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Punished Peepers!

Part 1

Punished Peepers!

                            TJ Ryder

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       Marvin R., 18 yr old senior at Jefferson, gazed in love and lust at his English

teacher, Miss Brown.  Her lovely poised body, the way she stretched when she wrote at the

top of the blackboard, the way her big firm breasts stretched her sheet sweater.  And the

way she wrote at the bottom of the blackboard, bending over and showing her perfect full

round ass, making all the boys and a few girls sigh and softly groan to themselves.  After

class, he met a couple of his friends in the hall, as he tried to conceal his boner behind

his books.

    Like Marvin they were above average in height and athletic ability, and way above

average in studliness as they evaluated it.  They considered themselves the stud group at

Jefferson, having each racked up a big score of cheerleaders and other sports groupies.

    "Hiya sport," greeted Tim.  "What say we take a quick peek in the girls' changing room

on their fifth period gym blass?"

    "Hi guys," replied Marvin, "I don't know, what if we got caught?  I mean we all have a

few offenses already.  I'm the only one who's been punished in this school since Miss

Brown took over the discipline and I can tell you it wasn't fun."

   "Don't be a pansy," said Peter, "she's a hot bitch right?  When she sees out firm young

bodies she'll melt, we'd probably end up gang banging her."

   The thought of sex with Ms Brown sparked a multitude of fantasies in Marvin's mind,

taking the edge off the danger in spying on the girls locker room. It was true he was

whipped by her in her discipline room, naked and tied spreadeagle and left sobbing and

begging.  At the same time it seemed such an intimate moment, and he knew she enjoyed it

immensely.  Anyway, after peeking around the corner to see if anyone saw them, they ducked

into a hall   leading to the lockers, and at the last minute ducked into a big utility

closet, directly on the other side of the girls lockers.  Peter, by opening a loose board,

was just able to see some girls changing.  Whispering in delight to the other two, "it's

the terrible trio."  He meant Jane, Paula and Diane, three lovely but unyielding girls who

had so far restisted them.  Both the other boys scrambled to peek but Peter pushed them

back.  "I wonder why theyr'e so late changing from gym."

   On the other side of the wall, Jane, her big firm young breasts swaying, giggled as she

undid the bra straps of her friend Diane, holding her just a bit longer than necessary.

Paula smiled and said to hurry up and change. "We'd better hurry or that lezzo gym

teacher will come in here and want to know why wer'e always late."

    "Look who's calling who a lezzo?" chided Diane, squeezing her partner's thick nipples.

"If either of us didn't suck you off once a day you'd fail everything except gym."

   "That's not fair, " protested Paula with a laugh.  "It's just that the boys are such

shits in this school."

    "Boys are shits everywhere," said Jane with a giggle, her nipples stiffening in

Diane's fingers.

    "(Sigh) Maybe your'e right," agreed Paula, putting a towel over a wood bench.  "We

have a couple minutes.  Quick, I'm going to lie on the bench, someone sit on my face

before anyone comes in."  Jane was about to when she thought she heard whispering and

laughter from nearby.  Looking around she didn't see anybody.

   In the closet, trying to stifle their laughter, the boys tried to hush each other, but

Tim, getting impatient because he couldn't see anything, pushed Peter, who lost his

balance and fell over, ripping down the board, allowing the nude girls to see the hole.

They screamed, and the boys panicked and dashed out the hallway.  Turning the corner at a

dead run the came face to face with the assistant principal, who took their names. 

Before the detention period was over, a girl came into the room and handed each a note.

They were to report to the school disciplinarian's office. Miss Brown expected them the

next day after last period.  All night the boys wondered what would happen to them.  One

even suggested running away, and that was Marvin, because he'd been there before.  But the

others called him a wimp and a sissy and besides he had an athletic scholarship in the

bag.  If he took the punishment his record would remain closed.  He agreed, but the night

was long and fitful for all three boys.

   The three girls, Jane, Paula and Diane also received notes asking for their statements

and asking if they'd like to view or take part in their punishments.  They had a

sleepover at Diane's, and also didn't sleep much because they laughed and giggled over the

prospect of fixing the boys the next day.  None had ever witnessed punishment before but

they'd heard of Miss Brown and her student apprentice, Pamela, through the infamous

school grapevine.  After they left for school, Diane's mother didn't notice amongst the

mess in the room that only one bed was slept in.

    After 8th period, the boys marched solemnly to Miss Brown's office.  Noticing the

others were reticent, Marvin knocked on the door.  They entered, only to find the three

girls already there, and Pamela typing from behind a desk. The girls could barely conceal

their smug smiles.

