Mistress CRYSTAL uses her own fingers on her clit to orgasm. She likes to be in control.

Then they all go to the bathroom. Philip has to assist their ablutions. They love it making him watch as they pee and shit. Today he is not a toilet slave but just has to clean them up after their toilette. Then the bathing begins. Philip has the task of washing them all over, obviously, shampooing their hair, drying their hair and finally towelling them as they get out of the bath.

He is dressed as always in the latex maids uniform with cream underwear.

They have decided to wear Lycra suits Mistress CRYSTAL in blue and Slave FIONA in red. The suits appear to be identical in that they are absolutely fitted and reveal every inch of their respective bodies. Both have zips at all strategic points so that there is access to their nipples, cunts and arses. Both have large strap on dildos in colours which match their outfits.

His job is to please both Mistress CRYSTAL and her slave FIONA at her command. Mistress CRYSTAL commands Philip to fellate both the dildos in turn. He is surprised as he takes the red one in his mouth; it is very hot. Equally he is shocked by the blue one which is really cold. Mistress commands him to bend and touch his toes, which of course he hastily obeys. FIONA lifts his little rubber skirt and moves the cream knickers to one side. She penetrates him brutally with her hot rod. This is not too bad but the freezing blue one causes him a great deal of pain.

Scene14 Living quarters

Philip is on a strict diet to become slimmer, which is already working but other aspects of his feminization need more specialist attention.

After 2 weeks of the daily routine the doctor comes to examine him. The oestrogen patches have made his breasts swell a little so that now, under the rubber padding, he also has a size A cup of his own. The nipples are also longer from the daily weight treatment and the aureole has spread. Every day FIONA takes 30 minutes to undo the bra and stretch his nipples. She pulls them with her fingers but also hangs weights from the rings. Every day the weight increases.

Because of the hormone treatment his balls have shrunk but they are still evident under the rubber cunt. The doctor has been asked to examine whether he should be castrated but after discussion CRYSTAL decides she would like to keep his ability to produce spunk (because she loves to rub it onto her tits as a moisturiser)

The hips have started to gain a little plumpness but CRYSTAL asks the doctor to increase the rate of hormone absorption and also to test whether Philip can tolerate a tighter band around his waist. She wants his figure to be more feminine. His measurements now seem to be 36 26 36 although there is a lot of false structure required to achieve this.

Because of their “shower” treatment his hair has not returned so there is no need to shave or eliminate this blemish in any other way. The doctor makes some artificial eyebrows which are used to highlight his eyes. The lips have another injection of collagen to get the trout pout look. Finally they inject more Botox to smooth out the wrinkles.

After the doctor has finished Mistress CRYSTAL considers that he is ready to be presented to their friends. “FIONA, send out an invitation to 6 of our friends. Tell them to bring their own slaves and we will have a party on Saturday” she commands

Scene 17 Gymnasium

Every day Philip has to visit the gymnasium to keep fit and to accelerate the slimming process. There is a one hour standard work out session with cycling, ski machine and weights to burn as many calories as possible.

Following this routine are exercises with the more specialised equipment which Philip will use for another hour each day.

All of the equipment is designed for the gratification of the Mistress and any female guests she may have staying with her.

There is the bicycle which has the dildos through the saddle (one for each hole). The movement is provided by the rider so that the speed of penetration is driven by the energy put into pedalling. Only the rear dildo is connected in Philip´s case.

There is the vaulting horse over which the slave can be stretched and tied for a good whipping or to be fucked with the strap on depending on Mistress CRYSTAL´s whim.

There is the weights bench with a cut out for the slave´s face and penis. This equipment is used for prolonged face sitting sessions.

There are bars which are used for suspension. The slave wears special cuffs on his wrists and ankles which are attached to the bar and he is then winched up towards to ceiling either upright or upside down depending on the preference of the Mistress.

Mistress CRYSTAL liked to hoist Philip upside down to a level where she can easily play be his cock and arse without having to bend down. At the same time he inserts a solid metal butt plug and attaches weights to his balls on a parachute. His nipples are similarly punished. Her game is then to swing him from side to side so that the weights are more effective.

At the same time she commands Slave FIONA to fellate him to increase his discomfort as she plays with him. Mistress CRYSTAL watches, amused as he screams, smoking her cigarette. To finish the session she usually stubs it out on his chest. Today she is feeling vicious so she stubs it out on his inner thighs. The burns are not too bad and can be treated in house but they will be painful for several days.

Scene 18 Surgery

Mistress CRYSTAL decides to send Philip to the surgery to learn some more special lessons from FIONA. In her former life FIONA had been a nurse and she knows how to treat a patient so that they will remember her forever.

FIONA has already changed into her rubber nurse´s uniform. She is wearing high heeled rubber boots, rubber stockings and of course her white nurse´s dress with the Red Cross on the breast. Her bosom has been augmented by being pumped up so that it is truly enormous. Philip can see that under her short skirt she has the pump up inserts in both her cunt and arse. She is even wearing elbow length white rubber gloves.

She towers over Philip and commands him to strip completely and get on the rubber covered bed with his arse in the air. FIONA proceeds to explore him thoroughly with her rubber clad fingers. First she inserts just one, then rapidly two and three. Finally she lubricates the glove and starts to fist him up to her elbow. She is quite brutal in her fisting with a pounding that he finds very disturbing.

Then she pulls out her arm and pushes a large inflatable dildo into him. She inflates to the maximum and then relaxes just a little. “When you have accustomed to this one, we will find the really big one” she promises.

“Now turn over” she commands. “I really want to fuck you now but you will need to be very hard for a long time”. FIONA secures Philip´s arms and legs to the operating table with rubber strips tied tightly. They allow the illusion that there is some movement but in reality he is immobilised very effectively. FIONA returns with a syringe full of a blue liquid.  “So that your performance is guaranteed I am just going to inject this Viagra into your balls” she smiles. “Then the mistress and I will come and ride your stiff rod for several hours. Until we are quite exhausted in fact” FIONA deflates the dildo in her cunt and slips it out. She climbs onto Philip´s hard dick and rides him vigorously; up and down she slides until her breathing becomes harsh and raucous.  She is sweating hard and her thighs are like jelly as she climaxes. Philip is still absolutely solid. She lifts herself up, pulls the other dildo out of her arse and slides his cock into her tighter hole. She repeats the ride again until rivulets of her sweat are running down her back and providing the slipperiness she needs to keep the pump action oiled. Finally she lets out a long howl as she comes again.

When she has climaxed 6 times she climbs off Philip. His rod is still erect although slimy and covered in her fluids. She injects another dose of Viagra so that she (or Mistress CRYSTAL) can come and use him any time during the long night.

Then she wheels over a drip stand and puts up a bag of liquid. The end of the drip is taped into his mouth. She inserts a catheter into his urethra and connects that to the full drip bag. FIONA smiles unpleasantly “This is a little closed system. I have given you a litre bag of my piss as a starter. Once you have taken all of my piss you will in turn want to go yourself. This will be recycled back into the bag and you will then drink it all again. This will keep you awake all night until I return to fuck you again. Enjoy your pleasant dreams.”

FIONA turned on the drip and the liquid started to flow. Philip had no alternative but to swallow

Mistress CRYSTAL came during the night but she left his throbbing cock alone. Instead she removed his inflated dildo and inserts a solid metal one stretching him to his limit. After an hour she remove the enormous dildo and fucks him in the anus with her rubber strap on. Once she had finished she put another even bigger dildo into his back passage to keep him wide open for her later pleasure.

FIONA did return a couple of hours later and continued her enthusiastic rape of his rampant organ. When she had finished she reconnected the catheter system.

They would probably let him free in the morning if he begged them well enough.

Scene 19 - Stage

Mistress CRYSTAL decides that Philip is now ready to be shared with her friends. On the day of the party FIONA is particularly nervous. Although she knows what is expected of her by her own Mistress she knows that she will be given to the other Mistresses to use in their own way. In the past this has resulted in much humiliation and also many punishments so she is secretly afraid. Mistress CRYSTAL wants to impress her friends with her 2 slaves so she has been thinking of special ways to display both of them.


For Philip she wants to make the most of his improved feminity. She decides that rather than be the normal French maid he can become a rubber doll. The outfit is a very tight constricting white rubber corset with the boobs exposed and the nipples rings outside to be used. His torso is fully covered in red rubber up to his wrists. The leggings are also of tight red rubber leaving his entire arse exposed (to be used). He is plugged with a solid metal ridged dildo which has a small gold chain and padlock to which Mistress CRYSTAL has the key. He is wearing 5 inch heeled red patent leather shoes, as always locked at the ankles. Over his face he has a white rubber mask with breathing tube in his nostrils. His mouth is held open by an O gag. Through the top of the outfit there is a length of golden braided hair. The whole outfit is stunning and very uncomfortable.

For FIONA she decides that a chain motif emphasising her slave status so that she can be abused by her friends. FIONA has a dental brace holding her mouth open and although she drools this is a small matter. Her neck is held rigid in a 4 inch steel collar. Her arms are behind her back with the wrists also in steel bands. The wrists are linked to the neck collar. At the front is a tray attached to her nipple rings by chains; on the tray are a dozen champagne glasses full of wine. At the waist is another steel band to which is attached a steel chastity belt. Inside the belt are cunt and butt plugs, pulled up tight with another chain which is cutting into her cunt and arse. The dildos can be activated and the speed controlled by a radio transmitter which the Mistress wears on her belt. Finally FIONA has a further 2 steel bands around her ankles attached by a 4 inch length of chain. For a little sport the Mistress sets both dildos going at a low intensity, which brings some gasps from FIONA as the vibrations start inside her.

