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Goddess Anun\'s slave camp

Part 1

Goddess Anuns slave camp

Part one Abduction in Pattaya

As Simons taxi ate down the miles from Bangkok to the coastal resort of Pattaya the hypnotic wheel vibrations were making him drowsy. He was not sorry to be leaving the Big Mango (Bangkok); the city was polluted to the point where the traffic fumes made you catch your breath and your throat sore. However, that aside, he had enjoyed the incredible variety of food in the city and the Grand Palace was well worth seeing. He also couldnt help notice the pretty young Thai women that seemed to be everywhere.

The capital city of Thailand (LOS Land of smiles) had been the start of his Gap year Asian adventure, although he had soon begin to realise that Thai smiles were in direct proportion to the money that you were prepared to spend.

Although he was a healthy normal twenty two year old, his strict religious upbringing in England, complimented by a double first in theology, meant that he had certain stern religious principles that were extremely important and part of which he was. His entry into the church as a high flyer with the eventual possibility of a bishops mitre had already been arranged; so he had purposely avoided the famous red light areas of the city, where poor Thai girls, mainly from the North, sold sexual services. He did not approve of prostitution and would not cast aside his upbringing because he had arrived in exotic Asia. He was not going to let himself or his parents down; they had made sacrifices so that he could attend Cambridge and had been extremely generous in funding this trip so that he could see and experience something of the world before holy orders called.

He suspected that Pattaya would be like a mini Bangkok, and a little seedy by all accounts, still he was looking forward to spending a few days sitting on the beach and soaking up the sun before heading north to discover a more rural and natural Thailand.

He awoke to a tap on the shoulder from the taxi driver; apparently he had arrived in Pattaya. 

After settling in and lunching at his hotel and with the benefit of a long nap, Simon was ready to take a walk and experience what Pattaya had to offer. The hotel receptionist had recommended some good fish restaurants on a place called Walking street where you could select live seafood direct from a tank.

After enjoying a very good but slightly expensive meal, Simon sat drinking his coffee as he watched the world walk by; Walking Street was aptly named with throngs of people from many different parts of the world slowly walking by. He loved people watching, categorizing them and thinking about what kind of lives they led. His reverie was momentarily diverted by the arrival of a young woman at the next table.

As the evening wore on he couldnt help stealing glances in her direction. She was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen in his life. Her returned smiles set into motion the events that would change his life forever and plunge him into a world of pain, despair, degradation, humiliation and hell.

The beautiful young women appeared to be dining alone; she was young and had a sophisticated look of a Hiso Thai/Chinese that one often sees in the better class hotels and restaurants. Her almond shaped eyes were set into an oval face, green and slightly hard looking. She had a perfect figure and was wearing a business type outfit of grey silk blouse and knee length skirt; her long legs were bare with pretty feet and green painted toe nails bound by leather thong sandals.

Simon felt a strong urge to strike up a conversation with this Thai beauty and was pleasantly surprised when his invitation to join him at his table was accepted using perfect Oxbridge English.

Her name was Anun, a twenty three year old western educated product of a rich family and currently looking for worldwide business opportunities (although Simon didnt quite understand her slight smirk after mentioning this). She was visiting friends in Pattaya for a few days before returning to her home in the north. One of her friends had let her down this evening so she had decided to dine alone in walking street before returning to her hotel.

For Simon the hours went by all too quickly as he lost himself in her eyes while they both told their life stories. They were both educated and intelligent and hit it off like a house on fire. Both had a sense of humour and were serious about their respective religions Buddhism and Christianity.

It was getting very late (actually just turned midnight), and with the restaurant closing,  Anun indicated that she was feeling a little tired, and had better be going. She agreed that he could see her safely back to her hotel which was a short walk from the restaurant. They continued their conversation while walking and parted company at the hotel reception area with the promise that they would meet again on the next night.

As Anun made her way to reception, Simon didnt see the wicked grin on her face as she spoke rapid Thai into her cell phone.

