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iqra ,a cruel mistress

Part 1

IQRA a muslim mistress


a btech civil engg student turns her classmates n teachers into her pathetic slaves

chapter 1

introduction to characters

iqra was a beautiful ,hot girl having proper curves n perfect waist .she was from kashmir who had come to jammu for pursuing her studies as a btech civil engineer at mahant bachitter sing college (mbs) .jammu city is nearly 600km from kashmir valley n so she had no choice other than either living in college hostel or as a paying guest somewhere in jammu city.i (author) saw iqra for the first time when i was in 3rd semister of btech civil engg.iqra was selected in college in information tech.engg n so after completing ist year in it she changed her branch from IT to civil .iqra was dressed exactly like kashmiri girls usually do.she was wearing white salwar kamiz n the kamiz was short n tight such that her small tight tits were revealing there shapes from addition to it she was wearing black action shoes n a scarf on head(a type of niqab that covers ears n hairs).she was also wearing earings of silver n a ring in his nose as usually muslim girls do.

not only she but two oter girls from other branches were also knew to our branch as civil branch is most desired in jammu n kashmir due to the lack of industries n factories.the other girls were SHAIHBA who was probably the oldest in our class as she was three years dropper and AARA who used to wear a viel from head to addition to them dere were two or three girls more in our branch as mostly girls prefer IT or electrical engg. and not wish to work as a field engineer.

from first day iqra and shaihba caught everyones attention as every boy and even girls were lookin at them .And as far as im concerned i was more attracted to shaihba than iqra coz shaihba was mature n fully developed in her sexual organs.

but as far as other guys and our teachers like kareem baksh our building material teacher,our hod of civil department who used to teach us mechanics were attracted towards iqra and our kareem sir usually used to pass comments to iqra who ignored them with smile.

i thought it was a golden chance for me to ask shaihba for a coffee as oter guys were trying on iqra and so my way was clear.i asked many times but she rejected my request everytime giving excuses like she had to prepare for finals time passed i left thinking about her n indulged myself in studies n moreover i noticed that kareem sir who was a cruel teacher n known for strict marking had a change in his behaviour and also in his habits like he stoppoed giving dirty comments to girls ,started wearing jeans instead of kurta pajamas n also black glasses.

time passed n our finals came near n it was a week to finals when shahiba came one day to my bench in a vacant period n told me that she was ready for a coffee sharing with me at the college canteeen n then left quickly n i still remember that in her way back to her bench she nodded with a smile to iqra which i ignored at that time and now after three years when i remember dat day i feel like dat was worst moment of my life.

moreover ,i was one of the toppers of my class and a the guy who was more friendly to kareem sir in our class than any other boy.that day as soon as the bell rang i closed my books quickly n packed my bag n wore my glasses n cleaned my bike seat as i was to take shahiba to canteen on my bike.she came to me n was wearing red salwar from which hr legs were clearly visible n black kameez with a red dupatta.she as usual had no scarf on her head but have a number of clips on her head which were to keep her hairs in position.she was wearing sandles which i think were nearly three inch high.we drove to canteen and ordered a coffee.during the time our coffee was being prepared we started talking n asking eachother about our relationships .i told her that im single n she said that she was single too.then we drank coffee n i drove her to her hostel .i ash her her phone number n she with a smile said that she would give me a ring when she liked.i was loving her and it was a feeling of true love n not lust.after that sharing a coffee with her became my routine n it took only a week that we two were in relationship with each other and she got attracted to me more when i helped her in finals.all was going good untill one day she called me n started crying n said that she needed my help as iqra was blackmailing her.....

i quickly ran to her hostel pick her n we both went to the park of college,found a lonely place and then sat thete.she was weaping all the way n begging for my help n forgiveness.

please help me rahul,she said.

what happened to u my love.

im sorry i lied to u about my past relationship,actually i had a boy friend named kabir.

i was mad in her love n so i said so what i love u inspite of ur past n i forgive you.

actually,iqra i dont know how got some pics of mine with kabir doing sex n now she is blackmailing me .

i at first thought of her character n then i thought that every girl had an affair n live non virgin life so i tried to help her .

what can i do for you my love ,i said .

she want you to call her at her number n then she showed me a paper with a phone number on it ,i took the number n i assured het that i will do anything for her.And that was my biggest fault i ever did .i dropped her at hostel and went to my room and without wasting any time i called iqra on that number.

hello,who's that ,she said in a deep voice.

im rahul n i......