Philip has no idea what to expect but he has been instructed to act as the greeter for the new arrivals. He also has to serve the champagne from Fs tray (however he has been instructed to ensure that there are always 12 full glasses available Mistress CRYSTAL does not want the strain on FIONAs nipples to lighten)

Scene 19 - Stage

The first guest arrives. The Mistress LAVINIA is dressed totally in heavy leather with buckles and straps. She is carrying a bull whip to accentuate her tendencies. Her slave is an athletic black slave of about 20, oiled and totally naked apart from the dog collar on which she is leading him. His cock is a good 12 inches long and hard.

The second Mistress VIPERA arrives. She is dressed in a style reminiscent of Cleopatra. Her motif seems to be serpentine. Her female slave Anaconda is dressed head to toe in what appears to be body fitting snakeskin but it is more flexible. She even has a mask covering her own face from which protrudes a forked tongue. Her eyes are blank like a snakes eyes. Her movements are like a reptile as she lies at the feet of her Mistress. She seems to be very supple.

Mistress 3 is Bertha. She is dressed almost as a burlesque queen. Heavy corsetry and tight vamp dress of satin make up her outfit.  Her companion is a female dwarf, Diminitiva. She is dressed as a ballerina with a startling pink tutu. Her breasts are normal size and so look enormous. Her cunt is also on display and is normal size and extremely hairy.

All these Mistresses are quite punctual. A little later Mistress GROSSERA enters the house. She is extremely large, almost obese with gigantic 52 inch breasts and an enormous arse. She cannot walk very well due to her substantial weight which Philip estimates at over 220 pounds. All she is wearing is a thin harem outfit so that all of her blubber is on display. Her speciality is to smother her victims even though her slave Eva appears to be an anorexic schoolgirl. She seems to be only around 12 years old, has no chest and no real curves and a flat derriere. Apart from the fact that she is dressed in a mockery of a girls school uniform, kilt and blouse with green gym knickers, she could be a boy.

One Mistress makes an entrance 10 minutes later. CRYSTAL gives her a withering look but she does not seem to notice or indeed to care.

Mistress Supera is dressed as a high ranking police officer. She is a stunning mulatto probably one quarter black with a silky skin like café au lait. She has very large pendulous tits and jet black hair. Her eyes are a striking contrast as they are emerald green. From her belt dangle her truncheon which is the American long handled variety her handcuffs and her Taser. The Superintendent has a tight blue PVC jacket and skirt. You can see her tight thong through the outfit, as is also clear from her erect nipples she is wearing no bra. Her slave Lesbia is a stereo-typical dyke with cropped hair, ripped clothes and Goth make up. She is even wearing Doc Martins.

Scene20 - Stage

The last mistress to make an entrance is dressed almost like Marilyn Monroe. She has the same blonde hair, red pouting lips and full satin skirt. Under the skirt are many frilly petticoats and she is teetering along on 6 inch sandals. Her nails are long and painted scarlet, as are her toes nails. She is accompanied by a very pretty slim boy. He is turned out as a pony boy with full head harness, bit, body harness, saddle and on his feet and hands hooves. Mistress MARLENE enters riding on his back to the applause of some of the Mistress. Mistress CRYSTAL does not appear impressed with this attempt to upstage her party and gives her a furious glance which evokes a blown kiss from MARLENE.

Mistress CRYSTAL graciously greets all of the guests and they toast the slaves ironically before the fun begins. There is a lunch prepared which Philip has to deliver. As a diversion the guests opt to have FIONA fucked by the huge penis of the black slave Winston. They are placed in the middle of the table in the 69 position with his cock in her mouth. Winston opens her chastity belt and begins to greedily suck on her labia. Meanwhile his penis is causing her to gag as it hits the back of her throat. Winston groans and shoots his load in her mouth he obviously has not been allowed to spunk for weeks. The thick cream is dripping from her mouth as he comes in copious quantities. As she knows she must FIONA swallows the load and uses her tongue to lick up the remains. Winstons efforts and his busy tongue on her clit are now having the effect on FIONA. She moans loudly and bucks her hips grinding her mons into his face. There is a slurping noise as he sucks up all of her juices. The Mistresses are finding it difficult to eat their delicious canapés with all of the heaving causing the table to rock.

The other diversion is under the table where the dwarf has been chosen to wear a penis gag and service each mistress in turn. So far she has only been able to manage 2 of the women. Diminitiva knows that she must service all 7 before they finish the meal. The others can tell from the blush on their faces and the panting which of the Mistresses (LAVINIA and VIPERA) have so far been serviced. The dwarf is very thorough and knows all of the tricks available to please these demanding dominants. Apart from the penis gag on her face Diminitiva also has a G spot stimulator.

Scene21 - Stage

FIONA and Winston are still writhing on the table but CRYSTAL demands more perverse entertainment as they commence their starters.

Horst is of course hung like a stallion so it is agreed that he should fuck Lesbia up her arse. Naturally she hates any man touching her and starts to resist until commanded by her mistress to behave and consider herself lucky that she is not being punished for her insolence. She lowers her trousers and rolls down her PVC panties exposing a hairy bush and arsehole. Mistress SUPERA takes some rope and ties her hands and feet to a spare chair so that Lesbia is spread apart. Nevertheless it is with bad grace that Lesbia permits the boy to rub olive oil onto his erection and then plunge it deep into her nether regions. The boy is told to stand perfectly still while Lesbia moves back and forth on his tool. Mistress SUPERA tells her to do it very slowly so all can see her pull out her sphincter muscle and then push the thick penis in her up to its root. They are told to stop moving and for Lesbia to use her tight sphincter muscles to milk Horst. It is a party trick she has been taught and the look of surprise on Horsts face is worth all the training. He cannot move since his tool is now being milked very effectively inside her anus.

To add to his predicament slave Anaconda uses her forked tongue darting in and out of his own arse cheeks.

This proves too much for Horst and he jerks in great spasms as his sperm fill Lesbias arsehole. Philip is commanded to suck all of the jism from her dripping arse; he hurries to comply as in this elevated company no act of delinquency will be tolerated.

All of the slaves have been used except little Eva. Mistress CRYSTAL feels it would be good fun to have a tableau on the table while they eat their main course. She instructs Eva to strip off her uniform; which she does with alacrity. She is totally nude as she climbs on the table. Winston is now on his back and Eva straddles his face so that he can lick her little cunny and flat backside. FIONA is face down sucking Winston´s enormous cock. FIONA´s arse and vagina are presented for little Eva to suck. The three slaves go to their task with gusto as the guests tuck into their main course.

Below the table the dwarf redoubled her efforts to please the Mistresses (so far she had serviced 5 out of the 7 (she still had MARLENE and CRYSTAL to go and knew they would be more demanding than the others). The guests only had the dessert to finish their meal and Diminitiva was already exhausted but dreaded what would happen if she failed in her task.

Scene22 - Stage

All of the mistresses were enjoying the spectacle in front of them but felt that rather than just humiliation there should be more pain involved. They knew that the 2 men had a great deal of stamina so voted for one of the female slaves to be tortured while they ate their dessert.

Although she protested that her slave did not have a great deal of endurance, no one believed Madame GROSSERA. Besides they wanted to see for themselves. Winston lifts little Eva onto the wooden horse. Her arms were lifted above her and the bar hoisted towards the ceiling. She was blindfolded and 5 kilo weights were attached to her ankles. As long as the slave could support her weight there was no great problem but as soon as she tired her own weight would pull her onto the V shaped wooden beam and start to cut into her tender little cunt. It was a torture they had all used before so to make it more interesting slave FIONA was given the role of adding heat to the occasion. FIONA was to take the red candles from the chandelier on the table and drip hot wax over Eva. If she struggled Eva would worsen her predicament and pain. The women considered this a suitable entertainment for their pudding. Mistress CRYSTAL warned FIONA that she had better make the wax treatment good or she would end up in the same position herself. FIONA shuddered because she had experienced this torture on occasions before and it had taken her weeks to recover.

Eva took up the strain on the chains and raised her rump above the level of the cruel beam. However FIONA, taking the warning to heart, started to drip some hot wax over the nipple buds of Eva. This hurt a lot and Eva lost some concentration and the chain slipped a little, but knowing how much the pain would be she quickly recovered her position. Next FIONA dripped hot wax down the spine of Eva. Again she dropped a small amount and the hauled herself up again. The third wax was run down the cleft of her small bottom. As the hot wax touched her anus Eva dropped a fraction and made contact with the V of the beam. The combined pains at the front and rear made her cry out and the Mistresses all clapped loudly. The strain of the weights on her feet was starting to tell and it was all she could do to raise herself off the V. The mistresses had nearly finished their desserts so FIONA had to deliver the coup de grace. As Eva tried to regain her composure FIONA dropped a stream of hot wax onto her bare pubes. Although this was bad enough it was the stream running down her open cunt and burning her clitoris that proved too much for Eva. She sank heavily onto the V and with tears streaming down her face howled. Mistress GROSSERA would not be able to use her for the next couple of weeks.