She opened the door of her hotel suite and revealed the naked male slave lying face up on the floor near the door in the required doormat position. Goddess Anun stepped onto the slaves face and ensured that her full weight was pressed down onto it; after a couple of minutes she transferred her feet onto its cock. Despite the pain the slave kept silent throughout its ordeal, it knew better than to let slip even the merest grunt of pain, removal of vocal cords was one of her favourite punishments for such a transgression.

Goddess Anun knew little of this farang (foreigner) slave and cared even less, its only function was total obedience. She threw herself onto the large leather sofa and glanced at this mere object as it starred with vacant eyes into space, this wasnt her normal travelling slave, that one was now pulling a fancy little pony rig and suffering a constant lashing in the Russian Federation. The countess who now owned it had made Goddess Anun a financial offer she couldnt refuse. This new pig had been selected by her chief trainer Lek and although Goddess Anun now owned it body and soul she couldnt remember the details of its acquisition. There were many like it now, all fully trained to serve at her home, at the camp or product sold to the highest bidder. She would check the number tattooed onto its forehead against the computer records of its file, it had obviously completed its training and was probably highly competent as only the best were assigned to be used by her as travelling slaves.

She raised herself and snapped her fingers, the slaves response was instantaneous as it moved across the floor and assumed a kneeling position with its head bowed to the floor.

“Undress me pig”

The slave went quickly to work starting at her feet where it removed her thong sandals with its mouth, it was allowed to use its fingers on her blouse and skirt, she hadnt worn a bra so only her silk thong remained. The slave waited on its knees as her shapely arse was thrust into its face; the slave inserted its tongue deep in her ass crack to remove the damp thong.

As her evening had gone well and she was feeling generous she decided a little reward was in order.

“Get that into your mouth pig and suck out my sweat and juice stains, Ill inspect your efforts after youve prepared my bath”

The slave crawled away to continue its chores and savour the taste of its reward.        

Goddess Anun pressed the speed dial on her cell phone and spoke to the office administrator at her slave camp, she was an aged crone of a woman, but highly efficient at her job. She instructed her to make preparations for the receipt of one of her special projects and to tell her chief slave trainer Lek and her two female slave girls that it wasnt to be touched until she returned to Chiang Rai, which would be latter that day. Standard procedures would apply with the pig kept in sensory deprivation until its training could start.

She glided into the bathroom and administered a stinging slap to the face of the kneeling slave.

“You should know by now that when I enter a room your face is always to be buried into the floor. Now stupid, head up and mouth open so that I can inspect your work”.

She removed the sodden thong from the slaves mouth and inspected it. She spotted a small stain on the thin section that fitted in her arse crack and felt the anger rise up. This pig was making too many mistakes for one supposedly well trained, her exacting quality control standards had uncovered flaws in the system which would have to be corrected. First though, she would deal with this pig.

She shoved the thong back into the slaves mouth and with her pretty bare foot, smashed its face into the tiled bathroom floor, breaking its nose in the process. She left it bleeding on the floor and strode into the bedroom to collect her special riding crop, the one with steel inserts.

She returned to the bathroom still simmering with anger and stood over the kneeling bleeding form on the floor.

“Head up pig.

It quickly complied and received a vicious cut from the crop which cut open one side of its face.

“Now the other side.”

It presented the other side of its face and the cut was repeated, this time the slave broke its silence with a loud whimper. Goddess Anun was astounded by this pigs appalling error in daring to utter a sound; barely controlling her fury, she delivered four more vicious cuts with the crop, two to each side of its face.

The slave now had its face buried in a large pool of blood on the floor, but Goddess Anun wasnt finished with the crop yet.

“Present your cock and balls.”

The slave moved into the required position giving goddess Anun a clear target, its face was a mask of fearful anticipation at the further pain to come. Goddess Anun dispensed ten full force cuts, leaving its cock and balls striped and bleeding. This time the slave remained silent although blood tricked from its mouth where it had bitten its tongue to suppress uttering even the barest whimper.