    "Please take your seats, boys," said Pamela coolly.  "Miss Brown will be out in a

moment."  They sat down on a wooden bench against a wall.  Silence filled the room, Marvin

having the feeling the girls had been chattering happily until they entered.  Several

minutes passed and Miss Brown entered from the anteroom, holding a clipboard. Smiling

warmly at the girls, and more coolly at the boys, she sat down between them.

   "I'm really sorry this had to happen," she said while shaking her head.  "It's very

distressing behavior for boys to spy on girls in their own locker room."  The boys looked

at their shoes.  "But," she  added, making eye contact with Marvin, "it's particularly

distressing when a boy Iv'e disciplined before and thought was doing nicely, is sent back

to me.  I'm very disappointed in you, Marvin."

    Clearing his throat, he said, "I"m sorry about it, Miss Brown."

    "Not as sorry as you will be shortly," she said ,as the other girls suppressed a

giggling fit.  Then, sighing, she said she would  accompany each boy herself to the

punishment room and talk to him separately.  She stood up and asked Peter to stand and

accompany her.  Taking him by the elbow into the next room, she looked back and said she'd

  be only a few moments with Peter and Tim, and them Pamela could begin with them while

she talked to Marvin.  As the girls twittered, Marvin's heart sunk still lower.  Still,

Miss Brown appeared even lovelier than usual. She wore a very sheer sleeveless gray

sweater, and short skirt with high heels. Her lush body stretched the sheer material in

certain strategic areas so he could clearly see her bra straps and panty lines.  After a

few minues, Tim was sent into the other room, and Marvin was alone with the four lovely

young women.

   Emboldened by the odds of 4 to 1, the girls began to chat with each other again.

   "What did she mean," asked Diane,"that you could begin with them?"

    Pamela smiled. "If you want to stay and watch you'll find out.  I haven't been told

what their punishments are, because Miss Brown likes to talk with each subject first. But

you have the right to watch whatever we do."

    Paula said she'd love to stay and watch.  Jane giggled and patted her thigh, nodding.

Afer a few more minutes, Ms Brown re entered, taking her seat again.  Smiling at

everyone, she picked up her clipboard, and crossed her legs.

   "Tim and Peter were not too difficult to decide what to do with.  They are  this minute

in the closed room awaiting punishment.  If you agree I think they should be severely

punished.  Because of the serious and frankly, sexual, nature of the offense, in addition

to a good whipping, I recommend painful admonishments of their genitals."

    Paula raised her hand slightly, "what's that mean, Miss Brown?"

    "It means, silly," rejoined Diane, "cock and ball torture!" Miss Brown smiled and

nodded as the girls giggled.

    "Tim and Peter," she continued, 'are aware of my decision.  They are at this moment,

naked and in restraints.  Peter is crying and Tim is trying not to.  You girls have the

right as victims to watch, but only if your'e prepared to see it through to the end.  The

punishments must be administered and if any of you feel it's too harsh or she might not

want to watch them suffer, now is the time to say so."  She looked at the girls, in turn,

but no one spoke.

    Satisfied, she said, 'In that case you may stay and watch.  You may also participate

in a limited sense.  It's good for a boy to see the girl he offended take part in his

punishment.  And you might want to oversee their proper re-education after the


   All three girls raised their hands, "I'd like to volunteer," said Paula.  The other two

also offered their services.  Paula asked what would be done with Marvin.

    "Because there's three, I thought we'd get started with Tim and Peter while I talk

further with Marvin.  I haven't decided yet, exactly what his punishment will be, but I

assure you he'll get at least what the other two are getting.  Does that satisfy you?" 

She smiled at the nods and smiles on the girls' lovely faces.  Pamela rose and said she'd

show the girls where to hang their clothes and get started, and shortly Marvin was alone

in the office with his beautiful teacher.

    Miss Brown stood up and opened the door slightly to the punishment room.  She wanted

Marvin to hear a little of what was taking place in there.  Then she sat down beside him

on the bench, feeling so nice about this special moment with a subject. She took his hand

in both of hers and smiled warmly at him, brushing his body against her own, feeling him

react to her nearness.

    "Now Marvin," she softly said, 'you know its my job to decide an appropriate

punishment for you.  First why don't you tell me why you did this."

   "Miss Brown, I didn't want to.  They just wanted to see the girls naked."

    She nodded, "and so, to invade their privacy.  This is so silly.  I have an idea.  Why

don't you take off all your clothes right now, and sit down again beside me."  Marvin

blushed and nodded, standing up.  Taking several moments to take off all his clothes,

finally pulling his underpants down in front of her, he stood naked.  Hearing loud

giggling from the other room, Miss brown snmiled and told him to cross his hands behind

him, which he did.  She attached nylon handcuffs. Having him resume his seat, thankful his

erection wasn't rampant.