Scene23 - Stage

The mistresses cheered the virtuoso performance from FIONA and awarded her the honour of designating the next torture. FIONA thought for a while and felt she would like to revenge herself on slave Anaconda (only because she was the best looking woman there).

Winston and Horst brought in a roller on a stand. It was quite large and they fastened Anaconda to the roller. They bent her over backwards until her wrists were touching her heels. They then tied both together with rope in a tight bondage. Her arms were wide apart touching each end of the roller.  As were her legs. Her cunt was wide open and her breasts were bobbing free. FIONA turned the roller a couple of times experimentally. Slave Anaconda whitened as she saw FIONA pick up the electric prods and although she protested FIONA just touched her lightly on the thigh. The Mistresses heard the fizz of contact and the sharp yelp of Anaconda. They were enthralled and knew that FIONA could one day make the transition from slave to mistress. She was building up the tension and the anticipation. The next touch was on Anacondas nipple and she screamed. She also pissed herself; so much better for electrical contact they all thought. Anaconda was writhing around on the roller as much as she could to try and avoid the next shock. FIONA let her writhe for a whole minute and then touched her other nipple. Anaconda let out a huge stream of abuse which made the Mistresses laugh. It is always better not to annoy your torturer!

FIONA knew exactly what she was doing and quick as a flash she touched just the tip of the prod inside the labia. Anaconda was in agony now but still conscious. Obviously the game was to keep her on this edge. Once she lost consciousness the fun would have to stop for a while.

Below the table Diminitiva had finally managed to make LAVINIA climax which joined the sounds of moaning in agony from Anaconda. However try as she might Diminitiva could not break down the resistance of CRYSTAL. She heard Philip clear away the plates and start to serve coffee. Diminitiva had failed despite working flat out for over an hour.

While the guests sipped their coffee FIONA continued the ordeal for Anaconda. She turned the current down and ran the tip of the prod along her labia. The sobbing intensified. FIONA slowly inserted into Anacondas wet vagina. The serpent shuddered but somehow held on. Like a matador at the kill FIONA removed the probe, adjusted the power to maximum and plunged it into Anacondas anus. There was a brief smell of burning; a final scream and the girl slumped inert over the roller. The assembly cheered again. FIONA had triumphed.

Scene24- Stage

Although it was against their rules, the group begged CRYSTAL to allow FIONA to torture the dwarf who had failed in her task. CRYSTAL reluctantly acceded to their insistent demands. She would ensure that FIONA suffered later for such presumption but now she was willing to satisfy the capricious whims of her colleagues.

Winston now lifted the still sobbing and bloodied Eva from the horse. Diminitiva was cowering under the table like a whipped dog and sick with the idea that FIONA would inflict some worse cruelty on her.

FIONA asked for a large wheel to be brought in. Diminitiva was strapped to wheel and spun upside down. FIONA inserts 2 large black church candles into her vagina and anus and then lit them. They were stretching both organs and at the same time hot wax was dripping down on her bare flesh. Both men were given birch twigs and ordered to beat Diminitiva until they drew blood. The swish of the twigs and the thwack as they bit into the soft flesh of the dwarf were music to the ears of the party goers. Her flesh was red and purple where the birch had raised wheals. The dwarf was made of stern stuff and hardly cried until the flames on the candles burnt down and singed her vagina and arse. Then she sang out!

The party had been a great success largely due to the ingenuity of FIONA in her treatment of the other slaves. However she had greatly displeased her powerful mistress. As the others were preparing to leave CRYSTAL announced “Of course before you set out on your long journeys you must use the toilet to avoid having to stop on the way. FIONA, prepare yourself to take all that these LADIES can give you”. Normally this role would have been for Philip but Mistress CRYSTAL had taught her best slave that being too clever also has attendant risks of subsequent hubris. FIONA knew that she had to comply or face the consequences. Nevertheless FIONA resented the deep humiliation she was suffering as she accepted the river of piss from the assembled mistresses.

Scene25 - Surgery

Meanwhile CRYSTAL was monitoring the progress that Philip was making towards his ultimate fate. It seemed that for her it was going a little too slowly. She reduced his diet and increased the oestrogen intake.

She invited the doctor to come and use liposuction to take fat from his belly and inject it into his rump. She tightened the waist corset another 2 inches. She made him wear 5 inch heels to make his gait more feminine.

After 2 more weeks of this strict regime, the women decided to go out and left Philip chained by the neck to the wall in the living room. The chain is a long one allowing him to roam around the house, so he decided that he will now try to escape before they damage him irreparably. Unfortunately for him the taser rings worked exactly as he had been warned. They found him still unconscious when they returned.

Mistress CRYSTAL was grim “We warned you what would happen if you tried to leave our hospitality” she snarled. The doctor was summoned and instructed to fit a small taser nose ring and butt plug. The pain of the drill of his septum to fit the nose ring made Philip sick. It remained sore for over a week. Slave FIONA was ordered to run the tasers at low level for 30 minutes every day for a week. Philip squealed like a pig every time the punishment occurred. CRYSTAL had been right that the butt plug was the worst he felt that his intestines would explode. In addition FIONA had to use a studded leather paddle to beat him at the same time. This did not break the flesh but made it impossible to sit with any comfort.

For the whole week Philip had to sleep in a small cage which was at an angle. He could not get any sleep and when through exhaustion he collapsed the tasers had been set to automatic and gave him a shock which awakened him. By the end of the week he thought his mistress anger had been assuaged.

So he was terrified to hear her pronouncement that she had decided to have him castrated and his cock removed so that he would be less trouble. “Of course your new vagina will be built to accept a cock but your lubrication will have to be by hand, just like a woman after menopause”. He fought down his panic and asked her when this operation would take place. She replied that it had been scheduled for 4 weeks time.

Scene26 Rubber Room

Next week Mistress CRYSTAL came to Philip and told him they were not sure that they wanted him as a woman yet!

Rather than expensive surgery they had decided on another option. He would be made into a fully available female rubber doll so they could try out how he reacted to being used as a woman

Although he had already had breast implants which gave him a good 40D size tits the other parts of his anatomy were not progressing fast enough for the mistress. The oestrogen was reducing his maleness but the rounded female shape desired was not being achieved.

Mistress CRYSTAL ordered him to strip so that she could inspect him minutely. The face was not too bad with the Botox injections and the fillers. His lips did have the pout trout look. The false eyelashes were long and luxuriant. The oestrogen had made his skin smoother and silkier.

However apart from the large tits the rest of the torso remained stubbornly male. Even the nipples were still small despite the daily vacuum and weights treatments. Slave FIONA was instructed how to prepare Philip. First she wound strong carbon fibre strapping around his neck, wrists, waist and ankles. To each strap was attached a large D ring. When these straps were impregnated with the latex solution they would set as hard as steel and he could be bound in any position the mistresses wanted. Next FIONA stuck some silicone padding onto his hips and arse to give a pronounced female curve. In addition she wound some of the strapping tightly around his waist to reduce this to only 30 inches.

The last steps were to ensure his accessibility and vulnerability. A large O ring was inserted in his mouth which again was held in place by the strapping.

In his arse was introduced a 2 inch diameter solid plastic tube to keep it open at all times. The final transformation was a pair of rubber pants which had labia outside, a realistic vagina on the inside, and a sheath into which his cock was imprisoned but allowing him still to pee. Mistress CRYSTAL explained that the vagina would be lubricated before and intercourse to give the user a more pleasurable sensation. This would be achieved by inserting a soft bulb of oil which would be broken once a cock penetrated him. Although the cock was confined it would still feel the intensity of the fucking but of course could not erect.

Scene 27 Rubber Room

To complete the transformation his hands were encased in soft latex surgeon´s gloves and his eyes protected by some goggles. His mouth and anus were so that the liquid rubber could enter and then he was immersed in the liquid latex bath.  Two breathing straws were inserted in his nose. When he emerged 15 minutes later Philip was coated in a thick layer of rubber all over and when it had dried he had become an ever available rubber doll.

To finish off his new appearance slave FIONA removed Philip´s goggles and applied very long blonde eyelashes and stuck on a long blonde wig. To his open mouth she added full rubber lips (like Mick Jagger) which gave a sultry pout but enough gap to insert whatever was desired. The final touch was a steel waist cincher which was pulled very tight to accentuate his large tits above and his ample hips below. His waist was now down to only 26 inches. Finally he had the desirable 40-26-38 inch hourglass shape.

Mistress CRYSTAL led in a large black male pony. “This is Amos our black stallion. You will learn to service him as well as slave FIONA. Once you have mastered that we will see what you are truly capable of.”

Scene28 The Stables

The black stallion Amos brought in from the stables was in his full pony leather harness and reins. His blindfold was in place and he had the gag bit in his mouth. Slave FIONA trotted him across the floor for the mistress. Both his feet and hands had been prepared as hooves. She flicked him with a dressage whip as he trotted in a circle a yelled at him to pick up his hooves. When he had done 6 circuits she brought him to a halt, sweating and shiny in front of the mistress. The sweat was running in rivulets off his magnificent torso.