Goddess Anun surveyed the bloody floor; it was quite a mess and would require cleaning. The slave had received the first part of its punishment; the second part would be arriving shortly. 

“Keep your face buried into the floor pig and listen carefully, you will use your tongue to thoroughly clean this floor until it is spotless; because of your gross errors and lack of appreciation for your reward of being allowed to suck my thong clean, Im going to add my waste to the floor.”

She kicked the slave into a slightly different position and squatted to release the contents of her bowels and bladder.

“Before you start, get your servile tongue into my pussy and arse and lick both of them clean, then present your back so that I can step into the bath. If, when Ive finished my bath, this floor is not in mint condition and I see even the smallest speck of blood, shit or piss, then you will wish youd died during your training.”

Goddess Anun stepped onto the slaves back and settled into the large Jacuzzi bath. The bubbles tickled her pussy and anus as she fully reclined in the water, her fingers soon found her clit as waves of pleasure swept through her, accentuated by the slurping sucking sounds as her travelling slave pig thoroughly cleaned the bathroom floor.

After a long soak in her bath and now fully relaxed she lay naked on the sofa sipping a large brandy.

Her travelling slave pig had completed his cleaning task to her satisfaction and she had allowed it to clean itself up and treat its injuries. It now awaited her pleasure in the corner of the room, its face encased in a tight leather mask; its naked body showed a slight tremor as the pain of Goddess Anuns punishment still wracked its body.

She would need to sleep soon before taking a late meal and catching her short evening flight from Bangkok to Chiang Rai. 

Her mind turned to her latest project; her projects were her whims, her relaxation and pleasure. She liked to select and collect very intelligent males. When they were broken and servile, this would ensure a degree of value added and increase the sale price. She enjoyed taking a preferably young male victim of good family, and then with the help of others ensure its descent from human to animal. It was her hobby.

She employed many people in her business and business was booming. Breaking, training and transforming human beings into slaves was a gold mine, sales had showed healthy growth with plenty of rich clients who couldnt wait to buy her product and indulge themselves in every perversion. White western slaves were the most popular and these were a specialty of her business, exports to Africa were soaring.

  Of course the real icing on the cake was that the product was free. Millions of tourists visited Thailand every year and some never returned to their home countries, they simply disappeared.

Abducting people was not risk free, but a certain proportion of people chose to disappear of their own volition which complicated any searches that were made by the authorities; she also had powerful family military connections and of course the police were totally corrupt anyway; if money couldnt change the thoughts in peoples heads, then other methods of persuasion were available, trouble makers would soon find themselves being strung up by their balls or tits and disappearing themselves. Even the snooping of foreign embassies could be deflect by her powerful family who owned the Thai civil service; a favour here a concession there, the feudalistic relationship had made Thailand function for hundreds of years and all of it combined to keep her business activities from prying eyes. 

She had no doubt that she had made the correct selection; her second sense about these things was always good. She would enjoy breaking this unworldly straight laced committed Christian into her servile slave and hear its cries and sobs for mercy. Shed even thought of a new name for her future lackey. She would rename it Altar Boy as a constant reminder of all the nasty unholy things it would have to do as part of its new existence. It wouldnt need its faith in a spiritual deity for much longer, but would soon find demanding vicious goddesses who would demand total worship and obedience.

She thought about all the fun to come for herself, her friends and Employees; the torments and agonies of her latest prey. Her pussy was now becoming very warm.

“Slave pig, get my pedicure kit and the hand cuffs, my toenails need to change colour.”

Her slave crawled on its belly to comply and returned itself to the required position at her feet.

“Present your hands behind your back.”

She attached the handcuffs onto the slaves hands so they were painfully tight, as time wore on a loss of circulation would accentuate the pain. Goddess Anun liked inflicting pain on other people especially male slave pieces of shit.

She reached down and pulled open the zip on the slaves mask and shoved the varnish remover applicator into the slaves mouth.

“Remove this colour and re-apply silver, you will use your mouth only. Id better get a perfect job or youll taste the crop again. Begin.”