    "I have a suggestion, Marvin.  I want to give you an opportunity to show you can

control yourself.  I'm going to undress myself.  See if you can't control yourself and

maybe I'll consider you have promise."

   SMiling softly, she rose and unbuttoned the front of her sheer sweater.  Pulling it

off, she reached in back with both hands, unsnapping her bra, and also leaned forward

almost pushing her big breasts in his face.  Sighing as she slipped the bra off, her full

40 dcup beauties, each capped with an erect turgid brown nipple, inches from his face.  He

groaned as his erection involuntarily swelled up.  Miss Brown stood up and smiled as she

dropped her skirt, standing only in bikini panties.  Turning her back to him so he could

fully appreciate her feminine charms, she turn turned and sat again besides him, bare

thigh against thigh.  Moving her hand up along his stiff cock, she grasped it and

stroked it up and down a few times, feeling him swell and move with her motion.

    "You see," she said smugly, "I guess I'm going to have to punish you like the others,

don't you agree?"  Teasing her tongue along her lips as the sounds of punishment emanated

from the next room.  Marvin winced at the sound of a whip landing, followed by a scream

and crying.  "Do you hear that," she asked him, 'your two friends are already crying and

Pamela's just begun.  What do you think they'll be like when she gets to their genital

tortures?  Mmmmm?  It's completely up to me now whether you take your turn screaming or

not. (smile) I do want to give you a chance but you don't seem to want to cooperate."

    Marvin began to cry, tears rolling down his cheeks.  "Please don't whip me, Ms Brown."

    "But Marvin," she teased, "I have to make a decision.  Let's see, I do so want this to

be a productive experience for all of us.  Would you like to know now what it is?  Yes?

I'm going to whip you thoroughly, naturally, and then I'm afraid administer cock and

ball torture like the others." Marvin hung his head gasping.

  "But wait, I'm not quite finished, I think it's important that your punishment

serve as an example to your friends, don't you?  (smile) Well, your'e going to ride

the Duchess Stool for a while tonight."  She avidly watched his expression crumple

with the news, as she alternately squeezed his thick cock and brushed her big breasts

against him.

   "Marvin," she went on, loving the power over him, "I really think that's very fair,

don't you agree?  I must admit I enjoy telling a boy his punishment, watching him

react and eventually accept it, even welcome it."

    Marvin was stunned and weak from the news, as he continued to hear cries of pain from

the other room.  Miss Brown savoured his expression as he softly cried.  Squeezing his

hard cock, despite the news, she brushed his chest with her own left breast.

   "Now Marvin," she added with a smile, "tell me how you feel about your punishment. Do

you think it was worth sneaking a peek into the locker room now?"

    "N-No, Miss Brown," he sobbed, "no I don't."

    "I didn't think you would," she said laughing.  "I always like to talk with a boy

before and after his punishment, especially a boy Iv'e worked with before.  I was pretty

certain the last time you accepted a more, submissive, attitude to females. And now you

know what's in store for you in there, don't you?"

    "Yes, Miss Brown," he replied weakly.

    "And, you would do anything to make it easier, anything I want, wouldn't you?"

    "Um, yes, Miss Brown."

     "But," she smiled, watching his eyes, "I"m afraid there is nothing you can do to make

it easier.  You are supposed to suffer and you will and my job is to make sure of it. 

But I am a little curious if your'e properly regretful and wish to display your changed

attitude.  After the treatments Pamela and I are going to do  a boy is willing to do

anything, but it would be nice to meet a young man who was willing to show me he's sorry

before I picked up my whip.  Would you be like that?"

   Marvin wasn't sure what to say, feeling pulled in opposite directions, by her hand

squeezing his cock, her luscious body, and what he knew was going to happen in the next

room.  Yet he'd always lusted for his teacher and wanted to please her.  "Yes, Miss

Brown," he stammered, "please give me a chance to show how sorry I am."

   She smiled in approval, "all right, I'll take you up on it." STanding up before him,

her hands in an arrogant pose on her ripe hips. "Get on your knees before me, and lick and

kiss my high heels.  Remember I'm going to punish you severely in any case, but I think

it's  nice to have a boy grovel sweetly before his punisher."

    Marvin, blushed, and with his hands tied behind him awkwardly dropped to his knees,

bending his head and kissed her left shoe. Soon he was slobbering over her shoes as she


   After he obediently licked her feet, she laughed, "that's very sweet, now grovel like a

little puppy, that's it."  After several minutes, she gloated in his responses, and had

him stand up, pleased he was still erect as she attached a leash and collar to his


   "That was very sweet, I think a subject should pay homage to his punisher both before

and after.  Now I think its time to get to work."


Complete story with cover pic!

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Review This Story || Author: tj ryder
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