Philip was commanded to kneel in front of the stallion while FIONA undid the bottom part of the leather harness. She undid the rear part of his harness first and pulled out the tail which was fitted to a very solid rubber butt plug. Then she moved to the front and undid the first cross strap which was holding his chastity belt in place. Then she removed the second, third, fourth and fifth. As she revealed the thick stem that was his cock Philip knew why he was called a stallion. The tool was thick and black with veins standing out as it came to full attention. Fully extended it was a good 12 inches and very bulbous. The balls were gigantic. The first task was to lick and suck these testicles.

Then Mistress CRYSTAL took Philip´s head and forced his open mouth onto the enormous tool telling him to suck hard and wrap his tongue around the black prick. Using his hair she pulled Philip backwards and forwards bringing the stallion close to climax. Meanwhile as FIONA knelt behind the stallion and slipped her tongue into his arse, the stallion snorted and shot his load into Philip´s mouth. Philip had great difficulty taking all of the liquid which was pumped into his mouth and he dribbled some onto the floor.

The next scenario was for Philip to lie on his back on the floor. Amos was positioned above him with his cock in Philip´s mouth. Philip had been prepared with a large strap-on to fill Amos mouth. The women fastened to saddles onto the pony. One was behind his neck, the other on his back. Both saddles had dildos built into the middle. Mistress CRYSTAL positioned herself on the saddle behind his neck so that the pony´s mouth was forced deeper onto the strap-on. Slave FIONA started to ride the saddle on his back so the pony´s cock was forced deeper into Philip´s mouth. The mistress commanded FIONA to lean forward and take her nipples in her mouth and suck them as they rode the pony.

Scene29 The Stables

After they both climaxed, FIONA went to the stables to bring in the gelding. Ray was a white pony who had been a rebellious boxer, who had been impossible to command, but now after he had been castrated was much more docile. Ray was brought in so that the stallion Amos could mount him and give him a good fucking. The women took turns with the whip to encourage his efforts.

To concentrate his attention Philip also had to service the gelding. It was a strange sensation to take a prick with no balls into his mouth. Even worse he could not get the gelding to go hard however much effort he applied. All he could feel was the vibration of the thumping as the stallion hammered into the gelding´s anus.

Last of all a mare was brought into the ring and tethered to a hitching rail by her reins. This left her plump hind quarters available for the access of the two stallions.  Philip was told to milk her long nipples while she was being serviced by the two stallions at the same time. First Ray was lead over and his large cock entered the mare´s hot wet slit. Although she was bucking it was clear that she was enjoying the feel of the hard tool inside her she had been denied for nearly a month. Next Mistress CRYSTAL removed her butt plug tail and placed Amos strong black penis in her anus. However she resisted she could not escape the thick long pole from plunging deeper and deeper into her. Although she was trying to scream her bit and snaffle prevented much sound from emerging.

Finally both stallions climaxed and the mare was covered in their copious sticky semen. Philip was commanded to clean up the mess with his tongue. This part of the performance meant that he had to lick the mare between the thighs and push his tongue into her arse. From the reaction it was very clear that the mare really enjoyed this part of the performance and she rode on Philip´s face very enthusiastically.

Scene30 The Stage

Mistress CRYSTAL planned another party for the following weekend. This time it would be a gathering of her former slaves that had been sold to new owners. This was really CRYSTALs business breaking and selling compliant slaves.

On the day of the reunion Philip had been warned that he was to be the main attraction for the former inhabitants of the house who she had borrowed from their current owners for a “recalibration”. This service would take 2 days. In addition Mistress CRYSTAL wanted to check how obedient Philip had become and whether he was ready for sale.

The former slaves arrived as a group. Julia was a slim boyish blonde with an hourglass figure. She tripped into the room elegantly in a tan leather skirt and cream silk blouse. She sat and crossed her long legs. Karmen on the other hand was a heavier woman altogether. Although a negress she was dressed in green satin, her eyes were an emerald match, her hair cropped short and chestnut. She was stunning and her huge firm cleavage was well displayed in her low cut gown. Her arse was firm and round in the tight satin. Querin was simply an oriental brown eyed beauty. Each of her ears had 3 gold rings and her nose a gold stud. She poked out her tongue and he could see that also carried a gold stud. Her beauty was accentuated by her leopard print dress and boots! Ravena was Amazonian. She was both tall and well built. Ravena wore just a short crossover skirt and tee shirt. The muscles she had on display could have belonged to Miss Universe. Her very large bosom seemed to be solid muscle and the nipples were the size of cherries. Her legs seemed to be like nutcrackers. Her toned body was well tanned.

“Welcome my dears” said CRYSTAL “Here is Philip, you can have him as a plaything for the whole day. FIONA will explain to you his psychology and his limits, and then he will be all yours. You can use whatever equipment you need, just dont leave him too damaged at the end of your session. YOU all KNOW what I can do to train obedient slaves” Here she laughed although Philip did not really understand why.

Philip was stripped as naked as the day he had been through the “shower”. His rubber skin had been removed and his body was totally depilated. All his padding and false parts had been stripped away. True his chest had swollen and the nipples now measured over an inch but his cock was intact, so far. True he also had the taser rings around his cock and in his nipples. [Mistress had relented and removed the nose ring saying it disfigured his sweet face].

Scene 31 The Stage

The former slaves introduced themselves and explained that their rich owners retained them to train their stable of slaves. “We have been trained by the best but now we are specialists in our own right and maybe we have even surpassed our mistress in these specialities” explained Julia. “For example I specialise in all things medical and some people call me Nurse Electra. That is because my real enjoyment is electro stim. I dont think you have been exposed to that yet have you Philip”.

Next Karmen outlined her specialities; humiliation, face sitting, smothering and as an extension breath control. Quiran knew all about the use of whips and torture devices. Finally Ravena detailed her speciality as Japanese bondage. This did not surprise Philip at all. They told him that they were all experts in the use of dildos and strap-ons. He gulped as he realised the next day was going to be very tough and he would come out having experienced even more extreme games than ever before.

Julia started the ball rolling. “OK, lets see how well you have learned to use your tongue to please a woman Slave Philip. On your back on the floor punk”. Philip was on the floor in an instant with his hands behind his head as he had been taught. Julia squatted above with her cream silk knickers just at the full stretch of his tongue. He traced the outline of her labia through the thin material and could tell she was clean shaven. Julia dipped a little lower and sat over his nose and closed off his breathing. He continued to lick the front of her knickers although he was finding it difficult to breathe. She raised herself and little and pulled the material to one side so that his tongue could enter her wet cunt. She grunted and lowered herself onto his tongue, he pulsed it inside her. Her breathing was becoming ragged as she settled into the rhythm of his tongue fuck. Her knickers were soaking. He was quite good but she was not yet ready to surrender herself so she climbed off.

Karmen replaced her on Philips face. Because she had a huge arse she overlapped his face cut off his air supply. Philip started to suffocate under her smothering. However she was an expert and lifted slightly as he started to black out. Now she was aroused her pink clit erected and was over one inch long. Philip took it in his mouth and gently sucked on the clit but she wasnt about to climax yet. She raised her rump and parted her rear cheeks. He could see the small pink hole in her dark brown skin. “Ok slave I want your tongue in my arse” said Karmen. As he obeyed she tightened her muscles and his tongue was trapped. After a minute she released him again. Yes he was quite good.

Scene 32 The Stage

Quiran was wearing a string thong under her leopard skin. She hitched up her skirt and told him to move the string aside to gain access to her body. Although she was shaved her labia were pierced and held together by lengths of gold chain. The hood of the clitoris had a solid gold stud. Her arse was also plugged with a slim gold dildo. Although he could not see them he guessed that her nipples were also hung with heavy gold studs. She seemed to be into piercing.

Philip had not experienced this problem before but he felt that if he gently pulled on the chains it would stimulate her. He also sucked on her clitoral stud. Quiran jumped off before he could get her going. Yes he had learned the lessons well.

Ravena waited until Quiran had moved away and then slowly stripped. Philip gaped at Ravenas breasts which were indeed solid and large, but more amazing was her thick cock with a helmet the size of a small orange. It was a mans body with a pair of tits grafted on. Philip gasped when Ravena commented “While they were giving me these silicon implants, I asked to enhance the girth of my cock. I find it fills holes very satisfactorily now.” Philip was horrified. Never had he been forced to suck such a huge  cock and now he was confronted by this monster. But Ravena was very strong and as he knelt on Philips arms he realised that could not resist this ordeal. Philip opened his mouth as wide as possible but the orange would only just fit. He started to choke as Ravena forced the first 6 inches down his throat. “Only real deep throat experts can take this baby” taunted Ravena. Philip was not a real expert so he pulled it out leaving Philip choking and coughing, tears running down his cheeks.

Ravena said “Well we think that this slave is OK at basics but I suggest we now teach him our more advanced techniques. Who wants to have him first?” The others agreed that Ravena could secure Philip in his special Japanese rope bondage. This consisted of passing an iron bar under his armpits and behind his knees. These were tied to the joints securely and his arms and legs bent behind his back and tied tightly. Chains were attached to the two iron bars and p was hoisted in the air. It was not painful but he was totally vulnerable.