She stretched both feet out in front of the slave and giggled as it struggled using only its lips, tongue and teeth to position the small cotton wool balls between each of her perfect toes. After its previous errors she was determined to severely test this pig. If it made a mess of this, then her riding crop would be the least of its problems. She would make an example of it anyway irrespective of any improvement; it would serve as an example to the other slaves at the camp, that stupid mistakes were not to be tolerated and would attract the cruellest of punishments.

Completely ignoring the grovelling slave at her feet she poured herself another glass of brandy and booted up her laptop, she keyed her password for records and entered her travelling  slaves forehead tattoo number. 

NO. 1107, Name: Peter Derwent.

Nationality: United States.

Occupation: student.

Age at start training: 24.

Acquired-(where/when): Bangkok/2010.

Training status: training completed.

Location: Training camp slave.

Sale status: Temporarily suspended to be used at slave camp and other duties. Reviews ongoing.

Customer enquiries: seven recorded.

Training specialties: Full toilet slave, tongue slave, pain pig (pain threshold- low/medium).

Body tattoos/ Modifications: Forehead tattoo (slave number), Tongue stretched 5cm, 10 metal studs inserted.

Medical reports: Last updated 7/1/2013.

Each entry was clickable and gave access to large amount of information ranging from blood type to written training comments and progress with access to the trainers dairies; there were also thousands of gigabytes of video records taken from each training and punishment session starting from its arrival at the slave camp. These videos were valuable product in their own right and her company would sell them to rich S&M enthusiasts across the world.

She casually glanced down at her feet to note the slave pigs progress and clicked the body modifications file to view the details of the tongue stretching and stud insertion which had been carried out on this slave. Full video files were also available showing the surgical procedures for ligament cutting and stud insertion, including each of the slaves sessions on the tongue stretching machine, a painful process whereby the tongue was attached to a pulley every two days and gradually pulled outwards and stretched over two weeks. There was also a video taken after the two week stretching period as a record of the test to determine effectiveness of the slaves new elongated tongue on trainer Ices toes, pussy and arse.

Goddess Anun felt a surge of warmth between her thighs a and a moment of pride as trainer Ice a sexy young Thai girl from the goo & fetish clubs of Bangkok led the naked slave that was now repainting her own toenails into the training room on its hands and knees. It was naked, collared & leashed and wearing a tight fitting leather mask; its balls were like two prominent swollen red tomatoes as a result of the attached humbler. Ices perfect body was completely naked except for the flip flops worn on her feet.

The video commentary was in English as Ice could speak the language pretty well, albeit slightly pigeon at times: Goddess Anun always ensured that Western farang slaves were appointed English speaking trainers, it made for quicker breaking & training and ensured that the slaves were not killed because of trainer frustrations at the slaves not understanding them.

Ice was magnificent as she dragged the crawling slave further into the room ensuring that it received frequent kicks to its swollen balls.

“I test how good tongue is today pig, now longer and have stud, make work better, if no good, we make more long and more stud.

Ice settled herself into a chair, kicked off her flip flops and dragged slave no. 1107 towards her pretty feet.

“Tongue out and lick pig, each foot and between the toes, if you no good then I keep hitting you arse until blood come.

Ice poured on the blows with her metal studded leather strap until the slaves arse and engorged balls were a mass of pink, crimson and purple welts. Throughout the punishment the slave kept slurping and probing its tongue between Ices pink painted toes.

Even though this was a test to prove the effectiveness of the slaves new elongated tongue, Ice wasnt going to spare the rod; while slaves were in training they were the property of the trainers for their amusement and pleasure and Ice was a cruel bitch that enjoyed her work; it was an excepted perk. Trainers and other employees while not on duty often selected slaves to use for their pleasure and household chores and it was not unusual to see a pretty young secretary leading a crawling naked shaven headed European slave on a dog leash. Goddess Anun only had one golden rule for all employees do anything you want to the slaves but dont kill them or seriously injure them, after all, she ultimately owned them and they were worth money.