before i could speak furthure she said

meet me tommorrow in kareem sir cabin exactly at 6:am and dont be late.And then she cut the phone.

i felt surprised as why she was calling me in kareem sir office and then at once i guessed that may be she is trying to raise her marks by taking benefit of my old friendship with kareem sir.

i as was not an early riser so i reached on the cabin at 7:17 as far as i remember and i saw that she was dressed normally as i wrote in beggining and was sitting on kareem sir chair and kareem sir was not there.i was surprised on seeing her sitting on that chair with her legs crossed and her hands playing with a pen and a diary.

i went in the cabin n sat on a chair and asked her what she want.

i want to own you in return of the original negatives of those pics of your beloved with her x and if you disagreed with my opinion i will ruin her life ,she said almost instantly.

i was totally shocked and confused as what she was talking about and i remain quiet to concentrate on what she said.

what do u mean by owning me?

i want you to be a boy of my choice,who lives his life according to me and as per my rules ,and upon whose life i had all control and who is not allowed to take any descision about his life.In short i want you to be my slave.its your choice ,if you agree then temaon with me as a slave and i will give you shahiba's pics with negatives tomorrow otherwise you can let her life ruined and then she would never love you knowing the fact that you had a chance to save her and you didnt.she said .

i thought for a few minutes and then i said ok im ready.i thought to myself that once i got those negatives i would be free and all i had to do is just one day with her as her slave but i was unaware of her plans.

so do u agree to be my slave rahul.i want a yes or no answer.

i said yes once again.

follow me she said in a deep voice and i followed her to building material laboratory and as we had finished our exams a few days earlier so we were in hostel prepairing for our practicals and so teaching staff was having hollidays untill our practical and hence laboratoty was suposed to be close but i dont know how it was open that day.she sat on a chair and said look rahul here are some rules that you will follow during your slavery and if you broke any rule you will face penalties. then she said my rules are

1:you will adress me as mistress always untill i told you to call me iqra.

2:you will follow my every command no matter what it is and how humiliating it is.

3:you will thank me for everything i gave you no matter what .

4:you will never disobey me and if you disobeyed then you will be seeing shahiba and her x nude in newspapers of college and jammu city.

5:if you will do small mistakes then i will punish you .

got it you little cute slave(she said the word cute slave as often elders do while speaking to babies).

yes i said

what you idiot she at once shouted at me with anger that i never imagined thai i will be seeing one day on her face when i first saw her.

who will say mistress ,your father?

I mean yes mistress ,i said.

ohh oh ,you just broke my first rule and now you know what ,you will be punished very badly so that you dare not to broke my other rules ever .what do you say ?

yes mistress,

she then told me to become murga (please use google for murga position) and i did hesitatingly.Then she crossed her legs and ordered me in a harsh tone to bring her the wooden blacboard pointer with my mouth without breaking murga position .

i at once started moving slowly as the position was too uncomfortable and i was feeling tired.but somehow i brought her the wooden pointer .

she made a circle with chalk on the floor exactly under her legs and ordered me to position my self there as a murga and i did.

i was feeling much adhamed as i was a murga in front of my class mate who was just going to cane me.

she then uncrossed her legs and ordered me to open her laces with my mouth.

please mistress dont do so ,i said

the words just had flown from my mouth that i felt a very hard stroke on my back and i screamed as high as i could .it was like my hips were in hell fire .tears were running on my face but she said in a rude tone .

never beg for my forgiveness as it will only increase your pain and who will say thank you ,she gave another stroke with same strength on other cheek of my back and the rezction was same.

i said thank you mistress.

i started opening her laces with tears in my eyes and screams in that room.

then she said to remove her socks with my tongue and though i was tired but it took me just two minutes to do so as i was not wanting more strokes and during i was screaming she was laughing loadly

kiss my feet poor slave she said .

i at once get shocked and didnt give any response .

she shouted you idiot i said kiss my feet and this time she gave one after another strokes on my legs and i went on screaming while she was angry and shouting on me and i was weaping and hearing my screams echoes .

i had no choice and so i kissed them and then as per her order ran my tongue over her fingers,toes,space between fingers,under her sole and on her legs upto the level of socks .then she rang the bell and to my surprise kareem sir appeared with her head down,a collar with a leash in his neck ,barefeet.i was shocked on seeing kareem sir in such condition.i was still in murga position and before i could think more she in a deep voice told kareem sir,

make him ready doggy and then she left laughing out loudly.

this story is pure fictious and has nothing to do with reality.

chapter 2 will b uploaded soon

Review This Story || Author: akrammir
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