Scene33 The Stage

Julia now had the opportunity to practice her electric arts. She wheeled in her cart loaded with equipment. One element looked like a music mixer desk. Another was an oscilloscope to measure the current and the different waves being passed through his body. Julia had changed into a white rubber nurse outfit. The skirt was so short that everyone could see her white rubber briefs and that the briefs had the stimulator stubble over her clitoral area. Her shoes were patent white with 6 inch heels.

As she attached the crocodile clips to his teats and inserted the thin wire into his urethra she asked Philip “ Have you ever read Orwells 1984” to which he replied in the affirmative but questioned why it was relevant. She responded enigmatically “You will know when the time comes”. She lubricated a ridged dildo with a conductive gel and inserted it in his anus. He was ready.

He was surprised to see Mistress CRYSTAL wheel in FIONA naked and secured on a hospital trolley. Julia quickly and professionally connected FIONA to her systems in the same way as Philip. Mistress CRYSTAL wanted her female slave to suffer the same experience which would also be novel for her.

“This will be a concert in 3 parts” announced Julia. “These performers will sing continuously sometimes softly sometimes loudly but if they stop I will have misjudged their limits. My equipment can produce pain so intense that it is intolerable but I anticipate that you will enjoy their arias for about 30 minutes”

She bowed and started the music which fed the electronic impulses into the sensors she had attached to Philips body. She could adjust each input for volume and type of instrument. Trumpets produced sharper peaks than viola for example. Her first motif was a single oboe fed into the arse dildo. This produced a low bass response from Philip. She turned up the volume and his moaning increased. Next she added piano and fed this into his nipples. As the pianist attacked the keyboard sharp pains were transmitted to his sensitive titties and he reacted to the top end octaves with a high howling noise. To add to the harmony she added a string section which resonated within his urethra. With every high solo he screamed aloud. Most satisfactory thought Julia. For 10 minutes she tuned and retuned her instruments. As she had promised Philip never stopped singing for a second although in one crescendo she had seen his eyes glaze and made a rapid correction to the overall volume he was suffering.

Scene34 The Stage

The second movement was along the same lines but played on the body of slave FIONA. She proved a more sensitive instrument and J could easily extract more volume and a wider range of notes from her. If J played a major chord FIONA would shudder and respond with a deep yelping. If she played a minor chord, more painful, Julia could elicit prolonged screaming.

Now Julia had explored their reactions and had a good idea of their limits she commenced part 3 of the concert; the duet for 2 voices. As she produced the intertwining themes from the bass of Philip to the higher soprano of FIONA, Julia looked into Philips eyes as the crescendo approached. It was a long build up like Ravels Bolero. “Now is the time”. Philip screamed “I beg you do it to HER not to me”. There it was; the breaking point and act of betrayal. Julia reached for the explosive climax and both slaves stopped singing and passed out. The audience was enchanted with her skill in the generation of pain. They had witnessed a true artist and there was a spontaneous round of applause.

When he came around, Philip was already being prepared for the next ordeal. His nipples and penis were already encased in tight plastic sheaths which had been vacuum pumped so they were all engorged, long and slightly painful. Quiran was ensuring that these would as sensitive as possible for her treatments. Quiran was again in leopard skin but this time more of a leotard which allowed her arms as much movement as they needed to wield her instruments. Philip´s arms and legs were pinioned to the floors so that he could not evade their attentions.

Scene 35 The Stage

Karmen was also waiting holding a strange mask with a deflated bag attached. In the other hand she had what appeared to be a full head mask which had studs all the way round. She was dressed for a long session of queening. Her knickers were long directoire style in soft rubber worn down to the knee, but totally open at the crotch and through to the arse. Her thick bush was clearly visible and he could see that already she was soaking wet. Her breasts were enormous and cushion like topped with dusky brown teats almost 2 inches long and aureoles that must have at least 2 inches across. The whole structure is supported by a thin rubber bra with heavy shoulder straps which leave the whole breast exposed. She sits on his chest and speaks softly “This session is to determine whether you really have learned obedience and also to please a woman as she wants. I am going to begin by smothering you with my breasts. I want you to nibble, not bite, my nipples. This gives me great pleasure if done properly.” Philip is afraid because he hates to be suffocated and if he cannot move he suffers acute claustrophobia in a confined space. He tries to control his panic and the spongy breasts enclose his nose and mouth. He tries not to breathe at all but Karmen is wise to this game and keeps him submerged in her wrap around embrace until he starts to go purple and gasps for breath. “Good” she says and offers him the left nipple, now even bigger, to suck and nibble. “I find that my colour is a big advantage in humiliating many of you powerful white men [and women]. You cannot easily accept that your world has been reduced to the crazy desires of a black woman. Yes you are pleasing me now; you may have the other breast to service”. Karmen pushes the other huge nipple in his open mouth and he assiduously sucks harder. He can feel her wet fanny juices running over his chest.

Meanwhile Quiran has removed the vacuum pumps and is busy tying up the engorged nipples with very thin cotton. This will prevent them going down and, in a few minutes, they will start to throb as the blood tries to retreat. Quiran repeats the same treatment with his cock and balls which already feel stretched taut. She is preparing him. The next step is the addition of clothes pegs. She is using black today and puts 6 around each nipple. Similarly she attaches 4 to each testicle and along the shaft of his cock. For the moment she also attaches 4 more down the sensitive inside of each thigh.

Scene 36 The Stage

Karmen has finished this part of the test. She arises and stands over him. He is looking straight up her cunt which is slightly parted and glistening pink inside. The juices are already dripping on his face but she calmly puts the face mask behind his head. “I should explain that when I attach these studs to my knickers it will form a full head mask. There are no eye holes or air holes. Everything you breathe will be from within the bag and flavoured with my essences. Obviously if you struggle in any way you will use up the oxygen more quickly. Probably it will last about half an hour but dont worry I will know when you really need to breathe!”

She sat down heavily on his face and fastened all of the studs along her knickers. Philip was sealed into a hot sweaty atmosphere tasting of her cunt which was now producing so much liquid it all he could do to swallow it and he knew his tongue was stimulating her even more. At that moment he felt a sharp pain in his left nipple and then his right, Quiran had attached a Japanese clamp to them. Despite the warning he could not help wriggle around due to the pain. As he became used to it he calmed down and tried to stop moving. Karmen pressed down on his face and cut all of his air supply. He wriggled and spluttered as the oxygen left his lungs. As he started to feel dizzy Karmen lifted just slightly and presented him her arse to rim. All of a sudden he felt needle like sensation along his thighs and crotch, Quiran had whipped off the pegs with a horse whip. Karmen pushed back so that his tongue entered her tight arse but this time she did not trap it with her muscles. Unexpectedly she let off a trumpeting malodorous sulphurous fart. In the enclosed hood it was foul but he could not escape the stench in his nostrils or the taste in his mouth. His head started to spin and blackness was beckoning when he felt a dreadful agony in his chest, Quiran had just whipped off the pegs there. He believed it could not get any worse until Quiran released the Japanese clamps and the blood rushed back into the nipples. The pain was horrendous. Meanwhile Karmen had started to ride him, using his nose as a stimulator for her clit. The final act in this drama was a shooting fiery pain in his cock; Quiran had opened up the end and tipped some horrible liquid in which was burning his sensitive glans. He bucked and then shat himself. This was the signal for Karmen to undo the studs and give him sufficient air to breathe.

Scene37 The Stage

He noticed that CRYSTAL was there watching the exhibition. She was very interested because if these experts certified Philips performance his value would double on the open market. After they had all finished with Mistress CRYSTAL sought their opinions about Philip´s future career and worth on the open market. As always they enthusiastically promoted their own path as the best way to use Philip. They agreed that he would be totally subservient and do whatever was asked of him this made him valuable. The testers were less agreed about his future role.

Julia felt that he should remain a male but as a eunuch in a private house where he could serve one mistress (or master).  Karmen also felt he should be private property but as a severe bondage slave at the whim of his owner. Quiran voiced her opinion that his worth was as a commercial slut sold on the street to whoever wanted to use and abuse him. Ravena had seen some evidence that he could also succeed as a bizarre operate on him give him huge tits and a cunt and then exhibit him in live shows. CRYSTAL listened to all of their opinions and then conferred with Quiran. Philip was to be sold as live meat on the street.

They decided that his maximum value would be as a lady boy. There is a growing demand both among the straights and the gays for those who have both breasts and a cock and they decided that his future would be to be an hostess at a famous club where every type of sex act was performed on stage. First Philip would undergo surgery to transform his breasts into full 42DD. His waist would be trimmed until it was only 26 inches (and he would wear corsets to make it even slimmer). He would wear a full blonde wig and make up and a tight satin dress with fishnet stockings and 5 inch high heels.

His job would be to attract customers into the club and then make sure that they paid the maximum amount of money to the owners who would rent him from CRYSTAL. If he failed to make the targets required he would be beaten and in the worst case returned to CRYSTAL for “retraining”. To maximise his return he would, of course, have to sell drinks, tease the customers and then ultimately have sex with them. If he could the most return would be provided by twos or threes at a time. Even more valuable would be if he could charge the punters to perform with him on stage.

Scene38 The Surgery & the Sissy Room

The doctor came and after the anaesthetic had worn off Philip looked in the mirror to see a large solid pair of breasts attached to his chest. As before he had been totally depilated and had liposuction to reduce his fat levels, except around his hips and thighs which now had a much more feminine curve. His lips had been plumped up more with botox so he had a true pout. His eyes and checks had been enhanced. If you ignored the cock he was now truly a woman.