Goddess Anun continued to watch ice using and punishing the slave; it was exciting to watch and caused her own pussy to tingle and leak juice.

Ice pulled viciously on the slaves leash until its head was clamped between her silky light brown thighs.

“Get tongue right in pussy pig and move tongue slowly up and down and not forget my bud, I want come 10 time so work good or beat arse and balls to jelly.”

Ice sunk back into her chair and moaned with pleasure as the slaves tongue moved slowly up and down her tight shaven pussy, she did not let up with the strap, in fact her stroke rate increased as her orgasms increased, she appeared determined to beat every last drop of pleasure from her pussy pig.

Slave 1107, now in a state of near exhaustion and bleeding freely from its ruined arse and balls was not be given any respite as Ice jerked its head from between her thighs, she moved directly behind it   inspecting the slaves hugely swollen balls and selected two large needle probes with remote sensors attached from a small drawer; she shoved the probes into its balls and paused to note if the slave uttered any sound from the pain of the piecing, which of course wasnt allowed; the strict rule was that slaves kept their mouths closed at all times unless asked a direct question or using their mouths to give pleasure or receive spit, snot, shit or piss. Ice keyed in a code on a small remote handset and two green lights flashed on the top of the needle probes which were now placed firmly in the slaves balls. The probes had their own miniaturized power sources which were capable giving a strong electric current through the probe at the push of a button on the remote. The ball probes were an extra level pain, as Ice had decided to really torment this pig slave; they were similar to the  cock and anal probes which were fitted to all slaves at the start of their training. Ice could control the pain given from all of the probes from her small handset.

Ice snapped her fingers and gave the kneeling slave a hard kick in the face to emphasize her next instructions.

“Head on chair quickly pig, face up, I want use you tongue again, get off many more time,  want  tongue up arsehole, all way in, so can taste my shit, not clean for a week so you tongue lick me clean also. No beat you this time but give pain for cock balls and arse if you not please me.

To emphasize the point, Ice pushed the button on the remote and giggled as burning agony tore through the slaves cock, balls and arse; she again noted that that no.1107 remained silent and sat her naked pert bottom full on the slaves face pressing down with her full weight.

“Deeper in pig and move tongue in and out faster, want feel you tongue stroke my shit, no breathe yet, only when I say.

Ice pressed the remote button again and the slaves whole body went into spasm as the electric current found its marks; she kept the button depressed sending a continuous wave of pain through the slaves body and pressed her bottom down even harder further restricting the slaves supply of air.

“More deep stupid pig, no breathe until make come, up down, up down, faster Oi Oi Oi Oi Oi Oi………… good pig, now my arse juice flow so open mouth wide for swallow, I kind you, give nice dirty arse juice drink, so swallow all, then maybe I let you breathe nit noi (little bit).

Ice switched off the pain remote as a reward for her slave pigs pleasing tongue, she continued to press her bottom down though to ensure that its tongue was deep inside her pushing in and out, bringing her waves of pleasure and cleaning her dirty hole. The slave was required to perform at the same rate for at least two more hours, while Ice gave it more pain when its tongue was too slow; it received very little air during this part of its ordeal.

Goddess Anun closed the computer file and yawned, she felt tired but knew that sleep wouldnt come yet; watching the video had aroused her. She had forgotten what a sadistic little bitch Ice was; according to rumour shed been so impressed by 1107s tongue which she gave a high score on its test report, that she had installed the pig in her apartment so she could use it on its rest periods as her special pussy and arse hole licking slave. This meant that it rarely got much sleep or its tongue much rest as it tried to satisfy her constant oral demands.

She would have to think very carefully about Ice, she could be very useful in the breaking of her new project slave, this sexy young woman was a top notch trainer and had the ability to transform even the most recalcitrant slave to quivering servile jelly in a couple of weeks; she was also a sadistic man hater which was always a plus point.