The dresser came and brought the silky underwear and satin corset he would now wear as part of his profession. However, the first garment was a steel and leather chastity belt with a lock on either side. The punters would have to pay for the key to remove this barrier. The corset itself was heavily boned and so tight he could hardly breathe but they told him he would eventually get accustomed to it. The fishnets were quite fine and attached by a suspender not tights so that the punters could feel him up! The shoes were beautifully styled red court shoes with ankle straps locked at the rear by a small brass padlock. The punters would be sold the key for this as well. The brassiere was also made of red satin with wide straps and a substantial back strap with a small padlock; the bra exposed most of the breast but not the nipples which of course had to be paid for! The final part of the ensemble was a tightly fitting red satin dress with a slit up to the thigh in a Chinese style. Philip also had a fitted satin bolero jacket over the dress which was open at the front so that the punters could see the size of his tits. Overall the package was designed to tease and to say that they could have anything and everything but at a price. Philip still had the taser rings under the skin which would incapacitate him in a most painful way if he tried to leave the premises so he was a virtual prisoner.

The club itself was not a clip joint but a highly priced and tasteful affair opening at 11.00pm and finishing in the early hours of the morning. The champagne was vintage, the décor was elegant and the food was good. The bar was decorated with gilded mirrors and had all the most expensive champagnes and cocktails available from a liveried barman. At the far end of the room under bright spot lights was the stage on which dancers were now performing pole dances in tight leather and rubber outfits.

The club had several levels. At street level you could enter the bar for free, drink and watch the show. On this level there were booths showing porno films in reality the videos of the performances in the club itself. These booths were quite large to allow the customer to “invite” one of the girls in the bar to join them. These girls were not very high class but offered a basic service of wank or suck for a fee.

Scene39 The Sex Club

The real action took place downstairs in the basement. To enter the customer had to pass security checks and pay a sizeable fee.

The area downstairs was much more opulent and designed for those who wanted to satisfy every appetite. Although it was principally a bar there were 2 stages for live performance of every sex act conceivable. The audience sat in plush chairs and on sofas. There were darkened booths around the edges where customers could retire with their chosen escort. There were also private rooms upstairs for more esoteric action with of course a suitable additional fee. All the drinks were served by topless hostesses dressed in short Greek skirts. Under these skirts the waitresses had only string thongs which could be easily put aside if the customers desired to fondle or penetrate them. The drinks trays were attached by chain to nipple clamps on the breasts of each girl. This way she had both her hands and orifices free if needed by the customers.

The audience was a mixture of all types of men and women. They were all sophisticated and debauched; otherwise they would not be here. They were also quite wealthy or they could not afford entry to this elite club. However their tastes were the entire range from submissive to dominant and beyond. A number of professional mistresses were there with their slaves to enjoy the spectacle and if inclined to participate in the action.

Philip really did not know what to expect on his first night. He had heard that some of the girls were really wild. He did not know what his role would be tonight. Apart from Philip there were 4 other hostesses; Wendy, Xanthia, Yvonne and Zena. These had been recruited by the owner Nikko for their special talents and for their ability to take money from clients.

The professional hostesses sat on stools at the bar waiting for an appropriate punter to buy them. Although they seemed in control they were all very nervous because Nikko had set them targets to achieve. If they failed he was a very hard unforgiving task master and they would suffer. Obviously there was competition between the girls to get clients but because their specialities were so different sales really depended on the preferences of the customers on that particular night.

Scene40 The Sex Club

The first girl Wendy was American. She looked like a wholesome cheerleader with freckles, ginger hair, wide even smile, big tits and a curvaceous rear on top of great long legs. She was at least 6 feet tall and from Texas. Wendy had all of the great customer service attributes for which America is famous. She would willingly service whoever, whenever and wherever they wanted. Her talents were also the 3 Ws ; wanking, watersports and whipping; she loved to combine all 3 in her stage show preferably with a couple. Wendy was dressed in cowgirl fashion with a white buckskin outfit and white boots. She was made even more imposing by her 5 inch heeled boots.  Her large bosom was on display on a balcony bra. Her nipples were particularly long since she stretched them every day for 2 hours with weights. Under her buckskin jacket she had a white leather fringed rodeo dress to just below her arse. At the bottom it was fringed. Under the dress she only had a tiny dental floss thong that sat in her crack so that she could pull it aside whenever she needed. She was sitting on a stool sipping a mint julep cocktail.

The second girl, Xanthia, was a coffee coloured girl from Greece. Xanthia was dressed in soft grey suede trousers and waistcoat with matching boots. She was a stunning olive skinned beauty with short black hair and could be taken as a boy except for the swell of her small boobs under the waistcoat; she was an anal specialist. To accommodate her tastes the trouser suit she wore had a zip up the back rather than at the front. She also loved to have her small black olive nipples pinched as she was being fucked.

Xanthia loved to be taken up the arse, to have her arse licked and to be filled with any object that could make her come. Of course she would also accept a cock in her cunt or her mouth but she really squealed when one was banging her rear passage and having her nipples squeezed. It reminded her of home in the Greek Islands. She also loved the taste and feel of a tight arsehole and loved licking one out, especially if it had been seasoned with some juicy cum. So that her access was always free she wore wide lacy coffee coloured silk French knickers which could be easily pushed aside when she wanted a stiff one up her own tight anus. She was always lubricated and ready to go. Normally she wore a rubber vibrating dildo in the front to make it obvious how she preferred to be taken.

Scene41 The Sex Club

Xanthia told everyone the story of how she had acquired her sexual preferences from her early life. Her mother had sold her to her uncle for a few drachma and bottles of retsina. Her mother only wanted male creatures in her house where she could pamper and smother them. In contrast Xanthia was used and abused from an early age. Her uncle beat her regularly with a leather strap. When she reached 10 years of age he would hold her down while her cousins of about the same age were encouraged pour olive oil over her and then stick their little willies in her arse. To begin with she had to chew on the leather strap to accept the pain but after a while she was able to stand their penetration. As they got bigger she was gang raped by all 4 of cousins in turn on a weekly basis. When she reached 14 the boys would hold her down while her uncle fucked her butt. Now she was used to the treatment she began to enjoy it and started to respond enthusiastically. Technically she was still a virgin so the uncle decided it was time to sell her to a rich old husband who could abuse her in every way that he liked. Xanthia was sold to a local farmer for a small fortune. On the first night while he was still drunk he tried to fuck her but she fought and bit so that he left her alone. The next day she ran away to find a place where she could be independent. After a year in the city the owner of the club found her and persuaded her to join his girls. Now she was sitting on the stool in his club sipping her Pernod.

Yvonne was completely different. She was a very petite French girl who looked about 12 with her blonde schoolgirl plaits. Yvonne had the pubescent figure with developing breasts (32B) but she was of course totally depilated so that she seemed even younger than she was. Yvonne had the typical schoolgirl uniform consisting of a short gym slip, trainer bra, blue serge knickers, white socks and black court shoes. Those who wanted schoolgirl virgins and could not afford authentic ones used Yvonne. Because she was so petite her little cunny and arse were really tight; helped by the exercises she practised daily. So for the clients it was almost like taking a virgin for the first time. Yvonne was suggestively sucking her ice lolly; making it clear how small and tight her little mouth was. This was a great turn on for the guys because even those with small cocks could make her gag.

Finally there was Zena. She was a black girl from Jamaica and she was into piercing and bondage in a big way. The only external evidence for her preferences are the 6 silver studs in each ear, the pierced tongue and nose. Under her clothing however she was pierced in many places; obviously she had rings through her nipples and labia. Her belly button had a piercing. She had thin silver chains between the 6 rings in her labia. More unusually she also had a piercing through her enlarged clitoris. At her throat, waist, wrist and ankles she had permanently welded steel bands with D rings. These allowed her to be fastened in any position desired by her master or mistress. Sitting on the stool she was wearing a long black leather dress made by Prada and killer heels laced up to her knees. She was drinking a black Russian cocktail.

Scene42 The Sex Club

Wendy always gave her best and her motto was “Why Wait?” So when the German couple came in she immediately went over to the guy, unzipped his trousers and lead him to the first stage by his willy. The couple were in their 20s and expensively dressed. The woman was wearing a light silk skirt and blouse through which her large breasts were clearly visible. She was wearing Jimmy Choos with a 5 inch heel. W whispered to her and she discarded her silk knickers which were immediately picked up by a man in the audience who started to sniff them. The woman was told to raise her skirt to her waist so that everyone could see her waxed pubes. She followed Wendy to the stage clearly turned on by this wanton display.

Wendy slipped the mans trousers down and started to wank him. She knelt in front of him and guided his hard wand into her warm mouth. Meanwhile the woman stood to the other side legs wide apart  and Wendy used her other hand and pushed the thumb into her anus and her third finger into her cunt; stimulating the g spot with her knuckle. The woman started to whimper as she felt the warmth spread through her groin. Her man was close to coming in Wendys mouth but her spat him out and clipped a rubber ring around his testicles to stop him from ejaculating. The audience could see Wendys expert fingers working the womans G spot and clitoris and her whimpering turned to wailing as she neared her climax, her knees started to weaken and she wobbled precariously on her high heels. As she climaxed she fell to her knees with the intensity.