Competition to participate in her new project would be intense among all of the trainers and for all of her employees, even female slaves, who held a higher status in the hierarchies; where male slaves were simply consider as being dirt. She had even agreed in principle that her two young slave girls Pookie and Bo would play a role in the fun to come; both of these young man haters would be itching to get their talons on some fresh meat and Goddess Anun had no doubt that both of them had constantly wet pussies at the thought of what they were going to do to her new slave pig. Then of course there was the subject of a fitting punishment for slave 1107; she would have to think up something extremely cruel, she couldnt allow her personal standards to drop, maybe she should let Ice have it again as a permanent arrangement, it would certainly live in a world of pain for every second of its miserable existence and would probably expire after a few weeks of living off a diet of Ices piss & shit.

Still, there was no point in making firm decisions about these things now; they could wait until she got back to the camp in Chaing Rai.

She looked down on the slave at her feet and inspected her newly painted toes. She had been so absorbed in watching Ices video that shed forgotten about the pig. She noted the sweat on its brow as it awaited her verdict on its painting skills and subsequent fate.

She snapped her fingers and indicated that the slave assume the foot stool position so that she could look more closely  at her new silver painted toes nails. They were not acceptable, the pig had allowed the new varnish to mark the tips of two of her toes; she moved her foot along the slaves back until both feet were position at the back of its neck; she then applied steady pressure onto the slaves head, forcing its face into the carpeted floor and aggravating the earlier injuries it had sustained to its nose and slashed open face.

Goddess Anun continued to apply pressure to the slaves broken face as she spoke words of doom.

“You are a fucking useless moron pig who cant even complete a simple task without fucking up, crawl on your belly and fetch my crop, its time for another lesson.”

The slave slithered away with a jerky awkward motion as its hands were still cuffed behind its back.

“Fucking move it pig, dont keep me waiting.”

The slave returned on its belly with the riding crop between its teeth and awaited its coming punishment and pain.

Goddess Anun selected two items from one of her travelling bags a small remote pain controller linked to the probes inserted in the slaves cock hole & arse, and a miniature mouth horn.

She pointed to one of the leather chairs in the room.

“Assume the position over that chair pig, with your arse high and prominent.”

Once in position, Goddess Anun ripped the riding crop from the slaves mouth and shoved the small horn nearly the down its throat.

“Get ready for a world of pain pig, Im going to cut your ass to shreds with the crop and fry your cock and arse with my little remote here. For every cut of the crop and jolt of current, you are going to thank me; you will position the horn in your mouth so that you can blow through the mouth piece; you will give a Toot of thanks each time you are given pain, if you fail to Toot correctly than Ill add ten more cuts or jolts of current each time.”

Goddess Anun drew her arm back and delivered the first cut to the slaves arse, the slave Tooted correctly and she immediately pressed the cock probe button on the remote to deliver a high hit of current; again the slave tooted correctly.

Over the next hour Goddess Anun cut the slaves ass to bloody ruin with her crop and continued sending current charges through its cock and arse, failure to Toot correctly increased the slaves punishment.

Her body drenched with sweat (despite the aircon) and with pussy juices flowing down her leg she delivered the final cut of the crop to the bottom of the slaves arse crack and across its scrotum. The slave tooted weakly in reply.

“I hope you enjoyed that you piece of shit, you can look forward to hell on earth, and worse in the coming weeks.”

Goddess Anun was now feeling very horny as her throbbing pussy continued to leak juices; she ripped the small horn from the slaves mouth.

“Get your fucking tongue out pig and start lapping my pussy.”

“Faster, deeper.”

She hit the charge button again on the remote sending a further wave of agony through the suffering slave.

“Suck up all of my juice pig and get your servile tongue on my clit.”

She moaned with pleasure as her hot wet pussy continued to receive attention from the slaves elongated studded tongue. After a further shattering orgasm which nearly caused her vision to become double she pulled away from the slave and reversed her position.

“Get your servile tongue up my arse pig and remove all of the sweat, then concentrate on my hole.”

The slave quickly slithered its over worked tongue into her beautiful crack and lapped as if its life depended on it.