Wendy next told them both to strip naked. She continued to stroke the erect weapon which was now fully erect a good 9 inch tool and purple.  The woman stood over his face legs apart. As commanded by Wendy she released a stream of piss over his face. At the same time Wendy intensified her wanking and slipped off the rubber ring. The ejaculation was spectacular, like a fountain in the air. Wendy finished off this section by pushing aside her thong, walking over him weeing as she went. The audience loved it.

A trolley was wheeled onto the stage. The girl was placed on the trolley with her tits overhanging the front and her rump high in the air. Wendy added some weighted nipple clamps to the breasts and walking behind her parted her arse cheeks. She positioned the man behind her and placed the tip of his erect cock in her anus. The man moved hesitantly to begin because it was clear that his large penis was causing pain to his girlfriend. She started to whine. Wendy took out a cat of nine tails and told him that she would whip him for each stroke. She increased the pace so that his back was covered in vivid wheals and the woman was crying before he managed a second ejaculation to finish the show.

Scene43 The Sex Club

Meanwhile a seedy middle aged man had taken Yvonne upstairs to one of the “private” rooms.  When had entered the club he had signed in to confirm that he would observe the rules. This sign in included a clause that any activity on the stage or in the private rooms would be video taped ostensibly to safe guard the employees. In reality every performance was video taped and then recycled in the booths beside the bar. In this case the management decided to broadcast the performance live.

He pulled his cock out of his trousers and commanded Yvonne to suck on Daddys lolly. Surprisingly he had a large tool and Yvonne did not have to pretend to gag when he stuffed it in her mouth; she really was unable to take the size of it. Daddy became incensed when she failed to suck him off and (as he had agreed with the staff) he ripped Yvonnes knickers off and putting her across his knee he began to spank her hard. Her little buttocks quivered and reddened as his hand struck her repeatedly. He pulled her head down and again commanded her to suck Daddys lolly. Although she tried Yvonne could not take the full 9 inches. Daddy became really mad and tied her plaits to the bed with her arse up in the air. Her skirt was up in the air and he took off his belt. Rhythmically he started to beat her and even though she was howling and screaming he continued to leather her arse. [The staff would only interfere if the violence became really severe]

The audience watching downstairs on the TV screen could see the bruises start on her fair skin and was applauding his viciousness. Some of the audience began furtively to touch themselves to relieve their tensions.

Then Daddy decided to wank over her. He grabbed his tool and masturbated furiously until his come shot all over her arse. Lastly he made her lick all the come off his dick, put back on his clothes and left. They called him the Panda.

Yvonne was left sobbing on the bed, tied by her hair, cum in her face and over her arse with bruising that would make her stiff tomorrow. Nikko magnanimously allowed her an hour off duty to clean up for the next customer.

This was the usual sequence for Yvonne, so she had become inured to the bad treatment, but she hoped that the next customer would not beat her again on the sore limbs she already had. She dragged herself to the shower and prepared herself for another session sitting on the stool and waiting to be sold again.

Scene44 The Sex Club

Because it was now10pm the club was starting to warm up. Xanthia had agreed to a stage show with a well know male singer and his partner. The audience knows who they are and the 2 are enjoying their fame. They are both of Greek extraction so Xanthia knows exactly what she will be subjected to unless she takes control.

Xanthia decided to make a spectacle of these 2 smug boys. She tells the crew to bring an 8 foot phallus on stage. This is bolted to the floor of the stage. Around the phallus there are a serious of cock protuberances and holes into which a cock can be inserted. It also has a network of leather straps on which there are D rings which can be used to tie anyone. Xanthia beckons the 2 arseholes onto the stage and tells them to strip. They enjoy doing this with a great deal of relish. She gives them a bottle of olive oil, Greek of course, a commands them to oil each other well. George takes much pleasure in rubbing oil over the hard body of his partner Peter. Peter pays special attention to Georges cock and slips his finger into his anus as oils him up.

Xanthia pushes George onto one of the protuberances. He smirks as he easily fits it in his back passage; what he doesnt know is that Xanthia can inflate these by remote control. He squeals a little as she doubles the size inside his rectum. He is now stuck on the phallus. Conversely she pushes Peter cock first into a hole and his mouth around one of the protuberances; then she contracts the size of the hole and inflates the cock so he also is stuck on the phallus. She turns on the machine so that his cock is being gently masturbated and will bring him to the boil while she deals with George.

Xanthia blind folds both of them so they can anticipate what may happen but cannot see it. She takes their arms and legs and spreading them apart chains them to the phallus. They are ready for her to use.  Xanthia strips off her clothes, showing her hard boys body with her small but perfect tits. She is very sexy.

Xanthia goes to her goody bag and takes out a set of large Thai beads. She goes over to Peter and inserts them one at a time into his arse. They are a tight fit despite the oil and he jerks each time another goes past his ring. The audience are loving it. Next she takes out a large strap on dildo in hard black rubber with a core of stainless steel and tightens it around her waist. It is fully 9 inches long and quite an inch around. It has a built in vibrator and a knobbled part which goes into her open fanny to stimulate her. She struts around the stage rubbing her dildo and deciding what to do next.

Scene45 The Sex Club

The stage crew bring over a platform which can be raised or lowered hydraulically. She sits on the platform facing the audience playing with her dildo. Some of the women are openly masturbating as Xanthia flaunts her cock. Xanthia tells the crew to raise the platform until she is level with Georges face. Xanthia rubs her arse against his nose so that he can smell her and then his tongue darts out and starts to rim her. She is really enjoying this attention and pushes harder onto his tongue so that now he is penetrating her and licking inside her tight brown hole. She turns on the vibrator so that she is being stimulated both at the front and rear. Georges efforts redouble and Xanthia begins to climax. It is a very noisy affair with much groaning and finally a scream to tell everyone that she has come. George withdraws his tongue and smiles to the audience. Xanthia is really infuriated by his insufferable ego.

She smiles and beckons to the crew to add some weights to his bollocks and nipples. He bucks and groans as the weights fall free but he is pinned to the phallus. Next she tells 2 of the women from the audience to come on stage. One is giving the task of giving George a hand job (but not to allow him to come), the other is told to lick chest and bite his sore nipples. These attentions soon have him groaning but Xanthia forces his mouth open and thrusts her dildo deep inside his mouth. He has to fellate the large dildo at the same time even though it is making him gag. George cannot take the entire dildo but valiantly sucks away

Georges cock is still rock hard, so she decides to lower her platform and impale herself on it. Obviously she takes it up her arse, while at the same time one of the women is suckling her tits and the other has the opportunity to lick her cunt where the juices are flowing freely from the vibrator. When Xanthia climaxes again noisily she takes off her dildo and shoves it up her juicy fanny. Then she uses it to gag George. He now has the taste of both her arse and fanny in his mouth.

For the next segment Xanthia gets one of the women to sit on Georges lap. His cock is up her arse. The other woman is using her tongue to lap up her wet cunny. As the woman orgasms her sphincter muscles contract violently and this makes George shoot his load up her arse. Xanthia takes great delight is sucking the semen out of the womans dripping arse, while the second woman cleans up Georges tool in a noisy display of sucking. George groans through his gag and his prick is half aroused again. Xanthia slaps it a few times to make it stand up properly but then ignores the throbbing object. To make sure it will be available when she next wants to use it Xanthia takes some cocaine and rubs it on his cock. It is now very hard again but she feels she has neglected Peter for too long.

Scene46 The Sex Club

Xanthia moves over to where Peter has been strapped for a long time. She decides to increase the pace of the masturbating machine a little to get him really hard and at the same time she pulls out the Thai beads from his arse with a jerk. Unfortunately for him the pleasure of the beads proves too much and he clearly ejaculates. His groans of pleasure can be heard in the audience. Xanthia is furious with him for coming without permission and spoiling her show. She will make him regret his selfishness. Xanthia goes to her rack and selects a very thin nylon whip; it will not do much damage but it does cut the skin and looks quite dramatic as the red lines appear on his skin. She starts to flay his back and the groans now are of discomfort. Xanthia flails his back for some time, then grinning evilly she says to him “ Now we must clean this up before it goes nasty”. Saying this Xanthia picks up a hand full of rough salt and rubs it hard into his wounds. Although he is now trying to buck he is firmly impaled on the penis. His screams are stifled by the gag in his mouth. Xanthia decides to add to his discomfort and straps on a punishment dildo. This has short rough bristles and will make his rectum very sore for days. He protests very loudly as she enters him roughly. She smiles “Would you prefer some lubrication then” to which he signals his consent. Little does he know that the gel contains chilli and soon he is screaming even louder.

Xanthia decides to have more fun with the two boys. She blindfolds George and leads him to the rear of Peter. She inserts his rigid cock and tells him to fuck his partner. As he enters George is ecstatic but he soon feels the heat of the chilli and he in turn is starting to squeal. This turns to a full scream as Xanthia penetrates him with the punishment dildo.

After a few minutes of this treatment both men are wasted and limp sore from the stage. There is little danger they will try to sue the club because they signed a legal consent form as they entered. Apart from this all the action is videoed so that it can be used as evidence or if they persist in any legal action the tapes can be released on the Internet to destroy their reputations. No one so far has succeeded in damaging the club.