After a delicious anal orgasm Goddess Anun told the slave to stop and walked away towards the shower.

Before taking a pleasant refreshing shower Goddess Anun made two phone calls. The first call was to the senior operative of her personal protection and gofer team who were always close by. He was instructed to come up to her hotel suite remove the slave and get someone to transport it back to the camp in Chiang Rai and to make sure that it was hogtied in the boot of the car with no food or drink. She told him to speak to the hotel manager first and give him 5000 baht. Her name, connections and the money would smooth out any misunderstandings during the slaves removal.

Her second call was to her chief slave trainer Lek to inform her that her travelling slave had failed in its duties and would soon be in transit back to the camp. She instructed that the slave was to be received harshly and placed in extreme bondage; on her return to the camp, she would decide its ultimate fate; until then, it was to be put under the control of Ice for extreme punishment training. Goddess Anun knew that by doing this the pig would be in for a very hard time indeed, as Ice would suffer some loss of face at the slaves failure, as she had been its trainer at the camp. Goddess Anun was in no doubt that Ices anger would translate into a world of agony for no.1107 and she gave a smile of satisfaction at the prospect.

As Goddess Anun took her shower a very large broad Thai man quietly entered her hotel suite. He surveyed the slave without pity and worked quickly to ball gag and hogtie it.The slave was then placed in a large cotton sack and hefted onto his shoulder, he exited the suite and gently closed the door. The process had only taken five minutes.  


As Simon walked back down the hotel drive he reflected on a thoroughly pleasant evening in the company of a truly stunning woman, she had even spent some time in England, educated at the prestigious school Rodean. He looked forward to their next meeting later today.

Simon was only slightly aware of the van as he came abreast of the drivers window, he never saw the man take aim with the gun and only realised that something was very wrong when he felt an intense stab of pain in the side of his neck and saw the protruding needle dart. In an instant of panic hes increasingly addled brain thought he was the victim of an attempted robbery, adrenaline started to kick in and trigger the flight response, but it was too late, the drug from the dart swamped everything, he was in a world of thick treacle and his legs wouldnt answer. Hes final thought was of sinking towards the ground, voices in the background and his arms held in a strong grip. He was aware of nothing else for some time.

The van carrying Simon continued on its long journey north.

Simon was oblivious to its progress as the anaesthetic drug held him in its firm grip.

For the two Thai men in at the front of the van this was just another job and a long boring trek back to Chiang Rai, they would get their pay so why worry; they didnt even consider the farang (foreigner) unconscious in the back or the ordeal that awaited him, not their problem. Mai pen rai (never mind).

Goddess Anun sat in her premier class seat sipping champagne as the aircraft continued its progress towards the north of Thailand. She was excited at the prospect of the fun and pleasure to come; the thought of the pain and degradation of her new project slave only increased the excitement.

The travelling slave now hogtied in the boot of the car sobbed as the pain of its injuries, lack of food and water intensified its suffering. It knew though that when it returned to the slave camp its agonies would be a lot worse.

At the Chiang Rai slave camp Ice was feeling angry and excited at the same time. Chief slave trainer Lek had told her about travelling slave 1107, its failure to please and its pending arrival at the camp. Shed also been informed of her role in the pigs punishment. There would of course be loss of face, so Ice would ensure her revenge on the servile pig would be extremely harsh. She glanced down at her current slave pig tied to a bench; this one was being trained for a special male client in Africa as a cock sucking bitch and arse whore, all of its teeth had already been extracted earlier today and its mouth was still badly swollen. Ice would take out her immediate anger on this piece of shit.

She shoved her large strap-on down the slaves throat.

“Suck pig.”

As Ice rammed the strap-on backwards and forwards into the slaves mouth she kept her finger on the max current button of the small hand set, causing the slaves body to shudder in agony. She would change position soon and core its arse; she wouldnt bother with any lubrication.

Goddess Anuns slave camp: Part two Welcome to hell coming soon.    

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