Scene47 The Sex Club

Zena now has here opportunity to impress the audience with her specialties.

These all revolve around severe bondage, tit torture and CBT. She decides to select new victims from the audience.

Her choice is an old business man, John around 60 years old, who is accompanied by 20 year old twins Alexis and Andrea, dressed to kill, in high heels and revealing outfits. They are obviously escorts paid to “entertain” their rich client. John saunters onto the stage enjoying the notoriety and envy of the clientele as the two girls clacking on their high heels simper on his arm. Zena asks them all to strip to their underwear which they willingly do. The man has loose boxer shorts, the 2 girls silk underwear from Agent Provocateur. Their knickers and bras are sheer see through; somehow this is more sexy than nude.

Zena asks her assistant to bring her equipment on stage. This consists of  a St Andrews cross which can be rotated as she wishes, a gymnasium riding horse and a curved frame like a sunbed. All are made from polished aluminium and have many drilled holes and fastening points for securing the victims.

Her assistant prepares the three volunteers by fastening straps to their wrists, ankles and neck. The man is gagged with a double sided penis gag, one girl has a O ring gag to keep her mouth permanently open, the other girl has a funnel gag. First Zena attaches the man to the St Andrews cross legs and arms wide apart. He is in a position to be abused and to watch the performance with his two partners. Zena attached a heavy chain to each of his nipples with cloverleaf clamps. He grunts in pain. Then she passes the loose end of the chain over his penis gag. At the same time she fishes his limp cock out of his boxers attaches a parachute to it, then some lead weights to provide some entertainment. She drops the weights and the audience see him wince as his cock is pulled downwards. Although he tries to writhe he is tied tightly to the cross and the weights are free and heavy. Zena swings them from side to side to increase his discomfort and everyone can see his face turn purple from the pain.

Next she turns her attention to Alexis. Zena decides she is the flexible one so she makes her bend over the curved frame. Her wrists and ankles are firmly attached so that her large breasts and her mons veneris are thrusting upwards. The Funnel gag is at the lower end as are her feet at the other end. Zena strokes her clit through the thin panties and the audience can hear the girls coarse breathing through the funnel. The knickers are clearly moist as she enjoys Zenas practised attentions. Zena stops the teasing and prises the nipples out of the brassiere. She goes to her equipment box and returns with two vacuum pumps which she proceeds to attach to the girls long nipples. The gasping can be clearly heard as the intensity of the vacuum pumping increases and the nipples are drawn out to fill the pumps. The nipples are visible in the clear tubes as the pump bulbs are cast on either side of the girls body. Zena pulls aside the wet silk of her knickers and attaches a similar pump device over Alexis clitoris. The audience can see the lips and clit engorge as the pressure from the pump is applied. A small amount of sperm runs out her cunt (clearly from the old man earlier in the evening)

Finally Zena inserts an inflatable dildo into Alexis sopping wet cunt and her tighter arse. It takes more force to get into the un-lubricated rear but it is clear that she is not a virgin even there. Alexis smiles as she accommodates the two dildos but she will regret that smile very soon. The dildos have been specially manufactured for Zena.  As she inflates them, rather than the diameter changing, small rubber knobbles start to protrude. When the dildos are fully inflated the knobbles are a full quarter inch high and very uncomfortable indeed as they push into the soft flesh. Alexis starts to moan.

Now it is Andreas turn. Zena positions her over the padded horse. On one side her ankles are fastened to each corner, on the other side her wrists. Now she is suspended above the horse with her arse in the air and her pendulous breasts hanging down. Mistress Zena takes a Y chain from her equipment box one end fastened with screw tightening clamps to the girls nipples. Zena shortens the chain so that the other end just reaches the girls clit, which she teases out of her knickers and tightens the clamp. Any movement by Andrea will now result in stretching of her sensitive flesh and exquisite pain. Zena knows what she is doing as she fastens a big fat strap on. No lubrication and straight into Andreas arsehole. The scream is audible through her O gag. As Zena builds up the pace the whole of Andreas body is moving to the ferocious thrusts and the tight chain is wreaking its painful lesson. When Zena has finished this performance the girl is wracked with sobbing. Zena kindly fills her open mouth with the tasty strap on and commands her to clean it. The sobs are stifled but not extinguished. She will be sore for at least a week.

Both John and Alexis have been watching this display with trepidation, awaiting their turns.

Zena leaves Andrea collapsed over the horse and moves to consider how she will humiliate the whore Alexis. Zena removes the vacuum tube from the left breast. The nipple is fully engorged and painful. She takes it between her finger and thumb. The reaction is immediate and striking as Alexis tries to avoid the sharp agony she is feeling and pisses herself. Zena laughs out loud and taking so thin fishing line binds the base of the nipple to prevent any of the blood from escaping. She treats the other nipple to a similar tourniquet. Then she takes a small tawse and whips each nipple in turn so they turn a bright cherry colour. Finally Zena produces several small crocodile clips with sharp teeth. They bite into her tender flesh and Alexis howls in agony.

Now Zena turns her attention to the genitals. To the swollen labia lips she applies more crocodile clips they will not cause permanent damage but will be exceedingly painful and pulls out the two dildos without deflating them. The knobbles will scrape the inside of Alexis vagina and arse so that she will not enjoy sex for several days. The howling turns to a persistent whimpering.

Last, but not least, Zena wants to totally humiliate John for his arrogance and presumption. His face is now more of an ashen hue having seen the torture of his play pets. He is struggling to breathe properly so Zena removes the penis gag and unceremoniously forces the larger end up his arse. Zena unclips Andrea from the horse and makes her kneel in front of Johns cock. Then Zena unfastens the parachute and indicates that Andrea should take him in her mouth up to the hilt. Zena uses Andreas mouth to face fuck his prick as she rams the head back and forth. She stops as she senses he is about to come. Next Zena removes the dildo from his anus and puts the dirty end back into his mouth and refastens it. Andrea is now instructed to crawl under him and rim his arse

Zena pulls the nipple chain hard causing John intense pain. That stops him cumming. She undoes the clamps causing more anguish and then pulls each nipple taut as she whips them with her little tawse. John is clearly not enjoying these attentions.

Zena pulls on latex gloves and pours over some baby oil. Then she takes the semi hard prick and massages it into a solid state once more. Alexis is brought over from her frame and positioned so that her arse is touching his hard prick. Zena pushes Alexis shoulders and spears her on his member. Zena ensures that her ravaged hole is fully reamed out by John.

To finalise the session Zena turns the cross upside down. Johns face is now level with the womens tight brown holes and he is made to stick his tongue into all three before he is allowed to return to the upright. He is denied any smell or taste of their luscious cunts. The session is over, the audience applauds, the lights come up and the volunteers are allowed to re-dress and limp back to their seats.

Scene48 - The Galley

The Club also had in its basement The Galley which was for slaves who were nearing the end of their economic usefulness. Very few managed to survive 6 months in the strict regime of being used 8 hours a day 7 days a week. Almost none survived a year in this environment.

The principle was very simple. The slave was to be used by anyone who was prepared to pay per hole for 15 minutes. Each slave was loaded into a stall and strapped down. Their legs were splayed and their mouths held open by O ring gags. The slave was then pushed into the stall. In front of them was a wall with a small hole in the centre where their mouth was. Another wall was placed behind them with a larger hole exposing their cunt and arse. Above the wall were screens on which were projected any pornography that the punter desired. The punters entered the booths and were confronted by the available holes. They paid 10 pounds each for the privilege of using each hole for up to 15 minutes. If the owner agreed to allow unprotected sex the rates were doubled (usually this was not good economics because the slaves lasted hardly any time)

There were 30 booths in a row. There was always 100% occupancy.

The returns were very good. Each slave generated 30 pounds every 15 minutes and they were then hosed down and dried by hot fans to go again.

So each slave would produce 120 per hour, 960 per day, 350,000 pounds per year. The owners took 75% the club the other 25%. For an owner this activity represented over 250,000 pounds per year of income. As soon as one shift had finished the next shift was loaded into the Galley. The club had 24 hour service from this facility which is why they took only 25%

After their 8 hour shift the slaves were allowed to bathe and then eat. They were then allowed to exercise for up to one hour and then sleep   the process then  starts again at the same time the next day and the day after and the day after .......

The threat of being sent to the Galley was enough to keep even the most rebellious of slaves in line. In many cases those in the Galley simply went mad and no longer cared about the continual abuse of their bodies. Philip managed to last nearly a whole year before he was taken from the Galley and simply thrown on the street

The End


Main Characters

Mistress CRYSTAL

Female Slave FIONA

Male slave Philip

The party

Domina Lavinia        Slave Winston

Mistress Vipera        Slave Anaconda

Mistress Bertha        Slave Diminitiva

Madame Grossa        Slave Eva

Mistress Supera        Slave Lesbia

Mistress Marlene        Slave Horst

The Stables

Black Stallion Amos

White Stallion Ray

A mare

The trials and tribulations

Slave Julia

Slave Karmen

Slave Quiran

Slave Ravena

The Club

Owner Nikko

Hostess Wendy

Hostess Xanthia

Hostess Yvonne

Hostess Zena

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